Thursday, October 22, 2009

Madonna on Glee (but what song?)...

I was just reading an online vote on (here) about Madonna appearing on Glee. Apparently our favorite "icon" has opened her catalogue of songs up to my favorite show and everyone wants to know, "what song will be sung?" I was not pleased with People's choice of songs to vote on so let me give you my wish list of Madonna's music that I hope to see (and hear) on the show..

Holiday - Who does not want to dance when this song comes over the speaker. Always great for a late night party back in the day and any one of the gleesters could handle the tune.

Borderline - My favorite song (and video) when it first came out. Why not do a Quinn/Finn/Puck remake? Throw Rachel in there as well.

Material Girl - Really? How could this not be on the list. Classic!

Like a Prayer - Another one that all could sing. What a great, fun, dance number this could be.

Crazy for You - Rachel, Emma, Quinn (and so on) could sing to their respective objects of affection.

So what do you think? What Madonna song are you dying to hear? Did I miss a good one? I know that most of my list is from the early days; these are my fondest memories of the Material Girl.


David Dust said...

I would LOVE to see Emma (school counselor) get her freak on and sing "Burning Up" (from Madonna's first album) to Mr. Shuster.


Tivo Mom said...

OOOOH that is a good one! Nice!

Kim said...

Umm, "like" a virgin, did you forget about the whole Quinn, hot tub, mohawk dude, etc, etc.

polkadotoes said...

I heard they might try and do a whole Madonna filled episode!! Can Kurt please bust out the vogue?