Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What has the world come to????

Snooki is reproducing?  Wait what?  Have you read the reports?  Are they true?  Not to be mean (actually yes to be mean), but I have a multitude of good, upstanding wonderful friends that cannot have a baby and Snooki is pregnant.  Tell me it isn't so;  please!  I will keep reading but I am a little scared....

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best and Worst at the Oscars...

 I know that sometimes my opinion differs from others but I like what I like.  One small omission (actually 2) I did think that Gwenyth looked good last night but I dislike her so much I could not add her to my best dressed.  I also want to mention Angelina; loved the dress, hated the stance and for that reason I did not include her.

Lets start with the bad and work our way 5 worst of the night were

Shailene Woodley - This girl needs to dress like a girl.  She is 20 years old and has a wonderful figure.  Was this really age appropriate?  With so many options, I just don't get it...

Natalie Portman - This red polka dot number just looked to casual.  I thought that the dress was cute but I felt that it was not grand enough for the Oscars.  I know that last year was her year but still, respect the awards.

Viola Davis - I love this woman.  There is something so regal and beautiful and well spoken about her but (and this was a hard one for me) the green dress was not her best look.  She looked like the dress was going to fall off at any minute and the bottom half of the dress looked like an afterthought.  Just hard to see such a dress on such a beautiful woman.

Rooney Mara - Is it just me or does this girl look sick?  I just hated the dress on her.  I did not hate the dress.  She looked sickly skinny and the hair was too much of a sharp contrast to the white dress.

Jennifer Lopez - She looked like a hoochie mama!!!  Nipple slip or not this was just to trampy for me.

And now for the good news...MY 4 FAVORITE DRESSES OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!

Rose Byrne - She looked exquisite.  The dress, the hair, the whole look was fun and flirty with a slight edge.  I loved it and I love a beautiful woman that can laugh at herself.

Michelle Williams -  I railed her for looking too old at the Golden Globes and she definitely improved for the Oscars.  This coral colored dress looked great on the red carpet and the dress was different without being weird.  This was a definite win for Michelle.

Octavia Spencer - She looked happy, timely and the dress itself was extremely flattering for her fuller figure.  The color was great against her dark skin and I loved the nip at the waist.  Winner and winner!

And finally for my best dressed of the night....Stacy Keibler.  I don't know if it was the dress or the date but the woman looked spectacular.  The gold color was perfect with her hair and I loved the rose draping on the hip.  Overall a beautiful couple!

What do you think of my best and worst list?  Did I forget anyone?  Was I completely wrong about someone?  I have to admit, I love judging from my sofa and acting like I know what I am talking about.  Just sayin.....

Oscar Thoughts.....

I am tired today.  I watched the entire show and stayed up well past my bedtime.  I found the show a little ho-hum but as always, Billy Crystal knows what he is doing.  Yes he was safe (and dare I say a little boring) but he was fine.  I nominate Emma Stone and Jonah Hill to host next year (Christian Siriano tweeted this last night and I agree).  So lets get to it.  Here are my best moments...

  • Speaking of Emma she the cutest thing ever?  She can laugh and riff with anyone and when she came out with Ben Stiller she lit up the entire stage.  Loved the whole exchange.
  • Octavia Spencer made me cry.  She did not say anything amazing, she could barely talk, but her emotion was so heartfelt and appropriate you just knew that she was walking on air.  
  • Captain Von Trapp won an Oscar...finally.  His love for his craft and his wife is amazing and he looks damn good for 82.  
  • Loved the skit at the beginning and the one with Melissa McCarthy.  Also the focus group for he Wizard of Oz...hilarious.
  • Oh and loved Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell with the cymbals.  Especially when they kept banging them at Brad and Angelina.  
There were certainly other moments that stood out but these were the ones that I remember after a long award show.  What did I miss?  Oh and I will voice my opinion on the fashions in a little bit.  I am trying to gather all of my pictures.  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Oscars Tonight

I will admit that I am an award show fanatic and always have been.  I love the clothes, the speeches the grandness of it all.  Side note...on my list of things to do before I die is to be in the grandstand at the Golden Globes to watch the celebrities arrive (it could happen right).  Anyway, I will be watching tonight and taking notes for as long as I can stay awake.  The only problem with the Oscars nowadays is that it is rare that I have seen any or all of the movies that are nominated.  I like simplistic films.  I am not an arthouse kind of girl.  The year of Titanic, loved it because I loved all of the movies.  I saw Saving Private Ryan and Shakespeare in Love and Elizabeth the year that they were nominated.  But now it is all these weird, crazy, silent movies that I just can't wrap my head around.  I did watch Moneyball last night and I have seen Bridesmaids (who hasn't) but that is about it.  I wanted to see the Help but I loved the book so much that I am having trouble sitting down to watch the movie.  So I will watch tonight and try to get excited about movies I have never seen and watch speeches given by people I have never heard of.  This does not mean that I will not judge the outfits though. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glee - I will never understand....

I am not going to get all sappy and preachy about last night's episode of Glee but I wanted to just say a couple of things about a very emotional hour.  If you have not watched "SPOILER ALERT"

Dave Karofsky (of the making Kurt's life a living hell Dave Karofsky) had finally come out of the closet and after a week of bullying ( and the word Fag on his locker) he decided to take his own life.  Now I know that this is a timely matter.  I read enough blogs and admire enough Gay people to know that this is not a fictional life event. 

However, I am going to admit my shortcomings here.  I am straight...and white...and middle-class.  I have never known anything like this in my life.  Sure, I had bad skin and braces and was picked on in middle school (middle schoolers suck!) but even in my darkest hour, I knew that eventually life would get a little easier (or at least I hoped).  So watching this boy, in pain, and knowing that this was something that could not go away (even though his mother thought it was a disease) was hard to watch.  I know that what I was watching is fictional but reading the newspaper stories and seeing the news makes me realize that the bullying and non-acceptance happens on a daily, if not hourly, basis. 

I watched a dumb movie called Soul Man years ago.  I don't know if you saw it but the basic premise was a white boy took skin darkening pills to get a scholarship to Harvard as a minority.  At the end of the movie Mufasa, no Darth Vader, OK you know who I mean was so impressed with what this boy had learned by being black and realizing the racial struggles in the world.  And this boy, in all his infinite wisdom said that no he did not know what it was like to be black because at any time he could go back to being white. 

I can empathize with my blogger friends who are gay as they discuss trying to get equal rights.  I can be supportive and accept that being gay is how people are made and it is not a choice.  But will I ever really understand the trials, tribulations and struggles this population of people go through on a day to day basis?  Nope I will not.  This does not mean that I will stop being supportive.  It just means that I can never fully understand the depths of despairs that a child put in this position must get to, to take his or her own life.  It also means that as a parent I will love and support my children always...

Oh and by the way, sucky ending Glee for a show that is supposed to be a dramedy.  Is Quinn dead?  Really?  And now we will not know until April. 

Happy Hump Day

Yep I am back on the diet.  We will see what happens...Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How I Met Your Mother - Check done move on

I have been watching HIMYM lately with a little catch in my throat.  The show that I once loved has not been as funny or as clever lately and I was afraid that I was going to have to take a break.  Although, I love this show and the characters, it was taking up precious TV time and that is a hot commodity in my house.  But last night showed me, once again, why I hang on and why I continue to care about the lives of these people. 

I can see my husband and I having a box of "bets" (easily we love to gamble), I can see thinking that you love a best friend only because you feel so lonely in this world and I can see hardening your heart after it has been completely demolished even though the feelings are still there (Barney).  Last night's episode really helped to push the storyline further and kept me chuckling a lot (Barney calling God Bro, the blue french horn chained to the wall, and even Conan O'Brian in the bar).  I am glad that the idea of Ted and Robin has been completely resolved (I hope) but I do think that at some point it did have to be revisited.  The two friends just mean too much to each other. 

I am fully aware that there are a lot of naysayers out there (I am one of them sometimes) about how this show has lost its mojo.  Last night proved that it has not.  I really did enjoy the entire 30 minutes and am looking forward to next week.  I have not said that in awhile. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello everyone!

I am missing my friends and just wanted to check in.  This past week with baseball and softball getting going and my husband traveling for work, I tried to stay caught up but my blog life suffered.  I hope that you all are doing well.  I have been reading the blogs but my brain has been unable to form words on the page.  Trying to get back into it this week...Love and miss...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My weekend....

I began the weekend Friday night by going to a fundraiser.  At the fundraiser the entertainment was a Bee Gees Tribute Band (yep this exists).  The band was actually a lot of fun and did a tribute to Andy Gibb briefly during the show.  Andy Gibb, a young singer whose career declined as he became addicted to drugs, died at the age of 30 with an enlarged heart brought on by years of drug abuse.

Fast-forward to last night when we were hanging out at the house drinking beer and eating pizza (standard weekend fare) with some friends and I checked my phone to discover that Whitney Houston had died.  Whitney Houston, an amazing singer whose career declined as she became addicted to drugs, dead at the age of 48. 

As of right now we do not know the cause of death but most of us assume that this is a given.  This woman who once made us cry and cheer as she hit the notes that no one else could.  Her Star-Spangled banner when we went to war in the Gulf, her amazing array of music that both made us want to dance and made us want to love someone and her descent into drugs and debauchery that made her a sad joke at a party. 

I adored Whitney Houston's music and am saddened at her loss but don't forget we lost this woman a long time ago.  My thoughts are with her daughter.  May she someday know peace and be able to understand and rise above it all.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Runway - Really?????

 Just slightly bummed about the outcome of Project Runway this week.  Did not like the winner and so sad about the loser.  Just a few observations from my untrained eye...

  • I don't understand the appeal of Kenley's look.  How in the world does her outfit not look junior and Mondo's does?  I don't get it.  I hated the polka dot jumpsuit.  But what do I know?
  • I really liked Mondo's shorts.  I thought they were cute and very flattering.  
  • Jerrell is a pain in the ass.  Shut up and do your thing.  Stop worrying about everyone else.
  • So sad that Rami is gone.  How did he go home before Mila.  
I was so looking forward to a Rami, Mondo finale and now that is not going to happen.  Please do not let Mondo go home!  Any other thoughts?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Modern Family just keeps getting better....

Last night's episode was just so full!  Full of funny lines, looks and hilarious circumstances.  The whole thing just made me laugh.  I have actually watched it twice.  Here are some of my favorites....
  • Phil to the kids "the guy got divorced and his whole life opened up.  The guys living the dream, his dream not mine" as Claire gives him the evil eye.
  • "the other night when you put on makeup, I was like, there she is" Phil to Claire when he thinks she needs a compliment...
  • "tea, mug, kettle your welcome" Cam to Gloria after he rearranges her kitchen.
  • "be normaler", Luke to his sisters right before they dressed him up as Betty Luke
  • "you get the lipstick and I'll get the bra and tennis balls" as the girls turn to Luke...
  • The entire kitchen sequence with Cam and Gloria.  The forbidden dance while cooking, so great!
  • "you can kiss my wife, but only I can take my wife to bed coma and make her laugh" Phil as he finally gets jealous.
I know that there was a lot more but I can't write down everything.  The whole Haley being a Big Sister (in which she capitalized the B and the S which Claire agreed with), the faces on Cam and Gloria as they adjust to living together, Manny's story and so on and on and on.  Just an all-around great half hour of television.  What did I miss????

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Feeling not at all sexy this week so I thought I needed this!  Happy Hump Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Smash - The new Glee?

I am just going to say this...I loved it!  I just watched the new musical show on NBC, Smash, and I really and truly loved it.  You've seen the promos, Katherine McPhee (of Idol fame) singing Beautiful on a stage alone (you know that song stays in your head all day...earworms D&O?) and then cut to her looking like Marilyn.  Well the show started last night and I could not stop watching.  OK, the show does start at 10:00 so I did not watch until today (girl needs her beauty sleep) but it was impressive.

The premise, a new Broadway show about Marilyn and 2 girls vying for the lead, plus all of the people involved in putting on the show.  Its so nice to have Grace Adler (Debra Messing) back on television and I actually like Katherine McPhee a lot.  The rest are still a blur (except Anjelica Huston and she scares me a little) but I will get to know them quickly. 

Remember when Glee first came out and everyone was so excited?  This is how I feel right now.  I am a true Musical Theater person and I am fascinated by this new concept.  Let me know what you thought or if you watched. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Super Bowl - Of course I watched...

Yep, I watched the whole thing.  It was a great game!  But more importantly, the Super Bowl has become this iconic Holiday to throw your diet out the window and put down the remote and actually watch the commercials.  Many of you don't love football (yeah I don't get it) so I won't spend a lot of time on this but a few things deserve a mention from last night. 
  • The halftime show was phenomenal!  Madonna is a legend and I love watching her perform.  I did hear a few grumblings about her lack of dance moves.  She is 53 years old people!  I say she did pretty good.  
  • One more about Madonna, hated the new song but loved when she played the old stuff.  Loved the addition of Cee Lo but I could have done without the appearances from some of the others.  
  • I liked the Clint Eastwood commercial for Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler about it being halftime and stepping up to get through tough times.   But (and this is just because it was the Super Bowl) its hard to appreciate a "make you think" ad when you are drinking beer with your friends.  I liked this on the 2nd or 3rd viewing better.
  • Doritos outdid themselves.  The dog burying the cat was one of the funniest of the night.  Loved it and the note!
  • Loved the Voice promo with the hosts fighting and Betty White at the end.  The woman can do no wrong.
  • And of course we all loved the David Beckham underwear ad.  Don't know anything about the underwear but yeah...David clothes...score!!!

 Obviously there were some stupid commercials too and of course some lame calls etc.  But above is what I remember most about the 2012 Super Bowl.  Did I miss anything important?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not sure who to pull for...

I am not a fan of the Patriots or the Giants so of course I am conflicted about who to pull for today.  I am a fan of football and will be watching the game but it is never as much fun if you don't care which team wins.  Plus, my football pool is so far out of reach that my pick does not matter.  So today I will be a fan of the game and watch just for fun....

not a bad evening...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project Runway - Boo hoo....

I finally watched Project Runway from Thursday night and I am a little bummed.  As much as Anthony got on my nerves, I enjoyed his humor and he was definitely comic relief.  I get that you have to follow the parameters of the challenge, but there is no doubt in my mind that Jerrell's outfit was completely scary and he should have gone home.  Just sayin...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I may be losing my mind...

I am all over the place lately.  I think I have over extended my kids, therefore overextending myself.  I always vowed to not be one of those moms that had activities for my kids everyday.  A kid's got to have free time.  But, as they get older it becomes hard to say know when they want to play a sport or try something new.  So I have limited it to 2 activities per child.  Yeah, that doesn't work.  For example, softball is considered 1 activity but she has 2 practices and 1 game a week. 

Anyway, with all of this stuff going on, I cannot remember anything.  And then when I do, I promptly forget again.  One of my closest friends turned 40 on Tuesday and even after looking at it in my calender and writing myself a reminder, I forgot to make the phone call.  I feel awful and now have to go get a guilt gift.

So if I seem a little off, I apologize.  I am trying to keep up, I just need to get into the groove. 

By the way, Happy February and Happy Groundhog Day!