Friday, September 30, 2011

Who Do I Pull For Now On Project Runway?

I am actually sad about who went home last night on PR.  After finally getting rid of Olivier last week I was hoping for at least a week of keeping designers I liked before I had to say goodbye.  Plus, it took me forever this season to actually land on anyone that I liked.  Anthony Ryan will be missed.  Here are my observations from last night:
  • I actually knew the minute that AR's designs walked out that he was going home.  There was no recovery from this.  Nice guys do not finish first when their outfits looked like that.  
  • I dislike Josh more each week and do not even find him annoyingly funny anymore.
  • Viktor not sharing made me not like him for a brief moment.  I know, I know this is a competition and its not about making friends but help a girl out with some fabric.  
  • Is anyone else liking Bert more and more or is it just me?  Loved his top.  I mean, that top, designer jeans and fun heels and yep I am going out.  
  • Laura is annoying and I hope that Nina kicks her ass.
  • Tim crying made me cry a little.  Never seen that happen before.  Damn you producers of PR for getting rid of someone that everyone liked and for making Tim Gunn cry.  
Next week challenge is for the birds apparently.  Next to go is either Laura, Bert or Kimberly.  Stupid Josh will stay until the bitter end.  Later all.  

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I hate to say it...

I have decided to give up on a show.  I was going to say that it was my first show to give up on but I already dropped ANTM.  This one hurts though.   So without further ado and as much as I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ringer has been deleted from my Tivo schedule.  After 3 episodes I just realized that I did not care what happened to this character (Bridget/Siobhan whatever the hell her name was) and it was not pressing for me to watch the show as soon as it aired.  So I am freeing up some room on my Tivo and saying goodbye to Ringer.  Let me know if you think I am wrong to do this.

Oh and I am thinking that Whitney and 2 Broke Girls are not far behind....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Listen to your Mother...#7

Find one drink that you really really like and stick with it...

I know this one seems a little weird but I was thinking about this at a party the other night.  When you are drinking (alcohol), it is always good to know your limitations and if you have a favorite drink you will be able to keep up with these limitations.  But don't go too crazy.  This favorite drink has to be something that you can find at any party or wedding or bar.   Don't go too far out of the box or you will be unable to find your drink, you will have to drink something different, then you will get drunk, sleep with a stranger and all hell will break loose.   The moral of this is...find a drink and stick with it.  Just drink responsibly!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Made Me Laugh...

As the Halloween costume season approaches (oh we have been discussing it for a month, why oh why do I have a daughter who wants to be a Ninja?) I found this laughable. 

More New Shows (and old ones too)

The rest of my week, I watched more televison and thought about what I will continue to watch and what will remain on my Tivo list...

Wednesday Night:
America's Next Top Model -  I have already said that I can no longer watch this show.  Tyra is just too much for me to deal with and most of the girls who have come back for "all-stars" really make you wonder why they are still around.  I tried one last time to watch and yep, I am done. 
Up All Night - I love Cristina Applegate and Will Arnett.  I want to love this show and I am trying.  There were some very funny moments but I am still unsure of the show as a whole.  Will they run out of ideas?  Will it get too stupid?  Time will tell
Modern Family - Just Awesome!  Both episodes were terrific and yes the Emmys got it right.

Thursday Night:
Charlie's Angels - I loved the original and so I had to watch.  It was cute, I guess.  I am not sure how long this one will last.  I did not mind it but I am not sure that I will keep tuning in every week. 
Whitney - I hated this.  I felt like the entire show was one big stand up moment and that she (Whitney) delivered her lines in this vein.  I was disappointed and was expecting much more. 

I know, I know I did not watch the X-factor or any of the other highly touted new shows.  I only have so much room on my Tivo people.  I am planning on watching The Amazing Race and Pan Am tonight and Heart of Dixie on Monday Night, but my goodness I have watched a lot of shows this week.  Not sure that my children still know my name.  So here is the question, did I miss anything great?  What did you think of the new shows?  Is the new year promising?  Let me know...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Which New Shows Are You Watching....

I know that we are only halfway through the first week of new shows but I wanted to find out what people were watching and what has spiked interest among the old and the new shows so far this season.  Here is what I have watched and what I think (if you care)...

Monday Night:
How I Met Your Mother - Of course I watched both episodes and I am excited about the new season.  Robin's back in love with Barney, Barney has a thing for Nora, Marshall and Lily are finally expecting and Ted glimpses Victoria (remember the cupcake girl from Season 1 or 2).  I thought that the first two episodes were great and my husband is still walking around saying "Edward 40-hands".  Can't wait...
Two and a Half Men - I had to watch.  I have never watched before and I could not resist the hoopla.  Without knowing any of the back story I must say, it was not half bad.  I might watch again just to see how Ashton does.  It was funny and they handled the death of Charlie really well.
2 Broke Girls - Sort of cute.  I might check it out again.  2 girls working as waitresses both down on their luck.  Not sure if it will stay on the list or not.  There is something appealing about it. 
The Playboy Club - OK, I know that this has been panned by the critics and I watched thinking I would hate it.  Guess what, I didn't.  I actually really liked it.  Its a Soap Opera, no doubt but there is something fascinating about this lifestyle and time period and I really liked it.  Plus Eddie Cibrian is hot as shit.  Will watch again for sure. 

Tuesday Night:
Glee - I am really, really hoping to get back to the greatness of Season 1 this year.  The premiere was not as promising as I would have liked and there are too many other things to watch now if the Glee people don't get it together.  It was not bad.  I just got bored about halfway through and I do not like that feeling.  Of course I will continue to watch but I am hoping to get back to the beginning. 
Ringer - I watched the Pilot last week with Sarah Michelle Gellar and I liked it.  It was intriguing and confusing all at the same time.  I have not watched episode 2 yet but I think that the show will hold my attention.  I am hoping for that anyway. 
The New Girl - My favorite new show thus far.  How cute is Zooey Deschanel?  This show has the premise and promise to be great and judging by the pilot I am excited.  I know that there will be some casting changes but the show seems like something special. 

OK these are the ones I have watched.  Have I missed anything?  Oh and I did watch Up All Night last week but figured I would mention that one on Friday with my Wednesday and Friday posts.  What did you think?  Was I right about The Playboy Club or did you think it was cheesy?  God I love the new television season.  Wondering which show will be the first to get cancelled.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Emmys - My 2 favorite moments

I just watched the Emmys from last night.  Yes I am a rock star and attended another concert last night.  We went to see Night Ranger, Foreigner, and Journey (without Steve Perry).  It was fun but a definite throwback to the days of old but I digress.  I tivoed the award show and I am going to be very, very brief.  I was not crazy about the show.  There were some good moments but overall it was fairly boring.  I did have 2 moments that just made it worth watching...

The ladies of comedy pretending to be in a beauty pageant and "crowning" Melissa McCarthy the winner.  The expressions on the faces of these women was priceless and I loved how well they all did this together. 

And of course my top favorite moment last night was Kyle Chandler winning for Friday Night Lights.  My favorite show ever finally received Emmy love and to give it to the Coach made my night.  BTW, FNL also won a writing award which was a double shot of love for the show. 

Did anyone else have a favorite moment last night?  What did you think of the show?  Was anyone else bored? 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Project Runway...real quick...

I just finished watching last night's episode of Project Runway and I had just a few observations:
  • I am not real sure how Joshua won last night and Viktor did not.  Joshua's dress was cute (I guess) but it seemed so simplistic.  Viktor had an entire LOOK!
  • In this same vein, how was Bert chastised for being TOO simple when Joshua's dress seemed just as simple to me?  Are the judges playing favorites again.  
  • I hated Anya's dress.  I now, I know I have no style but that one sleeve thing drives me crazy. Olivier's top was better looking because he left it sleeveless (and I usually do not like him at all).
  • It was painful having to watch Olivier interacting with other people.  
  • It was Bryce's time to go for sure.  
I am starting too get into the show more and I like Viktor more now than I did in the beginning.  I still do not have anyone that I am seriously pulling for.  

Listen to your mother...#6

Never (ever) break plans that you have already made because something "better" has come along.

Follow through is something that I admire and really respect.  If you tell someone that you are going to do something then you need to do it.  Everyone is worthy of your time and advance plans need to be respected.  One of my biggest pet peeves is to say that you will do something and then you flake out.  I do have one caveat to this statement...if you have plans with good friends and if you get offered backstage passes to the Brad Paisley concert, then plans can be postponed and/or cancelled.  Good friends will understand as long as you are honest. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodbye to Entourage....

I have been meaning to do this all week and I am just getting around to it.  Sunday night was the series finale of the HBO show Entourage.  For those of you who don't know the show, this is HBO's version of a male Sex and the City but loosely based on Marky Mark's life.  Now I have watched Entourage from the beginning.  Good seasons, bad seasons and depressing seasons have all happened and the show has only been on for 7 or 8 Seasons.  For this last year (or 8 episodes) the boys have all been getting their lives together and winding down (or up for a movie).  Here are some things I liked (and hated) about the finale:

  •  Loved, loved, loved that Turtle is now a millionaire.  We have watched Turtle try his best to get out of Vince's shadow and do his own thing for years, only to be shot down or pushed down every time.  It was nice to see him actually end on a high note (even with a little help from Vince).
  • Love that Drama has a career now and it has nothing to do with his face or who his brother is.  Although Drama cashes in on Vince constantly, it has nice to see his resurgence careerwise.  
  • Hated that E and Sloan are pregnant.  I know, I know the writers wanted them to end up together but (and this is a huge but) could you ever forgive your ex for sleeping with your step-mother?  Yeah its not going to happen.  Thought this was a little too neat and tidy.
  • I actually appreciated the fact the Vince is getting married (to a girl he just met and one who rejected him).  This just fits his personality and it is sooooo Hollywood.  You know that they will be divorced in a few months but it still felt real in the world they all live in.
  • I actually liked the fact that Scott stayed behind when everyone was leaving to go to Paris.  He stated that it was a family affair and he was not part of the original family.
  • As for Ari...I am on the fence.  I am glad that he and the wife got back together but him quitting work was the only part that did not believe.  Ari is his job!  End of story.  But it came back around at the end with the job offer that you just know he is going to accept.  
The whole idea that Vince is the fairy Godmother to all of his friends did feel right.  This has always been the show.  Vince, E, Turtle, Drama (and even Ari) have lived off Vince and his fame for so long and it never seemed to bother Vince.  He had his friends and he wanted to help them and keep them around.  And this is how it ended, with Vince doing his things to make his people happy.  

Now...stay tuned for the movie.  Because there will be one.  I have no doubt. 

I tried, I really really tried....

Last night was the premiere of America's Next Top Model (ANTM) all-stars.  Now I used to watch ANTM all the time but I got to the point that I could no longer stomach Tyra Banks.  She is a self-promoting, egotistical, smizing pain in the ass.  But...last night was the premiere of the All-Star edition, bringing back some favorites from seasons past (including seasons that I watched).  And I tried.  I tried to watch.  I tried to get excited about these girls who each and every one has "representation" now (then why are they back on the show).  But alas I failed.  I could not listen to Tyra's voice.  i could not get excited about the fact that Nigel now has hair.  i could not even listen to the J's and their banter.  I came to the conclusion that I have grown out of ANTM.  I think that the dream is over people and I have moved on.  I might try to catch it every once in awhile but I think I am done.  Goodbye Tyra!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ringer and SMG - What did you think?

So I watched Sarah Michelle Gellar last night in her new show Ringer and I will say right had promise.  Now I am not saying it was perfect.  And by no means did the show have the pizazz of Buffy (oh and when did SMG get in a tussle and yell help ever).  But it was interesting and left me wanting to watch the next episode.  The whole twin thing was interesting (if not a little confusing) and there are enough pretty people on the show to make it a real CW hit.  So I will continue to watch and see what happens.  Did anyone else watch?  What did you think?

Oh and the boat scene was ridiculously fake but at least it did not last long.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anyone going to check it out?

So tonight my first NEW show of the season begins.  Buffy...I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in a new show on the CW called Ringer.  SMG plays twins (spoiled and rich I think) and the show is supposed to be full of suspense, melodrama and intrigue.  I am wondering if they can add a little action too, just to see the kick-ass Buffy chops again.  Anyway, I will let you know tomorrow what I think (if you care).  The show starts at 9:00.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bachelor Pad Finale - Part 2

So the reunion special is on and for most of the "couples" the information has already leaked on who is together and who is not.  Very few surprises...we already knew about Jackie and Ames, we already knew Vienna got her nose done (by the way awful hair and the nose job must have been done after this show), and and we knew that Vienna was a fake bitch, we knew that Kasey was a tool, so the point of the reunion...more fighting between Jake and Vienna (God 15 minutes yet?).  

Although Kasey did apologize to Jake which begs the question is he still with Vienna or is he now realizing how bad she is.  Oh wait...he is crying on television.  Is this to make me like him now, because its not working.  And Vienna just looks on with that bitch ass expression on her face not trying to comfort her "boyfriend".  Apparently they are still together.  I give it what...6 months maybe!  Even Erica gives them her blessing (and why do we care) she not the one who said, "this is a mansion not a trailer park and Vienna needs to take Kasey and leave".  Now that is how I feel about fame and the public eye for both of them.

OK so the Blake and Holly thing was taped for TV...yep their engagement was taped just for ABC.  Are you kidding me?  Leave the Bachelor Pad and get engaged on national television for everyone to see.  Would have liked that better if they had kept it private.  But they are moving to SC together and I give it...6 months!  And then they tell Michael on the show, live.  Shitty, shitty, shitty...poor Michael, someone please give him a hug now...please.  I cannot believe that they told him on the show.  He was so shocked and did not know what to say.  I had to fast-forward it because it was too painful to watch.  Michael you will get your girl eventually.

OK now this 2 hours has gone on long enough.  Just tell me who won so I can go to bed please.  1 vote at a time....come on Chris Harrison.  OK so it was Holly and Michael but now Chris Harrison puts them in the finals.  I thought that was the finals.  Now its down to Keep or Share the money.  Of course Michael and Holly will Share the money...

And Michale and Holly will split the money.  The end.  Holly is engaged, Michael is sad but he has $125,000 to make it better.  I am so glad its over yes you know I will watch again as much as I bitch about it and on to the new bachelor. and I am going to bed.  Welcome to Ben F. 

The Bachelor Pad Finale - Part 1

Have you ever looked at a group of people and felt that not one of them deserves to win?  Yep that is how I feel about the finale of the Bachelor Pad.  Although I would be less sad if anyone but Kasey and Vienna were to win.   So the final four couples head to Vegas to perform a routine for Ciirque de Soleil...because this is what we all should be able to do to win $250,000.  I felt as if Chris Harrison may have been smirking at the scared shitless couples...just saying.  The winner (of whatever it is that they have to do) gets to go straight to the finals.  The losers go home immediately. 

Of course Kasey makes the statement that he and Vienna are going to win because they are the "best" couple in the house.  Yep because being suspended 100 feet in the air and performing well is all about being the "best" couple.

Quick question...what do 3 former Bachelor/Bachelorette people know about performing in a Cirque De Soleil routine?  How did they get to be judges?  They did pick Holly and Michael to win the challenge so they go immediately to the finale so at least they got something right.  Plus how fake was that kiss from Vienna and Kasey?  

So sad that Kirk and Ella had to go home.  Ella was devestated and blamed herself.   I liked her and I wanted her to get some of the money.  So yeah, I am pulling for Michael and Holly to win.  Even if they are not a couple; even if Holly dissed Michael for Blake, even if Kasey really does have a sick grandmother (yeah right)...Holly and Michael are the only choice to win. 

OK here is the kicker...Holly and Michael get to choose who is in the final with them.  If they choose Vienna and Kasey then they will win (who would vote for Vienna/Kasey over Holly/Michael), if they choose Graham/Michelle then the decision is up in the air.  And the decision is....Michelle and Graham.  Holly and Michael are the bigger people and stuck to their word. 

Suck it Kasey and Vienna!!!!!! 

Who will win..stay tuned...

Listen to your mother...#5

If you get an opportunity to it.  You will never regret it and whatever thing (or person) that is holding you back will be there when you return!

After my junior year of college, I was able to backpack through Europe for almost 6 weeks.  It was the trip of a lifetime.  Myself and 3 of my girlfriends armed with Eurail passes and youth hostel numbers went to places we had only read about.  Luckily I had no boyfriend at the time.  I had broken up with my now husband (we were taking some time...we did this a lot) so I was completely free and able to have fun without missing anyone at home (OK I did miss him but it did not impede my good time).  Never again in my life will I have this opportunity to take off for 6 weeks and just go.  I am glad I did it and I want my children to have this same opportunity. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you on September 11...

I was in my bed, feeding my 4 week old son and watching the Today show and/or Regis and Kelly.  The newsbreak came on and as the smoke was coming out of the first tower, I saw the 2nd plane hit live.  And all I could think was, please God let this be an accident!  Watching the news coverage for the next few days was magnetic.  I could not turn it off and I did not want to leave the house.  I kept waiting for happy news.  Finding people alive, it was all a big joke...something.  As we all know that never happened.  The world would never be the same for my son.

So guess what I did last night...

I was going to have a quiet night watching football on Saturday night.  The Wolfpack (NC State) played at 3:30 (we lost by the way...sucked) and we were going to order pizza and drink beer.  I got a phone call yesterday morning from a friend who had VIP all access ticket to see Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley and could I find a sitter.  Yep I found a sitter!  This was undoubtedly one of the coolest things I have ever done.  I love country music (love it) so of course I had wanted to go to the concert anyway but the tickets were too much.

So I got dressed in my cowgirl clothes and headed to the concert.  We got to go on stage!  Yes that is correct people we got to go on stage with Brad Paisley at the end of the concert!  We were backstage at a Brad Paisley concert!  

Just had to let ya'll know what I did last night.  Here are some pics if I can get them to upload from my phone.  I know how cool you all think I am....

me and the husband...

the view from backstage...

this is how close we were...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poor Michael....

It looks like it really is over for Holly and Michael on The Bachelor Pad and beyond.  A new story was posted today on

Bachelor Pad's Holly and Blake Are Engaged

I am not sure that Michael will recover from this and on another note...Miss Holly works fast!


So I guess that Blake did not hold a grudge after Holly voted him off.

Listen to your mother...#4

Please (please) do what you love in life (and love what you do)

You never want to have a job that you look forward to Friday's every week and you dread Sundays.  Of course we love the weekends and no job is going to make you leap out of bed every day excited to go to work (its called work for a reason) but please make sure that you at least have a passion for what you are doing and at the end of the day you feel as if you have accomplished something.  I love what I do.  Not every day (especially in September when the 2 year olds are getting used to school) but I really, really love it and I feel like I have accomplished something some days. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recognize the outfit?

So this little girl wears this outfit tonight in a pageant on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras:

does it look familiar....

The mom could not figure out what the problem was and why anyone would have an issue with it?  Yeah I have no idea about that, I mean dressing up your 3 year old in a prostitute outfit seems perfectly normal to me.  I have watched the show (it is a train wreck) but I think I am now done.  Sorry to be Judgy McJudge but seriously.

Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars??

I read this yesterday and I am still not sure what to think.  OK backup...I adore Eddie Murphy as an actor.  Coming to America is a classic movie (and you can deny you love it but you know you do).  Eddie Murphy as a person I am a little unsure about.  All the DIVA stories, the Melanie Brown incident (aka baby), how pissed he was when he lost the Oscar for Dreamgirls (admittedly he was great but I loved Alan Arkin as well).  I am just not sure how (or who) he will be.  Most of his stand-up has always been a little racy (RAW, Delirious) and of course I loved both but I am not sure that either is appropriate for the Oscars.  Will he wear the green Gumby suit, or maybe the sweater from Mr. Robinson's neighborhood, or can we get the fast talking Axel Foley (how much did you love the first 2 Beverly Hills Cop movies?...third was bad I admit).  Whatever the debate, one thing is for sure.  The debate is happening, which means people will watch.  I certainly will.  I just hope he is gracious, funny and maybe more mature.

Listen to your mother...#3

If you dress like a slut, frankly people are going to think that you are a slut!

This one I know from experience.  I lost 30 pounds my freshman year of college (I know, I know I went backwards) and decided that to really celebrate I should show off my body, all the time.  Let me tell you, the outfits I came up with were interesting to say the least.  The skirts alone looked like headbands.  And yeah, I had the body for it but believe me the reputation came along with it (and I may have embraced that as well for a period of time).  So just remember that you are what you wear sometimes, whether you want to be or not.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bachelor Pad - Nearly Wed Game????

I finally watched this tonight.  Busy week people!  But after a wild (OK I am trying) round of the Nearly Wed Game (and one mention of whoopie by Chris Harrison) the couples had dates and Blake and Erica went home.  And yes this took the entire 2 hours (OK I condensed it a little).  So my favorite quotes from the night:

Kasey when responding to the fact that he and Vienna have not had a date yet "we need some romantic one on one time and have a little stress relieved" Horny much Kase?

Kasey to Vienna.."don't be crazy" (yep that train left a long time ago Kase)

Erica about Blake, "I am totally going to seduce him"  (sorry threw up a bit in my mouth)

The look on Blake's face when Erica suggests staying in the fantasy words just a look, disgust, fear, revulsion etc...

Why in the world would Blake and Erica give the roses to Kasey and Vienna?  Obviously it backfired but did they really think that anyone would not vote for them? 

So yes, Kasey and Vienna are still in the house.  If they win, I will never watch again (ok you know that is a lie by the way but please don't let them win).  My new favorites are Ella and Kirk....

Monday, September 5, 2011

I need to vent real quick...

Comcast has the tendency to suck sometimes.  As I am perusing the Internet I find that a Buffy marathon is on all day.  Well after a busy weekend, what more could I want than to curl up for a Buffy marathon (hello one of my favorite shows ever).  However the marathon is running on a channel called Chiller.  Yeah for some reason Comcast does not carry this channel.  Dammit dammit dammit.  I get all excited about watching Buffy and then my hopes are smashed...Happy Labor Day

Listen to your mother...#2

Saying Ma'am and Sir to people is never a bad thing...ever!

Respect is always good.  And being respectful can never not help you to get ahead.  I have heard that people do not like it when a child says yes ma'am or yes sir but I cannot imagine how this would be.  My children say it constantly and I have never heard anything negative about it.  Respect is key, always...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

College Game Day!!!!

I am so excited!  College football has returned and I now know what to do with my Saturdays.  I am watching ESPN and feeling as if I have been reunited with an old friend.  Love love love that it is that time of year again.  Now my team ....NC State Wolfpack has a nonsense game today (we play Liberty) but my goodness the day is full of real games.  The Ducks (Oregon) play LSU and I will be pulling for the Ducks (Froggy this one is for I am a fan) and Georgia plays Boise State.  My southern self has to go with Georgia but we will say how the day plays out.  The sun is shining, I should be outside but I am not and I don't know if I will be.  Happy Game Day people!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Listen to your mother...#1

Don't ever, ever allow yourselves to be swayed by people who say "if you do this for me, I will be your best friend". 

I heard a little girl saying this the other day and it made me laugh and also cringe.  Never, ever feel that you have to do anything to make someone like you.  I would like to think that my kids have the confidence to say "screw you, I don't want to be your best friend anyway " (OK maybe they will have a little more class than that).