Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse - Tonight!

I have tickets to the 7:00 showing of Eclipse tonight.  For those of you that live under a rock Eclipse is the 3rd movie in the Twilight saga.  Obviously it will be a Girl Fest as it was last time we ventured to one of these movies.  I am going to try to steer clear of any reviews or mentions of the movie today.  It will be hard since I actually know women (read women not girls) that went last night at 12:01am.  I just do not want anyone to ruin it for me.  Team Jacob all the way and I will let you know tomorrow what I thought of the movie.  Now have a great day as I try to refrain from hanging on the computer all day. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tom Cruise's Career is Over? Really?

I just read this article on (here) about how Tom Cruise will never recover from his 3rd place finish of his movie opening this weekend.  Apparently the movie only opened with $20 million and came in behind Toy Story 3 and The Grownups. 

OK I have made mention of this before.  Tom Cruise is a strange bird.  There is no doubt.  I certainly do not agree with his beliefs and he seems to get overly passionate about things (or he does not think before he speaks maybe).  But (always a but) he seems to love his family (all of them) and is always out doing things with his children.  Also as an actor, there are very few of his movies that I have not enjoyed.  I read one of the comments related to the AOL article where someone stated that he had not made a good movie since Top Gun.  Jerry Maguire, Mission Impossible 1 and 3 (I hated 2), and so on.  He is a Movie Star!  Completely and totally and whether you agree or disagree with his politics or religious beliefs he is here to entertain us and he still does.

As for the mention of the lackluster opening of his movie this weekend; those of us that would normally attend one of his flicks cannot afford a night out right now.  Babysitter = $40 or $50, Movie tickets $30 (at least) and dinner too, it is just not happening right now.  We take the children to see a movie because it is summer and we need an activity during the day (hello Toy Story 3).  Adult movies get postponed until they come out on Netflix (hell I never even saw Sex and the City 2).  Except for Twilight and that is a whole other story (Girls Night does not count).

I just think Tom Cruise has a lot more to do and an abundance of entertainment left in him.  Don't count him out just yet.  Oh and by the way, as much as I love Cameron Diaz, why does no one question her career and her ability to carry a movie?

Entourage is back...

 I just watched the season premiere of the HBO show Entourage (I can't sleep) and I must say I was happy to have it back.  I have always loved this show, although the last few years have been tough to watch.  Vince as a has-been is never fun.  I like the decadence that is Hollywood.  The assholery of Ari Gold makes me smile.  And the shear grit of Johnny Drama is fun and sad at the same time.  The last few seasons when the real world started to rear its ugly head I found that I was not as interested.  Hell we have the real world right here.  So here is to hoping that the show gets back to its roots.  Tonight was a great start...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - Last Night

Just a quick word about the show last night. 

Billy Bell krumping may have been the single funniest moment of the show last night.  I like Billy and I think that he is an excellent dancer but he is not going to win any awards for being "buck" any time soon.  Bless his heart...

I enjoyed watching Lauren come in to her own last night.  Her lyrical hip-hop number was well danced and I thought that she really showed the judges that she can dance without being too cheerleadery.   Once again I loved Kent and his smile.  He was having fun with his jazz number and he and Courtney seemed to work well together.  I was also impressed with Jose' last night.  His Bollywood number was not great but he gave it his all. 

So who goes home?  I voted but will it help my favorites?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Moody, Moody

I have been in a proverbial bad mood lately.  I apologize if I have been a bit snarky but I think I just have the blues a little.  As I was trying to snap out of my mood the other day I ran in to an old acquaintance and she looked at me and said, "How are you?  You look tired."  Code for "You look like shit" as most of you know.  Well this just threw me in a tailspin and started trying to come up with other phrases that stupid people say that will put you over the edge.  I came up with a few...

"You look healthy"  code for "You look like you have gained weight or you look fat"

"That outfit is so interesting"  code for "That outfit is weird as shit and I cannot believe you wore it out of the house"

"Did you get those shoes on sale?"  code for "There is no way in hell that you could have paid full price for those."

"I am just being honest."  code for "I can say something bitchy and use honesty as my excuse."

These are just a few that I came up with.  One of my Twitter friends said that she was asked "when are you due?" and she was not pregnant (ouch!).  Do you have a phrase that just makes you want to slap someone?  Share please....


Just an update...I was surprised that Alexie went home on SYTYCD.  I thought with her bubbly personality and wonderful technique she would have plenty of people voting for her.  Shoot, I was shocked at the bottom three all around.  Never allow me to make your picks in Vegas, that is for sure.  Still getting used to this new format and I was actually surprised that the judges made the final decision.  Has it always been this way? 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Who Goes Home?

The show has begun.  As most of you know; So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorite reality shows.  I enjoy and admire true talent and dance is one talent that is so far out of my realm that I admire those that are good at it.

Before I discuss who I think should go home I wanted to vent a few of my little frustrations with the new format of the show.  One of the things that I love (loved) about SYTYCD was the couples chemistry we were able to witness in the previous Top 20 format.  Now with the new "all-star" format we will never get to see two untested dancers create their own chemistry.  Each of the Top 11 will move from "all-star" to "all-star" every week.  And so many of the "all-stars" are scene stealer's.  It is difficult to tear my gaze away from Mark or Ade (and some say Pasha) to watch the contestant.  Also, who decided the "all-stars"?  Now don't get me wrong some of the choices are great (Ade, Mark, Twitch) but I am not a Comfort fan (and she was never a good partner) nor was I ever a huge Courtney fan (and neither were the judges by the tone of surprise that each had when she made the top 4 in her season).  I guess this is another "wait and see" moment as I try to enjoy the season with the changes.  Still getting used to the judges table as well.

As for last night, the dancers that I am assuming will be on the chopping block are probably (based on judges response) Lauren, Melinda and Ashley.  I will throw Jose in there as well but he seems to already have a following and NapTab numbers are normally very popular with the voters.  Of course, nothing will compare to the standing ovation that Alex received or the pure joy of Kent (he is just so excited to be on the stage).  I will be interested to see who goes home.  Any thoughts?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Han Solo Gets Married

As a child I was a huge Han Solo fan.  I was never a huge Star Wars fan (I know that this is blasphemy to some) but I watched because Han Solo was so hot.  And then there was Indian Jones and then Working Girl and then The Fugitive and get the picture.  What this all means is that I love Harrison Ford.  I love the fact that he loves to act but hates to be famous.  I love the fact that you  hear very little about his private life.  In a world of press hungry people he keeps his life to himself.  So congratulations to Mr. Ford and Calista Flockhart who have just gotten married.  I hope that you are both very happy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Say Its Your Birthday....

I turn 38 years old today. I know I know I am old. No longer a member of the mid-30's club I have moved up to LATE 30's. One thing that does make me smile today is the discovery of the star that shares my birthday.

Yep you guessed it, the man who never lets me down and always entertains....NPH! Neil Patrick Harris shares my birthday (he is a year younger but whose counting).

So Happy Birthday to me and Happy Birthday to Neil (and Happy Birthday to Courtney Cox too but she is older and looks really good in a bikini...bitch). Maybe just maybe Neil will want to hang out with me (maybe I will become a stalker in my LATE 30's).

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Last 2 Weeks of Friday Night Lights

With everyone puking I have been remiss about discussing the best show on television. I just wanted to say a few things about Friday Night Lights and the amazing last two episodes.

2 weeks ago we discovered that Matt's father died and we experienced the mourning process for Matt. Zach Gilford was amazing (and everyone has said this). I found most moving the last scene when Matt's (Zach's) hands are bloody as he fills in the grave.

As for this week; I loved seeing Lyla with Riggins again but we knew it was short lived. Also did anyone else think that the football game was one of the quickest in history. I was sad to see Matt go but it had to happen sooner rather than later. The boy needed to leave Dillon and it was time. As always, I heart Landry and love to watch his face when he finds himself in an uncomfortable situation (when being grilled by Tami Taylor especially). Oh and one other thing that made me smile, Luke and Vince watching the game tapes in Sears. The picture was worth...well you know.

Speaking of which as much as I adore the show I am ready for a few uplifting episodes. It was too soon for the Lions to win a game I know but I do need a little joy in Dillon.

Later all.....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toddlers and Tiaras

Sadly I am home with a sick child today. We cannot seem to shake the throw ups (no fun by the way and I am just waiting to get them as well). So I am watching a marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras (look there is nothing else on). As I watch this train wreck of a show I am left wondering why?

Why are all of the women who put their children in pageants (or at least on this show) larger women?

Why does every woman fall into some sort of stereotype? And you know what I mean here. The mom that is reliving her glory days; the mom with no money who thinks this is so important; the mom that thinks her child is perfect etc etc

Why do all of the moms make multiple comments about how her child "wants" to be on stage (at age 2 really?)?

Why must 3 and 4 year olds look tan? And why do 6 year olds have to get fake teeth (or a flipper) when they lose their teeth because it is more attractive?

I know that you should never bitch about something that you are voluntarily watching but this show is just hard to turn off. Its a whole different world out there people.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I just wanted to say a few quick things about Glee last night (I have to go to work); Awesome, awesome and awesome! The fact that our Gleek kids went back to what made us love them in the first place and sang a collection of Journey songs made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I loved the whole performance (a little disappointed that we had less Mercedes and Kurt but beggars cannot be choosers) and really thought that they were going to win. Vocal Adrenaline was good (OK the performance was great) but it seemed a showcase for Jesse St. James and no one else (just saying). The Sue factor was expected (I thought she would vote for them eventually) but the Emma thing was a little out of the blue (we will have to see what happens with that one). I really enjoyed the whole thing and liked the nice twist of Shelby adopting Quinn's baby girl (everyone deserves a second chance). Is anyone else sad to see the show go for the summer? I am actually excited about the reruns this summer. What did you think of last night?

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Prince was born today...

Today is the birthday of Prince. Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson) was born June 7, 1958. I have to be honest I never got the appeal of this man. Now don't get me wrong; the man is talented (or was) but sexy, I don't think so. I had a friend in college who was just so attracted to him (and this was a sane, smart girl) and I never understood. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Prince!

Oh and my favorite Prince song; gotta go with Purple Rain or When Doves Cry but will give a shout out to Get Off...any others?

Absence Makes the Heart...

I am so sorry that I have been gone for awhile. My children finished school this past Thursday and we have been inundated with end of the year activities. Then when I picked up my computer to blog this weekend my computer had a virus (does anyone know how much I love my computer?). So I am back (hopefully) and will try to catch up with everyone this week. Happy Summer to you all!