Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Biggest Loser - I Hate Vicky (and Heba too)

I am going to become a founding member of the "I hate Vicky club". Now I know that we are supposed to be nice and feel bad for these people that have let their weight spiral out of control, and for most of the other contestants I do, but Vicky is a big fat (dare I say the word) bitch and if she wins I will never watch this show again (OK I might but I will be mad and eat ice cream while watching). How can anyone lie to Bob's face and not feel bad about it at all.

If you recall, last week (see post here) Brady and Vicky threw the weigh in to get rid of Amy P. This week when Bob asked them about it Vicky told Bob that she did not know what he was talking about and she smirked at the camera. Now I am feeling a little out of whack these days and I wanted to wipe that smirk right off of her face dammit (my goodness I am irate about this bitch!). And bless Phil's heart, his wife was gone and big old Heba confronted him about talking behind her back (whatever Heba you too need your own club).

Thankfully Phil's team was supportive of him but the Blue team's tactics won and Phil could not keep his head in the game. At the end of the day he was sent home to spend his 20th anniversary with Amy (so cheesy but God love them). So now I have to pull for the Black team to soldier on and try to beat the alliance of Heba, Vicky and Brady. Now why do you ask do I not talk too much shit about Brady? Brady is as bad as his wife but she leads him around by his nose and I kind of feel bad for him. If he only knew how he was being portrayed on television he would try (I think) to shut her up. As Bod so kindly put it, she is "Shakespearean" and Brady tries to do the right thing, she just won't let him.

Next week everyone reverts to individuals; who will little Amy side with and can we please get rid of Heba or Vicky?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gossip Girl - Will They or Won't They?

Gossip Girl last night was little tired to say the least. Still love the show and it is still the only show I watch in real time buuuut the whole Chuck and Blair thing (will they have sex, do they love each other etc) is getting a little old. Either do it or get back to hating each other. As I have already stated; I want Chuck Bass to be Chuck Bass and he cannot be that person (or slime) if he is mooning over Blair. Thank goodness the writers realized this (for now) and allowed Chuck and Blair to walk away.

In other news little Jenny's storyline is just not interesting to me. Who else guessed that Eleanor would steal her designs (pick me) or that after Nate moved in that they would hook up (again pick me). Of course Nate "saved" Jenny from going to far with a model and photographer but still boring in my opinion. I just want the show back to its core group and Jenny was only a part of that inasmuch as she was the gum on the bottom of Blair's shoe.

As for Serena and Dan (yawn); Serena has met an artist and is interested but he left last night with another woman. How does Dan feel about it? Well in his eternally good guy manner he has "given his blessing" (yawn again fight for the girl you love dumbass).

So to break it down; last night's episode sucked but Gossip Girl is still one of the better shows on television right now and the only show that has the distinction of keeping me interested from start to finish (in real time). As for next week, more of the Little J storyline but Dan beats up Nate. Now I love fights! XOXO.

The parents are coming...

I feel like the mantra in my head right now is "the parents are coming, the parents are coming" over and over. The house has to be clean, the children have to be well behaved, the dinners have to be cooked (and taste good) and the itinerary has to be set. I wonder if there will ever be a time (in this life) that I will not feel like I am 12 when my parents arrive on my doorstep? Even in my own house I still feel like a little girl who has to apologize for any misstep that I make. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and be pleasantly surprised if it does not completely suck. I'll let you know.

Monday, October 27, 2008

What is really going on?

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan's multi-episode arc on Ugly Betty came to an abrupt end because Lindsey could not get along with the series star, America Ferrera. Now Lindsay did anyone ever teach you not to piss off the hostess? Would have been a fun catfight though. My money would be on Betty to take her down.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I never...

Did you ever play that game "I never" in college? You know the one that you say I never did something (I never had sex in a car) and then you drink if you did. I used to get so drunk off of this game. Now what does that say about me? Anyway I was thinking about this game the other day when I heard myself say to one of my kids a phrase that I so often heard from my parents. The whole "this hurts me more than it hurts you" bullshit (OK it actually does not hurt me at all). I never wanted to sound like my parents (drink), I never wanted to use trite phrases to get my point across to my children (drink), I never wanted to dress my children in matching outfits (drink...I am from the South for God's sake) and I never wanted to tell my children that I just did not have enough time (drink a lot). Somehow my inner checklists just keep getting longer and longer with less and less items checked off.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Game Play

That Vicky (formerly of the Brown Team) is all about the money and she is not letting anyone stand in her way to get it. I normally pull for Bob's team (just because I love Bob) but as of today I have moved to the Jillian side. Although her inner thoughts and deep "therapist" statements get on my nerves (Watch Renee and Michelle meet in the middle symbolically and physically?) I will be damned if I pull for a team that Vicky, Brady and/or Heba is on.

Last night's episode showed a typical week at the Ranch. The teams worked out, competed in a challenge...actually back up; the Black Team competed in a challenge. The challenge was for videos from home and the first team to walk around a balance board circle twenty-five times. Vicky did not like the prize and quit and the rest of the blue team did not seem to be that motivated either so the Black Team smoked them and won 25 to nothing. Bob was furious when he found out that his team (Vicky) did not even try and gave them all a little lecture about always doing their best.

The weigh in is where everything really seemed to fall apart. The Black Team went first and had a good week. Now the Blue Team; Vicky (yuck), Heba and Amy (Purple) all had good weeks. Then Amy (formerly Red) was up and only lost two pounds. Next it was time for Brady and he only loses three pounds. As he is weighing in Vicky actually smiled. They set it up. Vicky and Brad set it up so that the Blue Team would lose and they could get rid of Amy (Red). Vicky said walking into the weigh in that she would be fine either way because of her alliance and she was. I know that $250,000 is at stake but this is not what the entire show is all about. Aren't you supposed to care about prolonging your life and getting healthy too?

So Amy is out and Phil will be devastated; as will Bob. Something has to happen to the Blue Team (Vicky especially) soon because Karma is a bitch, right? By the way Vicky is the one that allowed her daughter to become obese at the tender age of 4. In her bio it says that she was picked on in school which is why I wonder how she could become the "mean girl" now. Get her off the show soon please. I could not stand it if she or Brady won the money. Be strong Phil without your wife, you can do it.

This is me today....

I am like a little cleaning machine (I am taking a break people) as I attempt to get some control over the dust and grime in my house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do you think it is true?

Will Smith is gay!? I heard this on the radio this morning and decided to check out the rumor (well as much as you can on the Internet) this evening. Apparently some Madam has come out (anonymously) stating that Will Smith has been a client for years and always requests boys. Is it true? Do we care? I like Will Smith and I could care less about his sexuality. Apparently the rumors have been circling for years that he and his wife (Jada) are both gay and they lead separate lives. Interesting; I guess. True; I am not so sure.

See story here.

Dangerous Liaisons/Cruel Intentions/Gossip Girl

Never underestimate the power of the innocent. We have seen the story before; bad girl dares bad boy to deflower the "virgin" (or in this case the socially enlightened one) and then humiliate her for the hell of it. Bad boy then seems to fall for said virgin and bad girl gets mad and retaliates. When the bad boy is Chuck Bass anything is possible.

Blair decides that Vanessa needs to be taken down a notch or two (Dear Vanessa, never try to blackmail the Queen) and calls in the big guns (or Chuck Bass). Chuck falls in love with the building Vanessa is trying to save (and likes who he is with Vanessa) and Blair gets pissed. Blair then exposes Chuck for the fraud that he is and Vanessa storms out. Somehow Chuck wins the bet (or Blair is just horny) and arrives to collect his "prize". But wait, Chuck walks away from Blair in bed. Does this mean that he no longer wants the Queen B or is he just getting her back for making him wait? Only time will tell.

On the Humphrey front; Dan discovers that Nate is living in his seized house (you would think that if the Captain cared he would come back) in a sleeping bag. Nate moves in with the Humphrey family? As for Serena, well it was a tame week. She makes a scene in front of the reporters at Bart and Lily's party. Oh and little Eric has a boyfriend.

See you next week...and when will we get a glimpse of that body bag? XOXO

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gossip Girl Spoiler

I don't think that this is happening tonight but apparently (and according to Entertainment Weekly) a "major" character on Gossip Girl is going to end up in a body bag. See the full story here. As to why I placed "major" in quotation marks; the characters that are being discussed are Nate (OK he is major), Vanessa (not so much), Bart (?), Rufus (again ?) and Georgina (um isn't she in military school or something?). We'll see. Tonight Chuck seduces Vanessa? XOXO

Behind the Eight Ball

I never understood what this phrase meant. My mom would always say that she was "behind the eight ball" when she felt overwhelmed or could not get everything done. Well today (actually this week) I am "behind the eight ball". My husband's birthday is this week and I am having a party for him this Saturday night. I have to clean (no more cleaning lady for me) plus the children want to decorate for Halloween and I am visiting schools for the kids for next year. And to top it all off my parents are coming for a visit next week. I just feel as if I need either a hot bath, a drink (or maybe both together), a housekeeper or some sleep. Bear with me.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway - The Finale

I gotta admit it...I was bored last night. I was bored with the collections, I was bored with the lack of drama and I was a little bored with Tim as the other judge. Now don't get me wrong; I love Tim Gunn and admire his taste but I needed to hear an outsiders point of view on the three ladies and their clothes. My one saving grace was that Kenley did not win (Thank God!). She did look mad at the end of the show and said as much when she chastised the judges for accusing her of copying other designers. I was pulling for Korto and actually liked some of her designs better just because they looked more wearable but Leanne's collection was pretty.

See that's just it, pretty, not fabulous, not super, not phenomenal just pretty. I think that this sums up the entire lackluster season. Good for Leanne for winning and good for Korto for getting to the finals. I wish Leanne would have fixed her hair but I guess that has nothing to do with her clothes.

But I must say; shame on you Bravo for taking a show that we all adore and turning it into something we have to watch and not something we want to watch. I wanted a reunion, I wanted a snazzy guest judge and I wanted a last hurrah (if the show is actually leaving) for the show that put Bravo on our Tivo list.

For those of you that watch America's Next Top Model; did anyone else notice the number of former ANTM models that were in the fashion shows? Korto's show also included Bianca Golden (ANTM cycle 10) who has been charged with assault for the fight with Nikki Blonsky (see story here). Now wouldn't she and Kenley get along swimmingly?

See you next season.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Biggest Loser - From Families to Black and Blue

Last night it finally happened. Gone were the pink, purple, yellow and green; it was time to revert to the good ole Black and Blue Teams.

The temptation/change the game forever was to see who would eat the most calories in a dark room. The person who ate the most calories then had the ability to assign the teams to each trainer. Heba won and since "her husband had been taken away (?) she was not losing her trainer too." The shitty thing that she did was to split up two other teams placing one member on the Black team and one member on the Blue team. So both Phil and Amy (formerly the red team) and Amy and Shellay (the purple team) had to pull against their family member at the weigh in so that they could keep their own spot at the ranch.

After the teams were assigned there was a challenge that included walking up and down (and up and down) a hill/mountain for 14 hours. The Black team won and would receive a 2 pound pass at the next weigh in. Jillian and Bob showed up and were happy/pissed (Bob was pissed, Jillian was happy) at their new teams. Jillian was pleased to note that she had a male on her team (Phil) and Bob was pissed that Heba changed the teams for personal reasons only.

As for the weigh in; the Blue team won by a narrow margin (dammit I wanted Heba to go home) therefore sending the Black team to the elimination room. The Black team made the decision to send Shellay home (made sense she was the smallest).

Of course Shellay's daughter is on the other team now so I wonder how Amy will react to the news. Also there was a lot of back and forth with the mother/daughter team but I basically fast forwarded through that because I was tired of listening to them go on and on about their relationship. See you next week.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie Are Divorcing

The above title just appeared on (see full story here) and I have to ask is anyone actually surprised? I do not doubt the woman's talent (come on you all know that we have loved her music over the years), nor do I question her mothering skills (all reports lead you to believe that her children are extremely well behaved) but would you want to live with her? She is a self proclaimed control freak who is mad determined to do things her way or to not do them at all. How do you even compete (or exist) on the fringes of that?

Just another small note about Madonna. I have no issues with people speaking their minds about the election. I, myself am still questioning which way to vote and I appreciate all opinions. However, I have a hard time with a woman (Madonna) yelling and screaming about the candidates (Sara Palin in particular) during her shows when she has not lived in the United States for a number of years. Why in the world do you care now?

No Seasons in Florida

This is why I miss North Carolina!

Picture from

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gossip Girl - College Visits

I love Chuck Bass. I love Chuck Bass in a way that all women love something that is bad for them (junk food, wine, an occasional cigarette). Chuck has a way of being a complete asshole but yet he still (for some reason) makes you want to be in his presence. Last night was no exception.

The gang (Chuck, Nate, Dan, Serena and Blair) headed to Yale to begin the interview process for colleges. Serena was headed to Brown until Blair put her in her place and Serena could not let a dare go unchallenged. So off to Yale they went with Blair and Serena competing (again) for a spot in the freshman class, Dan trying to get into the English Department and Nate and Chuck set to experience more of the social scene.

Nate met a girl but lied about his name (using Dan Humphrey as his alias) due to the stellar reputation that his father has on campus. Dan tried to get a recommendation from someone in the English department but was mistaken for Nate (?) and tied to a bell tower. Check was absconded by a secret society and sent them to attack Dan (telling the guys that he was Nate) because Chuck is still smarting from Dan using him for a story. And Serena and Blair in their usual nice but bitchy manner were both trying to get in good with the Dean of Students.

The girl fight between Serena and Blair was hilarious and when they both decided to stay out of the other's way, we all knew that it would not last. They were nicey, nicey the next day but I am hoping this won't last either. The two are fun when they are at each other's throats. As for Chuck and his secret society; of course Chuck Bass used skanky women to get all the boys on camera doing "God knows what", so he has these "pillars of the school" in his back pocket and at his disposal now.

The only surprising thing was that Nate and Dan left campus together; Nate was upset with Chuck for sicking the society boys on Dan and decided that he would rather spend time with Dan than Chuck. Poor Chuck looked sad and friendless. How will this one play out? Till next week. XOXO.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Branded For Life

My daughter (4) is a biter. Now she does not bite everyone just her big brother (he's 7). Over the weekend we had a wrestling incident (she was trying out the Wonder Woman costume) and she was pinned down. What else could she do but bite my son on the rib cage. There have been other incidences and other marks (on the shoulder, on the back and on the leg) but after three days this one is still noticeable on his stomach. Will he be branded for life? In college will his girlfriend say. "where did you get that scar" and will he have to respond, "my little sister bit me". That does not sound very cool to me and surely it won't to him either. I must try to come up with a better story. Also I must get her to stop biting.

The Amazing Race - Season 13

Never (ever) in my life do I want to lose a million dollars (or the chance to win a million dollars) on a technicality. Mark and Bill did not follow the directions on their clue to the exact letter and incurred a penalty (they took a cab when they were supposed to walk) thus causing them to come in last place and be eliminated.

No major excitement last night other than an almost girl fight between Kelly and Christy (the divorcees) and Starr (of the brother/sister team). Both of the divorced women ganged up on Starr because they thought that she pushed their sports bra over a ledge. Yeah it was tense and the game hinged in the balance for the woman with no sports bra. Now I would not put it past Starr to pull a stunt like this because it was funny but do these girls (Kelly and Christy) honestly believe that this is sabotage. Its a bra not your money stash.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Doom and Gloom Continues (or maybe not)

As the economy continues to crash I thought it would be nice for all of us to think about certain things that make us smile (I am not being too Pollyanna, I just am sick of all of the horror). So here are my things this week that have made me smile...

My daughter has decided that she wants to be Wonder Woman (now there is a kick ass superhero) for Halloween. In her four years she has never seen a Wonder Woman cartoon but I mentioned that I used to play Wonder Woman (underoos anyone?) as a child and she thought that was cool.

I got my first paycheck in four years this week (I stopped working after my second child was born). Now it was small but I earned it. Impressive huh?

My daughter almost strangled herself with the seatbelt the other day. This itself at the time was not funny; somehow she was messing around and the seatbelt went around her neck and then locked. As I was trying to get her head out of the knot she looked at me in her dramatic way and said, "just leave me here forever Mommy." I still have to smile about that one.

We have a babysitter tomorrow night and my husband and I are going to sit by the water, in a bar and drink. After the past few weeks I think we all need to participate in this activity.

This is random but there is a dumb (and I mean dumb) show on CMT called Cheerleaders about girls trying out to be Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. It starts back tonight and it is usually pretty entertaining for those of us who were never cheerleaders (I know ya'll are shocked that I was never a cheerleader).

I hope that everyone can come up with some kind of list that makes them smile this week (and in the weeks to come). This is what it is all about.

The Biggest Loser - Part 2

I was unable to watch the second part of The Biggest Loser until last night (damn the debates for messing up my television schedule). If you remember we left the families working out and getting yelled at by Jillian. In fact Jillian had just sent Amy (Purple Team) out of the gym because Amy was being sarcastic and not taking the workouts seriously.

Another day and another epiphany as Amy realizes that she can not get rid of this weight alone. Amy returns to the gym where Jillian praises her decision but they stay away from each other for the rest of the day. As always the last chance workout is intense and everyone looks like they are on the verge of tears at the end of the session.

Time to tackle the scale and Coleen (Yellow) weighs in first and has only lost three pounds. If Coleen goes home the Yellow Team will no longer exist at the ranch (her Dad left last week) and Coleen does not want this to happen (plus she wants the $250,000 but no one ever mentions the money). Finally, finally after four or five more teams Ed and Heba (Orange) arrive at the scale and do not lose enough to beat Coleen. Yep that's right, the Orange Team has fallen below the yellow line and one of them will be going home.

Back at the house both Ed and Heba try to decide what is right for their family. They both agree that Heba should stay for her "health" and for the unborn children that they want to have. What Ed really should have said was that Heba was stronger than him, she pushed harder and she has a better chance of winning the money than he does (again no one ever mentions the money). Ed goes home, Heba wonders how she will sleep alone at the Ranch and everyone else is just stressing about what will happen next week. At this point I decided that I needed a bowl of ice cream and some cookies. Later taters.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway - and then there were three...

I knew that I was going to be disappointed. I knew that she (Kenley aka bitch from hell) was going to go on the Bryant Park. I remembered what everyone told me about Santino and Wendy Pepper (they sucked but made for good television) making it to the final three when others deserved it more. I had prepared myself but even preparing myself for the worst did not make the final decision of the judges any less painful last night. I was (and am) a Jerell fan; others are not (ahem you know who you are). Of course I agree with the judges last night that his gown was completely over the top but should he not have gotten into the finale on personality alone?

The show begins with Heidi letting the designers know that they have $8000 and two months to create their collection. The twist is that the collection has to include a wedding dress (?) that fits in nicely with the rest of the line (again ?). No one says good bye to Kenley and she does not speak as she walks out of the Atlas apartments. As always with the finale Tim Gunn gets in his Saturn and goes across the country to visit all of the final designers. He travels to Arkansas to see Korto, Oregon to check in on Leanne, LA to see Jerell and yes he even stops by to see Kenley in Brooklyn (how funny would it have been if he had skipped that one).

The finalists then reconvened in New York to prepare for Fashion Week. But wait one more challenge to determine the final three (seriously have these people not been through enough already). All of the designers have to create a bridesmaids dress to go with their wedding gown and present it to the judges. Poor Tim checks in on everyone and starts to cry (have we ever seen tears from this man?) telling the designers how much he cares about all of them (even Kenley?).

As you probably guessed; Jerell is the one that did not make it to Fashion Week. The judges adored Kenley's tweety bird dress (?) and Leanne's wave creation ( it was actually exquisite) but hated both Korto's design extravaganza and Jerell's over the top frothy concoction. In the end Jerell went home telling the ladies to "have fun" and that it was "all good".

Jerell and his personality will be missed in the finale but I guess we can all hope that this is one more opportunity for Korto to kick Kenley's ass. By the way for those of you watching last night; did anyone actually believe Kenley's half-ass apology? Also I am not sure but I think Korto may have called Kenley "Stankley" at one point; David Dust did you notice that? See you next week for the Runway shows. Later all.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'90210' Exclusive: Jason Priestley's Back...and He's Not Alone!

The above title is on and got me so excited I thought it was 1992 again. Brandon was coming back to 90210. Now I knew that there was a reason that I still Tivoed the show. However, those old crafty folks at EW then proceed in the article to give the real scoop. Brandon is not returning to the show; he is going to direct an episode. Don't get me all excited for nothing. That's just mean! I do think that Shannen Doherty is returning as is Jennie Garth. Stay tuned (I guess) to the show to see.

The Biggest Loser - Jillian Goes Ballistic (Part 1)

Last night on The Biggest Loser no one was sent home (that will happen tonight due to the debate) so the teams spent their time cashing in on prizes won previously or working out and complaining about something.

The Red Team (Phil and Amy) had a 24 hour pass to go home and see their family. They took their three boys on a hike and contemplated the changes in their life now that the weight loss has begun. Back in LA, Amy and Shellay (Purple Team) used their prize of 24 hours with their trainer. Do any of us really believe that spending 24 hours with Jillian is a prize? Please help me to understand why anyone would voluntarily pick torture?

Now Jillian apparently has been trying to be a little nicer this season (I am not seeing it) but she went off on both Amy and Shellay during this episode. At one point she actually sent Amy (purple) out of the gym because of her attitude. Now Amy, you may want to laugh when Jillian is talking but don't do it. Have you seen her arms? She could knock you out! I will say that in Jillian's shoes (which by the way would never happen) I would be pissed too. She continues to ask her group to give a little extra and they are not doing it. Obviously some are not as committed as others.

The challenge this week was won by Vicky (Brown Team) who was able to hold on in a tank of water the longest. Incidentally Vicky has now informed her husband, Brady, that he is holding her back and that if she wants to work out more he needs to stop yelling at her. Someone threatened maybe by a woman beating him? Hmmm...strong marriage.

Tonight someone (just one) will go home. Who will it be?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two Shows to Check Out (if you are not already)

I just read an article on that both Chuck and How I Met Your Mother are struggling in the ratings. Both of these shows are on my radar (and in my Tivo inbox) I just don't discuss them because of so many others. Some shows I just want to watch for pleasure people.

Anyway, just a shout out to you all. Check out both of these shows if you are not already. Zachary Levi as Chuck is hilarious and really pulls off the goofy, James Bond thing (if that is possible) really well. As for Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother; well you all know how I feel about him. He was robbed at the Emmy's; robbed (sorry Jeremy Piven)! His character Barney is the funniest, most awesome character on television right now.

Another angry letter....

Dear Gossip Girl/The CW:

It is way to early in the season for any kind of re-runs of a fall show. For those of us who are going through a tough time with the doom and gloom of the economy and this election (yes that would be everyone) we need our guilty pleasure and Gossip Girl happens to be this pleasure. To air a re-run only 5 (or 6) weeks into a season seems ludicrous and makes us all wonder if this is going to be a monthly occurrence.

As an avid viewer, and someone who had curled up on my sofa with a glass of milk and ice cream to watch the show last night; I am pissed. Please let me know if I can expect this in the future and if so why? Not enough time in the day to film all of the episodes needed for a full season, Paparazzi getting you down on the streets of New York, too many magazine covers for the stars...just give me a reason.

I understand that a new episode will return next week and let me just better be worth the wait of two weeks.

Thank you for your time,

Tivo Mom

A New Mom

Yesterday my daughter (she's 4) told me, after getting in trouble mind you, that she wanted a new Mom. One that does not punish, that gets her whatever she wants and does not make her eat pork chops. I started thinking about this comment last night and wondered if we could order up our parents (Moms in particular) would we change anything about them?

I always wanted a Mom who was supportive, loving and fun to be around. To some degree this is what I got and what I try to replicate. There are a few things that I have trouble with (who doesn't) in regards to my parents but when I listen to others I do realize how lucky I am.

But what about everyone else? If you could change one thing about your Mom what would it be? As a Mom I know what I would change about myself; I would have endless patience so after the fifth why question I did not get snappy. That and as always independent wealth and skinny without giving up any of my junk food. Ah the dream!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Amazing Race in brief

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I am from the Carolinas after watching the most recent episode of The Amazing Race last night. Marisa and Brooke are from South Carolina and I swear that the two girls together have not had a single coherent thought since the race began. Last night the Detour was between a pushing a boat or finding a storage container on a computer and, I am not lying to you) these girls were looking for a computer on the beach. I actually was sending brain waves out to the television to get them to stop talking because I cringed so badly when they did. Please let next week either be their last week or have them solve some major algorithm in Japanese.

Also, does anyone else think that Tina (of Tina and Ken) looks like her skin is stretched way to tight. She has scary eyes (and eyebrows) and when she speaks I have trouble not looking for some part of her face to show expression. Plus her husband Ken (who cheated on her) is truly trying to atone for his mistakes but I am not seeing Tina being very forgiving. She usually has some choice things to say to Ken and he just laps it up like a dog. I did love it when Ken got into it with Terence last night and was hoping for a few punches (that would make Terence cry no less) but Ken pulled back (he has learned the art of this I am sure) and subsequently apologized.

As for Terence and Sarah; I am not even sure what to say. Terence is the biggest control freak ever and she just enables him and takes it. They are a divorce (if they were to get married) waiting to happen. The fact that he does not want her to be friends with anyone else is ridiculous and just goes to show how insecure little (scrawny) men can be.

Anthony and Stephanie were the unlucky two to be eliminated last night. Just a note to the two of them; if you truly love each other, money (or lack there of) is not going to stop you from getting married. And when Anthony was listing everything he was blessed to have in his exit interview, the fact that he listed Stephanie last after his looks (?) is a definite red flag. See you next week.

The Ex List

I did end up watching The Ex List (not until last night) and I liked it but (always a but) I was a little turned off by the lead actress, Elizabeth Reaser as Bella Bloom. Now Joy (see her blog here) who did not like her on Gray's Anatomy would not watch the show because of her, now I see why. Ms. Reaser seems a little blunt, manly (just a little) and maybe not as cute as she thinks she is. However (always a however), the rest of the cast is absolutely adorable. The supporting players (especially Alexandra Breckenridge as the best girl friend and Rachel Boston as Bella's sister) are hysterical and work great together as a group. This is why I am going to try it one more time. I like the premise of the show (all of the ex boyfriends) I just have to decide if I can get past my dislike of the main character enough to actually enjoy the rest of the show. If anyone Tivoed the pilot episode, watch it, if only for the pubic hair hilarity.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

To Market, To Market

If you live under a rock then maybe you did not hear about the horrible week that the US economy had, otherwise you are completely stressed out like the rest of us. I have been living in a bit of a bubble the last few years. We have a good life; two beautiful, healthy children, a nice house, private school and me with the opportunity to stay at home. Until now! We have lost a shit load (I said shit) of money in the stock market so I am looking to work more and help out with the monthly bills. The moral of this story is not to ever get too comfortable. The market (and the economy) will eventually come back to bite you in the ass. As I complain please note that I am aware that I have it a lot better than a lot of other people in this world. I just needed to whine briefly. Oh and my conservative (uber conservative) husband might even vote Democrat in November. This is how turned around our world is right now.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Ex List Premieres Tonight

The Ex List premieres tonight at 9:00pm on CBS. I thought it looked interesting and brings up the question of what if? What if I let Mr. Right (or Ms. Right) get away. The premise of the show is that the main character, Bella, meets with a physic who tells her that she has already met and dated the man she will eventually end up with. So what does Bella do; she decides to go back and find (and date) her exes. All of us wonder (not me of course) about the ones that got away, right? Anyway, the show starts tonight and I am going to check out the premiere (at the very least).

I have decided....

I have decided that I am going to do a little more on this blog then actually talk about television. Surprisingly watching TV is not all that I do and I feel as if I need an outlet for the rest of my day as well. Hopefully this will not get in the way of my recaps and celebrity stuff (I was going to say shit but I have been cussing a lot lately).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Runway - Three Against One

As a child it was never fun to have a playdate with three people. Two undoubtedly ganged up on the third and someone always ended up crying. Now four was a good number. Two against two and you had a fun filled day. Not, so it seems, in the world of Project Runway. Not when one of the four is Kenley (aka mean girl from hell).

I am still smarting (and confused) about my complete turnaround last week when I was actually pulling for Suede to win over Kenley. Alas it did not happen and SHE returned for another week. This week was all about flowers as inspiration using photos taken from the New York Botanical Gardens.

The mood (get it Mood) in the workroom was tense to say the least. Jerell, Leanne, and Korto seem like the best of friends while Kenley still does not understand how any of them are still around. Now I understand being a little cocky and self-assured but some (Kenley) seem to take it all the way to that "bitch I am better than you" level. Which is completely inappropriate when you are creating a dress for Fred Flintstone's dinosaur.

All of the designers seemed to have trouble with this design. We have all seen this in years past; the designers have a complete meltdown in the challenge right before Bryant Park.

The judges liked (not loved) Jerell and Leanne's designs, although neither was perfect. After rolling her eyes and talking back to Heidi, Kenley was shocked to discover that she was in the bottom with Korto. At this point I am about to call Bravo myself. To keep Kenley and send Korto home would be blasphemy and a sin against all mankind.

They keep all four. What this again? The judges could not make a decision (really?) and so they opted to keep the four remaining designers and let them all compete to have a place at Bryant Park. Wait a minute; why do Jerell and Leanne have to compete for a place in the top three? Their outfits were the best this week. It should be Kenley and Korto and you know Korto can kick Kenley's ass (one way or another).

So next week we will see who gets into the final three. I just know that one of the designers that I like will end up not making it and the bitch from hell will. Where is my reunion special? I so want to see all of the designers laying into Kenley for her attitude. I need her to cry more and feel ganged up on. This is what she deserves; not Bryant Park.

The Biggest Loser - Family Road Trip

I finally watched Tuesday's episode of The Biggest Loser and let me tell you, it was a real tear jerker. Now I know that most people cry every time they watch this show (I certainly do its so inspiring...barf) but this past weeks episode focused a lot on the father/daughter team (Coleen and Jerry). Who doesn't cry when a dad gets teared up?

So the remaining 6 couples took a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Along the way they were met with a temptation, Heba and Ed (Orange) won, and the prize was to spend the nights in the RV as opposed to the cots on the camp ground. There was also a challenge to actually win said RV and again Heba and Ed won it handily. The families spent a week at the Grand Canyon and there was very little exercise done. Not a lot of walking/running, no weights or strength training; it just seemed like a lot of sitting around.

Back at the ranch Jillian (and Bob surprisingly) was pissed about the total lack of training. Hike, walk, get off your ass its the Grand Canyon people. Both Bob and Jillian were evil demons for the last chance workout (and rightly so) and most of the contestants were crying at the end. Jerry was hurt during the workout and was sent to the hospital leaving Coleen behind to carry the load (a little foreshadowing if you will).

The weigh in was a little tense with everyone wondering if they still were able to lose weight after a week of very little activity. Alison made a surprise announcement that from now on only one member of a team was going home which meant that the remaining member would have to soldier on alone at the ranch. This scared everyone and the weigh in began. Not surprisingly Jerry and Coleen (yellow) lost the weigh in (he was injured) and had to decide who needed to stay more. The decision was made and Jerry, taking one for the team and his daughter, was sent packing.

I do wonder what will happen to the rest of the teams once they are split up. It was nice to see my Red team do so well but so sad to see Jerry go. Till next week. Later taters.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This makes me mad....

Friday Night Lights returns tonight on DirectTV. For those of us who don't have DirectTV we will be unable to watch this entire season until February on NBC. I know that we are trying to save this show but...

Gossip Girl - Fashion Week

Gossip Girl is totally getting back into the groove and this most recent episode about Fashion Week really turned up the bitch meter to an all new level. I cannot decide if I like the new Serena (new attitude not new person) but she certainly makes things interesting. Also, Dan and Chuck as friends not real believable but entertaining and a little sad.

This week began with Blair prepping to get back to the natural order of things by bribing the minions with front row seats to her Mom's fashion show. Serena still stole the spotlight and Blaire was left wondering how to re-gain her throne. In a strange spurt of bitchiness (mixed with hurt feelings) Blair almost ruined her Mother's show and in the process lost Serena as an ally. Serena has decided that she always "held back" for Blair and maybe it is her time to "shine". Maybe so Serena but you must get a better pose for the photogs. Yours looked like old Paris Hilton before she became so desperate.

As for Check and Dan; with Nate out of town Chuck seemed a bit lonely. Enter Dan on a mission to get outside of his "comfort" zone and see the world from another view. After drinking too much and getting "kicked to the curb" (literally) by Chuck; Dan goes back for seconds to find out what makes Chuck tick. He finds out but in the process makes an enemy when Chuck realizes that Dan is using him for a story.

Chuck vows revenge on Dan, little Jenny and Blair are fast becoming friends, Serena is Queen Bee with an attitude and Nate and Vanessa...well they weren't really missed. No new episode for two weeks (what?). But when we return, college visits. XOXO