Monday, June 30, 2008

HGTV's Design Star

"I want my mom right now" was how Michael went out last night. No more rolling his eyes at everyone else's designs, no more talking about how the contest was his for the taking; he left crying and asking for his mom. Sometimes karma is a bitch, isn't it?

Last night the seven remaining contestants received their first individual challenge. Each person picked a country and had to design a room using that country as inspiration. Its funny that Michael was able to pick his country on his own (he picked Spain) and did not have to conform to an idea already picked for him. The designers got $500 and a shopping spree at Michael's Arts and Crafts Store before having 12 hours to complete their designs.

Overall I was not impressed with any of the designs. Jennifer had Italy and I loved her walls inspired by Vietri, Italy (and its china and pottery) but I felt that her furniture was an afterthought. It was nice to see her so excited about not being in the bottom three and her brush work on the walls was really impressive. The other person that the judges liked was Stephanie (aka Boobs) and her Mexican cabana inspired room. To me it just looked as if she had some ladders coming out from the walls and a bunch of cushions in the middle.

Michael, Tracee and Matt were the bottom three for all very different reasons. Matt's room was supposed to be inspired by a Buddhist Temple (he had Thailand) but to me it looked as if he had two tall chairs in the middle of the room that lit up. Tracee decided to go "Beauty and the Beast" with her Italian room and paint a chandelier on the wall and create a fake mirror and a Gondola bed.

It was horrible and very childish looking. In fact my four year old, who was in the room while I watched today, wants to know where she can get one of those boat beds (hmmmm). As for Michael, his room just looked uninspired. I did not think it was bad but as Vern said, "I look more Spanish than that room does" (and he's Asian). The room could have been anywhere and anyone could have designed it. It was just boring.

So after fake complementing Tracee (I hate you because it is so good, he says), rolling his eyes at the other designers rooms, playing up to Lisa and Angelo (HGTV stars) about being the next Design Star and in general being a big, diva, queen; Michael was taken down all of the notches and sent home. And all we will remember is him crying and telling the judges "I am so sorry" and going into the elevator asking for his mom. Oh how the mighty have fallen people. Just remember sometimes when you are mean and overconfident something or someone (Vern Yipp?) comes along and bites you in the ass. So long Michael! May you grow up a little and continue to embrace your feminine side.

Next week maybe, just maybe, someone will impress me (and or the judges)!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance! - Results

I finally have a moment to sit down and discuss the results of So You Think You Can Dance from Thursday night. I am being a total mom today and am baking (I know how impressed everyone is) so while my pies are in the oven, I can dish a little.

My three favorite teams were, of course, all safe. So while Twitch and Kherington, Joshua and Katee and Chelsea and Mark went into the safety zone, I tried to figure out who to pull for during the solos. The bottom three teams were Chelsea (the other one) and Thayne, Chris and Comfort, and Kourtni and Matt. The contemporary piece that Kourtni (why do all of these girls have to spell their names so awkwardly) and Matt did was weird but I thought they did it well. The other two teams were not good so I knew that I would be hoping that someone from those teams went home. All six performed their solos and then after a bunch of other stuff (you gotta love live television) the judges finally picked two to go home. Chelsea

was the first to go which was a little odd since the judges seemed to love her spirit and then Chris (finally) was eliminated.

He had not nailed a dance yet so it was only a matter of time.

For next week this means that Comfort and Thayne (the partners left behind) will pair up for the first time. This should be interesting given the chemistry (hate that word) between all of the other couples. Loving this summer show. A Lot.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!

As I wait with bated breath to see who is going home this week I suddenly realize that once again I have been sucked in to the oblivion of another reality television dimension. I don't like dance shows. I have no rhythm and am completely white (you know what I mean) when it comes to dancing so I never like to watch anything that seems impossible. OK I do realize that cooking a gourmet meal or designing clothes is impossible as well but these are talents that could (?) happen. Maybe? So how did I get sucked in? Well one of my closest friends from college just raves about this show. She is a dancer and was so excited about the fourth season that I thought she was going to expire from waiting for it to begin. I suggest shows to her all of the time so I thought I would take one of hers and try it out. Little did I know that I would once again get sucked in.

Basic concept, 20 finalists compete to be "America's Favorite Dancer". Each week a boy and girl pair will perform a dance (drawn out of a hat) and the judges will comment (think American Idol without Paula but with a loud screaming woman). Then America gets to vote and the couples with the least votes have to perform solos to stay in the competition. The judges ultimately decide who goes home (a little different) until the finals.

Now my favorite couples are Joshua and Katee

Twitch and Kherington

and Chelsea and Mark.

All did well last night but we will see what happens tonight on the "live" results show. As always I watch nothing live because I hate commercials. I will admit that the judges are annoying but if you can get past Mary screaming the show is excellent; and this from someone who would never watch a dance show. Tune in tomorrow when I let you know who was booted. fingers crossed that it was not one of my favorites, although I never vote so I have only myself to blame.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Search for Elle Woods - MTV

I am now caught up with this show (I had not watched the last two episodes) and now that I have I am not sure what to think about the trials and tribulations of Broadway. These girls can certainly sing, act and dance (OK some of them are weak on dance) but they are also whiny, pretentious and completely arrogant. Maybe this is the way one must be to make it in "showbiz" but a little humility never hurt anyone.

The last two weeks the girls have really focused on their singing and even I (with an untrained ear) can tell that some of these girls confuse yelling (and belting out) with actual singing. Yet they never question their abilities.

Last week Lindsay went home because she faded into the background and was not "punching through" enough. When they looked at her they saw Elle, when she opened her mouth they did not (?). This week in a "twist" (?) two girls were let go: Celina, a too tall red head who never could have passed for Elle Woods and who was just too sexy in her movements (their words not mine although she did sashay off the stage at the end).

And Cassie (the villain) who none of the girls liked and in my opinion the one that just tried to hard. Everything she did was so contrived and so fake plus her voice was squeaky and just wrong.

Now six girls remain to become the next Elle Woods (OK I almost did not think that with a straight face). Now don't get me wrong, I am enjoying watching the show but do I honestly think that any of these girls has all that it takes to be on Broadway in 8 shows a week? Absolutely not! Just a few tidbits from the episode;

The girls had to bond with the dogs this week. OK I know that the dog is central to the storyline but I found this very funny that this was the challenge of the week; bonding with the dog.

Cassie could not understand why none of the girls liked her although she got up on stage and told the judges that everyone let her down for her song. Hmmmm I can't imagine why those girls don't like you. She then cried and said that she was not sued to girls and had no girlfriends. Once again, I can't imagine why.

Emma seems to harsh for me to take seriously in the goofiness of the play. She seems like the girl who smokes cigarettes and talks shit about people (sarcastically) and in no way does she seem touchy feely. I am close to right since she continues to announce that she quit smoking three weeks ago.

I still love Bailey and Rhiannon although Bailey better get her mess together. The judges seem frustrated with her same old same old performance. Rhiannon was the one to beat this week.

Next week is dancing which will separate the girls from the ??? Elle's (Oh God did I write that?). Till then!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too Much TV!!!!

Not for me, for my children. As we get into a groove for the Summer vacation, my children want to watch television all of the time. Now I am not a hypocrite. Surprisingly, I do not watch TV during the day (only after the children go to bed do I indulge and indulge and indulge) but my children are a different story. Plus we live in South Florida so it rains every afternoon. I know, I know I need to get back into the "Julie the Cruise Director" mode and start planning activities but it is so blasted hot. Complain, complain, complain, right? Am I completely ruining my children's brains by allowing them to watch television more than normal?

Monday, June 23, 2008

HGTV's Design Star

Back to Nashville and another day of designing random spaces...or so we think. The beginning of the episode Clive wakes everyone up for a "yard sale" (in their own yard) and everyone must pick an item from the mess on the lawn. I must say Playboy bunny Stephanie looks all made up so early in the morning. She must have either a; slept in her makeup or b; been able to put her face on before the cameras started rolling. I don't think she put her contacts in based on the horrendous wire pink flamingo she picked out.

The designers were then taken to a large house in Nashville (where oh where can you find those) and told that the the name of the house was Oaklawn (and it was haunted). The house had four identical sitting rooms soooooo..yes you guessed it, the designers were split into teams of two and each team had to redesign one of the sitting rooms. Oh and the piece that the designers picked out from the "yard sale" had to used in their room.

Here are my main comments...

Mikey V and Stephanie are pretty people so who would have thought that their room would have looked nice (read nice not great). I am starting to like Mike and not just because he is good looking. Stephanie is still annoying and her lips are still too big.

Matt and Michael's room was the best (shock) and I think that Matt is emerging as one of my faves. Michael is too gay (is there such a thing) and I cannot listen to him speak. But, loved their room, loved it!

Oh Trish, yes she looks a little manly. Paired up with D Paul (?) their room was not awful but was a little boring. D Paul eventually went home (not fair) and I was disappointed. Loved his country boy accent. I need to keep an eye on Trish. She seems to get in everyone's business (which is not always bad) but I think she is a stirrer (of trouble).

Tracee (bless her heart) and Jennifer were in the worst room. The two of them could not get into a groove and my god the chairs that Tracee picked out were horrible. No one wants to work with Tracee and she has now cried at least two to three times an episode (minus the first when we did not know her yet).

Tracee should have gone home. As always it is fun to have a bitch but she just does not seem to have the talent and she cannot agree with anyone. But the judges felt that D Paul did a poorer job with the task at hand (?) so he was eliminated.

Side note...I read a few things on the HGTV website and they said that the stuff coming off the walls was not staged. Strange happenings in Nashville.

I am ready for an individual challenge! Later taters.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Top Chef - Reunion

Just a couple of things from last nights reunion special...

Zoi and Jenn seemed noticeably uncomfortable next to each other. Zoi stated that they no longer wanted to discuss their relationship on television. Did they break up?

Lisa is just a bitch. Even when she was trying to defend herself for being bitchy no one believed her. What an unpleasant person. Plus she said that she met these girls at a lesbian party, who knew she was a lesbian (OK I am totally kidding but I had you for a minute right?).

Tom almost completely admitted that Dale should have been in the finals. He basically said that if he had been around for "restaurant wars" then Lisa would have gone home.

There were people at the reunion who did not speak at all. Nikki, Nimma, Valerie, Erik .. they all blended into the background.

I thought that Spike was funny and true to his smart ass ways when he answered the questions about playing the game. Plus I loved his "bromances" with Andrew and Mark.

Was Andrew still pissed at Lisa? It felt like he was but I could not tell. Lisa said that they were friends and he tried to say something but I missed it. Luckily Andrew did get some recognition when the t-shirt for this season came from his own mouth..."I have a culinary boner!"

Loved, loved loved the "black hammer" of Antonia. Apparently the idea was that working with Antonia was a curse. Very funny and what a great way to make her seem more approachable.

Stephanie looked embarrassed when she won fan favorite. I was hoping for Andrew, Spike or Dale but I did love her. I think that she felt she had won enough when she offered everyone a drink.

Now that I have watched a full season of Top Chef, I am hooked. I will watch again and I am even thinking about checking out Shear Genius. Bravo is the best network ever!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HGTV's Design Star

I have had guests for five days and am just getting back to my television watching. With that said, it rained today and I was able to catch the latest (from Sunday night) episode of Design Star. A little recap...we left our nine designers stranded by a lake in Nashville with no house, $100,000 and a week to get it together. The designers started trying to come up with ideas (for about three hours) and then our trusty Clive returns and says PSYCH!, we are kidding come see your real house. Mean joke HGTV. Did you think that these designers could handle that kind of stress? Was Clive hiding just laughing his ass off while gay Michael suggested a pre-fab home (you know those homes that are already put together or was it a double wide?). Anyway Clive takes the designers to their real house and of course they have to finish a few of the rooms. My thoughts.....

Why did Scottie (like the dog) have to do that bedroom himself? It was so bad and I really liked him a lot. Being a North Carolina girl I was pulling for the accent to get on TV (loved Will last season as well) but alas this was not to be.

Stephanie is too much...her boobs are too big, her lips are to pouty, she cries way too much and her clothes are too tight. When she had trouble (?) getting the ladder opened all I could do was laugh. Of course HGTV put her on the show. How many men would watch just to see her. She looks like HGTV's version of a Playboy Bunny.

Tracee is a whiner! I realize that Gay Michael is like a child with ADHD but she needs to focus on her own work and not on everyone else. Plus the dooky brown color that she "suggested" for the sun room was atrocious.

I have still found no one to pull for. Matt may be a contender, or Mikey V (maybe) but I really am not crazy about any of the women. Scottie was eliminated first (rightly so ) for his Brady bunch bedroom so that is one down for me. Love the show not crazy about the contestants thus far. Still watching though!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Top Chef - Finale

So it is over, finally! And Stephanie won!! The last few episodes of Top Chef were so boring (and included Lisa) that I had difficulty watching. And thanks to I really did not have to. On a side note to, I will be sending a strongly worded email about including the winners name on the front page headlines. For those of us with children we can not always watch our television in real time. OK rant over back to Top Chef.

Just a few little thoughts about the final two episodes...

Any sorrow or pity I felt for Lisa (did you see her hair) was dispelled when she yelled at Richard and Stephanie for not congratulating her (and doing cartwheels so it seems) after she got into the final three and Antonia was eliminated.

I always knew that it would be either Stephanie or Richard (shocking that he was the third best) but I would have liked to see Dale in the mix in Puerto Rico.

Lisa is just gross..she looks gross, she's mean and she is too abrasive for anyone to actually find her personality inviting. Do I want her cooking in my kitchen, oh hell no!

I wish that Puerto Rico had been more exciting. Imagine if Andrew was in the finals, or Spike, or even Jenn. There might have been more fireworks. With the final three only Lisa was a bitch and Stephanie and Richard were not going to play into that.

Why do all of the blogs and news sites keep saying that Lisa was "portrayed" as the villain. I just don't think that anyone can be that bitchy (and unclean) the entire show. Are we saying she is not a real bitch? Hmmmm....

Next week is the reunion and I will look forward to seeing everyone back together. It was good to see an instance when nice guys (or girls) do finish first so yeah for Stephanie! As for Richard, bacon ice cream? Really?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Search For Elle Woods - MTV

Is anyone else watching this show? Legally Blond the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods is a new show on MTV that started last week. Last week the contestants were narrowed down to the final ten and this week was the first real audition to whittle the girls down even more. The prize (now this is impressive); the winner gets to be the next Elle Woods on Broadway.

OK, OK I know what you are thinking. The movie was cute but how in the world did this little piece of fluff become a Broadway musical. I actually have no idea but people really love this musical (seems a bit much for me) and the girls auditioning know the songs by heart (like the rest of us know Wicked or Rent). The show is hosted by Haylie Duff (Hilary's sister) who was apparently in Hairspray on Broadway (for about 3 or 4 months). I think that her long stint on Broadway has allowed Haylie to be a real mentor to the girls (that was totally sarcastic by the way).

Now I embrace real talent (probably because I have none) and I enjoy watching talented people perform. Most of these girls are triple threats (sing, dance and act) and it is actually fun to watch the process of finding the exact girl to take over the role of Elle.

The episode from Monday night (which I watched last night) was an acting challenge. The girls had to act out a scene from the show with the girl who plays Brooke Wyndham for the judges. The kicker was that Brooke (played by Nikki Snelson) accidentally (on purpose) drops a line. The judges want to see how the girls react. None do great but a few are really awful. Anyway after deliberating the judges decide to drop Cassie O. (beautiful voice) and the group is down to nine.

Love, love, love Bailey (I am a southern girl) who is from Anderson, SC (where my grandmother is from). She has a lot of personality and seems to have the talent to back it up. Also love Rhiannon who has a goofy, fun personality that seems to draw people in. Cannot stand the other Cassie who seems pretentious and condescending and I am on the fence about Emma. I am not sure if Emma is just nervous or if she really thinks she deserves it more than anyone else.

I will watch next week and the show has been added to my recording list. My goodness summer television is show, isn't it?

Monday, June 9, 2008

HGTV's Design Star

I have always been a fan of this show and was super excited about the new season beginning last night. Not to be a spoilsport or anything but I was disappointed. Not only did the entire idea of the show taking place in Nashville not appeal to me; not one of the new contestants struck me as someone to pull for. I loved Charlotte Will last season and Kim (the one who won) for their personalities. Obviously I was huge fan of Sparkle Josh (as was everyone) and I felt that all of the contestants brought something different to the table. This season the annoying young gay guy (Micheal) who thinks he is amazing is just a pain in the ass (I so wanted him to be fun and maybe he still will be). The girl who was chosen over her husband (Jennifer) talks weird (OK picky I know but I have to listen to her) just seems so bland and I am not sure how much design can be done without power tools (big boobed Stephanie).

Last night after the painful deliberations to take the 39 to the final 9 (by the way does Cynthia Rowley look as bad to everyone else as she does to me) the group gathered in a field in Nashville to build their own house. They have a week to do it and $100,00. I will stay tuned until next week to see if the mission is accomplished and to find out who will be the first to go. Hopefully I will find a diamond in the rough to pull for. If not it will be a disappointment to me from a show that I have loved for two years. Please get better!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why did they have to ruin it?

I am a little frustrated with today. I go to the website everyday to review my "news" and damn if they did not have on the front headline page...Top Chef Shocker: Antonia’s Out! This headline has since been removed but not before causing the damage. I have not had time to watch the show yet. It is on my Tivo innocently waiting for me to find out who was sent home (Lisa hopefully, right) and then to see the horrible news. This means Lisa is in the final three and I am not sure if I still want to watch. Way to ruin Top Chef for me People. Now I am depressed.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Week of School

It is the last week of school and I cannot seem to get a moment to sit down and actually write anything. Of course I am disgusted by Lisa (yuck, double yuck) making it into the final four on Top Chef. Absolutely I am excited to watch the new season of The Mole. And the concept of The Search for the Next Elle Woods intrigues me (OK that's a lie but it sounded good, it is just going to be a guilty pleasure). I just have to get through this week before I can voice my opinion about any of these shows. Stay with me, I will be back as soon as I can. Oh and just a heads up; the new season of HGTV's Design Star begins Sunday night. Can't wait!!!