Thursday, February 26, 2009

George Clooney's ER Episode to Air March 12

See the full story of Mr. Clooney's return on (here). I have faithfully watched this show for so long and I know that it is time for the show to be over but I must say this season has been so much better than I expected. Glad to see that this appearance by George has actually come to fruition. And the fact that Mr. Clooney remembers that show that made him famous makes me like him even more.

The Twilight Series

I think I made a mention back in November that I was going to check out the books of the Twilight Series just to see what all the hoopla was about. Now I know! I have finished all four books by Stephenie Meyer and could not put any of them down. I don't know why I liked the books as much as I did but I am officially a fan and will watch the movie as soon as it comes to Netflix. Ms. Meyer has a way of capturing a moment through the written word and giving the reader an extraordinary mental picture. It was as if I was a part of the vampire, werewolf phenomenon as I was reading and for that I applaud her. If you read, check out these books. You must go in order and the first book can start out slow but all four are well worth the time.

The Biggest Loser - The Real Recap

As most of you have seen (or guessed) last nights (and Tuesday nights) episode of The Biggest Loser broke the teams up into new teams of Blue (Bob) and Black (Jillian). Bob and his team were just devastated. I hold true to my statement earlier that Bob has to be mad because once again it looks as if Jillian will beat him in the finale. He lost his big guys and after the elimination last night lost his biggest threat. Here is how it all went down.

Each contestant had to do up/downs (football term) to determine who came in first (Green) and who came in last (Pink). The team that came in first got to stay with their same trainer, while the team in last had to switch. The rest of the teams had to flip a coin to determine their fate. The Brown team was the only team that was split down the middle (Mike went to Black and Ron stayed on Blue).

As the new teams started to train everyone was feeling the pull of being with their former team. Next up was a challenge and the winner received a 3 pound pass at the next weigh-in. The challenge was a 24 hour bike ride to see which team could travel the most miles. The Black team won and received the win but it was a moral victory for everyone (I am full of shit but the speeches were getting to me last night).

The weigh-in started out strong as the Blue team pulled decent numbers but you just knew that the Black team was going to take them down. And they did, so the Blue team had to determine who was going home. Now here is my issue; as a team if you want to win you want strong players on the team. I love Ron but he has never pulled big numbers because his health restricts so many of his workouts. Dane always does well and is a strong competitor but then there are 4 other women. Not once was woman mentioned as going home and this is what surprised me. You need your bigger men on the team and they got rid of their strongest. I have a feeling that the Blue team is just going down from here. With Dane gone, any challenges should be easily won by the Black team.

So that is it in a nutshell and the next few weeks should be interesting. I hate that the teams were moved around but we needed a shake-up with Joelle gone (the show was getting a little boring).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Biggest Loser - Black and Blue

I will post more tomorrow but I have just seen both hours of The Biggest Loser and I must say; I am in shock! Bob crying uncontrollably about the loss of his team (is that because he cares or because he wanted to win) was enough to really throw me for a loop. But then the Blue team got rid of Dane and kept Ron. Now I have loved Ron (and his son) the entire show but there is no way that Bob will win now with Ron and 4 women on his team compared to Jillian's Black team which is 3 men strong. Full recap tomorrow afternoon but damn!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Amazing Race - Pieface

For anyone who has played Pathwords on Facebook (it is addictive) a friend of mine told me the other day that Pieface was accepted as a word. Just a little trivia to get you started.

Anyway the second episode of The Amazing Race started off well and ended a little sad. I am not going to do a full recap of the race (others do it better) but I will give a few of my Opinions (because that is what I do).

  • I was sad to see Linda and Steve go. They were interesting in their simplicity and I felt bad for her because she felt so guilty. And truly does anyone really think that the stewardess blondes are any smarter?
  • Kris (of the team Amanda and Kris) is hot. He looks even better with cake smeared all over his face.
  • I loved that Mel and Mike were patient at the Roadblock and Mel was able to paraglide off the mountain and make up some time.
  • For those that remain on the show; always ask your cab driver for a phone and check on flights. The show is in its 14th season. Have you not learned anything?
  • I have always wanted to throw a pie at someones face which made the Detour seem like so much fun. My husband better watch out because that might be the next thing I check off my list.
And finally I want you to look at this photo and tell me what it looks like? Now maybe my mind is in the gutter but I would be furious if someone posted this of me.

Till next week. Later taters!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar in general

So how boring are the Oscars when you have not seen any of the movies (except for the animated ones) and can not get excited about any of the "has beens" that are back? Pretty damn boring if you ask me. Now don't get me wrong there were a few highlights for me.

1. Hugh Jackman was absolutely, deliciously great. He sang, he danced and he looked hot doing it. Bravo!

2. Kate Winslet finally won and although I did not see the movie I love her classy effortless acceptance speeches.

3. Ben Stiller doing his best (or worst whichever way you want to look at it) impression of Joaquin Phoenix.

4. Skit starring Seth Rogen and James Franco (I love that he is so funny) about comedy in movies, sitting on a couch looking high as kites.

5. And as always the clothes. Oh the clothes!

My favorites were Kate Winslet

and the stunning Anne Hathaway!

I absolutely hated Reese Witherspoon (not her, her dress)

and Beyonce' looked a little (or a lot) hootchie in her gold and black number.

What did you like, dislike, love or hate about this year's show?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amazing Race Tonight!

I know that the Oscars are on tonight but don't forget about The Amazing Race (this is what Tivo is for). In the most recent Entertainment Weekly one of the SoundBites for this week was from Mike White (a contestant and a screenwriter) who said "Being gay and having a gay father definitely has its advantages. You don't feel like you're disappointing your parents, since they beat you to the punch." This sums up the show for me. I love the one liners and some of the new racers give you plenty to stew on. Watch!

Would you rather?

So I am chilling out waiting for the Oscar stuff to begin (I eat the shit up) and I am trying to decide if I should watch an America's Next Top Model marathon, Top Chef reruns, anything on HGTV, or the teeny bopper shows on SoapNet (One Tree Hill, 90210). What a hard decision. Right now I am watching Tyra but that could change at any given moment. Oscar coverage begins in an hour on E. What will they be wearing?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Found This Interesting....

I just finished reading Emily Giffin's newest book Love The One You're With and it brought up some interesting questions. In the book, the main character, Ellen, has the perfect life. Wealthy husband who loves her (and who she loves), great career, good friends and so on. She starts to question it all when she runs into her ex. Did she marry the wrong man? What would her life have been like if she had stayed with her ex? (and so on) This does not affect me only because my husband was my one and only love. OK, that sounds cheesy (without meaning to) but we met when we were 19; so save for my college hook-ups and little three month relationships here and there, he is my only basis for comparison. I never had "the one that got away". I do have friends that play the "what if" game and it always makes me uncomfortable. How does anyone know what would have been unless you chose a different path at the time? Of course this is the "grass is always greener" philosophy but does anyone ever actually think that going the other way would have been better. Anyway read the book if you get a chance.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Amazing Race

The Top 5 Reasons to watch this season of The Amazing Race (Sunday nights on CBS)...

1. I love Phil and after 14 seasons he just keeps standing on the mat and smiling.

2. The Hillbillies from Martinsville, Virginia. They have bad teeth, they yell at each other and she cries (a lot) but hell they are entertaining.

3. The flight attendants Christie and Jodi. I need the entire hour to figure out how much plastic surgery is too much!4. Bungee jumping in Switzerland on the first episode!

5. Season 14 = less airport time, clock information on your screen, and a split screen when necessary. Way to upgrade!

The Biggest Loser - Be Careful What You Wish For

I hate to say it (and I will bite my tongue in a minute) but The Biggest Loser has become slightly ho-hum (is that a word?). Now that Joelle is gone and I have no one to hate on, I am ambivalent (nice word right) about who stays or who goes.

For example, this week when the remaining contestants had to fight to keep the gym, you just knew that one of the two teams that had gym privileges (Pink or Brown) would fall below the yellow line. It was just too easy.

So after another immunity challenge (barely paid attention, something to do with rowing) the weigh in happened and surprise, surprise Pink fell below the yellow line.

Now I do need to mention the one thing that caught me off guard when Pink fell below and one of their members had to go. The Pink team is a mother/daughter team in which the mom has been on the Ranch the entire time. The daughter was brought back (after the first month with everyone else) but at this point the Mom wants to stay. As a parent, I want to give my children everything. Everything I never had and then some. It is the only aspect of my life in which I am completely unselfish. Not so for Pink mom! She wants to be on the Ranch and she gets what she wants. Screw her fat daughter who needs help too! Nice parenting by the way.

Till next week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I need to apologize...

to the ten people (maybe less) who actually read my blog. I have been a big, fat slacker these past two weeks and I will try to get it together. I have no excuse except that my mind is racing and the words have not come as easily as before. Just a stage I suspect but I don't want anyone to think that I have given up. So stick with me and I will try to get my Biggest Loser recap done and also discuss The Amazing Race from Sunday night. Hopefully today but definitely by tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Does this make anyone else mad?

Octuplet Mom Accepting Online Donations of Cash & Credit Card (full story here)

I just think that this might be all a scam. Now I am naive and I will give and give if I think someone is in trouble but this woman knowingly took fertility drugs (already had 6 children) and now is cashing in. She is already on government help, has 8 more children and expects handouts. I know, I know I am not supposed to be judgemental but how can you not be? I have so many friends that would love just one child (and have tried for years) and this woman has 14 and cannot take care of them. I don't begrudge anyone a large family if that is what they want (and it is financially responsible) but in this situation it seems as if she might make money on the babies and I think that is wrong. By the way her website takes all major credit cards. Now seriously how does that make you feel?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do we believe this?

Source: Chris Brown 'Knocked Around' Rihanna (full story here)

I have a hard time with this kind of stuff. Do we believe the press or do we wait to hear their side of the story? Whatever has happened does it not make you think about the way you look at celebrities and what you believe?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Week

I worked today with my 2 year olds and the big event is the Valentine's Day party on Friday. Each child has made a "mailbox" for his or her Valentines and they will exchange them Friday and have a little "special" snack to celebrate. We are also spending the week making heart shaped art projects to appease the parents.

I have to tell you...I hate this Holiday! Whether you have a significant other or not, Valentine's Day is just a stupid Holiday. One more reason to send a card, one more reason for the singletons out there to feel left out (as if New Years Eve is not bad enough) and one more reason to load up on cupcakes and sugar (OK maybe that is not so bad). The good thing about the age that I am teaching is that no one gets left out. Everyone still gets a Valentine from every child in the class. Now by the time you hit fourth grade this no longer happens but the innocence of youth is upon us and all the kids love each other (except when they want the same toy on the playground).

I did have a mom ask me today if I had any plans for the Valentine's weekend (when did it become a whole weekend) and I wanted to say "no my husband tells me he loves me every day not just once a year", but I did not. I swallowed my sarcasm and smiled and said no that we usually do not celebrate and never have. Just so you know; I do buy Valentines for my children. I am not that evil. I just do not think that we need another excuse to go out to dinner and buy flowers. Do it randomly and on a whim, it will mean so much more. And I felt like this even before the economy went to shit.

I love the candy hearts, I just hate the Holiday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So This Is Actually Happening....

The Girls Are Back for More Sex and the City! See the full story on (here). I guess we all questioned whether or not a sequel would happen and this just confirms it. I assume that all cast members will be back. I guess we will have to wait and see. This time I will be realistic (I promise).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Biggest Loser - They're Back

As everyone welcomed their teammates back; some were still missing Dan and David and lamenting the fact that they had to go home. The episode started with the at-home people weighing in and vying for immunity (the person that lost the most weight at home earned immunity for their team). Some did good (Laura, Cathy), while others did great (Carla, Shanon, Sione), while still others were awful (Aubrey). I did love it when Aubrey started to make excuses about muscle and fat and Jillian (and Bob) just shut that down. Sione ended up winning immunity for he and his cousin, Filipe (blue team) which guaranteed them another week at the ranch.

I will admit I paid very little attention to the challenge. It was something about ropes and partners where each team had to cross a finish line and try to win either $5000 or a 2-pound pass. The yellow team won the challenge and opted for the 2-pound pass.

Once again the last chance workout was brutal. Joelle did nothing (as usual) and continued to spout her nonsensical bullshit. I do wonder if Carla would go off on her again (always makes for good TV) because she seemed to be working her ass off.

The weigh in was (and is) as always shocking to see who does well and who does not. OK, the Joelle news (she lost 0) was not shocking but others were (I hate that the Brown team is under the yellow line again). So who will be voted off, Brown or Silver? Some will vote for Silver just because of Carla (she really wants it), but others will feel for Brown and young Mike. The suspense is killing me. At least the Brown team has two members that want to be on the Ranch. When asked flat out if she wanted to be on the Ranch, Joelle still could not give a straight answer. Oh wait Carla is going off on Joelle now...damn she is going to kick her ass. Joelle is smirking at her. Please tell her to shut up! Carla is crying. They will no longer be friends when this is over. As Shanon said, "Joelle opens her mouth and it is like she is not even on this planet." So true Shanon, so true!

So who gets to stay? Wait Joelle is still talking. They are voting her off and she is still making excuses. Finally no more chances for Joelle and the Silver team goes home. I feel for Carla because she was great but I am so pleased that Joelle and her mouth are leaving the Ranch. No one even hugs Joelle. I would throw out a "bless her heart" but I can't. The Silver team meets up for the first time in their transformation moment and Joelle is still burying her head n the sand. Oh wait they are no longer friends. Joelle curses at Carla and walks out. No more Silver team. Fine, go Carla and go to hell Joelle and your nasty attitude!

Gossip Girl - Hot for Teacher

Just a quick brief note (or notes) about Gossip Girl last night.

  • Nate and Vanessa are useless characters. They did nothing last night (except kiss and act googly with each other). Dumb, dumb, dumb! Either get rid of them or give them a storyline.
  • Dan and the teacher? It would never happen. Dan is too much of a goody-goody and this girl looks like she is as well. Plus how old is this teacher supposed to be?
  • There is no possible way that Blair's father had no clue what type of personality his daughter actually had. He seemed so shocked by her diabolical behavior (I loved it).
  • I am tired of Dan and Serena. Let it be over once and for all. The star crossed lover thing is not working anymore.
  • Secret society? Bart Bass? Sure! Chuck skulking through a drug induced dream? Stupid and pointless! Move on! Once again let Chuck return to his former self.
Not a great episode last night. Although next week might be interesting if Dan gets caught with the teacher. You know you love me. XOXO.

PS Is anyone else falling in love (or deep like) with Dorota? Last night when she brought the girls contraband cell phones, it was hilarious.

Play it again (and again, and again)

I was in the car, by myself, for over 12 hours this past weekend (6 hours to Savannah, 6 hours home) and I had the privilege of listening to whatever music I wanted to listen too. No husband telling me to change the station, no children begging for their "favorite" songs and I really was able to go back in time and listen to music that I had not hear d in years. You know you load songs on your Ipod but never have time to listen to what you have loaded. So I listened and here is a list of the songs that made me smile and want to sing along. Cheesy I know, old school (of course) but fun (hell yeah!).

"Alive" by Edwin McCain - Edwin used to play fraternity parties while I was in College. So much fun and this song makes me smile every time.

"Sweet Tea" by Cravin Melon - Ditto above note.

"Hold My Hand" by Hootie and the Blowfish - Ditto again. Hootie was college!

" Lucky " by Britany Spears - I don't know why I love this song but I do. It literally makes me long for the days when Britany was that innocent.

"T.R.O.U.B.L.E" by Travis Tritt - Fun country music that makes you want to remember how to clog.

"Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson - I have always loved this song and for some reason I know every word.

These are just a few of my list that really put a smile on my face in the car. I have so many more (I Will Survive, Celebration, Come Sail Away and so on....). Check these out if you can find them or make a list of your own. Always fun and I swear I am smiling just thinking about the people whizzing by me on I95 probably laughing their asses off at me singing to my "audience".

Monday, February 2, 2009

My New Happy Phase

I have been so down in the dumps lately and I feel as if every time you turn on the news, or call a friend something horrible is going on. My husband's company is laying off 15% of their workforce (thus far his job is secure, somewhat) and another friend is about to lose his house. So I decided that maybe I need to focus more on things that make me smile. Now I am not trying to make light of anything that anyone is going through; I just think that we need to remember that laughter (or just a smile) is definitely a good way to make it through the day. I am really going to focus on this in the next few weeks (as much as possible) and hope that all things (great and small) begin to look up just a bit.

The Drumroll Please....

Just so you know, I picked the right team in the Super Bowl and was able to take over first place in our football pool. Which means that last night I won ... $650.00. That's right folks I won all the marbles and I am the first woman to win the pool ever (we have been doing this for 9 years). Now I will admit that the reason I won has nothing to do with knowledge or research it was just pure, dumb luck but I will take it.

As for my favorite commercial, I did like the one where the woman screamed in her car and I also liked the one where the guy got hit by the bus (Doritos I think). Other than that unimpressed.

The game was terrific! I loved the fact that it was close. I am glad that the Steelers won but I have great respect for Kurt Warner and the Cardinals. They were all so impressive and just stand up guys. Can't wait until August!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Super Bowl

I know that many of you do not care as passionately about football as I do but I am very excited about The Super Bowl this evening. I am still undecided on who I am picking in my NFL pool (I am still second place and have the opportunity to win money) but I hope that the game is a good one and the commercials are even better. I will let you know tomorrow if I won anything. Stay posted and let me know your favorite commercial.