Sunday, September 27, 2009

Taking a Break...

After careful consideration (and a whole lot of soul searching) I have decided to take a break with the Blogging for awhile. This does not mean I won't be checking in (and posting things that I have a comment about) it just means that I will stop pressuring myself to get a post done. As you may have noticed the last few weeks I have not been recapping or mentioning my favorite shows very often. The truth is, I am down and out and I need to rediscover myself (my figure) and my love of writing in general. Hopefully I will be back soon but I am going to get my shit together so that when I do come back I will be ready and raring to go. I will miss you all. And thanks for the support.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gossip Girl...really?

Just watched Monday night's episode of Gossip Girl. A few things about this episode seemed dumb or implausible but I would only like to mention one. Dan and Georgina? Are you F**king kidding me? That is all I have to say.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How I Met Your Mother (last night)

After all of my excitement (and I had a lot believe me) last night's season premiere of HIMYM was a little bit of a letdown. Please understand; the show was cute (read cute) and as always I adore my NPH but (there is a but) I do not want the sole focus of the show to become about Barney and Robin's (or Barnman and Robin hee hee) relationship. I am hoping that after getting the question of the relationship out of the way, the show will return to it's true self next week. I believe that the idea of Ted as a Professor opens the door to a lot of funny stuff (the hat and the whip last night was great) and I think that Barney and Robin "pretending" to be a couple could be very funny. I just don't want to lose Barney Stinson and what makes him so great. Only time will tell and of course I will continue to watch with bated breath. Just a mention from my husband (he is such a guy); did anyone else notice Lily's (Alyson Hannigan) bigger boobs last night. Breastfeeding is really paying off for her. OK there I said it. What did you think about last night's episode?

My First Shot

So today was the day. I had to administer my first ever shot to myself. I have been putting it off all day and I knew that once the kids got home from school I would never do it. SOOOOOO with that said I gathered my courage, sat down, cleaned the area and DID IT!!!! My hands shook the whole time but I did it. I have now completed my first ever shot and feel as if I conquered a fear. But now I have to do it again in two weeks. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Ode to the Emmys

My tradition is to watch. I get excited. I order takeout. I stake my claim on the comfortable couch. The hour chimes. The show begins. The host is great. Of course. And then I realize. No show that I watch wins. Ever. I watch and watch. I cheer. I tear up. I even laugh. Why do I watch? Do my shows suck? Am I missing something? Waste of time? Or still a tradition.

The Emmy's Tonight

I am wildly excited about watching NPH (for you uninformed that's Neil Patrick Harris) host the Emmy's tonight. I hope that he does not disappoint. I also hope that he finally wins a well-deserved statue. I almost boycotted this years show when my beloved Friday Night Lights was once again ignored. But once I found out NPH was hosting, I almost (read almost) forgave the Emmy people. So I am looking forward to tonight and I hope to comment on the show throughout (after I eat my Chinese takeout). I love my little traditions. So get ready everyone. Stars arrive at 6:00 (EST) on E.

Let This Be a Better Week...

NFL starts in about 10 minutes and I am hoping that my picks for the week are a little better than last. As it stands right now I am 4 from the bottom. Not good people. Anyway here are my picks for the week. I will let you know how I do tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

Oakland 8
Tennessee 10
NY Jets 12
Green Bay 6
Detroit 7
New Orleans 14
Carolina 2
Washington 13
Arizona 3
San Francisco 4
Buffalo 15
Denver 11
San Diego 5
Pittsburgh 16
NY Giants 9

Happy betting for me. God I am addicted.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slacker That I am...

I know that I have been a big slacker this week. I had wanted to say a few words about The Biggest Loser and have yet to complete the post. I have no excuses besides the fact that I am busy and the one thing that will (and can suffer) is this blog. Besides work and school, all of the kids activities have started and I never feel as if I have a moment alone to collect my thoughts. And then after everyone is in bed (after about 8) my brain just shuts down. Again I know that I am not the only one but I wanted to give some explanation for my lack of care and work on this blog.

I never wanted this to be a have too; this should be a want too and I am working on how to balance everything. I hope that everyone has had a good week. By the way did you see the "boy band" on Glee last night? Hilarious!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Biggest Loser Tonight!!!!

Don't forget the two hour season premiere of The Biggest Loser tonight. As I watch I hope to get motivated to have my own transformation this season. I am a stress eater (I hate those bitches that get stressed and lose weight) and lately with all of the stress (no money, job issues etc) I have been eating like a fiend. And crap, I eat crap. Its not like I crave salad. Anyway, I will be watching tonight. I have been missing Bob (and Jillian too). Update tomorrow. Later all, I am off to soccer.

Who Watched Last Night?

Last night was the season premiere of Gossip Girl and I want to hear your thoughts? As I turned on the television with bated breath....not that kind of thing. I want to hear the bitchiness. One of my friends today wanted to mention Vanessa's hair. WTF? Was it dreads or just dreadful? This is what I am talking about. Here are my top 5 (for good or bad) observations:

1. Chuck Bass looked good last night. Not sure why this would be different than any other season but I needed to mention it.

2. Blair and Chuck need conflict, and a lot of it. I cannot stand the nicey, nicey crap. Play the games! This is why we love you both.

3. Serena's weird obsession with her father's attention should have been dealt with in therapy many years ago. Not sure where this storyline is going.

4. The West Side Storyline of Nate and this Buckley girl could get old fast. She is cute but Nate needs someone with a little flavor to offset his bland character.

5. Speaking of hair...Dan looked like he had on a "Welcome Back Kotter" wig last night. Hairstyling help is needed on set, pronto!

These are my observations. If you want a full recap check out (here). What did you think? Was it worth the wait?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze Remembered

I just looked at and realized that Patrick Swayze has died today at the age of 57. What a sad, sad day for my teenage self. Dirty Dancing was the first movie that I paid to see multiple times and Patrick Swayze was on my wall for a good portion of my teen years. He will be remembered and for years to come the phrase "nobody puts baby in the corner" will be spoken with a smile. Goodbye Patrick. Thanks for the teenage crush!

The Football Scores...

Not a great first week. After a full Sunday of games it does not look as if I am going to repeat my winning season from last year. I was only able to pick 5 of 13 games for a total of 43 points. Now I had some close games (I lost the Giants by 1/2 point) but at the end of the day I sucked. Maybe next week will be better. I will let you know my standings. This might be a long year.

Is Anyone Else Excited About Gossip Girl?

Tonight is the night. Gossip Girl season premiere at 9:00 on the CW. I cannot wait. The gang is headed to college and who knows what is in store for everyone. What will happen to Nate and Blair, Serena and Dan, the bastard child of Rufus and Lily? God I can't wait. How sad is my life?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Today is the day. The first full Sunday of NFL games. Last year, as most of you know, I came in first in our little NFL pool. I walked away with $650 and was very proud of myself for beating my husband and my brother. This year I am going to post my picks every Sunday so that you can see how I do. Just remember that for me there is no rhyme or reason. I do this for fun, I have my favorites and when in doubt if the team has an NC State alum I will pull for them. Also remember I am picking against a spread and I have to rank the teams based on my level of expectations (does this make sense?). For example: this week I rank the Sunday games from 16 to 4 based on which game I am most sure of and which I am least. So my #16 this week is the Giants who I expect to beat the Redskins by 6.5 or more. If the Giants win this game by more than 6.5 points I receive 16 points, make sense? So without further ado, here are my picks for the week. We will see what happens.

My Picks Points
Miami 4
Baltimore 5
Carolina 7
Cincy 12
Cleveland 6
Houston 15
Indy 13
New Orleans 9
Dallas 8
Arizona 14
NY Giants 16
Seattle 10
Green Bay 11

and here are the spreads that I had to use. Tell me what you think.

Sunday Spreads
ATLANTA - 4 - Miami
BALTIMORE - 13 - Kansas City
Philadelphia - 1.5 - CAROLINA
CINCINNATI - 4.5 - Denver
Minnesota - 4 - CLEVELAND!
HOUSTON - 4.5 - NyJets
INDIANAPOLIS - 7 - Jacksonville
NEW ORLEANS - 13 - Detroit
Dallas - 6 - TAMPA
ARIZONA - 6.5 - San Francisco
NYGINTS - 6.5 - Washington
SEATTLE - 8.5 - St. Louis
GREEN BAY - 3.5 - Chicago

This should be interesting!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

I had some interesting news this week. Apparently I am B12 deficient (the vitamin). I have not thought anything of this; apparently it is the new thing. Anyway the way in which you build up your B12 is to get shots; which I have been doing for 4 months. I started with everyday, then went to every week and finally the last few months I have had a shot monthly. I went to the doctor this week and the shots are not working. Soooooooooo....I now have to give myself a shot every two weeks. Wait what? WTF (you know what this means right)? I actually have to stick myself with a needle every two weeks; on my thigh. How in the hell am I going to do this? I am currently looking for alternatives (they are limited). Freaking out just a little.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football Tonight

Two games to keep an eye on tonight...

The first game of the NFL regular season is tonight on NBC. Pittsburgh takes on Tennessee and if that is not enough; Tim McGraw is performing.

Also on tonight on ESPN is the Georgia Tech/Clemson game. For those of us with teams in the ACC this is a good match-up and should prove to be (hopefully) an entertaining game.

Just a heads up.

Last Night on TV...

First up, So You Think You Can Dance LA auditions. I never get tired of this show. I know that the audition process seems to take awhile but I love seeing the talent (but still cringe at the wanna be's). Last night seemed to be all about tap-dancing. Ryan (Evan's - season 5- brother) had an unbelievable audition and was so fun to watch. He also had a dance-off with Bianca (another tapper from last year's audition). Lots of screen time which makes me believe that he will be around for awhile. There were some duds (what was the performance guy Cole doing) but overall the LA auditions were good. I would like more dancing and less backstory but if you don't have a "story" how are you going to get the face time?

My other show last night was of course, Glee. The Push-It performance was absolutely the funniest thing I have seen on television in a long time. I love this show! It is different, funny and poignant (is that the right combination?). I have a secret obsession with the cheerleader, Quinn. Her facial expressions are hilarious and the lines she delivers just blow me away. Maybe it is the sweet smile and the mean girl attitude. Anyway, if you have not watched last nights show, watch. So good.

It looks like Wednesday's are going to be a busy TV night. What did you think of the shows last night?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Tonight

I am so excited to have So You Think You Can Dance back so soon; although once again the"powers that be" (aka the stupid television people) have put too many good shows back on one night just to screw with my Tivo schedule. Therefore, I am sorry Mr. President but I will be unable to watch your speech tonight because my Tivo will be recording America's Next Top Model, SYTYCD and Glee. I obviously have my priorities in order. Just an FYI, as before I will comment on the auditions for SYTYCD but will not recap anything until we get in to the top 20.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Go Away

Jon Gosselin on Good Morning America: "I despise Kate"

With he amount of stupid television I watch, you would think that this is a show that I have
watched. Just so you know I have not but this does not make me less sick of Jon and Kate and their constant trying to get back at each other in public. For your children's sake (and everyone elses)...please go away. Let your 15 minutes be done and focus on your family.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Week Ahead...

Happy Labor Day everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend and tomorrow is a worthwhile day off. I was just programming my Tivo for the week ahead and wanted to make sure that you all had a heads up about a few new shows.

1. So You Think You Can Dance starts Wednesday on Fox. A new season already, I know, but as always I am looking forward to the show and am considering a recap for this one.

2. America's Next Top Model also starts on Wednesday on the CW. The night starts with a 2 hour season premiere and this year Tyra is working with "short" girls (5'7" and below). Still not sure that I will watch but I wanted to mention it.

3. Melrose Place is back and will be starting on Tuesday night on the CW. I am interested to hear how the new revamped show turns out. I think I will have to bow out of this one. I was so distressed by what happened to 90210 that I don't think my heart could take another disappointment.

4. The NFL is back on Thursday night. Just had to give it a mention.

5. I saved the best for last...Glee starts Wednesday night on Fox. I have been waiting all summer for this show to return and finally here it is. I cannot wait to see if I will love the show as much as I loved the Pilot. I will let you know.

So here are a few of the shows that I will be checking out this week. Vampire Diaries also begins along with a few others that I cannot fit into my already busy viewing schedule. Let me know what you are excited about. I cannot wait to hear.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football Tonight...

Here we go again people. My team....the North Carolina State Wolfpack opens their season tonight against the South Carolina Gamecocks (always think that name is so funny). The game is on ESPN at 7 and should not impede my Project Runway watching. I literally cannot wait! I am a little sad that I will not be at the game (living in Florida sucks sometimes) but I have many friends and family members going to cheer the team on. Go Pack!!!!!!

Did I mention that I love football?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Official

This is the week. I have officially become a soccer mom. School has started, I am back to work and I am heading to the soccer fields 2 nights a week. I miss my blogger friends but I am trying to get into the swing of things. I promise I will get back into the groove. Now I must go take a shower (it has been two days). I have time for nothing.