Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heading up North (North for me anyway)...

It is time my blogger friends!  Time for me annual trek to North Carolina to visit family and friends.  I will be gone for about 3 weeks and during this time I will try to keep up but posting will be limited (or nonexitent).  When I come back in August I will be ready for some Project Runway and the new season of shows to begin (sadly its the little things).  Think of me in the car for 12 hours by myself with 2 kids.  Oh and think of me when I cross the South Carolina line and can stop at the first Bojangles I see and have this for the first time in over 6 months!

 So very excited.  Later all!  Have a wonderful July!

Friday, July 9, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - Results

As most of you know (if you watch the show), Alex Wong (one of the best dancers ever on the show) had to bow out of the competition last night due to an injury.  This is a guy who made it on last year's So You Think You Can Dance only to be denied by the Miami Ballet to be let out of his contract.  So he tried again this year and made it (of course).  He has been good, great and spectacular!  Alex's hip-hop number with Twitch was one of my favorite moments of the season.  So I was sad to see him go and left wondering, if Alex had not had to leave who would have gone home last night?  The other two in the bottom three were Billy Bell and Ashley.  Now Ashley had a great night Wednesday night.  Her hip-hop with the smarmy Dominic was inspired and fun and she "made it through" the dreaded quickstep.  Now Billy on the other hand has just not impressed me this season.  I know, I know he is an outstanding dancer but at some point he has to WOW me and it has not happened.  Its a mute point because Alex had to go but I am left wondering who is next?

Just a couple of other things;  obviously the judges play favorites as proven by the critique of Adechike.  For some reason they (Adam, Nigel and Mia) do not like this kid and I cannot figure out why.  Mia's apology last night was warranted but I am not sure, by the look on Adechike's face, if he was in a very forgiving mood.  On the other side of the coin, Jose' is obviously a favorite.  And while I like his smile and exuberance to learn new things he is not in the same class of dancers as the rest of the finalists are.  The judges have to stop pushing him because he cannot keep up and it is time for him to go. 

What did you think of last night's show.  Was anyone else sad to see Alex go? 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmy Nominations for FNL finally

Just a quick shout out to Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights for finally (finally) getting Emmy nominations.  I am so excited for the two of them and so happy for the show.  Maybe all of the fan love helped a little. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This has to be said about FNL

I was reading a comment from the wonderful Joy (Babble On)  in which she made a mention of the marriage of Eric and Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights  "Didn't you just love that conversation the Taylors had about the kiss and how they handled the whole thing?" and I have to say Joy yes I did.  For those of you unsure about what we are talking about, Friday's episode of the show had the Taylors discussing a drunken pass made by one of Tami's work colleagues.  The entire conversation that the Taylors had about the kiss was both poignant and mature.  While they both realized that their marriage was something they needed to work on, neither was insecure enough to think that this would be detrimental to their relationship.  Not only does this couple have the strongest marriage on television, their marriage is what I aspire to.

A few other observations about the show, I loved that Friday's episode had a few things that were happy.  I need that with my Friday Night Lights and I know others do as well.  I have a strong feeling that Vince is going to become my next Matt Serecen.  Nothing seems to go right for this kid and when it does you (or I) do not trust it because it is fleeting.  Oh and I love Landry (always have to get that in there).  The two of them and the pat on the chest was priceless.  My heart goes out to Becky and I was impressed with Luke and his reaction to her pregnancy news.  All kinds of things are happening in Dillon.

If you are not watching this show, you are missing out!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Eclipse - Take it for What its Worth...

I am feeling better (thank goodness).  The house is still a wreck (this is what I get for serving fried chicken, corn on the cob and brownies).  The floors are trashed but this will all get fixed tomorrow (my favorite phrase by the way).  But while I procrastinate I figured I would discuss my adolescent addiction to the embarrassingly cheesy Twilight series (and explain why I had to see the latest movie on the opening night).
For everyone out there who is a literary critic and hate everything about Twilight; I get it.  The books are simplistic, predictable and complete fluff.  And do not get me started on those that compare Twilight to Harry Potter (as most of you know I am a huge fan of J.K. Rowling and think that Harry Potter books are synonymous with the Bible, there is no comparison).  But (always a but), there is something so simple about the Twilight books and the ease with which you read them that it is difficult to put them down.  Plus the movies have pretty boys in them.  And OK they cannot act (not really) but (again a but) they are cute to look at and fun to fantasize about. 

 Don't judge!  Lately we have all had very few things to really smile about.  If a book (or movie) can transport you for a few hours and not make you think too much, I see no problem with it.  Now the obsession is a bit much (I will not remind you that I do have a Team Jacob shirt) especially for the younger girls but hell its all in good fun.

The movie, Eclipse, was the best of the bunch so far.  I am not sure that the leads have become better actors but the computer generated (because of the werewolves) fight scenes were well done and fun to watch.  I also believe that the "powers that be" do not want to screw with the formula too much because the scripts are staying pretty true to the books.  It was fun, it was fluff and there were cute boys.  Its summer, that's about all I need. 

Happy 5th of July

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday.  I have been ignoring the blog these past few days (actually these past few weeks).  Summer days are lazy and hard to get my brain out of vacation mode.  Plus I thought it made perfect sense to volunteer to have everyone over to my house for the 4th.  So now, not only am I hungover but I also have to clean.  Not fun!  I do have a few things to mention about Eclipse that I saw last week and I want to make a few comments about Friday Night Lights and So You Think You Can Dance of which I will try to do this week.  Now I am going to take some Advil, turn on a movie for the kiddos and take a nap.  Have a great day everyone!