Thursday, January 31, 2008

Project Runway

No new episode last night. Bravo re-ran the denim episode from last week. Why oh why does Bravo have repeats on of reality shows? We are already dealing with other shows being canceled or repeats airing, it can't happen on Bravo too. Will Ricky win again? Is Jillian going to have a breakdown? How much longer will Christian say fierce? These are all questions that I need answered every (and I mean every) Wednesday night! I cannot wait another week!

The Gauntlet III

I broke down and decided that I would add this to my list of shows to watch. I am not sure that it is worth it but at least last night I got a few laughs.

The episode began with Nehemiah telling Beth to stop eluding to the fact that they hooked up (apparently on the Duel they did not) and to stop following him around. Hilarious! Especially when everyone clapped for him standing up to her. Beth is Beth, she just wants as much screen time as possible and Nehemiah was too nice before to tell her to go away. It looks as if he has gotten over that.

Last night there were two challenges. The Veterans won both and two members of the Rookie team went home. The first was a girl Gauntlet and not that interesting because again I was not familiar with the girls. Jillian (who?) won by the way. The second, the boy Gauntlet, was more interesting because Tyler had a hissy fit when the veterans chose to send him in. His team chose Frank (from Vegas I watched that one) to go up against him and Frank won. The funniest thing to me was that Tyler went up to the veterans to let them know how much he needed the money (like they are going to let him win it). Also, Tyler had boy drama when he was trying to get cozy with Ryan and Ryan told him that he was just a drunken hook up. Boys will be boys. So Tyler is gone and so is his unique drama that goes with him. He will be missed.

The other big news last night was all the talk of alliances with the other team. You know it is going to happen just no one has stepped up and admitted it just yet.

For next week, Brooke told Evelyn that she would be perfect if she had a d--- (penis). You don't say that to a lesbian! I know that you are new to the lesbian thing Brooke but come on you gotta have some manners. I am ready for the Veterans to lose. That should be some fun infighting!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Couples

No longer is it couples, we are now down to the Blue Team and the Black Team. As of last night Bob and Jillian (what is up with the crying and psychological analysis) got to chose who was on their teams. Bob was able to chose first and put together the strongest team. However, usually I am a Bob fan but his team is not a team I would normally pull for. Except for the former gray team (former Alabama football players) there is no one else on the Blue team that pulls at my heart strings.

On the flip side, I am not a Jillian fan. She is pushy and abrasive and when she cries I don't believe it. But, I love Bernie and Brittany and Paul and Kelly, so we will see what happens.

Anyway, the new Blue team annihilated the Black team in the challenge (Brittany hung in there for as long as she could) and then also whooped them in the weigh-in (how did Paul gain 3 pounds). The Black team had to eliminate one (yes I said one no more teams of two) of their players and one of the girls from the former purple team went home. I was actually kind of glad that it was her and not someone that I liked more. She has not lost a bunch of weight and I never like to see anyone slack in the workouts. Plus, complain and cry, complain and cry was all that she did over the last few weeks when they ended up in the bottom.

Now the show is back to the format that we love. Bob vs Jillian!

On a side note, did anyone else's heart go out to Paul in the previews for next week when he tells Kelly how much he still loves her? She has to be the one who ended their relationship. Bless his heart!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How I Met Your Mother

Another rerun. Another hilarious 30 minutes of television. I love this show!! If you are not watching this show then watch the repeats because it deserves some recognition. Last night was a repeat of the episode in which Ted has the opportunity for a threesome (or as Barney calls it a tricycle). The advice that Barney gives along with Marshall and Lily make this an episode that should be legend, wait for it, ary (I could not resist). Neil Patrick Harris as Barney is one of the funniest characters on television. As he tries to sabotage Ted to get the "belt" for himself (the belt is for whomever can have the tricycle first) once again his phrases and expressions make the show.

The other storyline is one that as a woman we all will find near and dear to our hearts. Robin has a date and refuses to shave her legs (don't shave, behave). About halfway through the date she realizes that she does want to go home with the handsome doctor but she must shave her legs first. The parts in the bathroom where Robin is trying to shave in the sink were so funny I was laughing out loud.

Once again this show delivers a fun, quirky, and smart thirty minutes. I have seen this episode before and watched again just because I needed another laugh.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Friday Night Lights

The last few weeks of television have been difficult for me. I feel as if I have a little ADD when it comes to my favorite shows. Let me explain, knowing that my shows will be ending any day now (most already have) due to the writers strike I have a hard time watching without the "what's the point" attitude. Luckily Friday Night Lights is still on but I am waiting to see when it too will end.

Anyway, last night I watched the two newest episodes and here is the rundown. First, Lyla is now on a radio show with a cute (in a goody-goody way) young preacher who she seems to be falling in love with. Tim Riggins has decided that he loves Lyla and confesses to her his love which she brushes off but not before giving him the money to get rid of the Meth guy that he stole money from. The Coach and Tami cannot seem to drop their child off at daycare. Smash is involved in another race issue because he is dating a non-black girl. The Guatemalan Nurse has left Matt and his grandmother. Tyra is still not dating Landry so he has been seen with a rocker geek. Buddy is trying to trust Santiago with his hoodlum friends. And finally Jason Street has become a car salesman.

That, I think, is everything happening in Dillon Texas currently. The show is still good but I feel as if there are so many storylines that we do not get to see all of the characters every week. Plus these past two episodes, no football was played at all.

We will see where the show goes from here and what abrupt ending I will have to expect because of the strike. Will Landry and Tyra get together or will she end up back with Riggins because he was shot down by Lyla? Is Matt going to get over the nurse with Julie or is he going to become one of those guys? Will Smash's suspension affect his football future and will he ever break up with this girl that is causing so much trouble?

Stay tuned on Friday.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Real World Road Rules Challenge The Gauntlet III

I wish that there was some way that I could get across to television executives that it is difficult for those of us who watch a lot of dumb shows to have them all appear at the same time on the same night. Wednesday nights at 10 pm have become a problem and I now have to have both Tivos going at the same time to record all of my shows (Law & Order, Project Runway and now the Challenge).

So I watched the Gauntlet III on Wednesday night (The Challenge) on MTV and I have to say that I think I am finally at the age of 35 moving away from shows on MTV. Maybe not but my goodness, I don't know half of the characters anymore because they have been on seasons that I never watched (Denver, Austin etc) and the other half I do know and I am sad that none of them has found a real job yet.

Seriously, Beth who has been around since season 2 of Real World (which aired how many years ago) is still doing challenges. Is she not too old yet? And the obsession that she has for Nehemiah is all for show, I think and hope, but she continues to say his name over and over again (I think it sounds cool too but he is half her age).

The money always sounds good in the beginning of the challenge but some things never change. The nights are filled with hooking up and drunken fighting. The challenges are dirty, aggressive and competitive and the gauntlets are popularity contests that come down to who wants the most screen time.

In the opening Alex was beat by Nehemiah (got to say it again) and was sent home. Alex looked bored and did not try to win which was fine with everyone because he was a rookie. We'll see what happens when the gauntlet starts pitting the ones that we care about against each other.

Once again CT starts fighting at the beginning. This difference on this challenge is that his cancer free (good for her) girlfriend Diem is around. Thus far this does not seem to be making a difference in the stupidity of his actions. Coral has already thrust her boobs in someones face to start a fight (ah how things do not change).

So yes, to relive my youth I will continue to watch because I always do. I just wish that some of the younger and newer contestants seemed a little familiar to me. maybe I am losing my mind in my old age. I definitely think Beth is!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Make Me a Supermodel

So I breathe a little easier when Ben sticks around for another week (yeah Dominic is gone) and then my other favorite, Jay, is in the bottom three this week. Maybe I am not too good at picking the good ones.

This week was all about chemistry and acting so the models paired up and had a suggestive photo shoot. I am a little concerned about Ben's marriage if he is making statements to Ronnie about getting drunk and hooking up. Poor Ronnie, getting a crush on someone that is not your same sexuality has to be hard but it must be even harder when it looks as if he is getting played. Ben is definitely flirting, I am just not sure what it means.

As for Holly and her lack of chemistry with Frankie. I would not have chemistry with him either. He is a little to "Fabio" (in fact I think this is his new nickname) for me. He is the guy that thinks he is hot, sidles up to you in a bar rubs all over you and thinks this will turn you on. By the way, it does not.

As for the same sex couples, Perry and Casey were hilarious but a little too raunchy for me. I know that it was all in good fun but the lick (yes I said lick) was a bit too much. As for Jackie and Stephanie, they were impressive. I think that it was all Stephanie but they looked good and it did not make me cringe.

Aryn is annoying and I hope that she goes home. Workout with everyone else and don't quit, you are in a competition. I still love Jay, I swear its the accent, and I hope that he does not go home. Maybe Holly needs to lose her virginity to look less like an elf and more like a model. Please, oh please, do not let Ronnie and Ben hook up. Too weird even for Bravo.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project Runway

Hell has frozen over!!! Pigs are flying out the window! Ricky has won and Victorya is out? What in the world is happening to the universe?

Last night on Project Runway the group had to create an iconic look out of Levis Jeans. I will admit that Victorya's outfit looked like a jacket that she already had with the skirt attached (and the skirt was inside out jeans), but I never expected her to go home. Nor did I expect Ricky to win. The boy cries even when they complement him on the runway.

Ricky's dress was cute (read cute) but I think that Rami's look was the best looking garment. Although the zipper trim was a little reminiscent of Jeffrey's green striped finale dress last season.

It was good to see Sweet "P" get some kudos for her dress and I was glad that Chris stuck around. Christian is too much! He thinks so much of himself (and rightly so most of the time) that he can never admit when someone else has done a good job. I am glad that there is no more immunity. It definitely makes it more interesting.

Jillian looks to be on the verge of a mental breakdown (where was the blood?). A hundred bucks says that Ricky cries from now until the finale whether he makes it or not. Only two women left. What does this say about women designers (nothing except that Kit should not have gone home)? I love Tim Gunn but I think we need a new catch phrase. Make it work is getting old especially when the models start saying it while getting their hair done.

So long to the control freak and bring on the crybabies!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger

As you probably noticed, I am addicted to all things relating to television, movies and entertainment. I read everyday and buy "those" magazines just for pictures. So what a shock to watch the news last night and find out about Heath Ledger. What a sad, sad story about a talented young actor that seemed to live a fairly blessed life. I will admit that I loved 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knights Tale more than Brokeback Mountain but that does not mean that I did not admire his gifts as a serious actor (The Patriot anyone). My heart goes out to his family and that beautiful little girl who will now grow up without a father. I know that there is so much speculation about what happened and everyone will be looking for answers but I hope that the media remembers that this little girl (and her mother Michelle Williams) have just lost someone very special to them and it might not hurt to tread lightly. Wishful thinking I know. What a loss and a waste.

The Girls Next Door

I have been reduced to this; watching episodes of the Girls Next Door for entertainment. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the show and have been a fan (I don't know why) since the beginning. But it was the type of show that I watched on the weekends or late night when I could not sleep. Now I watch it in real time because nothing else is on.

These girls do not change nor does my fascination with their lifestyle wan at all. I honestly believe that they just randomly come up with stuff to do during the day so that the camera crew is not just filming them sleeping until 2 in the afternoon. I mean what in the world do they do all day.

The episode last night was actually one I Tivoed and Kendra called a Pet Psychic. Really? Not only is Kendra the dumb one who cannot string two sentences together but now she thinks her dog is hallucinating. Did she even go to high school? If so what a sad state of affairs our public schools are in.

At least Bridget now has a radio show (albeit I have not heard the show) but she has somewhere to go. And now it looks as if she is going to be the stage "mother" for her dog to be a model. A whole different world out there in the Playboy mansion isn't it?

Ah and the great love story between Holly and Hef. How can anyone explain it? But you know I keep watching in hopes that one day, one of these girls will say something that is not so contrived. My goodness I am judgemental today. Maybe I am still upset about the Pink team on the Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser -Couples

Well last night was a doozy! I never saw the end of the Pink team coming. Here's what happened. The teams selected the yellow team (?) as the team that they wanted gone so the week was about the yellow team versus the other 6 teams. I would have been mad but Kelly and Paul seemed frustrated yet determined. They won the challenge easily but then in a nice guy move gave the other teams their prize (letters from home). They then concocted a plan with a few other teams to throw the weigh-in and take down the black team. Of course it was not going to work, there had to be another wrench in the system. The black team lost the most weight for the week and received immunity so Kelly and Paul could not pick them to go home. The decision then came down to either the Purple team (who worked with the yellow team) or the pink team because these were the teams that put them in this position to begin with. SO after a heartfelt speech the yellow team said goodbye to Bette-Sue and Alli.

By the way, Bette-Sue was pissed. She was mad at the "game" and she and her daughter were very bitter losers. I understood the reasoning behind what Paul and Kelly did and you cannot fault them for playing the game. Bette-Sue had some choice words to say and then they left vowing to be super skinny at the finale.

I must say that now that the pink team is gone, the show loses a little of its personality. I do hope someone will pick up the slack in that department.

Next week will be interesting now that one person on one of the teams will be going home. Did anyone else notice that Bette-Sue was not around much last night? She was not at the challenge at all and we never saw her in the gym working out. Little strange seeing Paul in his Ninja gear but he pulled through in the challenge. Who will be next? Oh and did anyone see the previews of Jillian crying? freaked me out a little! Jillian cries, I don't think so.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What to Watch

I put my children to bed at 7:30 and then settled in for a night of television viewing. The problem that I am having right now is that there is nothing to view. I refuse to watch Deal or No Deal on principle, How I Met Your Mother was another re-run, and of course there are no more new episodes of Heroes or Chuck (although I read somewhere that Chuck might be on on Thursday night). So there I sat, with nothing to watch but my Tivoed episodes of daytime television (The View and Oprah) and I could not wrap my head around watching either one.

Luckily for me I tuned in to MTV and a marathon of America's Next Top Model was on (I know shock right, these marathons are never on - this is meant to be sarcastic). At least I had something to watch to keep me occupied.

I do not know how much longer I can exist with this writers strike. I no longer have a set schedule of shows to watch or anything in TV land to get excited about. Please oh please give them what they want and bring them back to writing. I need my down time.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Amazing Race

I had to watch football last night so I watched the finale this morning. I knew that TK and Rachel would win but I think I still had one small hope that Nick and Don were going to surprise everyone (the didn't but I could not help wishing).

Ron and Chris led the entire leg of the final journey but the Roadblock stopped and stumped everyone. Who would have thought that skinny little Rachel would have the calm and collected wits about her to finish out what I thought was an extremely difficult and confusing puzzle? All three teams ended up at the Roadblock and because Rachel and TK finished first, they ultimately ended up with the prize.

I was impressed with Don and Nick for finishing and completing the entire race and my hat is off to Don for completing everything at the age of 69. I did get sick of hearing Ron say how much he had changed over the course of the race (yeah right). He still seemed smug and fake to me. I think he was so rehearsed onscreen that we never ever got to see the real person (except when he was yelling at his daughter).

I watched The Early Show this morning as well and when presented with the check TK and Rachel still seemed stunned. They said that they were still together but we all know how money changes people.

I still think it would have been fun to have Kent and Vixyn in the final round. As always, we all wonder if Nate and Jen are still fighting? Looking forward to the next installment. This show is one reality show that never gets old (ahem, American Idol).

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

OK, so I have been out of town for a few days and finally got to watch Thursday's episode. Gotta say little disappointed. How can cute little Ben be in the bottom three. I will give you Katy (the girl weighs as much as me and I cannot be a supermodel)and Dominic (he sure thinks a lot of himself). But Ben seems so sweet and unsure. He has to stick around. Of course, I did not vote so if he leaves I have no one to blame but myself. Please tell me others voted for him.

The crush that Ronnie has on Ben is a little strange. Has Ben showed Ronnie pictures of his wife? Actually it seems to be turning into a mutual admiration society between the two of them. Did Ben marry too soon?

Jackie is extremely full of herself and I would like to say that there is no way she will win but the judges seem to be falling all over themselves around her. Holly's new short do is absolutely adorable and she has got to realize that it looks so much better than the banged bob that she was sporting.

The hanging wire pictures were not all that great. I am waiting for my southern boy Jay to step it up. Did the boys just look weird in those runway get ups they had on? My goodness every single one of them looked like a girl; and pretty girls at that! Who will go next week. Oh please not Ben!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Project Runway

Seriously Ricky is still around and Kit gets the Auf, what in the world is wrong with this picture? Last night the designers in teams of two had to create an Avant-Garde look and an everyday look to go with it. Kit and Ricky were a team and I know it was her "vision" but really, Ricky survives the bottom two again. How is this possible?

In other news, the pairing of Rami and Sweet "P" was not fun. They did not get along and he was a complete ass to her. My question is, at the beginning of the season Sweet"P" said that she had a Mean "P" side, where was that side of her last night? When Rami questioned her ability she cried and I really wanted her to let him have it. Rami is not as great in real life as he is in his own mind!

My favorite twosome last night was of course Christian and Chris. They were hilarious and when Christian did the walk for the models I thought that I was going to choke I was laughing so hard. Who is more flamboyant between the two? Who knows but them together was great and the outfit at the end, especially the Avant-Garde piece, was exquisite.

Victorya is a control freak and it drives me crazy. However, Jillian plays this nice girl passive aggressive game that is also very annoying. They were painful to watch as a team but their outfit was stunning in the end. I liked Kit, I thought she was fun and funky and that some of her other outfits were truly inspired. She will be missed. Ricky has to go soon right? Did he cry last night? I know he cried in the previews for next week but I am not sure if I saw the signature tears last night. Who will be next? I am having a hard time picking my final three.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser -Couples

All I have to say is thank God the white team is gone. I could not watch another week of Neill fake his way through the workouts. My question is, is his wife blind? When Amanda actually said that she never believed that Neill was slacking off I actually laughed. She must be really in love or he has her snowed. Anyway, thank goodness they are gone and the real drama can begin.

The pink team did some soul searching last night and do not tell me that anyone was surprised that Bette-Sue dated sleazy men. She may not now but both she and her daughter look like their life may have been a little hard. I hope that they get it together and continue to do well. The difference between Bette-Sue and Neill was that Bette-Sue bitched and moaned and said she was going to quit and Neill actually quit!

Good job to the yellow team for winning the week. I still think it must be so strange to be doing the competition with your ex but so far they seem to be keeping it together. The black team just bothers me. Not the yelling at each other, we all do that with our siblings and no one should have made that big of a deal about it. They bother me because I just don't want them to win and I don't like the way they talk (is that snooty enough for you). I just want a woman to win eventually.

Next week looked interesting so we'll see about the new competition that Allison is talking about. Hopefully Loser will fare alright against Idol. Please don't move it. I need something to watch on Tuesday nights that is not Idol.

American Idol

I don't watch. I can't. Everything about this show is like fingernails on the chalkboard. I tried last night. I sat down, started to tune in and realized that it was not worth it. There are other shows to discuss and this one has seen its heyday.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The View

I just "viewed" (hee, hee, God I am corny) the episode of Hot Topics from yesterday and I must say I found it a little disconcerting. Does no one else find it creepy that Barbara Walters was discussing threesomes and then at the end of the show invited Sherri to have one with her? I just felt a little of the ick factor rear its ugly head as I listened to Barbara ask the table if they had ever had a threesome. No one did, or so they said, but if they had would they honestly admit on the show.

The other big topic was of course the election and Hillary and Obama fighting for South Carolina. If the girls of the View think that Hilary and Obama can go to South Carolina and have it not become about race and sex then they are living in a dream bubble that does not include the South! Everything in the South seems to be about race and sex (and believe me I know since my entire 35 years has been spent there).

I can never get enough of the Hot Topics days but do you think those happen because they cannot book anyone or do you think that they really want to sit around and chat for an hour?

How I Met Your Mother

The second in my very rare sitcom viewing. I adore this show and everything about it and although last nights episode was a re-run, I still watched in hope that somehow, someway a new episode would be coming on. Last night was the first episode after Robin and Ted's breakup when Robin arrives back in the states with Enrique Iglesias as her new beau. Ted thinks Robin is winning the breakup and thus begins his night that starts with drunkenly kissing Mandy Moore and ends with a butterfly tattoo on his lower back.

I always laugh out loud during this show and this episode was no exception (and I have seen it before). The look on Marshall's face when he is being serenaded by Robin's boyfriend is priceless.

I hope that during this time of the writers strike (had to mention it) more people will watch this show and learn what a true treasure it is. There is no funnier character on television right now than Barney and his phrases and word gestures keep me laughing well after the show is over.

What if we never find out who the mother is? What if Marshall and Lily get pregnant and don't want to hang out anymore? What if Barney falls in love (nah never happen)? Please oh please let these questions be answered soon writers, please!!!!

My Name is Earl

This is one of the only sitcoms that I still watch and I was sorely disappointed with the episode I watched last night (actually it aired last Thursday, I am just now getting around to it). Earl is now out of prison and mad at Karma for what it has done to his life. He throws the list away and begins to live like he used to. The problem that I have with this philosophy is that as a viewer we have watched Earl come so far, to go back now would make the last few years seem wasteful. Also, in the episode last night (again from Thursday) there was little use of Joy and Darnell (my favorites) and Ralph was back as Earl's ne'er do well friend. It was a little creepy how Ralph was taken such advantage of the little old lady and I am not sure that I found the situation very funny.

The ending was promising with Alyssa Milano returning right as Earl remembers what Karma is all about (but then she gets hit by a car too, how will that be handled). It should be interesting to see if their relationship develops or if they even remember what happened. As always, I am begging for the writers strike to end soon!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Amazing Race

Finally!! Jen and Nate are gone. No more yelling, no more pushing, no more sweating (did they sweat a lot or was it just me?), no more fun? Don't get me wrong, I was glad to see the two ultra competitive lovers (were they even that?) go but now I wonder will the finale be any fun. In person, Jen and Nate are probably really nice people but on the show, it was hard to watch the two of them without wincing. The number of times that they told each other that they hated the other or could not stand the other was too numerous to count. I also loved that at the start of each leg they were all kissy and lovey and vowed that this day was their day and they were going to get along (never worked by the way). With them gone the three remaining teams are Don and Nick (grandpa has to keep up), Chris and Ron (who is your Daddy?) and TK and Rachel (Dude!!!).

My money is on TK and Rachel just because of the age of the other groups. The finale next week should be interesting. Is Don the oldest to ever get this far? I can't remember how far Meredith and Gretchen went in their season. I am pulling for Grandpa but after last week calling his grandson his bitch it made me lose just a little bit of respect (not much just a little).

Friday Night Lights

My husband likes to save episodes of Friday Night Lights to watch so that when we do sit down and watch them, we can view two to three episodes at a time. Last night we watched the two most recent episodes, starting with a tornado and ending with Tim Riggins stealing money from his old heroin making roommate.

First, Tim Riggins, not the smartest cookie. When will he ever learn not to push the limits so much. He does look good exercising but my goodness is there anything going on upstairs.

Julie gets on my nerves. All she does is whine about her life, lie to her parents about what she has been doing and run away from Matt. Although, did the coach really not notice how drunk she was when he went in her bedroom and "caught" her and Tim? I am glad that she finally came clean but she does seem to get away with a lot.

Finally, the sister has moved out. I was ready for that storyline to be over. She was an extra person that was not needed and the show did not need another Mrs. Robinson storyline for Tim Riggins.

Questions for the next few episodes (if we get to see them, damn the writers strike). What happened with Landry and Tyra? Will Matt declare his love for the nurse? Where is Jason Street and Lyla Garrity? Was anyone else slightly touched by Buddy Garrity begging (and also slightly grossed out at the same time)? Does anyone else want to kick Smash's new girlfriend in the mouth?

Please end the writers strike soon. We have good shows that need to continue.

The Non Golden Globes

So I got home from being out of town this weekend and felt a little lost. Usually on this Sunday night I would have been rushing to get home to catch the beginning of the most glamorous night on television, The Golden Globes. But alas, this was not to be. No stars, no dresses, no speeches that were funny/sentimental and no arrival show commentary to cringe about. The show did not go on. I attempted to watch the press conference that aired in its place and after about five minutes could not stomach it so I changed the channel. I read about the winners this morning and felt so detached. How can we get excited about someone winning when we did not get to see their reaction? Please oh please let the Oscars happen!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Make Me a Supermodel

This is a new show on Bravo hosted by Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford with 7 boys and 7 girls who are dying to be models. I liked the fast paced format of the show and the fact they the contestants jumped right into a photo shoot but Tyson needs to not sound so rehearsed in his explanations and encouragement. He sounded like the school teacher in Charlie Brown.

I like the fact that we get to vote on who gets to stay or go but the three last night that were in the bottom (no pun intended since they were modeling swim suits and a few had on thongs), were so boring that I just want to see what happens. I like Perry but he seems to be a little bit of a tool. I refuse to get on the Jackie bandwagon, that girl needs to learn to speak a little better. Oh and I like Jay with his southern accent.

Only time will tell how well this show is accepted by the America's Next Top Model crowd. I can't decide if I miss Tyra or not!

Law & Order - The Original

I have been watching this show for what feels like forever and I must say I am still getting used to this season. Wednesday's episode (just watched last night) was a little disturbing. The story was about a bomb that went off and a doctor that discovered a gay gene in fetuses. Interesting and certainly politically volatile which is what we have come to love about L&O but I think we got a little too much personal information about Detective Green. The appeal of Law & Order is that we never know too much about the characters. They go to work solve the crimes and then go home and we know nothing about their home life. I am happy with that. I don't want to feel sorry for the detectives, I want them to solve the cases. On that note, Detective Lupo (played by Jeremy Sisto) is a little too morose for me. I know that he just lost his brother but I need him to pep up and be sarcastic. As for Jack McCoy as the DA, I gotta get used to it. It is strange for him not to be at the desk during trial and I miss him a little. We will see how the new ADA works out. I just don't want anyone messing with a format that has worked for how many years now?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project Runway-Part 2

OK so I have watched the whole thing now (while ironing) and realize that it was the straight guy, Kevin (thank you David Dust for the update). I understand that someone had to go and Christian has a string of good outfits but I liked Kevin. He was a little full of himself but I did not think his dress was that bad. It was certainly not worse than Ricky's dress. How many times will we wonder if Ricky will go home before he actually does? Also, has there been an episode in which Ricky has not cried? I think not. My goodness, I never knew that fashion designing could be so emotional.

As for the winner, I liked Victorya's garment but I was pulling for Sweet "P". Her dress was beautiful (albeit a little boring) but I like her personality so much more than Victorya's. I know that it is not a popularity contest but I still have my favorites. One dress that I felt should have been in the top three was Kit's. I thought her dress was fun and innovative and I loved the bodice of the garment.

Good to have Tim say "Flotsam and Jetsam" in an episode this season finally. Does Nina look tired and bored or is it just me? Does anyone else think Christian resembles Pauly Shore? I cannot seem to get that out of my head. Can't wait until next week. Oh by the way, I watched the show that came on after Project Runway, Make Me a Supermodel. Will be tuning in tonight (or my Tivo will be).

Project Runway

So I set my Tivo to record the new Project Runway last night and then tried to watch it late (couldn't sleep). It cut me off! I have no idea who got eliminated. Was it Christian or the straight guy? Anyway I re-recorded it late late along with the show after so I am going to watch now. Prom dresses, my goodness!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gossip Girl

I actually watch Gossip Girl in real time. This is how much I love this show. It is my guilty pleasure and now with the writer's strike it has been put on hold. I wish that the episode tonight was enough to keep me stewing until a new episode is upon us.

Anyway, tonight's episode was about the "secret" affair that Blair had and whether or not she was pregnant. She wasn't by the way but that part took a back seat to the fact that "ding, dong the witch is dead". Blair was dethroned and little Jenny has taken over. My opinion, Jenny has too many scruples to see the Queen Bee spot all the way through. She will get tired of being mean (I hope) and go back to actually being a real person with feelings.

The other story was Dan telling Serena that he loved her. Kind of dumb but sweet in their boring relationship way. They are cute but dammit they always talk things through and solve their problems. Also, unless Rufus is going to be with Lily the old people storyline needs to take a back seat to the good stuff. When watching in real time you cannot fast forward through the boring stuff.

When will the show be back? How will Blair get her deserved top dog spot back? Does Chuck still lust after Blair and he lied to her to save his friendship with Nate? Will Nate and Jenny get together and really throw the gossips for a loop? When will Dan and Serena actually have a fight? And where is Vanessa? XOXO

The Biggest Loser: Couples Edition

It is very upsetting to me that Neill from the white team is still on campus, while The Brown team has been sent home. All Neill does is complain about how much he misses home and how tired and sore he is. Meanwhile his wife is kicking ass. If I were her I think I would have to say something. Is it not embarrassing that Bette-Sue is keeping up better than Neill?

It was a little scary when Bette-Sue fell off the treadmill last night. She seemed fine and was a trooper to get right back up but it had to hurt. The Pink team is currently my favorite.

Please oh please will someone beat the Black team!! I cannot have another season of brothers winning this competition.

Also, the idea of Bob and Jillian teaming up, yuck! I love Bob and would want him to train me but I don't think I could handle the screamer that is Jillian. I bet the groups that picked Bob in the beginning are a little miffed at this point. Do you want Yoga positive or screamer negative to train you? Hmm that is a hard question.

Next week looks interesting with Bette-Sue and her daughter having a cry fest. We will see what happens.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The View

So Elisabeth is back on the View (she returned yesterday) and I think that this baby has tamed her a little. She seemed subdued. This, of course, might be because the producers thought it would be interesting to have the baby on the show (and he was cute)but she could not seem to focus on the conversation going on around her. Now don't get me wrong; when I had a two month old I could focus on nothing but I expected Elisabeth to come back with a vengeance especial after Iowa and even the Brittany Spears debacle. We'll see how she does the rest of the week. I have set my Tivo to record the week and I will check it out but I will ask the question, for the mother of a toddler and a 2 month old who wants to eat every 3 hours how much does she really care that Brittany is in a psych ward and Dr. Phil has come to the rescue?

The Golden Globes

I have a tradition. Every year for the Golden Globes I turn on the television at 4:00 to watch E, ignore my family (I am the best mom ever by the way), I order Chinese and I get comfortable to watch the 3+ hours of the best award show (television and movies, what could be better?).

This year I find out that my tradition will have to be set aside due to a writers strike. Are you kidding me? No one is going and the awards will be announced during a press conference. And just like that my joy at gearing up for the awards show season is destroyed.

How could the writers do this to me? Why do the actors feel the need to stand up for the writers? What will I do next Sunday night?

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Amazing Race

Last nights episode of The Amazing Race seemed a little put on. Ron told Christina that once they arrived in Japan, he was going to change. Why did he have to go to Japan to change? Also, Nate and Jen stated for the record that they were going to stop fighting but it seemed as if Nate was doing a lot of bitching and pushing (into the taxi). Also, does Don ever carry his own backpack? And where oh where were TK and Rachel? The entire episode seemed a little discombobulated. No one got eliminated and next week will decide the final three. Can the old man (Don) make it? Will TK ever wash his hair? Do Jen and Nate even like each other? And how many shirts that say "Who's your Daddy" does Ron own? Tune in to find out.

What did you think of last nights episode?