Monday, March 31, 2008

Out of the Loop...

A family wedding will suck the life out of you. I am so tired today after a weekend of festivities that I just want to catch up on my shows and not speak to anyone. It has been that kind of weekend. Now it was fun, don't get me wrong, and my sister is now officially married but I think I will have to detox myself before the next big weekend extravaganza.

I did manage to catch up on a few shows so I now know that Dan has been sent home on The Biggest Loser, and that Aimee is no longer with us on ANTM. I also watched both reunion specials for Make Me A Supermodel (boring and Bromance, that is all there was to it) and The Gauntlet III (the Coral and Katie f*** bomb fest), so I am starting to feel as if I am coming back into the real world.

Give me a day to recover and I will be back tomorrow with a vengeance. I have not yet watched Top Chef, and I am starting to catch up with all of the shows that are returning. Later taters and have a good day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother

As guest spots go, How I Met Your Mother has not had many. There has been the occasional guest actor pop up from time to time but it is a show that will never use the guest actors the way that Will and Grace did (no one will they had guests every week). So this week, although it was highly touted, Britney showing up in the show was a little bit of a shock. Even more shocking was that she was not that bad. Her part was on a smaller scale than I expected but she was fun, flirty and even a little goofy.

Now I know that Ms. Spears has had a rough time (it is hard to feel sorry for someone who is a multi-millionaire) and she wants to be well respected again but I am not sure that bit parts, although fun, are what she needs to do. I still feel like she is a laughing stock and yes people watched last night (give me some credit, I always watch this show) but I wonder if it was just to see if she would fall on her face. had a survey today where you could rate Britney's performance last night, on another website you could make fun of her weight and her wardrobe etc., etc.

I still believe that this girl needs to go away. Far, far, away until the fervor surrounding her dies down. She has talent. OK she does. She may not be the best singer but she commands a stage (I am not thinking at all about the VMA's this year) and it looks as if she might be able to carry a scene on a television show (movie no, Crossroads anyone?). However, as long as she continues to hang around now, no one (and that includes me) is going to give her a fair shot.

So she was fine last night, even funny, but until I don't see something about her every other day in the news, I will continue to laugh at her body and her need for the constant attention. No one wants this girl to succeed. She is a train wreck and even the smart, funny, wonderful actors (NPH I love you) on How I Met Your Mother cannot save her career or her reputation.

Lipstick Jungle

Last night was the "season" finale of Lipstick Jungle and I had a few minor issues with the entire episode.

First, the whole threesome thing with Victory was a little weird. I did not know whether to laugh or to simply be grossed out by the way the whole scenario took place. Plus the fact that I knew that it was inevitable when the couple wanted Victory to go out with them. As for the Joe situation, well he is a sleaze and I do wonder if he will be back next season (if there is another season).

Second, did Nico never think to ask exactly where her husband was when the heart attack occurred or with whom he was with? To me the whole thing smelled of older man trying to keep up with younger woman and yet she never questioned the hows and whys. Also, she gives up hot Kirby because she almost lost her husband but yet it seemed like an effort for her to say I love you. I am not buying it.

Finally, while her other two cohorts are dealing with more pressing issues, Wendy's character is having a campy moment with a writer that she cannot get to finish a script. Her whole storyline last night seemed more sitcomy than drama and it was hard to take her seriously.

I have read that NBC has ordered 6 more episodes of the show but when and where they will air remains to be seen. I also read that Lindsay Price (who plays Victory and is getting a divorce) is currently dating Matthew Perry (rumors but still) and that he might join the show. Only next season (or this summer if they try to burn through the episodes) will tell. As much as I complain about it I still watch and will probably continue to do so. It just seems as if it can only get better.

Horton Hears a Who

I just got back from a field trip with my oldest. His class got to go see Horton Hears a Who and they all just loved it. The movie was so well done and with Jim Carrey as the lead (along with Carol Burnett and Steve Carrell) it was a can't miss situation. As an adult I often dread going to the movies with my children for fear of getting bored (Pokemon movie anyone?) and this one had enough adult humor to keep me entertained as well. Plus the final scene when Horton, all the animals and all of the Whos' begin singing I Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon I was laughing so hard and singing along that I almost lost one of my charges. At that point the children had no idea why I was laughing which made it even funnier. So if it rains this weekend or you need an outing with one or more of your children, go see this movie. Not only is it funny for both child and adult but it has a really good message about how unimportant size really is.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Make Me a Supermodel

I finally watched last Thursday's episode and I am shocked and amazed. I love Ronnie and am aware that many of the gay community loves Ronnie but how in the world was he picked over Shannon when she was such a judges favorite. Now don't get me wrong, I was glad to see her go but the twists and turns of this show just keep on coming!!

After the judges announced America's decision Ronnie headed back to the house. The funny thing to me here is that Holly continues to say that she has a personality but when she finds out that Shannon is gone, she says nothing. She is disappointed yes but there is no yelling or screaming and there is certainly no harsh words spoken. She just sits in the living room with her meek manner doing nothing to upset the apple cart. It is downright boring. I was a Holly fan but my goodness get mad (or happy, or sad, or turned on or anything at all). STOP being so quiet and soft spoken.

Naomi Campbell stops by (who cares?) and then the models head to the last photo shoot. This one is a little bizarre (Perry has to tuck his you know what up) and completely naked. The guys are all amazing, especially Ben (I know shock) and Holly's beauty shot (her face) looks great. The models then head to an art show where the art on display is them. You know they eat that shit up.

The final catwalk starts off with Christian from Project Runway to coach the models. Now I loved Christian but when did he become a walk instructor. I mean we all saw him strut his stuff on Project Runway but does that make him an expert. Anyway, each model has three looks and I loved the fun and frivolous second look. All the guys rocked it! Holly looked big in the final dress. I did not think that the first walk (with the underwear) and the last walk with the dress were her best looks.

Now it is up for America to decide who will be the next Supermodel but first we get to have the reunion special. It will be interesting to see what the others are doing now. How is Sweet Jay and Jackie with the big ears? We will find out on Thursday night and next week we will know who has won. I am still betting on Perry. Tune in!


Why do all moms feel the need to be in constant competition? I was talking to a friend today and she is having a hard time picking a school for her child. While trying to pick a school she has run into the secretive moms that are also trying to pick schools but don't want to mention where they are looking in case her child will look there as well. Its the struggle to see who can be the best mom and who can make their child's life the best. How did we get here?

I think as a stay-at-home mom when we make the decision to stay home we feel a little lost. We are all so used to the cutthroat corporate world that staying home does not give us the competition and fulfillment that some of us need. Therefore we decide to transfer this need for competition and fulfillment onto our children. So we try to compete with other moms to see who has the best snacks or whose child is dressed better or which child goes to the best school. For some reason some moms need this to justify staying home all day.

In all honesty I was not like this in the career world (which is probably why I was never truly successful as a corporate girl). I could not understand why we had to compete when we worked for the same company. I guess that is how I feel today. We all work for the same company right? We all want what is best for our children. Should we not try to help each other out. Stepping down from my soap box now!

America's Next Top Model

Our guests have finally gone and I can get back to watching my television shows. Last Wednesday on ANTM I found myself getting very frustrated with Marvita and her attitude. I was starting to like her a lot and she just looked ready to quit the entire time.

The rundown: This episode was about posing and of course who better to teach the girls posing but Benny Ninja and Vendela (who? some supermodel supposedly). The girls had a pose-off (I love my terminology sometimes) and the winners received a bunch of free stuff from a "swag" tent. Back to the apartment for a girl fight (this is how it works every week). This week the fight was about a phone schedule and Dominique (the man) missed her phone time because she did not follow the schedule. Now don't blame others for your lack of organization oh little tranny. Dominique proceeded to call Whitney a racist because Whitney told her that she had to pay attention to the schedule. Because that makes you a racist. The photo shoot was all about beauty shots with paint dripping down. Once again Marvita had an attitude and her shot looked awful.

The judging was stimulating as always with Vendela (who?) as the guest judge. The pictures were actually really good and as much as I hate to admit it, Dominique's was actually pretty. The final two were Whitney and Marvita and Marvita went home. I was sad, I was pulling for her just because of her rough life but she made absolutely no effort. As for the rest of the girls, I still like Claire, I like Whitney and I like Stacy-Ann. We'll see what happens. Oh and the judges reamed Fatima for not shaving under her arms (her shot was a beauty pose with her arm up). She announced that she does not shave. Yeah well, if you are going to be paid for your beauty you better shave.

Little Ears are Listening

I sometimes have the mouth of a sailor and have a tendency to spell out bad words so my children won't repeat them (my son is spelling now so time is running short for this). This week though, I have said a word repeatedly not thinking anything of it but it might just get me in trouble.

My sister is getting married next week and through all of her demands she has become Bridezilla!!! There is no getting around it she is difficult to talk to and will fly off of the handle at any given moment. I have dubbed her Bridezilla whenever I have spoken to anyone in the family about her (which is normally over the phone). Yesterday my daughter looked at me and said, "Mommy when you are a bride do you have to be called Bridezilla."

Great! Now the word is on her mind and there is no doubt that at some point when we are home next week she will mention it to my sister. I am going to be in so much trouble. Especially if my daughter thinks it is funny to say it to all of the guests at the formal wedding we are having. I know I have to watch my mouth but Bridezilla is just too hard to spell out every time I use it. B-I-T-C-H is easy to spell and just rolls off the tongue.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Weekends are never relaxing when you have guests. The constant need to wash dishes, fix meals and make beds is ingrained in my being and I cannot let it go. Plus the children are wild and bouncing off walls when they have an audience. Our friends leave on Monday and while it has been fun, I will be ready. I have been unable to watch any of my show. Who got sent home on America's Next Top Model, what happened to Nico's husband on Lipstick Jungle, and who was sent home on Make Me a Supermodel? I must know soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Miss Guided

Miss Guided is a new show executive produced by Ashton Kutcher. I thought I would check it out because it stars the hilarious Judy Greer (everyone's best friend in movies plus she was on that show Love Monkey that I liked and they pulled after 3 episodes) and it was about going back to high school. I was not disappointed.

The show was cute, funny and somewhat nostalgic about high school days. Judy Greer stars as Becky, a quirky 30 something who is a guidance counselor (get it Miss Guided, God they kill me sometimes) at her high school. She works with a band of characters who are all slightly off and of course there is a crush on the auto shop turned Spanish teacher.

In this particular episode Becky is planning the homecoming dance and is hoping that Tim (the crush) will ask her to go with him. But then Lisa (Brook Burns) shows up and Becky's plans are dashed. Lisa is the darling of high school; homecoming queen, head cheerleader etc. and has returned to teach at their old high school as well. Of course Lisa asks Tim to the dance because Becky cannot get up the nerve and thus inspires a few flashbacks on Becky's dorkiness in high school.

The show is full of those high school stereotypes that we hate but secretly love because we can always recognize ourselves in someone. I will watch again and see where the show goes before I make a final decision to add it to my list. The next episode is Thursday night and Ashton Kutcher is guest starring. Should be cute (by the way that is the perfect word for this show, not great not thought provoking, cute).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Biggest Loser- Couples

I love a good makeover show! Anytime anyone gets a makeover I dream of someone showing up at my house to do the same to me. Maybe then I would have perfect hair (briefly) and the perfect outfit that I did not have to buy. Add Tim Gunn to the mix and I think I would be in heaven. But I am getting ahead of myself, back to the beginning.

First up the elimination. We were left last week with either Maggie (purple girl, I finally learned her name) or Brittany going home. The players voted and Maggie was eliminated. Now it was time for the makeovers. All of the players showed up at Macy's for what they thought was a challenge until Allison showed and let them know that it was time for a makeover. This is my favorite part, she then said they were bringing in the big Gunns (hee hee, get it, play on words). Everyone got a new hair-do and a new outfit. Dan's hair looked a little like the kid in Jerry Maguire and I was not crazy about Brittany's dress (she looked like she was going to fall out of it) but for the most part the makeovers were terrific. Ali's hair looked so much better short and I loved Kelly's straitened out locks.

Next up, the challenge. The contestants had to stay on a treadmill, backwards suspended over a pool, with the treadmill at an incline (I know, I know, next up they had to breath through a bubble). Mark won and felt the need to apologize to everyone for being competitive. I think Mark knows that it is coming down to the wire and he is doing a little bit of the CYA (cover your ass) so that no one votes him off.

The weigh-in was fairly predictable. Everyone had decent numbers, except Brittany and both brothers, Mark and Jay. Only Jay fell below the yellow line so the elimination was between Jay and Brittany. We knew Brittany was going home. I knew it, she knew it, everyone knew it but the producers had to try to shake things up a little. The boys are not going to vote each other off but then Dan started second guessing that decision based on what was best for him to win. He still voted for Brittany (as did Ali which I thought strange) and Brittany said goodbye to the campus.

Now it is six and only two more to go home before the final four is determined. Who will win? My money is still on Roger but I think Ali might have a fighting chance. Next week it is!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

I am still not sure about this show; yet I continue to watch. What is my obsession with kind of bad television these days? My biggest problem with this show is that their conversations do not sound real. Last night Wendy told Nico that she made her feel "lousy". Who says lousy? We say that you make us feel like crap, or like shit (I know, I know network TV but still) we never say lousy. I just feel like the characters are a bit contrived and that maybe the producers and writers would be better off listening to the way that real women speak to one another. With that said, I still watch and I drool over Kirby.

In Thursday night's episode, Nico and Wendy went to Scotland for a meeting and Kirby met Nico there. Wendy freaked and said some really mean things to Nico about her affair but here again the mean things are not mean enough. If it were my friend doing this to her husband no matter how hot Kirby is (and he is by the way) I would have let her have it. Yes it is nice to be supportive but some things just need to be said. Brooke Shields does not have the strength (is that what I am looking for?) to give it to someone without still seeming too nice. Now Wendy and Nico are not talking (which again is crazy, if my friend said supposedly mean things to me I would have gone off on her as well) and cannot seem to get past what has happened.

Meanwhile Victory has finally started to question her mysterious backer until Joe announces it is him. Victory is devastated and breaks it off with Joe. I kind of understand this because as a woman we want to feel as if we are making a contribution and we cannot if someone keeps bailing us out. However, he does have so much money why not let him invest? The romance here is too cheesy and too romantic. You never see Victory and Joe with their feet up watching television. They are always dressed up and always going out. Don't they ever stay in (without bubbles in the bath)?

I will watch the finale next week to see what happens with Nico's husband but I am not sure that this show is going to stick around. I really do think that the writers (in the coming months) need to make friends with real women who have kids and careers and listen to their conversations. We will see if the show returns and if any changes have been made.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

I cannot believe that Casey went home over Ben. Now don't get me wrong, I wanted Ben to stay but with his attitude last week, I truly expected America to not think that he could be a supermodel. Plus the judges loved Casey's "beautiful" face. Oh well, it was not enough to save Casey and he was sent home.

Back at the house the models learn that they are headed for New Orleans for their photo shoot this week but first Tyson needs to talk to Perry. Tyson has brought a copy of the tabloid (The Enquirer) that mentions Perry's girlfriend and Brittany's ex paparazzo boyfriend. Perry is understandably pissed but he harps over the fact that the guy is in his house. For his part Tyson says throw it away but he keeps discussing it. Kind of an awkward moment.

The models then head to New Orleans where they get to do a photo shoot in a cemetery (get to, not really that is creepy). The whole Goth look is good for Ben and he seems to shine (or maybe his stiffness is a good thing here). Perry does well as does Holly. Shannon looks bad and Ronnie is too pretty to carry it off. The models then hook up with a woman who has lost her home and help to build it back via Habitat for Humanity (one of the most amazing non-profits out there). The tears and the "models can do so much more" are a bit much but it is nice to see them doing something for someone else.

The runway show this week is supposed to tell a story and the models have to direct and dress themselves. Awful, is all I can say. The whole runway show is ridiculous and everyone looks dorky. Ben and holly come out of it looking good and Holly wins for the week. There is no bottom three this week, just a bottom two and Shannon and Ronnie are the unlucky ones.

I do hope Ronnie sticks around. Shannon's looks are not my favorite plus I think she is boring. She never seems to have any fun and the waving of the arms in the runway show really made me want to ask her to step off the runway and let Jackie come back (that is how bad I dislike this girl if I want Jackie back). Tune in!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ignored Due to Basketball

I have ignored all of my shows the last two days so that I can watch ACC basketball. I know it is a shock that I love sports as well as television but I grew up in the south and it is almost a requirement to love basketball. I have Tivoed Top Chef, Make Me a Supermodel, Lipstick Jungle and The Guantlet and I need to watch and discuss which I will. I just got to get through the next few games and then I can watch. Just stay with me. I will be back soon.

Top Chef-Chicago

In lieu of nothing else to watch now that project Runway is gone (and because David Dust was doing it) I decided to check out Top Chef for the first time. I liked it but I have to get used to it. The way the the Top Chef gang does things is so different then what I am used to. It seemed as if they had a mini-challenge and then a real challenge to decide who would be going home. Also, no cookbooks or recipes (there is no way I could just throw together duck a l'orange) and they all lived in the same house.

The show started like any other reality show, we met the different contestants. Everyone seemed excited and stressed all at the same time. One guy, Andrew I think, certainly liked to throw the f-bomb around a lot and got bleeped continuously. In my opinion, the people that act that way never have the talent to back it up (although Christian did on Project Runway) but only time will tell. Everyone was getting along well when the two girls from San Francisco let the group know that they were a couple and had been together three years. A few people voiced their displeasure but as I continued to watch the show I could not understand why. They don't get voted off and there would be no favoritism shown so big deal, they are a couple, they just have someone to talk to.

Padma Lakshmi (the hostess and a judge)came in and announced that the group needed to come along and see the Top Chef kitchen and get ready for their first QuickFire challenge (is that what it is called?) which is the mini-challenge. This was to make a pizza (deep dish) out of ingredients that they brought with them. Some of these pizzas did not look appetizing at all but what do I know, I am a meat and potatoes girl (well I was until I had to get into a bridesmaids dress). Anyway, so the guest judge (Rocco DiSpirito) chose his favorites and then announced that the group was home.

The socializing began at this point except for Dale and Nimma who made it perfectly clear that they were here for the competition and not to make friends. You just knew that one of them was going home. The next day it was time for the Elimination Challenge. The challenge was to reinvent an old standard dish (when did souffle become standard?). Each group of two was competing against each other and then out of the group of losers someone would go home. Some of the dishes looked good while others looked disgusting. Without tasting things though it is hard to decide who is talented and who is not. At the end Nimma went home (told you so) and we move on to next week.

Here is the thing, I have to get used to this format and the people. None jumped out and grabbed me except for the f-bomb guy and that was not in a good way. It seems that there is a lot of running around the kitchen (of course, it is a cooking show) and not a lot of interaction among the contestants (or cheftestants as they are called). I will try again next week and then decide if I can continue.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

ER Returning

I just read a post that said that NBC is thinking about bringing ER back for a 15th season. The post also said that they wanted to bring back some of the old favorites. Does anyone really think that George Clooney has the time to return to ER? Isn't he out saving Darfur or something? Now we all know Noah Wylie can come back but Clooney, I don't think so. Too bad Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) had to die on the show. he would have had the time to return as well. The show is still one of my favorites but I think that it might be time to end it. Stay tuned!

America's Next Top Model

I think that this show might be taking things a little too far. Last night the girls posed with meat! Yes that's right dead carcasses in the meat packing district. They even had clothes made out of this meat. Now I am not a vegan, I like my meat, but to have it draped all over you? What in the world was the meaning of this photo shoot. At judging Tyra stated that, "in this industry you are all treated like a piece of meat." So this was the reason for draping the girls in raw meat? I gotta say that in this case the symbolism sucks!

The night began with a runway lesson at a fire station? Because the girls needed to learn to be "quick change artist". What is up with the double meanings tonight? Ms. J land blasted Lauren for her walk and Fatima for not getting her shoes on in time. Then it was on to a fashion show. The girls had to walk a show and the best on the runway would get a photo shoot with Jaslene in a Lot 29 add. Katarzyna won the challenge and picked three friends for the photo shoot.

Back to the house for a little bit of a girl fight. Apparently Aimee does not like to be naked in front of people (now how is she going to dress in a fashion show) and the girls take offense because when they have to pee they have to pee. Dumb, dumb, dumb! At these moments I miss the days of Jade and co. Anyway, time for the meat carcass photo shoot. I guess some of the pictures were good but I could not get past the meat. Lauren's looked good, as did Claire and Whitney but the rest just looked uncomfortable (as I would have). Fatima looked like she smelled something funny the whole time.

Judging was predictable. Amis finally went home (I was wondering when that would happen she was bizarre) and the rest of the girls got to live for another week. I still think Dominique is a man or a transvestite. She is so masculine looking that her pictures look scary. I am actually starting to like Marvita more (except when she jumps in stupid fights) and I really like Whitney. Of course I can not pin my hopes on Whitney because a plus size girl won't win but it will be fun to see how far she goes. The producers spent so much time on Lauren last night that I thought it was her time to go but she stays on with her awesome pictures and her lackluster walk. No more screaming!!!! I am so tired of these girls screaming I think I will write Tyra a strongly worded email. Please please make them stop screaming for everything. They even screamed in the fire station last night?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser-Couples

Last night on The Biggest Loser, I felt like the producers just kept throwing crazy stuff at us and we just watched in hopes that the show would go back to normal. Not only did they bring two people back, but Jillian cursed out Allison Sweeney, two of the girls fell below the yellow line and no one went home because we have to wait until next week (what is this Make Me a Supermodel?).

Lets rewind; the show started with the final six going into a room to see all of their former partners and contestants back. Then the announcement, one woman and one man would return to the ranch based on who lost the most weight overall. If I were one of the final six, I would be pissed. After surviving for this long to then have to go back to the final eight, does not seem fair. After the weigh-in Alli (from the pink team) and Mark (the brother that just left amidst team tears) were added back to the teams.

At this point the Black team breaks down. Brittany has lost it and is wanting to eat constantly (not good for weight loss right). She misses Bernie and does not think that the girls have a chance in hell to win this thing. Jillian yells, tries to use her nice voice and then orders them all to the gym.

The challenge was a big one because it gave the winner two votes at the elimination. Dan beat out Mark for the prize and now it is time for the weigh-in. Allison tries to ask pointed questions to get a feel for where everyone is and directs a question to Brittany about the girls having a chance. Brittany does not think that any of the girls can beat the boys and gets upset. Jillian proceeds to tell Allison to f*** off and to have a f***ing heart for once. Well, well someone seems to be a little miffed that her team is falling apart. You don't yell at the host. I know that she is annoying but she is just doing her job. Allison looked like she was about to cry at this point. Bob just looks like he finds it all rather funny. Did I mention how much I love Bob?

Alli and Mark go first on the scale and both did extremely well (getting back into the Ranch food probably helped) and then the rest of the boys get weighed in. Dan did not do well and if he falls below the yellow line he will not get to use his votes. All that work for naught. On to the girls. Kelly is safe for another week. Brittany only loses two pounds so she is definitely under the yellow line, what about purple girl; no weight lost. She has a big fat goose egg and she and Brittany will be up for elimination. As the teams are leaving Allison does point out that a girl wins the weigh-in for the night. Take that Jillian!

Next up elimination...wait no its commercials and previews for next week. What? Are you telling me after all that I don't even get to know who goes home? I can't wait a week. Damn you Biggest Loser for making me care so much!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oprah's Big Give

Another episode, another night of tears. This week the remaining contestants had $4500 to help someone that they found in need. I know I can be a skeptic but how do we know these people are not lying? I mean the minute you hear Oprah do you automatically want to have a story so that someone will help you. Don't get me wrong, some of the contestants did a wonderful job.

The three guys who worked on the Denver Children's Home should be commended for what they were able to do in a 48 hour period. Just the furniture donation alone was enough to bring on the tears and then to have new plumbing and a big check. They really worked the phones.

The girl that helped the women with Aids was also inspired. She took her money and gave these women a spa day and dinner. When one of the women with Aids said she felt like a person and not a person with Aids, I (of course) dissolved in tears.

Some of the rest of the group just did not seem as inspired. The beauty queen could not get it together. Most colleges are not going to give out free tuition so that was a lost cause. Also, the military guy that tried to help the Iraq War veteran. Nice thought but not enough was done. Also when he gave the car to the restaurant guy you knew he was going home.

As you can tell I have not learned any of these people's names. Not because they are not important but because I don't pay attention to the contestants, I pay attention to the stories and the money raised. Very little of Oprah seen in this show but maybe as it gets tighter she will show up more. Still makes me want to do something good. Does anyone have an extra $4500 to just give out to people. It might be fun. By the way I don't but I can dream.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Make Me A supermodel

Did anyone know that Ben had such an attitude? This week he really showed his ass and I wonder if it is the last week for our gay/straight prison guard.

After "America" sent Frankie home, Ben and Casey headed back to the house and models geared up for live action modeling. The skits seemed a little contrived but I thought Shannon and Perry did well. Ronnie was good, Holly seemed a little bored. The next challenge was wearing and selling the clothes at Bloomingdale's. Ben could not do it because he felt uncomfortable, so he was left in a waiting area while everyone else tried to sell the clothes off their body (literally). I thought Ronnie was a natural and surprisingly Casey did very well. The catwalk was a bit boring with everyone wearing formal clothes (vintage) and not many of the models really stepped it up.

The judges are getting harsher with their critique and I thought Tyson was going to deck Ben when Ben talked back about the Bloomingdale's incident. Obviously Ben is in the final three, as is Casey and Ronnie. Ronnie does not deserve to be in the bottom but hopefully the votes will keep him around. I do think Ben is gone and after being my favorite for a few weeks, I am over him. He didn't even try last week and it just seemed unfair to all those that have been sent home (Ah Sweet Jay).

Nikki made a point of recognizing the girls for how well they did this week; maybe there is some fear that an all boys final is possible. The girls are boring. I agree with the guys on that one. They show very little personality and it is frustrating because most of the guys have an abundance of it. What was up with Perry's girlfriend at the end of the episode? Is she sleeping with the paparazzi, Adnan? She would not say anything and there was only a flash of the article. Now thinking back I should have paused the recording but I did not even think of that. Even Tivo Mom can drop the ball. We'll see how America voted, til then.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

Girl fights, affairs, sex in a closet. This show is getting more campy by the minute. I am not sure if I like it or not but I keep coming back to it week after week. Am I bored or really interested?

This week found Nico and Kirby embarking on a full fledged affair with rules. After Nico witnessed Kirby flirting with a younger woman she pushed for him to date but realized too late she could not handle it. All's well that ends well and the two decided to forget the rules, they really actually like each other. Dumb I know but Kirby is hot with his shirt off so go ahead Nico, sleep with him if you want too. Should be interesting when Nico's husband returns. I still say he is not as perfect as he seems plus he is boring (no excuse to cheat mind you but it is television).

Wendy and Shane seemed to be getting along and Wendy even submitted Shane for a movie soundtrack (who knew he was musical?). He got the job, most likely because he is Wendy's husband, but maybe he will feel less like a stay at home mom and more like a man. We'll see if Wendy can handle him working and if he can handle her critique (because you know there will be one) when his musical score is submitted.

I saved the best for last; Victory finally discovered that someone had stolen her designs (when she saw them in a window) but sweet, sweet (yuck) Victory could not imagine that one of her former employees could do that to her. Well they could and she finally nailed her ex assistant who made up a story and cried to cement the point. This did not work with the new back-boned Victory who confronted the girl at a big fundraiser and, yes you guessed it, there was a girl fight. There is a new investor in Victory's future but some things are too good to be true.

Again, I still have not decided if I like this show or not. The only character that I truly believe is Nico but now that she is lovey-dovey with a 25 year old she has lost a little pizazz. Both Victory and Wendy just seem blah too me but there are little flashes of what may be. Still holding out to see how the show continues. Plus what else do I have to do, most new shows will not be returning for another few weeks.

The Gauntlet III

Seriously why don't they just give the money to the Veterans and let everyone go home. The poor little Rookies cannot even win a challenge when the odds are so in their favor it is ridiculous.

Now that MJ is gone (he lost to Frank last week) the Rookie team is destined to lose every single challenge from now on. Although the Veteran boys are so intent on getting rid of their girls that they throw missions (like tonight) and revel in their manlihood. So the mission was thrown (badly by CT) and the plan was to have Ev (by the way she is a guy) go up against Coral so that the Veterans could get rid of the evil Coral (?). But their evil plan was thwarted when Coral quit. Good for her, by the way, for leaving and not being the teams pawn. The Veterans are so intent on getting rid of certain players that they don't see that Coral (I actually remember her that is how old she is) is an asset to the team even with her big mouth. With Coral quitting the evil plan has to backtrack and the team picks Casey (?) to go against Ev. Now everyone knew Ev was going to win (Casey is tiny and a girl) but when she came out and said that everyone (including her) had been looking forward to the gauntlet with Coral I wanted so badly for Casey to win. Ev won, Casey is gone and on to the man challenge.

Now the Veteran men are way to important to throw a man challenge (and why the girls don't throw these challenges is beyond me) so the Veterans win easily and the Rookies have to send Ryan (who?) and Nehemiah (love saying that name) into the gauntlet. Nehemiah (hee hee) wins and Ryan goes home. The Rookies are now down to two boys, Frank (yuck) and Nehemiah (again), and the odds are that the Veterans are going to walk away with this thing. Or are they?

Hear me out. The Veterans are making such a big deal about this final challenge and how it will be so great because of how many people they have but will it? What if the challenge is skewed in the favor of the team with the least amount of members? Although some of the challenges have been and the Rookies still lost. I just feel like the Veterans are way to confidant. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part. One other thing; how does Diem deal with her boyfriend (CT) getting rid of girls on purpose?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Project Runway - The Finale

Deep down I knew. I knew that Christian was going to win yet I still watched last night (in real time with commercials and everything) to see if either Rami or Jillian would beat the upstart 21 year old. As everyone now knows they did not and Christian went home $100,000 richer and with the knowledge that Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham wants to wear his clothes.

Now that the final three were chosen, this the second night of the finale, was back to familiar territory; makeup meetings, hair meetings and model castings. I did feel as if this finale was a little more condensed than any of the other ones only because we never saw a lot of sewing or stressing about hems and notions.

Jillian (of course) found something to stress about when she realized that none of her models looked the same and that her show was going to seem very disjointed (it didn't). She tried to change models at the last minute and was told that this was just not possible. Jillian actually looked miffed (good word for her because she does not get mad or show emotion often) at this point and was pulling her hair out (literally it looked like).

Christian was like a little boy with ADD. He had all kinds of nervous energy and did not seem to know how to direct this energy. When Tim came to get a final look at his collection and stated that it was little over the top (it was) Christian got some of his bravado back and pronounced his collection "fierce" (shock).

I felt like Rami faded into the background at this point. We noticed Jillian stressing and Christian acting oddly freaked out (his swagger disappeared and then came back) but Rami just seemed to offer encouraging words and sew buttons on.

The shows were fantastic! This is absolutely the first time in Project Runway history (of me watching) that all three lines were really, really strong. Jillian was first and most of her looks were very flattering. I was not blown away by the gold "thing" but overall her line was good and I actually (for once) understood her inspiration. Also, just a little shout out to America's Next Top Model winner of Cycle 8, Jaslene. So nice to see one of Tyra's girls actually doing something after the show besides the stupid Cover-Girl commercials.

Next up was Rami and again overall a strong showing. I would agree with Michael Kors that Rami's colors were a little out there but his looks were him (especially the gowns) and he seemed pleased with the end result.

Finally, it was time for the favorite. Christian came out and I totally expected him to strut down the runway himself before the show began (he didn't but he so wanted to). Most of Christian's looks were black and white with the first 5 or 6 looks being all black. Everything was exquisitely made and very much designed to the maximum (therein lies my problem). Not one thing that Christian did was for someone like me. Everything was for a perfect size 0 person (maybe this is why Posh loved it so much) who goes to big events all of the time. Christian did not design for the masses, Christian designed for lifestyles of the rich and famous.

At the judging everyone received their critiques (good and bad across the board). At this point there was no doubt in my mind who the winner was. Posh loved Christian's looks and actually gushed (she showed real emotion and a smile, wow) about his work. He won the money, he won the car (thank you Saturn for the advertising) and he won a new client. I think the boy has made it. The only thing that bothered me at the end was when Christian spoke to the camera and said, "did you ever have any doubts". Everyone saw the amount of work that Jillian and Rami put into their collections and even he had doubts along the way.

So now it is over and us mere mortals have to learn to exist without Project Runway every week. No more Christian pronouncing everything fierce, no more Chris's hyena laugh, no more Rami draping with no shirt and no more Jillian just looking bored. How will I go on? I do hope that Christian makes more of himself than the other three winners. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here. So next week we have Top Chef and some new dance show to check out. How long will we have to wait before Season 5 is upon us?

America's Next Top Model

What a disappointment! Last night was the makeover episode for the girls of Cycle 10 and no one cried(besides Fatima and she was crying because it hurt not because it was ugly). I get so excited about this particular episode and then it was a big letdown.

The night began with a makeup challenge with Cover-Girl(shock). Claire won and her face will be on the website for Cover-Girl and Wal-Mart (gotta get those advertising plugs in). Then the girls received a Tyra mail (by the way do they all have to scream it when it flashes on the screen?) about their makeovers (more screaming). Tyra decided that this year she was not going to tell the girls what makeover they were going to receive, they would find out when their new look was revealed. Maybe this was the reason for the lack of tears but it was still disappointing that no one showed that much emotion. Plus the little Tyra conscience in the corner describing what the girls would receive was annoying. The worst; probably either Marvita (a horse look, how about a glorified mullet), or Anya (the new hair makes her nose even bigger and the accent (?) worse). The best; I loved Fatima's long locks (don't like her but love the hair on her) and Claire's short blond boy do.

This week the pictures were taken on a boat with New York as the backdrop. The girls were modeling lingerie (or bras and knickers as Elle likes to say), from Elle McPherson's line of intimates and Elle was on hand to give advice. Elle seemed very personable and some of the pictures were amazing. Marvita's (even with the mullet) was very strong and so was Lauren's (surprisingly her dorkiness was cute). I laughed every time Allison mentioned how much experience she had and how good her pictures were because you just knew she was going home. The minute that girl said, "I am not going home" it was a foregone conclusion.

The judging was fairly normal with the judges critiquing everyone and everything. Too sexy, not enough expression and so on. Obviously Allison went home but I second guessed myself and thought Dominique might have a chance to leave as well. Her makeover was horrible (she looked like a soccer mom) and the outfit she wore to judging (high waisted jeans made her butt look huge) did nothing to dispel that look.
But she stayed and Tyra vowed (Tyra vowing is like a normal person just saying something) that Dominique would get the color she asked for.

A few observations: Marvita is going to blow at any moment. She was upset that the girls were elbowing her during the makeup challenge. Did anyone else notice that some of the weaves looked cheap. Some of the girl's hair looked hacked off in the back. Anya must not speak, I cannot stand her voice and I swear her accent is fake. I have no front runner. No one at this point is standing out to me. Anyone?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tonight's Television

I am not sure that I have been this excited about television in a long time. Not only is it the finale of Project Runway but it is makeover night on America's Next Top Model. What in the world could be better than that? OK, OK maybe world peace and the end of hunger but still what a great night. I get to watch a bunch of tall, skinny perfect girls cry about weaves and hair loss and then tune in to Christian and Co. for fashion week. Yeah me!!! I do need to go and take care of my two children and get them to bed by 8:00 so that I am uninterrupted. My, my the sacrifices we make.

The Biggest Loser - Couples

Kind of a crazy night on the biggest loser campus I must say. After Mark left from the Blue team (why is his brother still crying, I mean really) there was a little bit of a regrouping session with Bob as the team prepared to beat the Black team at the weigh-in this week.

First up was the temptation. Just in case anyone ever wants to get me anything, I want a vending machine that spits out gum with money on it. Most players won something (except poor Kelly, she's just sad) whether it was money or a one pound pass for the weigh-in. Everyone played and some ate "bad for you" snacks (yum M&M's) with a high calorie count. Then came the challenge and the Blue Team won the high wire challenge handily. By the way the initial idea behind the zip line looked fun but when I saw that they had to pull themselves up the wire at the end, yeah not fun anymore.

The weigh-in was a little bit of a shock. No more teams, from now on everyone is an individual. Bernie had to save someone and chose Brittany for his immunity win, had he not had that little pass he would still be on the ranch and either Kelly or Brittany would have gone home. With Brittany having immunity Kelly and Bernie fell below the dreaded yellow line and the Blue team voted Bernie off. Obviously this makes the most sense because now it is men vs woman (or not since it is individuals) but Bernie had such a great fun personality he will be missed.

How do you think Brittany feels knowing her partner went home when she was saved by him (by the way I would feel like crap)? Should the money just go to Roger and we can forget the next few weeks? Will a woman ever win this show, ever? How is the purple girl (Maggie, I think) still here?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oprah's Big Give

If you want to cry, watch this show. If you want to feel as if you don't do enough to help others, watch this show. If you want to feel insignificant and lazy, watch this show. If you want to be inspired by people that seem to be selfless, watch this show.

You know its funny, all over the news all we see all day long is how bad it is in the United States. The shootings and the killings, the hunger and the poverty, the people only looking out for number one; if nothing else this show helps to dispute that. Not to get preachy but we should watch this show just for that.

Oprah has picked 10 people to go through a number of challenges to be named the "biggest giver". All ten have a story (of course they do Oprah loves a story) and at the end of the show one of these lucky people will win 1 million dollars (of which the contestants know nothing about). Each week one person gets booted based on evaluations by the three judges Jamie Oliver, Malaak Compton-Rock, and Tony Gonzalez. The basic idea is that each person gets the opportunity to help someone in need and the person who does the least goes home.

The first week saw the contestants in teams of two helping individuals who ranged from a homeless mother of two all the way to a medical student with student loans. Of course Nate Berkus is involved as the host and Oprah is behind the scenes. All of the teams used their resources and fund raising abilities to help these individuals lead a better more productive life. In my opinion the most touching were the recently widowed mother of two trying to pay off her mortgage (her husband was shot at Home Depot) and the homeless mother trying to better her children's life. I will admit that I cried throughout the show (I know who knew I was so emotional) but it was a good cry.

I am actually looking forward to next weeks show and it will be interesting to see who gets the million dollars and what they do with it (will they give it away or keep it).

Lipstick Jungle

OK, I am still liking the show but now I think Andrew McCarthy gets on my nerves. Let me back up.

This week found Nico finally telling her friends about her affair in the wake of the announcement that she is being sued for sexual harassment. Both Victory and Wendy were appalled and judgmental, in that order. Wendy had a big movie premiere and asked Victory to dress one of the stars. The star got drunk, no one saw the dress and then it worked out in the end. The final scene with Nico and Kirby was sweet but seemed a little too neatly packaged but we will have to wait and see what happens with their "relationship" (can you have a relationship with someone who sues you).

The reason that Andrew McCarthy's character gets on my nerves is because he is so predictable. Victory is drunk and says something about spanking and he smirks and says he will spank her; you just knew it was coming. She says something about a bath and he pulls out the bubbles (please). I just feel like they are starting to portray him as a lech who only wants sex. Not very likable.

Other items; the sex scene between Wendy and Shane, more graphic than I expected. I was impressed that NBC let them go that far. Maybe a washing machine can be fun. I believe that Nico's husband is having an affair. I know they have painted the picture of the perfect husband (who ignores her) but leaving early and the messages seem to make me think they are setting us (or him) up for something.

Next week finally shows what happened to Victory's stolen sketches. I hope her assistant now is not stealing too. He amuses me in a way that only a southern gay gentleman can.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

I finally watched last Thursday's episode and I was shocked. Jackie went home. I know I said that she was not all that but I never expected her to go home. Now that Perry and Ben are back in the fold, the competition is 5 guys to 2 girls.

This week the models went to a ski resort and learned about action photos. Ronnie and Perry were partnered up which was amusing since they don't really like each other but they got a really good shot. Holly and Ben were together and I actually liked their photo but the photographer was a little wary of Ben and his lack of range. As for Shannon (who has some stomach issue), Frankie and Casey; their shot was horrible. I actually did not like it of any of them but the photographer was enthralled with Shannon.

Poor Frankie was sent home since he was the worst of the day and the rest of the group got to stay at the ski resort. The trainer showed up and the models split into teams to have a sort of relay race. Ben was with the two girls while the other boys were together and I think Ben was a little pissed about this. He kept making derogatory comments (about being gay)to the other team and Ronnie got upset. Trouble brewing with the bromance? The boys won and then the group headed home.

Ronnie had a sit down with Ben and Casey about the things that Ben said and it looked as if all was smoothed over. On to the catwalk and boy was it a true test this week. The catwalk was normal until the models reached the end and then there was a turnstile that each of them had to mount (for lack of a better word) and do three poses. Holly was the best, followed by Ronnie. They both mad it look effortless. Perry was not too bad this week and Shannon was awful (but she was sick). The bottom three are Ben, Frankie and Casey so we will see what happens next week. I still think Ben is on his way out but all of these guys have been in the bottom before so it could be any one of them.

Will Ben's anti-gay comments hurt him? Is Frankie's mouth just too big? Can Casey get a little confidence and power through the runway without getting flustered? These are all questions that will be answered next Thursday.