Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project Runway

Deep down I knew! After the spread in Entertainment Weekly where they panned Chris's collection for the use of human hair (I know right?) I knew that Rami (by the way I am from Jerusalem) would be the one going to Bryant Park. I still tried to hold on to my small morsel of hope but alas it was not to be and Rami rounds out the final three going to the finals.

The first of the final two episodes felt so similar to all of the rest of the finales with Tim visiting each of the contestants in their own environment. I swear, though, if I heard Tim Gunn say, what a great space or what a tiny space, one more time I was going to turn the television off.

Anyway, Tim went to Christian first and you could totally see his age in the amount of space (god isn't there another word) he had to work. It looked like he was creating his collection in a broom closet. For Christian the collection looked standard with yards and yards of fabric and big poofy sleeves but Tim seemed responsive. Of course Tim could not leave without giving Christian a little advice but Christian being Christian (and therefore above any kind of criticism) was probably not going to listen.

Next to Jillian who had decided not to return to her job and was using this time to reflect and really get inspiration. Jillian's clothes are always beautiful and there seemed to be no exception here. Tim seemed extremely excited about her work and his only major critique was about the color. Then we got to visit Jillian's home in long Island. Nice family but boring. I don't really remember any of the conversations except when Jillian came back and said that her parents pushed her to be the best (whose didn't).

On to LA where Rami was working on his collection. Now did Tim drive cross country or did he just have the same car in two places? Anyway, Rami already has a business in LA so his "space" was terrific. His collection looked a little over the top but still beautifully constructed and I did not view a lot of draping (because Rami likes to drape did you know that?). Rami did discuss his upbringing (again!) and made everyone in America aware that he was born in Jerusalem (really?). It was touching when he spoke of his mother and his step-mother but I have to ask if he was scared to tell his parents that he wanted to be a fashion designer or was he scared that they would just assume that he was gay (good assumption, right?).

Tim then headed back to New York to visit Chris(why did he not go there before he went to LA we'll never know) and have a look at his collection. The minute Tim mentioned his gag reflex in response to the human hair I knew that Chris was in trouble. His work looked beautifully done (if you could get past the hair which I could not) but so over the top that you knew Michael and Nina were going to rail him. When Chris spoke of his family I was a little taken aback. Does he have the support of his brothers or do they just laugh and pick on him?

So the designers returned to New York with their collections. Everyone got together and caught up and then Rami and Chris had to report to Heidi for their walk-off (Chris's words not mine I still like design-off). Both of them showed their three pieces and all of the judges were surprisingly nice to Rami and Chris. I think that the judges knew that whoever they sent home had just done a shitload of work to not make it to Bryant Park (sorry for cussing but seriously, so close yet so far). As expected Chris went home and I actually got a little teary (I know, I know I am too involved with my television). Rami was ecstatic and Chris was a gracious loser and very well-spoken at the end (until the laugh).

On to Bryant Park next week and I am now placing bets on Jillian, or Christian or even Rami. I don't know who it is going to be but I can't wait to find out. By the way, did Christian shave the sides of his hair (not fierce if he did)?

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 10

All fourteen new "models" headed to New York for the start of the new season. The house seemed smaller than in years past (the difference between New York and LA maybe?) and the girls have already started with the catfights. I want to like Fatima, I want to feel bad for her for what she has been through (female circumscion) but she is so condenscending and so mean to some of the other girls that I am having a difficult time rooting for her.

Everyone participated in a runway show for Badgley Mischka and there were definately some problem walkers (poor Lauren). Then on to the photo shoot where the girls posed with real homeless women trying to turn their lives around. Once again Tyra likes to shove her causes down our throats but this was a worthy one and the pictures were very interesting.

When the girls walked in to the judging room one chair was empty (we all knew that Twiggy was no longer) and Tyra introduces the new judge Paulina Porizkova. The judges then get down to business. Some of the photos were good, some not great but it is the first photo shoot everyone, give them a chance. Finally it was Kimberly's turn and she decided that she did not agree with modeling for high fashion (huh?) and wanted to go home. Small rant here: She knew what she was doing and what she was getting into and she took a spot away from another girl. Just because you model a dress that costs $5000 does not mean that this is what you have to wear. After Kimberly left Tyra announced that someone was still going home. After much deliberation the judges decided to send home Atalya.

Couple of things; why send home Atalya (a cute girl) when Dominique looks so much like a drag queen? Marvita might be growing on me, I thought her picture was good. Amis (previously Aimee) does not look like a model to me at all and she seems to have a little adult ADD.

Next week is makeovers (my favorite) and I hope a few girls cry this time (I know I am mean but I love that). Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Save Friday Night Lights

I love this show!!!! Have I mentioned that I love this show? I watched the final two aired episodes the other night and I almost starting crying when Smash realized that he screwed up his dream (long story and I am not getting into it but you have to see it). Anyway the last few weeks all anyone is talking about is when the shows are coming back now that the strike is over and whether or not NBC is going to renew Friday Night Lights. So here is my plea.....Please NBC, Please Renew this show. It is one of the best on television and although I Tivo and watch (because it is on a stupid night) I do not miss an episode. The acting is terrific, the story lines are great and everything about the camera and production make this show stand out above and beyond other shows. Please, please let us continue to find out what happens to the Taylors, and Matt Saracen, and Smash, and Tyra and Landry, and Tim Riggins and Lyla and so on. These are characters that we can wrap our head around and we want to know what happens next. That is my plea. Maybe, just maybe NBC will listen.

The Biggest Loser - Couples

How in the world did the Blue Team lose against three girls and one boy? How is that even possible? Let me back up and give the recap.

Last night on the Biggest Loser we saw Kelly whining because Paul was gone and she felt all alone. Jay won a prize and the Blue team got to go to Vegas. Vegas was funny. I mean who wants to go to Vegas where you cannot eat and you cannot drink? Bob tried to make it fun by sending the team suits to wear. The Black team sent room service but the guys prevailed and did not eat. Anyway, back at the ranch; Jillian was doing her best to make sure her team won the weigh-in. Brittany seemed slightly off the whole week and could not get into the workouts. The Blue team returned and no one seemed worried about the weigh-in.

At the weigh-in the Black team began and they put up really good numbers but the Blue team has all of the big guys. The Blue team started and their numbers looked fine but Mark only lost 1 pound so the Blue team lost and had to send someone home. Mark had said earlier that he would sacrifice himself but once again he went back on his word. Roger got mad and stormed out (by the way, love Roger). Mark finally realized that he needed to step up so the team voted for Mark and he is gone.

Lots and lots of crying between the brothers when Mark left. I mean seriously do they never see each other at home? They are still brothers people, that's not changing. I think Mark was crying because he is not getting the $250 thousand. I think next week the teams become individuals. Who will go home then? My bet is on Brittany or the other purple girl (no personality can't remember her name). By the way, Allison Sweeney looked a little teary when Mark left as well. What was that about? Is she picking favorites too?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

I am now officially hooked. I finally watched Thursday nights episode last night and I have to say the show is getting better and better. Now of course the minute I say this NBC will cancel it and I will always wonder whatever happened to Wendy, Nico and Victory.

Thursday's episode was about Nico trying to get out of her affair. She almost got busted at a photo shoot and then was observed by a male coworker in a rumpled state of dress. She then proceeded to get Kirby fired (bitch) and now he is suing for sexual harassment. How do you explain that to your boss and your husband?

Victory made a big deal about Joe (the billionaire) meeting her friends who are her family. Joe did not want to do it but he consented and it seemed as if Wendy and Nick both liked him. However, Joe does not like to socialize so Victory told him goodbye. I don't think we have seen the last of him though as he is in the previews for next week.

Wendy dealt with the backlash of the book and took her teenage (and very bratty) child to a luncheon as a mother-daughter happy family outing. It did not work when her daughter (again bratty) stormed out. The two made up and Nico used a little blackmail of her own to quash the book.

I did not see all of the previews for this week but it should be good, what with a looming sexual harassment suit coming up. Please watch this show. I like it and it is all about me! By the way I am kidding but still watch the show.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Academy Awards

I did actually watch the awards show last night. I have not seen any of the movies nominated but I thought it prudent to watch the show. Just a few minor observations.

Why do all of the movies that are up for Best Picture have to be so damn depressing? With the exception of Juno, the rest of the movies just did not make me want to run right out and see them. Remember the days of Shakespeare in Love and Titanic? I miss those days. As Jon Stewart said, "does Hollywood need a hug?"

I hate when the more famous people get to speak longer than the lesser ones. I may not care what they have to say but someone out there does (mother, lover, husband, child etc...) Like the poor girl from best song, she had to come back out and make her speech. Bless her heart, she may have looked frumpy but she had something to say.

Why in the death montage was Brad Renfro excluded? I know that he died of a supposed drug overdose but he was a good little actor before the drugs got him. He had the bad timing to die right before Heath Ledger so I think everyone simply forgot about him. Here is to Brad Renfro, I loved him in The Client and Sleepers.

Most stars looked great on the red carpet. I loved Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum, Katherine Heigl and Jessica Alba. I was not crazy about Cate Blanchett (usually I love her), Tilda Swinton, and Daniel Day- Lewis's wife (now that was a crazy ensemble). Johnny Depp looked really put together for him and as always George Clooney looked superb.

I adore Jon Stewart. I may not always agree with his politics but he is one funny man. I thought he kept the show going and most of the audience looked like they were having a good time. However, one of my favorite moments of the night was with Seth Rogan and what's his name fighting over who got to be Halle Berry. Very cute!!!

All in all a good show. It does not make me want to go out and watch all of those depressing movies but it is always fun to see all of the stars together. Here's to next year and some happier movies. Does anyone remember that Mary Poppins actually won an Oscar. Movie scribes, please do!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

This week brought Ronnie and Frankie back (shock on Frankie coming back) and Stephanie went home. I was actually completely surprised that Stephanie went home. I thought she would be there at the end but America voted (on the something wireless network, Niki has to get the plug in every time) ad America wanted the boys.

This week the models came out of their comfort zone and had to pose with a snake in a tank of water. Dumb concept, good pictures. As I saw it, the only models that did not struggle with this task were Ronnie and Frankie (slightly ironic). I think once Frankie cut off his locks he was a whole new model (no more Fabio).

The runway show was hilarious with all of the animals. No one could really control their animals except Jackie (she had a trained Poodle) and the ones that could be carried (peacock, duck etc). Ben tried to carry his donkey (or goat?) but it just looked dumb. At the end of the runway show Ben, Perry and Jackie ended up in the bottom three. I loved when the judges called out Perry about his attitude. Although I think he will return next week it was nice to see the cocky smile wiped off of his face for a brief moment.

My bet is that Ben will go home. They can't get rid of another girl and Perry has been consistently good. I wonder how Ronnie will react if Ben does not come back. There was an article in Entertainment Weekly about the Bromance between Ben and Ronnie. No real mention of Ben's wife though. Just thought I would point that out. I hate this waiting until next week (I know I mentioned that before). Who will it be? By the way, Jackie ain't all that!

The Gauntlet III

It was the gauntlet of the century (ok not really but that was how everyone was describing it). Coral vs Beth, good vs evil (not really), old vs young (not really again). OK, Ok lets describe how we got to this point.

Another day, another challenge. The Rookies and The Vets met at a pyramid puzzle to face yet another challenge that the Vets were going to win. Wait a minute, no they are not! The Vet boys have decided to "trim the fat" (stupid expression by the way) and get rid of some of their girls so they threw the mission and the Rookies finally win one. The Rookies then have to decide who is going in the Gauntlet and they toss a coin and throw in Coral (who is pissed). Then the Vets decide to pit Coral against Beth (Coral is pissed again) because everyone hates Beth (you would think Beth has realized this by now). The Gauntlet was anti-climatic. Coral won, Beth went home and Coral is still pissed.

On to the boy day. Of course the Vets win this one because they cannot lose any of their ever important boys (Danny really?). The Gauntlet is decided and Derek (who?) and Ryan (who?) go up against each other. Ryan wins and Derek, the strongest member of the Rookies team goes home (Ok he can't do puzzles but in his defense Ryan had help).

The Rookies are now down one more guy and who knows what will happen next week (the question is do I care?). Will the Veteran girls realize that the boys are throwing missions? Will Frank ever stop talking? How has Danny become such a legend in his own mind? Has CT become Chewbacca with all that hair? Tune in!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

America's Next Top Model (ANTM) - Cycle 10

Here we go again. 35 hopefuls competing for 13 spaces in a house that has moved back to New York. The Season Premiere of Cycle 10 of my favorite model show was last night. Now I know that Tyra is running out of ideas to get the girls into interviews but the whole prep school thing was weak last night. They also took the theme too far with getting "expelled" and ID photos etc. Must the girls scream every time the J's walk out?

The interviews were a way for each of the models to suck up (as usual) but there were a few stand outs. Anya from Hawaii; where oh where did she get that accent? It is like she has decided to channel Natasha from Cycle 8 and pretend to be Russian (Anya not Natasha). Strange that I have met many people from Hawaii and none of them have ever spoken like that. Marvita is another interesting one. She has already gotten in a fight (shock) and she is one that came back from last season after working on her attitude (aka Tiffany). She looks like a man to me and I see nothing pretty about her at all. We will see how long she lasts. The only other girl that stood out to me was Fatima who was born in Somalia. She has an interesting face but a slight condescending attitude that did not go over very well. Also, she discussed her female circumcision (yuck, I know it happens but how awful) last night so she should stick around for awhile just because she has a story.

Other than that no real standouts among the thirteen in the house. There is the standard plus size model, a weirdo, a dumb blond and a few small town girls who will "never go back". I need a few weeks with the personalities before I can choose a favorite. Tyra, as always, looks good and the J's are as funny as ever. Another cycle, another model who does not become famous. I actually do love the show but mainly for the pure farce of it all. Here's to next week and the first elimination.

Project Runway - Reunion

Was it just me or did some of the returning designers last night just look pissed off about being back? I watched the reunion special last night for Project Runway 4 and Carmen, Ricky and Victorya just looked mad at the world.

Victorya did not uncross her arms the entire night and gave stilted one word answers whenever she was posed a question. I loved it when Heidi pointed out how uptight she was but of course Victorya did not even crack a smile. Plus she would like us to believe that the show was not really her. Please, does that mean that she is nice and fun in real life? Whatever, thank God she was eliminated!

Then there was Ricky who seemed offended that there was a montage of him crying. What else did he do the entire show? Of course they are going to show him crying, he did it every week. I am not so sure that Ricky was pleased with what some of the other designers said about him while he was on the show and after he finally left (lack of talent would be my guess for what ticked him off).

I was a little surprised that Carmen (I know who? she left very early on) looked so mad. Her man's piece sucked and she deserved to go home so when she got offended that the judges mentioned that challenge it seemed a little bizarre. Her model had no shirt! There is no disputing that fact.

Christian won the fan favorite (I was pulling for Chris) and I will admit he has kept it interesting. Next week is the design off (what? is that not taking off as I hoped) between Chris and Rami so I will be interested to see who is actually in the final three. Thank goodness it was not Victorya or Ricky!! Please learn to laugh at yourselves people!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Couples Edition

Last night all of the final 9 contestants on the Biggest Loser got to go home for the week and re-enter their lives. The idea was that then these people could see how hard it was going to be to continue eating right and exercising regularly without Bob and Jillian yelling at them.

It was interesting and heartwarming to see everyone go home. For those with children it must be doubly hard to be away but they continue to say that this is all for the "right" reasons (as if the 250 thousand has nothing to do with it). I have to say that when Paul's girlfriend (did anyone else ever hear him mention a girlfriend)sees him talking constantly about still loving Kelly she is going to be slightly upset. Also, Paul when Jillian calls, call her back or answer the phone and don't eat chicken wings and drink coca cola all week.

The teams returned to the ranch and the Blue team clued Bob in on how well they had done. All of the Blue team worked out daily and ate like they were supposed to (except Dan had two glasses of wine, give him a break please). I was a little concerned with Mark's obsession with his son's sweet tooth. Children can have sweets and fun foods to eat, just not every day and not in excess. If you yell at your children about what they are eating you are just setting them up for major eating issues later on in life. Believe me, I know. The Black team on the other hand did not fare as well as the Blue team at home and you could tell that Jillian was pissed.

On to the challenge where the Black team won and asked that Dan and Roger (from the other team) weigh in 24 hours early. 27 pounds later it looked as if the Blue team had nothing to worry about. So right!! The Blue team won by 30 pounds and the Black team could not even compete. At the elimination Paul was voted off (Kelly won immunity) and he made no one sad to see him go by wearing his yellow shirt to his fate.

So Paul is gone, the Blue team blew the Black team out of the water and Kelly just wants her teammates to like her. Next week should be fun (lots of crying going on) as we are down to the final 8. I am going out on a limb and betting on Dan or Roger to win it. We shall see!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

I gave it a second chance! And I have to say I am glad. After last weeks pilot episode I was not excited about watching Thursday night's new episode of this new show. I was pleasantly surprised. Although I still think this show has a lot of work to do this past episode was much better than the pilot. I hope that others gave it a chance.

This week found Wendy (Brooke Shield's character) in the midst of a scandal with a not yet published tell all on her desk from a former nanny. The book protrayed her as an evil bitchy man-woman who cares more about work than her family and revels in putting her husband in his place. then there was the Nico story who found out that the young hottie that she slept with last week actually works for her. Hmm...can we say sexual harassment anyone? As for Victory she is cluelessly sinking into no mans land with her fashion business so much so that her assistant stole designs from under her nose (to pass them off as her own) and Victory did not even notice. However, her love life is looking up with the billionaire (Andrew McCarthy is getting cuter this week and growing on me) and she is spending a lot of time telling him not to rescue her.

The major way that I decide that a show is worth watching is deciding whether or not I care about what happens next week. I actually care! I am looking forward to finding out where Nico's affair goes and how Wendy and her husband handle his jealousy. I want to know if Victory continues to date the billionaire and if she can get her business back again. This is why I will watch. I will also watch because I like to see women supporting each other and not putting each other down all of the time (America's Next Top Model anyone?, although I watch that too). We will see how long NBC will allow the show to stay on and if in fact an audience will care to "watch next week".

Make Me a SuperModel

I went out of town and have just watched last Thursday's episode and I am disappointed. Not with the fact that Katy is gone (it was about time) but with the fact that Ronnie landed in the bottom three again. I thought his picture was good and that he did a good job with the acting thing (not with the runway as much but still).

Basic rundown: Katy got eliminated. This week the models were trying to learn how to convey different emotions in their photos. Perry rocked it (again) as did Holly, Jackie, Ben and I thought Ronnie. Then the models had to team up for their runway walk where they were paired up to act out a certain type (rock stars, snotty, classic etc...). On the runway most were not bad. I thought Casey and Perry were a little over the top and that Stephanie was not good at all (which is why she is up for the vote) but I did not think Ronnie was as bad as the judges said. Anyway, Ronnie, Frankie and Stephanie were all in the bottom three.

We will have to wait until next week to see who is going home. Did anyone else see how Ben lifted up Ronnie when he did not go home? I swear something is going on with those boys. Ronnie looked a little uncomfortable when the models were watching the tapes of their loved ones and Ben's wife came on the screen. So sad that Perry did not have a video to watch. His girlfriend did not sound very convincing over the phone (yeah that will last forever). Is Tyson getting a little personality? Holly has this in the bag I think (or Perry but my money is on Holly). The judges love her!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project Runway

The final three have been chosen (well not really but more on that later). Last night was another night of "the more things change the more they stay the same" fare on the greatest reality show ever. The challenge; to create a look inspired by a piece of art from the Met. The prize; a trip to Bryant Park.

Tim took the designers on one last field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The designers were then given cameras and told that one of the pieces of art had to be their inspiration for the final design. Of course Rami stopped in the Rome and Greece statue room where every statue had something draped on them. The rest of the designers took many pictures but settled on paintings for their inspiration.

Back in the workroom, the designs began. Chris's looked like a replica of his avant garde piece, Christian's was fierce (his words not mine)and slightly poofy, Sweet P just looked stricken by the whole idea, Rami was draping and Jillian was doing another coat. All of the designs did seem to represent the art that was chosen but again Rami was draping.

The final pieces were actually pretty good. Most of the time in the final challenge the designs seem a little blah but all of these seemed inspired. The runway show was typical. Christian preened as his look came out (and it did look good), Sweet P bit her lip and Jillian just looked down. Christian won the challenge and he is off to Bryant Park. This was well deserved and his line should be interesting. Jillian is also going to Bryant Park. Interesting choice but she did some good work over the course of the competition. Sweet P, sadly, had to go. Her peacock inspired dress was a little too wearable for the judges (I would not wear it) and she was sent home. So now it is between Chris and Rami. Who is going to Fashion Week? Both and neither one. What?

Both Chris and Rami have to create a collection and one will be chosen to show at Bryant Park. Again, what? So one of these men has to create an entire collection and he might show it on the runway or he might not. Its like a dance off to see who gets in only its a design off!

So that is the final decision and it will be two weeks before we know who is in the final three (next week is the reunion special). I can't decide if I am happy with the decision of the judges or not. I felt that Chris deserves to show more than Rami. He at least showed different designs every week while Rami showed us one dress a thousand different ways.

A few funny tidbits: Jillian got a little snappy with Christian last night (which was nice to see her show emotion), Chris took a nap in the middle of work time (hey he said he was done), Rami must have said that he needed to stay true to himself three to four times, and Tim said some big word to Christian that I can't remember and have never heard in my life.

In two weeks we will know and I cannot wait to see the final collections.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writer's Strike

Finally, the strike is over! We will have to see when our shows will be back but at least I know that some of my shows will be returning this season. That took forever didn't it? Maybe it just seemed like forever because I was watching The Girls Next Door and Millionaire Matchmaker.

The Biggest Loser - Couples

I am starting to get a little apathetic (I know big word right?) about this show. I still love it and I love to see the transformations but everyone needs to stop being so dramatic. It's like Mark said to Allison (of Days of our Lives fame), "we are not in a soap opera here!"

I guess the major shock (and stupid moment) last night was when Jillian brought her "mommy" (yes Jillian calls her mother mommy) in to psychoanalyze the members of her team. It was horrible. I don't need to know what triggered the weight gain, I just want to see them work to get it off. Plus this woman, Jillian's mom, was so soft spoken and condescending (like she was talking to children) that I had to fast forward (God I love Tivo) through her parts. So I still don't know why Paul got fat because I could not listen to her.

On the blue team, they decided to hike instead of being analyzed. You could tell that Bob was slightly sarcastic about the whole business but he gave his guys a choice and they chose hike. Dan needs to get over what happened to his mom. It is a game!! Lets repeat that over and over again. Do not trust anyone when 250 thousand dollars is on the line.

I could not believe that the Black team won the weigh in. But I was glad to see that the Blue team came up with a way to eliminate someone who wanted to go home. Trent will be missed (he had the cutest smile) but at least there was no fighting.

On to next week where once again the game will change forever! Do you think Allison makes up the lines or does she just do the right amount of inflection in them to really get you into the whole thing?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

I have been looking forward to this show since I read about it in my Entertainment Weekly (yes I subscribe). I read the book a few years ago (another shock I know but I do read a lot actually) and was excited about the concept. I even avoided Cashmere Mafia because I read (again, I read) that Darren Starr had stolen Candace Bushnell's idea and I wanted to see the show that she was attached too. After all of that I must say that I was sorely disappointed in the pilot.

Now I am not giving up yet (I hated the show Chuck in the first two episodes but now I love it). The premise is good; three strong women in New York City (yes like Sex and the City but more powerful) in various stages of relationships trying to be women in a mans world. The men seem to be just afterthoughts but I am hoping that some of the relationships develop further. The character of Nico has just embarked on an affair with a much younger man and that looks promising. I also am interested to see how the relationship progresses between Victory and the billionaire (played by Andrew McCarthy, man he got old). The only one that does not seem real and I am not as interested in is Brooke Shields. She does not look very put together for a studio head. Again this was the pilot so we will see how the show progresses.

I will watch again and try to withhold my final judgment until a few episodes air (if NBC lets it stay on long enough). They do have a tendency to yank shows after only two airings. We will see what happens with this one. In the meantime I think I am going to re-read the book. Just as a refresher.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Make Me a Supermodel

Sweet Jay went home! With the parting words, "I will not go back to being a mechanic," we said goodbye to Sweet Jay and hello to New York Fashion Week. By the way, the irony of the situation is that Sweet Jay's strength was his walk and this week it was all about the walk. No pictures were even taken. Highly upsetting but one must move on.

The models arrived at New York Fashion Week with seats at some of the shows. The used this time to "study" the models and their walks. In fact, it was just liking being in class (yuck, seriously).

So the boys and the girls ended up participating in a show for the week and I must say (sorry girls) the boys smoked the girls! All of the guys looked so natural on the runway (even Casey) and the girls (with the exception of Holly) just did not blend in. I am still trying to figure out the appeal of Katy. She is a cute girl but my goodness she is not up to par with the other models.

At the end of the week the models had a runway show and the final three are Ronnie (no way he is going home, right?), Frankie (aka Fabio) and Katy (again!!!). It has to be Katy this time. It just has to be. The panel continues to tell her that she does not have a model look but everyone continues to vote for her. She does not socialize with everyone in the house, she smokes and eats (a lot) and she just does not have the right look. Come on America, you gave up Sweet Jay for her.

We will see how everyone voted next week (not crazy about the suspense but I keep tuning in). Is Perry getting more and more cocky? Great to see cute Ben have a good week but is he getting more and more feminine right before our eyes? Please, please have Ronnie come back! I am starting to like Jackie less and less. I don't know why, I just am. My goodness I am becoming a model bitch!

The Gauntlet III

So another episode and another night of strange people that I don't really know being sent home. The Gauntlet is starting to shape up as a waste of time but alas I have nothing else to watch so I will soldier through it.

Last night started with Brooke (the fake lesbian) and Ev (the real lesbian) on the couch and Brooke telling Ev that she wished she had a penis. So it was said but Ev did not get too mad. Then on to a girl Gantlet day. The challenge was some water thing where the teams had to wring out clothes. The Veterans won because they had more people and the chosen two were Brooke (surprise? not at all! very uncoordinated) and Jillian (who?). Brooke lost and the goodbye between her and Ev was ridiculously long and kind of stupid. Ev cried, Brooke cried, they kissed and clung to each other. Seemed a little over the top for a butchy lesbian and a girl that is still looking for the right "guy" (yes guy she does not want the right girl).

Following the gauntlet, another surprise awaited everyone when the house had a big, drunk party where everyone hooked up. I know, I know such a shock that that went on in the house.

On to the next day and another challenge. Boy gauntlet day and the challenge was a blindfolded maze. Despite having four less people, the rookies almost lost but they prevailed and finally got to sit out a gauntlet. The veterans did not know how to handle sending someone in and there was fighting and CT yelled (I know another shock, right?). Finally the decision was Evan and Johnny. Evan ended up winning a puzzle (with a lot of help from his team) and Johnny went home.

So on to next week of the Gauntlet challenge and we will see what happens. My Tivo cut off before I could see previews and I am not sure that I care enough to watch what will happen. Oh and I forgot to mention that the Rookies did lose one of their big men when Tyrie decided to go home after he found out his girlfriend was going into surgery. Good for him! I did not mention it because I don't know who Tyrie is.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Project Runway

On the episode that Ricky finally gets eliminated (finally!) he does not cry!!!! How is that even possible? But yes folks, Ricky is gone and all is right with the world again (except Chris won? more on that later).

Last night was bizarre! The contestants had to make costumes for the "Divas" of the WWE. Basically as the judges pointed out they got to make super hero outfits. My first inkling that the whole episode was going to be a little bit like the Twilight Zone was when Tim announced that they were going shopping at Spandex House. Did anyone know that there was even a store named Spandex House? I mean we all knew strippers had clothes but now we know where they get the fabric to make them.

The outfits were fun. Christian's leather and lace number was, in fact, fierce (please someone tell him to stop saying it so much) but I had to agree with the judges that Chris's was the best. It is funny that Chris the costume designer won this challenge but even more so that he is still the only constetant that has been eliminated and come back (I don't count Vincent and Angela because they came back at the end and did not win).

Poor Ricky! When the "Divas" came out in their costumes there was no way that you could deny that Ricky's outfit looked like a bathing suit. This is the first time that I was fairly certain of who was going home before the judges announced it. Sweet P's and Rami's were not great but Ricky's was horrible.

Five more remain and next week is another field trip. When is fashion week anyway? I am ready. How funny was Sweet P and Christian's arm wrestling match? Maybe Christian is actually stronger than he looks. When Michael Kors and Nina Garcia had to judge these outfits with a straight face I almost burst out laughing. You could tell that they were out of their element.

So long to Ricky. We will miss your tears and constant assurances that you are qualified. Good luck! I think that you may have a future in trucker hats!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Couples

Last night the Biggest Loser teams were all over the place. I know that we are supposed to feel as if the whole David vs. Goliath thing is real when the Blue team and the Black team are compared but I just don't see how every week the Blue team can expect to win the weigh in (and last night they did not).

At the elimination when the team voted off Jackie (of which I was not surprised even though Mark and Jay swore) I completely expected it and could not understand how she did not see it coming. Her weak story about how homesick Trent was, was a convenient way for her to feel no guilt when she voted a good member of the team off. I say good riddance to Jackie and I hope that her son will still be able to achieve his goals without his mother at the ranch.

The Black team won the challenge (a little lame since it was subjective) and received videos from home. My heart went out to Paul as he watched Kelly's boyfriend (?) tell her how much he missed her. Poor thing is so obviously still in love with her and he tried to save face but you could tell he was still upset. I am starting to really like Bernie a lot. He is hilarious and I actually got a little teary when he was talking about his girlfriend. I am slightly emotional this week, huh?

Anyway, next week looks like more of an emotional roller coaster. How oh how Allison will the game be changed forever (by the way she has said that three times this season already)?

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Super Bowl

I watched the entire game (I am a big football fan) and all of the commercials and I went to bed disappointed. Not only in the game (I was pulling for the Patriots) but in the commercials. The Giants came to play (yuck) so I know that they deserved to win (yuck again) but the commercials did not live up to my expectations either.

The two I loved were both Bud Lite commercials , one with Will Ferrel and the other with the fire breathing allergies. I also liked the Dalmation and the Clydesdale Rocky themed one but it was obviously sentimental and not laugh out loud funny. I wanted to like Justin Timberlake's Pepsi Ad (because I love him) and it was cute but it did not live up to the hype.

Other than that none of the rest were memorable (neither were the Patriots and their offense). So another year, another billion dollars spent on trying to grab our attention and another failure in my mind. How many months until football starts again? What will I do with my Sunday afternoons?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Marathon

Does MTV or VH1 play anything but marathons of ANTM these days? Every time I turn either channel on it seems as if one of the "cycles" of Tyra's beloved show is on. Now understand I adore this show and have been known to veg out in front of the television to watch a marathon but every weekend seems a little excessive, even for me. The good news is that a new "cycle" starts in a few weeks so MTV will have another 15 episodes to run continuously.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gossip Girl Revealed

Its not going to work. This new extended version of the repeat episodes of Gossip Girl is not going to take the place of new episodes. Since the writers strike Gossip Girl is not airing new episodes. It is driving me crazy. Now the CW has taken the old episodes and revamped them with "never before seen scenes" and we are supposed to accept that until new episodes start airing again. I need to know what is going to happen. Please, please give the writers what they want. I can't take it anymore!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

Once again sweet Jay is in the bottom three! He was saved last night when Aryn went home instead (good riddance) and then at the end of the episode he joined Casey and Katy in the bottom three again. Please do not let Jay go home. He seems so nice and sweet. He cannot help it that he is uncomfortable with the modeling thing that he has never done. Plus Casey is not attractive to me at all. His hair is stringy and he looks too much like a girl.

Last night was about the models getting comfortable with their bodies. They had to pose nude for an art class and hold a pose. Then it was on to performance art (Stephanie rocked) and a photo shoot that grouped them together. The photographer removed Casey and Jay from the photo (hence the bottom three) and shot the picture without them which I had a hard time understanding. He said they did not fit but of course my untrained eye did not see that.

The catwalk was interesting because of the couture clothing that the models wore. I hated Frankie's walk and I have a hard time with Casey's walk (he is so flat-footed) but it is the judge's decision and Katy, Casey and Jay ended up in the bottom three.

I actually went online and tried to vote last night (never done that before but I could not sleep) and the website was a little messed up but I hope I got a few votes in for Jay. I am sure that he will be out next week (the judges don't see potential). I assume that it will either be him or Katy because for some reason the judges love Casey's look (yuck).

Personal note..still a little uncomfortable with the Ronnie and Ben thing. Ronnie professed his love for Ben last night (or his crush) and Ben reiterated how much he loved his wife but it was still weird. Perry is hilarious. The teacher/student party was great. Holly just seems so out of the whole social thing doesn't she? Can't wait to see who goes home next Thursday.