Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Schools Out for the Summer!

One of the best things about being a teacher, besides the whole molding young minds thing, is that there is an end date to our year.  Yep that is right, I am done for the summer.  School is out and I am so ready for a break this year.  I am looking forward to hanging with my kids travelling a little and just taking a deep breath.  My kids have 8 more days so I am trying to get the house in order so that when they are done, we can play.  Happy Summer to you all!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I sometimes take for granted my life and how great it actually is.  Thank you to all that make my life and all of our lives possible.  I am in awe of selfless people.  Happy Memorial Day to all and here is hoping that the ones fighting now can come home very soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

This has been my week.  My last day of school is Friday and it has been crazy! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Forget Something?

I don't normally watch music awards shows.  But I was perusing the blogs after the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night just to see who won and some of the crazy outfits.  This one stood out to me and obviously not in a good way....

I think that Miley Cyrus is trying so hard to not be Hannah Montana anymore that she forgot her pants (and a dress and to open her eyes).  This looks like the jacket you throw on the morning after a one night stand and you have to hurry home (aka the walk of shame).  I get it, no more child star, but at least try to purchase an entire outfit....

Friday, May 18, 2012

Magic What?

As my good friend David Dust stated yesterday, I am so ready for this movie.  Magic Mike opens June 29th and I will be there.....

and if there were ever any questions about Matthew McConaughey and his ass...

"I don't need a stunt a––."
Matthew McConaughey, who really backs up his performance in the male stripper film Magic Mike, to the Advocate


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Glee - Out of Body Nationals

Last night's super-sized Glee was fun (love it when they find the fun again) but I must admit a little disappointing.  All the hoopla about Lohan being on the show and basically she had 3 (maybe 4) lines.  Plus, and I know we say this all the time, she looks nothing like her former self.  Pictured below is the actress formerly known as Lohan....

Anyway, some of my favorite moments from last night...

  • Tina becoming Rachel, Puck and Finn becoming Kurt and Blaine, Mercedes as Brittany, Artie as Santana and so on.  It was a great dream sequence and I loved watching everyone mimicking their friends.  
  • Puck and Beiste singing Mean by Taylor Swift.  I actually like this song a lot and this song was one that actually fit right into the plot seamlessly.
  • Love love love Paradise by the Dashboard Light and I love that this was the vintage song that New Directions chose to sing.
  • Unique from Vocal Adrenaline was awesome.  That boy/girl has some stage presence.  
  • Of course it was great that New Directions won but even better Schue won for Teacher of the Year and the performance of We are the Champions!
All and all a great 2 hours of television but it really made me wonder, what will happen when all the people that I love leave?  Will Glee be Glee without Puck, Mercedes, Tina, Kurt, Rachel and Finn (and Sam and Quinn and Artie and Brittany and Santana and so on).  With graduation coming what is going to happen? 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wade or George?

I have been watching Hart of Dixie all season and last night's season finale finally allowed Zoe to have some sweet, sweet lovin from Wade (who I wanted her to be with all season).  For those of you not in the know, brief rundown....

Zoe (a doctor) moved to town, met George (who was engaged) and then moved in next door to Wade (who is a screw-up).  All season Wade and Zoe have been fighting and Zoe and George have been polite.  George found out his fiancee cheated and he went with Zoe to New Orleans and they kissed, he then went back to his fiancee.  Meanwhile Wade has developed feelings for Zoe but felt as if he was not good enough.  George and Lemon (yep that is his fiance's name) were supposed to get married last night but George called it off at the last minute.  Wade and Zoe were stuck in a barn in a storm and had major foreplay which they acted on when they got home and then George showed up at Zoe's door with Wade in the other room naked.  Caught up yet?  And now we must wait until the fall to see what happened.  Here are the pictures and yes I would have picked Wade as well.  Jason Street (I mean George, sorry FNL reference) is a little boring. 

Wade is hot!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

How I Met Your Mother - The Barnman and Robin?

Do not read this if you have not watched tonight's season finale of How I Met Your Mother....

I am so excited!  I know that the people on this show are not real but I feel as if I know Marshall and Lily, Ted, Barney and Robin.  So I spent the evening watching my friends have a baby, get engaged to the wrong woman, run off with the wrong woman, and eventually marry the right woman (I hope). 

As previously stated, Marshall and Lily finally gave birth to their son.  It took Marshall awhile to arrive but he finally made it to greet Marvin Waitforit Erickson into this world (coolest middle name ever).

We then watched Robin give Ted a pep talk about the one that got away (Victoria) and he called her.  Victoria agreed to meet up with Ted, in her wedding gown no less and they had a little chat.  Next thing we know Ted and Victoria are running off together.  Really?????

And then there was Barney (and Quinn).  They were off to Hawaii but first Barney got stopped by security with a suspicious looking box that just so happened to have an engagement ring in it for Quinn.  No!!!!!!!

Fast forward into the future and we once again get a glimpse of Barney's wedding day but we finally get to see the bride and it is....wait for it....Robin!  Yes!  And all is right with the world. 

What did you think?  Anyone?  Anyone? 

Everything I wanted...I think?!

The season finale of Once Upon a Time last night was everything I wanted and more, I think.  Snow and Charming together in both lands, Emma slaying the dragon, Henry coming back from the dead, Regina getting her comeuppance, etc, etc.  But, as any season finale will do, we were left with so many questions that will not be answered until next season.  Plus, did anyone else feel a little sorry for Regina/the Evil Queen?  I like to hate my villains, not feel sorry for them.  Anyway, the questions that will be left unanswered all summer....

  • What in the world is the purple stuff (I know its magic) but how will it affect Storybrook?
  • Will August be OK or is he destined to be a wooden puppet forever?
  • Will Jefferson ever find his daughter?
  • Does finding Belle make Gold/Rumple more human or will he still be a power-hungry crazy man?
  • What happens to Henry now?
  • Will Emma call Mary Margaret and David, Mom and Dad, and doesn't that seem weird since they are her age?
  • In Storybrook land does Red become a werewolf?
So my friends who love the show as much as I do, what are your burning questions?  Did I miss anything important?  How man months until our fairytale friends come back?

Real or Not Real???

Whenever I see a picture of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel together, it always looks as if she is way more in to the relationship then he is.  Maybe it is a little hopeful thinking on my part (I will always love JT) but he just does not seem as serious as she is....

Just sayin.....

Friday, May 11, 2012

I Could Not Resist...

I always wanted to be a badass....oh well Happy Friday everyone.  It took awhile but it is here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So Many Great Things About North Carolina, Just 1 Thing Though...

I am normally very proud of where I am from.  North Carolina was a wonderful place to grow up full of Southern traditions and nice friendly people that say yes ma'am.  Then yesterday happened.  If you were unaware, NC voted for an amendment that strictly speaking, defines marriage between a man and a woman...only.  Thus making same-sex marriage impossible.  I am disgusted by my home and the discrimination that was established in the vote yesterday. 

5 Things that I love about North Carolina....

1.  Sports - Home to the Carolina Panthers, my beloved NC State Wolfpack, the Durham Bulls etc...
2.  Bojangles - Ya'll know how I feel about the chicken biscuits and sweet tea.
3.  Michael Jordan, James Taylor, Zach Galiafinakis, Emily Proctor, Chris Daughtry and more are from NC.
4.  The beaches and the mountains.
5.  Don't ever forget about the Wright Brothers...

1 Thing that I can't stand

 The religious zealots that make the less educated believe that God thinks that homosexuality is a sin and is wrong.  If one truly believes that there is 1 God (as I do) then you must believe that God does not create junk and he makes no mistakes.  God does not hate, love is love, and homosexuality is a trait not a chosen lifestyle. 

Still a republican, still a conservative and I still don't believe that I have any right to tell anyone how to live their life and who they can love.  As I step down from my soapbox, I must say to all of my Gay friends out there, I am so sorry and I hope that our future brings about a newer understanding and acceptance for all. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Only 1 More Epsiode Left - Once Upon a Time?!

I am excited and yes sad (this is how I get at the end of every television season) to see the finale of THE BEST SHOW on television, Once Upon a Time.  Next week, the confrontation between Emma and Regina finally comes to a head.  I cannot wait!  Regina using the last of her magic, Henry eating the apple, August becoming more and more wooden, Snow being a bad ass to save Charming from the castle, all of this led to an hour of television last night that I have already watched twice and will probably watch a few more times before Sunday night. 

Who knows what is going to happen?  Does anyone have any ideas?  I got nothing but the wheels are starting to turn.  Oh and how cool is it that the Queen can never kill Emma if she wants to curse to not be broken.  Love that twist....

Joan Jett Rocks!

Down here in South Florida we have a music festival thing called SunFest.  I have been the last few years and have seen some oldies but goodies and this weekend was no exception.  We got to see Joan Jett rock out on stage and even got to meet the legend and get a picture before the show.  She seemed nice, normal (as normal as any 54 woman would with that hair and outfit) and slightly nervous.  Here is a picture of her rocking out

and here is the photo of the husband and I meeting her. 

Very cool weekend!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lots on my mind...help!

Crazy time right now and I have not been posting as much.  Plus I am struggling with something and I need to put it out there.  Last week on Glee (did you see it? the first Whitney song was the best of the season) there was some rumblings of Kurt cheating on Blaine based on a "texting" relationship.  As this is airing, I am listening to a co-worker who is upset about finding emails from her husband and another woman.  Is this cheating? 

The texting on Glee was flirty and fun and constant.  Chandler (the other boy) was crushing on Kurt and was flirting outrageously.  And Kurt was flirting back, acknowledging that this "other boy" was giving him something that Blaine was not. 

My co-worker found emails that spanned a year and even though the husband denies anything physical happening, the emails were constant and (in my opinion) inappropriate.  "Wish you were here", "love to see you in the shower" kind of stuff. 

So my question is, how mad would you be?  Is this cheating?  If you are relying on someone else to give you something that your partner cannot or is not giving you, are you being unfaithful?  And, is this enough to end a relationship?  I guess I am just wondering where you draw the line and once you step over that line, can you go back?  Anyone????