Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol - Who has soul?

I just watched American Idol from last night and I had a few comments about the performances. I was impressed with Usher as a mentor only because he seems to have so much personality. He made Miley Cyrus from last week seem like a robot. Anyway here are my observations:

  • I know everyone said that this was the year of the woman on Idol but besides Crystal no other girl had a strong performances last night. The boys rocked it!
  • Note to Siobhan, screaming does not equal singing. Enough said.
  • I read a tweet last night that wondered if Big Mike could get a bigger guitar. It was noted that his looked like a smurf guitar. This made me smile.
  • I was so happy that Andrew was back and in a big way last night. he looked adorable and he sang his heart out.
  • Anyone who does not think that the final two will be Lee and Crystal please let me know because I cannot imagine it being anyone else.
  • My bottom three this week were Tim, Katie and Didi. Thinking that either Didi or Tim will be going home.
Any comments? Did anyone else watch this last night or was everyone watching Dancing With the Stars?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Favorite Show - Parenthood

If you are not watching the new show Parenthood on NBC, you need to be. Not in a long time has a show made me laugh and cry and think without being preachy (remember the early years of The West Wing). I recently wrote a review for the show on it is. If you are watching let me know what you think.

With bated breath I awaited this new show on NBC. I could not wait to see what the struggling network would do with Parenthood, loosely based on the movie (of which I also loved) from 1989. As news of the cast began to trickle down I became more and more excited. Craig T. Nelson, Lauren Graham (replacing Maura Tierney), Peter Krause, Mae Whitman and Monica Potter just to name a few of the stars became the headliners of an amazing cast. Here we go again NBC! All this hype and I just knew at this point that the show was not going to live up my expectations (anyone remember Studio 60?). After watching the first few episodes, I must admit that I was wrong. Finally a show (from NBC no less) that has lived up to the hype.

The story follows a close-knit, white, middle-class family (the Bravermans) as they go about their day-to-day life. With divorce, raising teenagers, a family where traditional roles are reversed and starting over as the major themes, the show seems to have something for everyone.

As the patriarch of the family, Craig T. Nelson is extremely charismatic and perfect for the part. He is gruff when he needs to be and helpful when it is expected. Although, the true “glue” of the family is Adam Braverman (played by Peter Krause). As the big brother he is the one that everyone calls upon to solve the problems and keep the family together. With two children of his own (one of which has just been diagnosed with Aspergers) Adam has his own issues but always seems to have time for his brother and sisters. The other three siblings (played by Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, and Erika Christensen) all have families of their own but are so believable in their family interactions.

Parenthood is well acted, well written and flows between storylines so well the transitions seem seamless. Even the younger generation (including the amazing Mae Whitman) is believable and heartfelt without seeming kitschy or over-indulgent.

For a show that seemed destined to fail after the staggering amount of hype heaped upon its shoulders, I am pleased to announce that thus far, Parenthood has lived up to the hype. The show is up against extremely strong contenders on Tuesday nights at 10 (The Good Wife, Southland etc) and seems to be holding its own (thank goodness for DVR and Tivo).

Gossip Girl - What is wrong with me?

I watched last night's Gossip Girl with hoping that (1) there would be less about Dan and Vanessa, (2) the Jenny storyline would be placed on the back burner and (3) the actress playing Chuck's mother would become a better actress. Sadly not one of my list was fulfilled. Here is my heartfelt plea to the Gossip Girl writers in hopes that we can move on to bigger and better things.

  • Get Jenny back in school. The scenes with Eric (where is he?) and Jenny fighting for the queendom were fun and age appropriate. I am tired of Jenny the rebel, Jenny the runaway and Jenny the drug-dealer. She is still in high school.
  • Dan and Vanessa are boring and stupid together. Plus what is up with Dan's hair? I just think that we have been led to believe for so long that the two are friends and now with them sleeping together it just seems a little incestuous and weird.
  • Speaking of incestuous; does it bother anyone else when Serena is giving Vanessa advice on keeping things "hot" and "new" with Dan. The two girls are going back and forth about their men when each has slept with the other. Its too much!
  • I am extremely disappointed in the casting for Chuck's mom. Chuck deserved a dynamic diva for a mother and we got a passive weakling whose voice will drive you crazy if you listen very long. I say good riddance to her and hope that she does not return.
  • As for the Jack storyline, I do feel that this is moving in the right direction and look forward to Chuck Bass coming back as his usual vindictive, bad ass self.
Come on Gossip Girl do not let me down now. As one of my few guilty pleasures I would like to watch an episode without fast forwarding more than I actually view.


This week the children and I are on Spring Break (I do love being a teacher). On Friday (of last week) my husband and I took the kids on a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas. Good fun was had by all but we are glad to be home and have the rest of the week to chill. While on the cruise I ate like I was 20 and weighed 100 pounds (because I weighed 100 pounds when I was 20). Since I am no longer 20 and I no longer weigh 100 pounds I have to go back on a diet. Bathing suit season has arrived in Sunny South Florida and I am not ready (by a long shot). Here we go again....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goodbye J and J on The Amazing Race

After watching Sunday night's episode of The Amazing Race, reluctantly I must say goodbye to my favorite couple of the season. Jordan and Jeff have been fun and have given us all something to laugh at and they have been able to laugh at themselves (most of the time). I got a kick out of Jordan's entire Joan of Arc conversation (Noah and Joan must get confused all the time) while Jeff just smiled and informed her that she was thinking of Noah. Or when Jeff announced that the reason that kids should watch the two of them is to remind them to stay in school. I loved their whole attitude and they will be missed. Pretty and dumb but with a great attitude is an awesome combination. Goodbye J and J, now I am unsure who to pull for to win the race. Thanks for making us laugh.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just When You Think Someone Has It All...

I feel badly for Sandra Bullock. Last week we were all lamenting on how her time had finally come. She won all of the awards. She looked so happy and sweet with her husband and he obviously was totally in love with her (did you not see the look that he gave her on stage?) and then this horrible story came out. Does every man cheat? And if he did why? This is all I will say about this but hopefully she will come out of this with her sense of humor still intact (what I love about her most is her ability to laugh at herself).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol - Who Goes Home Tonight?

**** Just an update on this....I was right. Lacey Brown was sent home. I am good....

So I watched the entire top 12 perform last night. I am still a little underwhelmed by the show (I have to admit SYTYCD is better) but I have my favorites (Crystal, Andrew and Lee). I am not jumping on the Siobhan bandwagon (too weird for me). Now the question is; who goes home tonight? I have to think that Tim, Lacey or Katie will be heading out. What are you thinking? Actually my feeling is that Lacey's time has come. We'll see tonight...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can I Be A Cougar?

I know that I can be a cougar. I am old enough, I am just not sure I am hot enough (I'm not). You know that you always imagine a Cougar as a really hot older woman. Anyway, did a pictorial on "Cougar Bait" and here are my favorites...they are all hot and under 25. Now which one would I leave my husband for....hmmmm?

OK maybe I won't leave my husband but I can drool right?

Monday, March 15, 2010

When the Cat's Away...

OK, OK I know that I have been gone for a bit. I cannot seem to shake this cold and my head weighs a ton but in my absence I started to get random messages on my blog. Someone trying to sell something, someone worried about my faith....and someone writing in Chinese (or Japanese) that I could not understand. Please know that I love (love love love) comments about what I write. I am a comment ho. If you comment it means you have read what I have written which excites me to no end. But (you knew there was going to be a but) I am not sure that the comments section of a blog needs to be about selling me something or saving my soul. As for the comments that I cannot understand I sure hope you are not telling me I suck (in so many words). All of these means that I am trying to get back (I still feel like shit) but in my absence please leave comments (just not about buying, selling, saving or symbols). Miss you all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taking a Little Break....

I have been under the weather all week (just a bad cold) and have not slept well. I need to step away from the computer and try to focus on other things. I do have a few comments about the Oscars that might keep and now that Gossip Girl is back and The Amazing Race you just know I want to say something about that as well. So anyway, have a good couple of days and I will come back with a vengeance by the end of the week. Later all..

Sunday, March 7, 2010


As most of you know (if you do not live under a rock) tonight is Oscar Night! Now normally I begin watching award shows early (arrival specials galore), I order Chinese takeout, put my PJ's on, and hunker down for the duration. Well, not tonight. I have a fundraiser to go to (nice planning right). Now I know that the children need our help, and I am aware that I get a free meal (and drinks) out of this function but I must say I am a little disappointed.

Hopefully I will be home in time to catch a few of the awards and to check out the twitter comments. Have fun all of my blogger people. I know you will be watching for me.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

NPH on Glee Details...

Michael Ausiello is my God. He has discovered the information about Neil Patrick Harris' Glee appearance ( Read below:

It’s official: Neil Patrick Harris’ forthcoming guest appearance on Glee will without a doubt be legen — wait for it… here it comes — dary.

I just got my hands on some fresh intel surrounding Harris’ role in the Joss Whedon-helmed episode, so you best stop reading, spoilerphobes!

According to a Glee insider, NPH will play Bryan Adam (ha!), a high school glee club nemesis of Will’s (Matthew Morrison) who resurfaces as a board member at William McKinley.

“Flashback scenes will show Bryan picking up girls and getting all the cool solos,” reveals the source, “while Will sits off in the sidelines.”

The stage for a present-day rematch is set when Harris’ character announces his intent to cut the arts programs at the school. “Show choir ruined his life, made him feel he could be a star, but all he could do is book Carnival cruises,” explains the insider. “Now he wants vengeance.”

The episode — which I’m told features a climactic duet between Harris and Morrison — goes before the cameras next week and is slated to air during May sweeps.

Legen — wait for it… here it comes — dary stuff, right?

BTW, Glee returns with the first of nine new episodes in 40 days.

I am so excited about this news and cannot wait until Glee returns (have I said this too much).

Who Goes Home on Idol?

After watching both the men and the women on American Idol my picks to go home are:

John Park - I have not heard a good note from him yet. The John Mayer song that he performed was just painful to listen to. Yes he is cute but cute does not help you with the notes. Plus he has no personality.

Jermaine Sellers - Although he has personality plus, Jermaine just cannot catch a break. His Marvin Gaye song (although a classic) was just not suited to him or his voice. Once again I have not heard anything good from him and yes he is a snazzy dresser (questioning the Bobby Brown hair though) but fashion sense does not an Idol make.

Haley Vaughn - The Climb was destroyed after this rendition. This girl has a great smile (to quote Ellen) but she is no Miley Cyrus. It was awful and I hate to say that because she is so perky and young but I think Haley is out of her league.

Lacey Brown - Her backstory is great. She almost made it last year and then was one of the final ones to get cut. Of course you want to pull from her but the tinny quality of her voice just does nothing for me and her performance was one of the worst of the night.

What did you think? Who will be going home?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Amazing Race - Outlassoed...

I have to wait until Tuesday night to watch the Amazing Race so that my children can watch with me. They love the show and I will not allow them to stay up to watch (I know I am a mean mom). Anyway, we just watched this week's episode and here are my basic thoughts.

I love that the cowboys are doing so well because no one thinks that they are very smart. The kids and I even watched the "Elimination Station" (this is online and shows when the booted teams arrive at the holding place until the show is over) and everyone was shocked that the Cowboys were still racing. My only complaint is that this week all activities seemed geared to keeping the Cowboys in first place. I mean lassoing and horses; what more could they have asked for?

I felt so bad for Caite and Brent and the puking. You know Caite had to be just appalled by the fact that she threw up on national television. They pulled it together and did not finish last (just barely) but I am wondering if their delicate little bodies can handle the grueling race.

Kudos to the dad and daughter team (Steve and Allie) for jumping ahead a few spots to finish in 2nd place. They ran a great leg; even with Steve falling (again).

As for the eliminated team. I did not feel either way about Monique and Shawne. They seemed like good competitors but we really did not get to know them at all.

One final note...funniest line of the night; when Jeff looked and Jordan and said "I am not sure if we should reproduce" after failing to understand the clue for the 3rd or 4th time. They are quickly becoming my favorite team.

Any thoughts?

New Show Tonight...

A new show premieres tonight on NBC called Parenthood. I loved the Steve Martin movie years ago and I am going to check out the show tonight. Plus the cast includes Craig T. Nelson (hello Coach) and Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls). Anyone else going to watch? I will let you know what I think after I check it out....