Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Biggest Loser's Dan Evans Releases a CD

See the full story here on People.com. After losing a bunch of weight; Dan from last season's Biggest Loser has decided to become a country music star (or gospel I am not sure which).

He looks good and has maintained most of his weight loss but the first listen (also on People) does not sound great.

We'll have to see how the CD fares. Don't forget The Biggest Loser is on tonight.

The Amazing Race (Sort of)

I have been remiss in my blog duties lately. With being out of town and then trying to work and get the children where they need to be, my television watching has been confined to about two hours a night (not enough, not nearly enough). I did finally watch the newest round of The Amazing Race last night and I will be brief.

After so much hype about the bee keepers, Anita and Arthur, I felt as if we never really got a chance to know them. They were eliminated first and there was no real camera time spent with them. I will say that if I lived in Salvador, Brazil and saw Anita and Arthur coming I probably would have taken a second look. Hippie is an understatement.

As for the rest of the teams, the jury is still out. It usually takes me a few weeks to pick my favorites and no one stood out thus far. I did enjoy the brother/sister bond of Starr and Nick and I hated the way that Terence spoke to Sarah but it was just the premiere so more on that next week. I always hate it when someone says "I am not here to make friends" (Terence). My feeling is; shouldn't you be nice and if you make friends that is just an extra bonus.

OK, OK I will take my Pollyanna self back to the television and watch Gossip Girl right now. No school today for a Jewish holiday. We were not used to this in North Carlina but if they want to close the schools it is fine by me. My children agree. Later taters.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I still watch...

I still watch ER (I know, I know so outdated) and actually cried last night when Dr. Pratt (Mekhi Phifer) died on the show. I know it is the last season and people are moving on but why did he have to die? Just to let you know Mekhi; you were the reason that I continued to watch these last few years. Now what am I going to do?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Runway - Fashion Rocks!

Did I ever think that there would be a moment on the show that I was actually pulling for Suede? No I did not but alas this happened last night and I must say I do not regret it in any way and I am disappointed that he is gone. The reason that I am disappointed that Suede is gone is because Kenley was able to stay. Yes Suede annoyed the hell out of me, yes I hated the third person weird thing he had going on but he has never (never, ever) talked back to Tim and rolled his eyes at Nina. I was just flabbergasted at Kenley's attitude last night and the fact that the judges kept her around was against all of the rules of the game. You don't talk back to Tim, you don't roll your eyes and fight with the judges and you don't constantly whine about the fact that you have it so much harder than everyone else. She (Kenley) is a conceited, condescending, stuck in the 50's, bitch and she must be destroyed.

Last night all of the designers had to create an outfit for a fellow designer using a genre of music as inspiration. Korto's punk Suede was by far the best.

The judges liked Jerell's pop outfit for Kenley but the outfit was a little too skanky for my taste.

Korto won easily and skipped off the runway in her cowboy boots (Leanne's country creation).

Obviously from my rant above, Kenley and Suede were the bottom two. Kenley created a "hip-hop" look for Leanne. The reason hip-hop is in parentheses is because Kenley's outfit was so far from hip-hop that it could have been Mom trying to be cool. LL (he did look good by the way) had it right when he compared her high-waisted jeans to mom jeans. There was no way in hell that any hip-hop lover would ever purchase that outfit.

As for Suede's rock look for Jerell, it was not that bad. Maybe a little boring, maybe a little too safe but compared to Kenley's outfit it was a masterpiece. It did not matter because Suede was sent packing and Kenley was to remain to annoy us all for another week.

Next week Kenley actually talks down to Heidi. Who is next for this girl? Later taters.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Families

I really want Bob to be my trainer. He seems so levelheaded compared to Jillian. Although fear is a good motivator, so maybe she would be the one to whip my ass into shape. I just need someone to get me off the couch and back into my skinny jeans. Is that to much to ask?

Anyway....last night started like any other night. The teams were all sad to see the green team go but relieved that they had another week on campus. I am really digging the Red team, Phillip and Amy. They seem to be in sync with each other and being from North Carolina, their accent makes me long for home.

The big theme of last night was how hard the second week is for all of the past seasons. This is the week that most teams plateau after a good first week and the trainers warn all of the teams that more than likely it will happen. Here comes Alison with a $10,000 prize for anyone who can pick an average weight loss and beat that average. The Yellow team, father/daughter Jerry and Coleen, won the bidding war and had to lose more than 13 pounds to beat their average. Jillian was so mad that there was actual fire coming out of her ears.

Next up was the challenge for the week to earn a phone call home. The challenge was a timed slip-n-slide and then a climb back up the hill. Both Coleen and LT (little Tommy) had to compete alone since both fathers were unable to participate for health reasons. The Orange team, Heba and Ed, came out victorious and gave a free phone call to Phil and Amy (Red). Just a small side note; did anyone else notice how close the highway was to the slip-n-slide game? I was amazed at how close those cars seemed to be to the participants. What if they slid right off of the edge? Just a thought.

After the last chance workout it was time for the weigh-in. Of course Coleen and Jerry (Yellow) did not meet their goal and were automatically placed beneath the yellow line. Tom and LT (Gray) were the other team to be placed in the dreaded position as well. Now the vote; as soon as LT said that he expected a vote from orange because of what he had done in week one, I knew it was over for Gray. No one ever follows through in this game. There are no alliances!!! Repeat this over and over. Only one person can win the $250,000 so it is always every man for him/herself.

The Gray team was sent home and next week the remaining teams are going to the Grand Canyon? Should be interesting? And yes I still watched while eating dessert. When will I learn?

Busy Wednesday...

I actually have to work today (I know everyone is shocked) so I will discuss The Biggest Loser this afternoon. In the meantime I know that everyone (including David Dust hee hee) is shocked that Clay Aiken has come out of the closet. Did anyone ever actually question his sexuality? Anyway thought that the amount of press he is receiving is over the top and hilarious. Please, please tell us something we don't know People.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

90210 Gets Picked Up for Full Season?

Really? How soon will it be before everyone realizes that the young ones cannot act and all we really want is the continuation of storylines for the characters we love from long, long ago. In the article (read it here) the ratings for the premiere were great for the first week, went down for the second and back up for the third when Brenda revealed the father of Kelly's child. Now I ask you, what do we really care about?

Gossip Girl - A New Sheriff is in Town

Serena as the new Queen "B"; I am not sure that I am buying it but it certainly made for a juicy episode last night. Although I am trying to piece the whole hour together since Comcast (did I mention how much I hate them) HD went out about halfway through the show. But I got the basic gist and I have already sent my angry email this morning (I have been up for awhile).

Serena sees Dan with a new girl (unbeknownst to everyone she was hired by Chuck Bass) and gets jealous. Dan asks the new girl out, Chuck eggs the minions on and viola Serena has become the new mean girl of the school. Now where was Blair during all of this mess? Funny you should ask; The Duchess paid a little visit to Vanessa to pay her off and Vanessa went to return the check. While she was in the apartment she views (and gets a picture) of The Duchess having an affair with Marcus (yes her stepson and yes gross). Vanessa takes this information to Blair in hopes that this will help Nate. Now Blair (with her scheming self) does work out a deal but Vanessa ruins it by going to The Duke herself. See what I mean Blair was just busy which is why she did not witness Serena's rise to power.

So now Serena is the new Queen, Blair is trying to figure out what happened, Check Bass is proud of himself and the way things worked out, Vanessa and Nate are not talking because Vanessa went to Blair and not him with the information that she had, and Dan has become a social pariah. How is that for an episode? If there is anything that I missed please let me know. Its getting good...90210? Not even close. Till next week. XOXO

Monday, September 22, 2008

I was so bored last night. I usually adore awards shows but last night's show was just dull. The five host format was too much and if anyone could get Howie Mandel to shut up I would have liked to see that. Plus the whole stripping thing with Heidi was a bit much.

Neil Patrick Harris did not win (although I do love Jeremy Piven he needs to spread the wealth) which was disappointing and Kathy Griffin is an annoying hag. I saw no major fashion faux pas but I am sure that someone will point the finger at one of the stars to say that they looked horrible. All in all a major drag. Lets hope that this is not a precursor for the new fall season!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Emmy Awards Tonight

Of course I will be watching tonight. Just a few things...I am still pissed because Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race was not nominated for an Emmy in the Reality Host category. His show is always nominated but he is insignificant. I think not! Also, I am really hoping that Neil Patrick Harris wins an Emmy for his outstanding work as Barney on How I Met Your Mother. He truly makes this show hilarious and I think that he deserves to be recognized. Love Entourage and hate The Office (sorry I know I just made some wince). We'll discuss the winners and losers tomorrow. Any predictions? Later taters.

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 11

I just hate to be too pretty says Brittany, one of the models from cycle 11. Yes Brittany when you are trying to win a modeling competition pretty can be a problem. I guess pretty was a problem for Brittany because she was sent home this week. Makeovers ensued with nothing too drastic except a mop of red on Elina and some shorter cuts. There was one girl that went from blond to dark (Clark I think) but her pictures still sucked. With all of the new shows coming up this week I may not have the time nor the energy to discuss this one. This decision was made when Tyra, dressed as a fairy princess, was shown in a bubble on the screen while the makeovers were happening. Just a little too much (stupid that is) for me. Later taters!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Runway - What Mama Says

I hate Kenley (or as David Dust calls her Stankley)! She is a mean girl and she must be destroyed. Now I was never a big Joe fan but to be laughed at on the runway when you are already being critiqued is liking kicking a dog when they are down. And that outfit she created last night was not attractive (ahem Cynthia Rowley) and looked like everything else she has created. Because, as she says in her weird lispy voice, that is her aesthetic. Ass...thetic is more like it!

OK I am done, here is the gist of last night's episode. The clients for the 6 remaining designers last night were young girls, just out of college who were looking for or just starting their careers. Of course the twist was that not only did the designers have to deal with the girls but the girls mother's were along for the ride.

Now I will admit that Joe missed the mark. His girl was a cute, funky graphic designer and he put her in a pinstriped skirt. She looked frumpy and old and none of the design showed off her quirky style.

However, Suede (how is he still here?) created a dress (because that's what Suede does) and jacket that just looked outdated. Once again Suede squeaks by (he is the equivalent of last season's Ricky) and Joe is sent home.

For the second week in a row, Jerell wins the challenge. This one was well deserved (except for that thing he wore on his head to judging) and his girl looked sleek, sophisticated and age appropriate (thank you Michael Kors for teaching me something). Both Kenley and Korto were also in the top and surprise of all surprises Leanne was in the bottom three. I thought she could do no wrong.

Lets break it down....5 designers left, Suede is still here somehow, Jerell wears funky crap on his head, Korto is the best, Leanne has no personality and Kenley is a bitch! Later taters!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Families

Another season and yet again so many people with so many stories. Last night on the season premiere of the Biggest Loser, Bob and Jillian drove all over the country announcing to the teams who was going to be on the show. Jillian collected four teams of parent/child combinations and Bob's four teams were husband/wife.

Early on I knew that the green team (Adam and Stacey) was in trouble because of their total confidence in being the team to beat. At the weigh-in they lost the least amount of weight and were sent packing by the other teams.

As for the rest of the teams we will see who emerges as the hardest working and most motivated. Jillian has two men that are unable to work out as much as the rest of the group for health reasons and Bob has a few whiners in the group that seem to be holding their spouses back just a little.

The idea behind the family edition is to see who works better together; parent/child or husband/wife, and whether or not blood is really thicker than water. Only this season will tell (not really but I am trying to talk it up). Now maybe I should get my behind outside and walk around the neighborhood.

So Now We Know - 90210

Last night was the big "reveal" on 90210 and we found out the true identity of Kelly's child. Of course it was Dylan. Brandon would never abandon a baby nor would he shirk a responsibility. Of course the news came out while Kelly and Brenda were having a heated discussion about the new man in Kelly's life. If I heard "him" one more time without a name I was going to call the CW myself but finally after three (or four) "hims" we got a name. Now the question remains; do I walk away from this show? It is dumb, very few of the characters have any redeeming qualities and again the acting is just painful to watch. But (always a but) what if I leave now and Luke Perry, or better yet Jason Priestley, come to visit? Or what if Tori Spelling gets over her money issues and decides to pay the girls a visit. I am not sure if I am ready to jump ship but when you watch an entire episode (and fast forward through the truly bad parts) just to get one name from someone maybe it is time to reevaluate. Check out the full story on People.com here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gossip Girl in the Dark

Amidst the hype that was last nights episode a couple of interesting things happened.

Chuck Bass admitted (freely) that he cannot get it up for anyone but Blaire at the moment. As Serena compared her best friend to Drano (and told Chuck he could not clean himself out with Blaire) we all knew that it was downhill from there. Chuck attempted to use the blackout to his advantage and even used his "fake" English accent to make Blaire believe he was really the Lord but the lights came on and Chuck was left royally f***ed (not literally).

Dan and Serena ended up in an elevator and had to finally discuss their issues. The issues being that neither one can compromise enough to fit into the others world. So the elevator doors opened and the relationship is now over although they both still love the other (?). As we all know this is far from over but we will watch the parade of useless guest stars that Dan and Serena have to date before realizing that they are in fact perfect for each other.

Finally, Nate has become a gigolo (Dan's word not mine) and after coming clean to Vanessa, Nate sees a light at the end of the tunnel. But no, like every other man (on television anyway) Nate cannot keep his mouth shut in bed and tells the Duchess the one secret that cannot get out; where his father is hiding. The Duchess uses this information to get rid of Vanessa and to keep Nate as her own little boy toy.

Next week the kids (?) are going back to school. You know you love me. XOXO

The Biggest Loser - Tonight

The Biggest Loser Families begins tonight at 8:00pm on NBC. Bob and Jillian are back as the trainers and once again the show should inspire us to get off of our ass and actually exercise (I said it should does not mean it will).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't Talk Back to Tyra...ever!

Again the last few days have gotten away from me and I have been meaning to discuss the most recent America's Next Top Model episode. Nikeysha was the unlucky model eliminated this past week and I have only one thing to say; When are you girls going to learn that you never talk back to Tyra? Last week Nikeysha was reprimanded for interrupting the judges and she did it again this week. We all knew she was going home. Plus she was in the bottom with Isis (the man/woman) and you all know that Tyra is going to keep him/her around for a few weeks just because of ratings. So long to Nikeysha.

A few other things that happened this week. Bless Hannah's heart. This girl is from a small town in Alaska and she has been thrown in to a house with lesbians, bisexuals, a transgender and more ethnicity that she has probably seen in her life. Then these girls accuse her of being a racist. I am going to say no to the racism and yes to the ignorance (knows no different) slash gotta get used to the new surroundings. Go easy on this girl, she is from Alaska. Also, I like Sheena but she is definitely hoochie (my God what she could do in posing class) and she lied. The judges asked her point blank if her boobs were real and she said yes. Come on we know better. She sort of redeemed herself by admitting the truth but not a good week fro her all around. Tone down the hoochie Sheena you are a pretty girl.

This week is makeovers (my favorite). Looking for some models to emerge.

Friday, September 12, 2008

90210 Scoop: The Father of Kelly’s Son to Be Revealed on Next Week’s Episode

The above story is on People.com (click here) saying that the father of Kelly's baby will be revealed on September 16th. Thank goodness! Now I can find out and stop watching the show. But what if Luke Perry or Jason Priestley decide to appear on an episode. I am conflicted. Of course the buzz is; Brandon or Dylan? But some are bringing up Steve. I can't decide and I go back and forth. Guess my question will be answered on Tuesday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Project Runway - Whats Your Sign?

What kind of show will project Runway be if Blayne (Mr. Tanorexic) and Terri (I'll kick your ass) are no longer around? Well, I guess we will find out next week. Two of our most colorful (literally) characters have been sent packing and not only was I shocked; I was actually just a little sad.

This week's episode (in a full-fledged ratings blitz) brought back all of the eliminated designers to pair them up with the contestants still competing. Each team of two had to create an avant garde look inspired by the astrological sign of one of the team members. This look was then voted on by past Project Runway designers. Their votes decided who stayed and who was eliminated. As always with good reality television, some of the teams worked (Jerell and Jennifer, Leanne and Emily) and others did not (Terri and Keith!).

With a look based on his sign, Sagittarius, Jerell created a fabulous skirt, top and jacket. The whole look was clearly well thought out and well made and although Tim was not crazy about the fabric for the skirt; I actually really enjoyed the way that it looked with the other pieces.

Just to add another crazy twist to last night, two of the designers were sent packing. The first was Blayne. He was paired with Stella and they worked completely in sync. The outfit was just heinous. It made no sense and as Michael Kors stated, "she (the model) looked like she is pooping fabric." I have not always been a fan of Blayne but I must say that the workroom may be a little boring without his tan self. He at least made me laugh.

The second designer to get the ax was Terri. Terri's outfit was cheap, ugly and plastic looking. Not one part of this creation was memorable in a good way. Plus Terri and Keith had such a bad working relationship that I almost (almost) felt a little sorry for Keith. I am not entirely certain that Terri could work with anyone but the Keith pairing was doomed from the start. She was mean, disrespectful and condescending to him the entire time. Now he was not completely faultless but he did try to help as much as possible and she was unwilling to give him an opportunity. Terri was (is) talented and I am sure that she was pissed to be sent home but in no way can that outfit be blamed on anyone but herself.

Other notes from last night: Kenley is getting way too overconfident. She truly believed that her "wicked witch of the west " (Tim's words not mine) outfit last night was inspired and I must say it was just hideous. I did love that Leanne and Emily were talking smack about Kenley only because she dishes it out constantly. Its hard when karma bites you in the ass. And thank you Michael Kors for saying something about poor, deluded Suede and his third person crap. I love it when the judges talk shit. Later taters.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Best Week Ever

I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and the latest issue is the Fall TV Preview. I use this as a reference for new shows that look interesting, what is happening on my old shows and just a general schedule for which I plan my week around (I know I am obsessed). None of the new shows jump out and grab me except 90210 (and you know how I feel about that one) and maybe The Ex List (I mean we all wanted to go back to see what our exes are doing these days). After reading the issue I decided to come up with my best week ever for shows. Keep in mind that I have Tivo/DVR so I can watch these shows when I want without having to worry about little things like time. Also my best week ever is also assuming that I can stay up until 11:00pm every night and this just cannot happen all of the time. So here it is.

Sunday Night
8:00 to 9:00 The Amazing Race
9:00 to 10:00 Sunday Night Football (check the score)
10:00 to 10:30 Entourage
10:30 to 11:00 Check back to the football game

Monday Night
8:00 to 9:00 Gossip Girl
9:00 to 9:30 How I Met Your Mother
9:30 to 10:00 Samantha Who?
10:00 to 11:00 Chuck

Tuesday Night
8:00 to 9:00 Heroes
9:00 to 10:00 The Biggest Loser (I fast forward a lot)
10:00 to 11:00 90210 (maybe)

Wednesday Night
8:00 to 9:00 America's Next Top Model
9:00 to 10:00 Bones
10:00 to 11:00 Project Runway/Top Design

Thursday Night

8:00 to 8:30 My Name is Earl
8:30 to 9:15 Ugly Betty (again no commercials)
9:15 to 10:00 Lipstick Jungle
10:00 to 11:00 ER

Friday Night

8:00 to 9:00 Friday Night Lights (when it returns)
9:00 to 10:00 The Ex List
10:00 to 11:00 Catch up on anything else

I try to actually spend some time with my husband on Saturday night which is why that night is not concluded. While creating this list I also wanted to point out that some nights have more of my shows on them than others (which really makes me mad, spread the wealth). Just think of all the things I could be doing during all of this time.

90210 - Help Me Walk Away

I know that I said that I would not discuss the new 90210 but last night's episode made it almost impossible for me to ignore my feelings about what was going on. I will just come right out and say; the show is dumb. The acting is bad and the storylines have been done (again and again and again...). However, the producers are smart and they know it. The reason for me watching last night was to find out the identity of the father of Kelly Taylor's child (I loved the old show and want to know what happened to my "friends"). But no, they (the producers/writers) are stringing us old folks along. They know we want to know if the father of Kelly's baby is either Brandon or Dylan and they are not going to let this knowledge out without a fight. Even during a scene with Kelly's drunk mother last night I held my breath thinking a drunk would let the name slip but of course she was not that drunk apparently.

So we watch and hope that the information is given to us soon. My husband says the father will be whomever agrees to guest star on the show first (probably a good point from a neutral observer) but I can't help but think that they (the writers/producers) have to have a plan. On a side note; my Brandon Walsh would never (ever) abandon his child. Dylan McKay would.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to the City - Gossip Girl

Who knew that Dan and Serena were so sexual? It was nice to see both of them loosen up in last night's episode of Gossip Girl. I was a little worried when they woke up on the beach and decided to think things over but my mind was changed when they had the equivalent of the mile-high club on the Jitney back to New York. So now they are (or are not) back together but having fun.

As for out little Queen B...she wanted to meet the Duchess so badly (Lord whatshisname's stepmother) and when she does she insults her. By the way the Duchess just happens to be the married woman that Nate is sleeping with so of course Blair catches them about to have sex and now the Duchess just adores Blair (love how that played out).

Nate is about to lose everything. The FBI (or whoever deals with stuff like this) is freezing their assets while they wait for his father to return. Here is the question; would you rather be indebted to your best friend (Chuck offered) or some older woman you are just sleeping with for kicks? Yeah, Nate did not see it that way and has been given the money by the Duchess. Now what is he going to have to do to pay off this debt?

Vanessa is back and she and Nate are talking again (I thought that was over). Chuck is still pining over Blair and Rufus (Jenny and Dan's Father) has returned from his tour. Next week looks like a blackout (which are always interesting). Till then. XOXO

Monday, September 8, 2008

RE: The VMA's/Britney Spears

The note that follows is my strongly worded email to MTV.

Dear MTV,

You really faked us all out didn't you? As I turned on my television last night in anticipation of seeing Britney's comeback performance I was impressed with you all for giving her a second chance. Little did I know that it was all a big fat farce!

As you know, Britney did not perform and for those of us expecting a song, a glimmer something we (I) were sorely disappointed. I know that you never said she was going to sing but you led us to believe (and you know that you did) while touting her as the artist that was opening the show; that she would be on stage dancing and singing.

As for the rest of the show, there is no easy way to say this; it sucked! The performances were lackluster and the host (my God where did you find him?) was crass, without being funny, and just looked dirty. After about half the show I had had enough and changed the channel back to Sunday Night Football.

In conclusion just note that if you screw with your viewership we get mad and retaliate. I will not watch the VMA's again and see no reason to participate in the farce that once was Music Television. As for Britney, she deserved a second chance to show what she could or could not do and you all failed.

Tivo Mom

Friday, September 5, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 11

I did watch this on Wednesday night (all two hours of it) and I want to discuss it but I worked (I know right) all day and my brain is just fried. Plus two hours of Tyra will wear anyone out. Just a heads up, I will be discussing the show in the coming weeks and might add a few things to the first episode over the weekend. What you need to know is that there are 14 girls (well 13 girls and one...) and a few have already established themselves as the shy one, the bitch, the over confident one and of course the transgender one (what?). Yes Tyra has a transgender on the show this cycle and Isis is actually very pretty (in a model way). She/he photographs very well. We'll see how long she/he lasts.

Sharaun was eliminated last week (Karma is a bitch since she was picking on Isis) and as she fell to the floor crying I asked myself again why I watch this damn show (but I do so get over it).

Benny Ninja is back next week so here we go for another cycle. Also I would get into how dumb the model selection process was with the futuristic robots but it is actually just beyond words and some may question my sanity. Lets just say Tyra is back and she is running out of ideas. Later taters.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway - Design for Diane

With the amount that Kenley cried last night I assumed that she would either be out or she would have won the entire challenge. She did neither but I do wonder why she received so much air time. On another note; I did get briefly excited about Suede maybe going home but alas I will have to wait another week. At least on the runway no dead relatives showed up to help him with the fugly vest over his too big "camouflage" dress.

As most of you know, last night the designers had to design an outfit for Diane von Furstenberg that was inspired by her fall collection. Most of the designers created two to three pieces (not Kenley) but all seemed overly stressed. I think that the idea that a big name was going to critique them really put some over the edge. So much so that Blayne actually stated that Diane was ogling him ("she likes a tan" he says). I had to laugh at that one and just move on. Suede actually referred to himself in third person only twice last night and Terrie did not get in anyone's face.

I am not sure when the designers (Stella) are finally going to realize that if Tim gives you a bad comment or is confused by your design then you might (not just might) be going home. He is there for a reason people: listen to him! He is older, dresses better and has been doing this for a lot longer!

Last night Leanne (with immunity), Korto and Kenley were the top three. I honestly thought that it should have come down to another Leanne and Korto showdown. Kenley's dress looked too simple and again it was only one piece. Both Leanne and Korto really shined and their dresses were absolutely phenomenal. Leanne won the challenge (well deserved) and crybaby Kenley was runner-up.

By the way the feathers on Kenly's dress that she wore to the runway show looked like they were molting. Not a good look.

On to the bottom which included the always confident(?) Straight Joe, Suede, and Stella. Joe's outfit was not pretty and the colors hurt my eyes but I still liked his better than Suedes'. And in the grand scheme of things Stella's pants, vest and cape was not the worst thing that she has sent down the runway but it was enough to send her home. She did go out with a bang basically telling Heidi that she was too much of an egomaniac to be on the show and if you like her great and if you don't; well that's OK too. Stella was fun and she will be missed.

Next week looks as if the models are people that the designers know (maybe?). By the way, I think Kenley cries again. Later taters.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

90210 Again

I wanted to like it; I really did. I watched the original religiously and still watch the re-runs on SoapNet so last night I really, really wanted to think it was the most fabulous show ever. It was not. I had set my expectations low (hoping that I would be pleasantly surprised) and all I can say about the show is that it met my expectations.

The basic premise was the same: two kids from the Midwest get thrown into West Beverly High School and try to find their way. At this point the similarities end. In the first scene (almost) the main character Annie witnesses her old friend Ethan getting a blow job from a random girl. Not only are we not in Kansas anymore; we are not in the 90210 that I remember anymore either. I understand that times have changed and everything in the world is a lot racier than it was 15 years ago but for those of us who paint ourselves nostalgic whenever we think of Brandon and Brenda Walsh this was not the way to hook us into watching the show.

As for the rest of the show; the first hour was a little better than the second but it still seemed to drag as if waiting for someone we knew (Steve Sanders anyone?) to arrive. The whole Brenda/Kelly reunion was a letdown and I loved (hated) that they "wanted to put the past behind them".

I am afraid that this show will not make the cut on my long (long) list of shows to watch and review. I might still tune in because Tuesday is a slow night (and I would like to know who fathered Kelly's child) but the effort it takes to actually discuss the show is not warranted in this situation.

In my head (with my Pollyanna voice) I tell myself; maybe it was just the pilot, maybe it is going to get better, maybe Brandon will make an appearance, or maybe I am really to old to go back. Only time will tell but here's hoping that its the top three and not the last one because otherwise I have become old without knowing it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

90210 Tonight

Don't forget at 8:00 tonight! 90210 is back and I cannot wait. I wish that I could actually have the theme song going for you like it is in my head. My expectations are low (which is good) so that I can be pleasantly surprised (hopefully). Tune in tomorrow for my take on the episode. Here is the cast. We'll see what they get in to.

Gossip Girl in The Hamptons

Gossip Girl is back and I would like to say with a vengeance but alas I am unable to. Last night in the Hampton's the season premiere was a bit lackluster (kind of like a beach vacation) but some fun things did happen and left the door open for a new start in the city.

I knew that the writers could not keep Dan and Serena apart for long and they were back together in less than an hour. Who knows what this year will bring now that we all know Serena's big "secret".

This is the part that really got to me; trying to get Chuck Bass to utter the words "I love you" is against all laws of nature and should ever be attempted again. Chuck apparently was miffed that Blaire got over him so quickly (she didn't really) and then he realized that he actually does care about her (OMG shock!). Here is my appeal to the writers; let Chuck Bass be Chuck Bass. Let him lie, cheat, fornicate and act like a pompous ass because this is why we love him. No more of this wussy boy "I love you" crap.

Now Blaire has moved on to a man with a title (a Lord I think). Nate is having an illicit affair with a married woman and little Jenny has made nice with Eric and is just trying to get her designs (?) out there. Was this all enough to hook me for a second season? Yes but (you knew there was a but) don't f*** with the formula that brought me here. Keep the drama coming. Later taters (and XOXO you know you love me; had to do it).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Gossip Girl Tonight!!!!!!

Finally the new television season is here and it starts with Gossip Girl tonight! we left last season with Dan and Serena broken and Blair and Chuck getting ready to connive and cheat on each other. Nate and Serena were heading to the Hamptons and Dan was staying in Brooklyn with Vanessa. So what will tonight bring? 8:00 on the CW and I cannot wait

Congrats to Dee

Congratulations to Dee on Shear Genius last Wednesday night. The lesbian hair dresser from Miami won the competition and the $100,000. I thought it would be Charlie but once again reality television has worked its magic. I am pleased to note that Daniel (my favorite) won the fan favorite (of course) and took home a check for $10,000.

Good season, interesting show (I guess) and we will see if it fits in my schedule for next year.