Monday, August 30, 2010

The Emmys in my opinion...

I am not sure why I write that it is in my opinion because of course everything on this blog is my opinion.  But anyway I digress and want to let you know what I thought about last night.  No one will ever touch NPH as a show host (sorry you know I love him) but I thought that Jimmy Fallon was absolutely wonderful last night.  Some will disagree but I was pleasantly surprised by his spunk, talent and all around likability.  A few high points for me were
  •  The show opener.  He got everyone and their brother to participate in the Glee-ful tribute and it worked well for him and the stars that poked a little fun at themselves.  
  • I adored how Jimmy (can I call him Jimmy) introduced the different sections of awards.  It was almost like Cougartown (damn this show for not getting a nomination, love you Busy Phillips) where everything was a song and Jimmy made it work with members of the audience.
  • The tribute to Lost, 24 and Law and Order was his shining moment.  Fallon as Boys to Men, Green Day and Elton was spot on (on all three) and I have now watched this section 4 times.  Excellent touch and a fitting goodbye to 3 amazing shows.  
I know many will comment on Jimmy's seemingly nervous banter and uncomfortable pauses but I think that this is just him.  For a first timer he was great and the show moved faster and easier than it had in years.

A couple of other highlights for me were (of course)
  • Jane Lynch winning her Emmy.  She looked beautiful and so happy.  
  • Also kudos to Eric Stonestreet.  He is so funny and plays a gay man so well.  just love him
  • Speaking of Modern Family, their little video with George Clooney was fun and unexpected (probably not needed either) but so nice to see George having fun with the cast.  Very cute.
  • Some will disagree, but Jewel singing the "In Memoriam" tribute was classic and well done.  Always a hard thing to watch (especially when one always wanted to be Dixie Carter) and she did it well and her voice sounded so sweet.
I do have to finish my post with the best and worst dressed for me.  Worst was hard (because sadly there were so many) but here are my two worst (and I hate this because I love them).  January Jones and Anna Paquin.  January looked like a bridesmaid from hell and Anna looked like a gladiator.  (Emily Deschanel was an honorable mention though).
And my best dressed had to be Claire Danes.  I will also mention Kelly Osbourne and Jane Lynch because both looked stunning but Claire Danes just took my breath away.

So that is it; last night in a nutshell.  What did you think?  Were you happy with the winners?  Sad for the losers?  Or ambivalent about the whole thing?  Let me know.  Later all. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tonight is the night....

The Emmy Awards are on tonight.  And I, creature of habit that I am, will be watching, eating Chinese food and trying to tweet as many comments as possible.  I do have a tendency to not watch in real time because of the dreaded commercials but I will do my best.  I have a few wants tonight (like wanting either Kyle Chandler or Connie Britton from FNL to win) but I also am excited about seeing my favs from this past season on the red carpet.  I adore Jimmy Fallon and here is hoping that he makes the most of the show.  I am sure I will have some comments tomorrow.  Go all my shows!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Quick Word on Project Runway...

I just wanted to say one quick thing about Project Runway last night.  I just finished watching the episode and I must give a shout out to A.J. Thouvenot.  A.J. was the designer sent home last night and he went home with a great deal of class.  I disagree with the judges decision to send him home, although his shirt dress was a nightmare, but he left with his head held high and his integrity intact.  A.J. did not speak harshly about his teammates and took responsibility for his catastrophic design.  Others did not (Ivy, Gretchen etc).  Wonderfully, great episode last night and so nice to see Project Runway getting its groove back. 

PS  I like Michael C and his shirt was one of the only things about that collection that I liked.  Just sayin!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sadly still watching...

Yep another Monday and another night of the Bachelor Pad.  I must be off to work but a few little tidbits about last night:
  •  As most of you know, Wes is an idiot.  Not only does he "love" Gia but he played her that stupid song (the one we heard over and over again on Jillian's season).  Then he started threatening his friends to try to keep Gia safe.  Not the best game strategy.
  • I adore the use of the word relationship in this game.  Apparently you can be in a relationship if you speak to each other more than once.  And you are "together" after one night in the fantasy suite.  If only all dating could be this easy.
  • I loved the kissing contest.  Does anyone worry about germs anymore.  May I quote one of the players "I got tongue from everyone".  Nice!
  • Natalie seems a little slutty.  Hook up with one guy, get asked on the date, flirt, remove top, get rose.  Enough said.
  • I did feel bad for the weatherman (Jonathan).  He will never live down the "bad kisser" rep.  It was probably time for him to leave but he did not receive any respect.
  • As for Gia, so long.  You cried too much, you had trouble pronouncing words, and you believed Wes.  You might need to reevaluate your life and figure out who you are and what you want.  Not the sharpest tack.  
So another night of absolutely stimulating television.  And I am still watching.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school...

Last Tuesday was my children's first day back to school.  Today was my first day back to work.  I have to say that as tired as I am, I have missed being on a normal schedule.  I eat better, I sleep better and I am generally happier when I have some semblance of a structured day.  So here is to a new school year ( and hopefully a great one).  By the way my year started wonderfully in that I got a raise.  Not a bad way to begin, right?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

NPH is having a good month...

First I had to congratulate him for the impending birth of twins, now this.  Neil Patrick Harris won two Emmy's at the Creative Arts Emmys Celebration the other night.  One was for the Tony awards and the other was for the guest appearance on Glee!  He is having a wonderful August and I do hope that it continues.  By the way, if you missed NPH on Glee, the performance of Dream On with Matthew Morrison and Mr. Harris is pure joy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bikini vs Bush

I don't normally watch commercials.  I Tivo a lot and like to fast-forward through commercials.  However, tonight while watching something in real time a commercial caught my eye and I had to comment.  Has anyone else seen the new commercial for the Schick Quattro for Women?  This is apparently the new razor and bikini trimmer in 1.  Sounds great I know, but I just noticed that all of the planted bushes in the commercial become a new shape after the woman walks by (triangle, landing strip etc).  I like the double entandra (bush and trim kind of thing) but it took me watching the commercial twice before it became apparent.  Just a heads up.  The reviews on this razor are great.  Maybe the commercial worked, I might need to go pick one up.  Here is the commercial.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Am I Really watching This Show?

Last week after watching the train wreck that is Bachelor Pad, I read a few blogs and one of the headlines made me laugh.  Some innovative writer headlined her recap of the show "STD you soon".  I found this so true and so hilarious.  But yet as I watched last night, Oh yes I watched, I could not turn myself away.  The remaining 17 contestants have the cumulative IQ of my 6 year old (actually that is an insult to my 6 year old) and I cannot get enough.

This week the contestants had to win a pie-eating contest in order to get the date and be safe from eliminations.  Gia, the swimsuit model, and Jonathan, the weatherman, both finished their pastry first and received the much anticipated "date box".  I need to take a moment and just let ABC know, Jonathan's name is not weatherman.  The network has decided that it is hilarious to just post weatherman next to his one-on-one interviews.  Now, not only is he the smallest and the shortest and maybe the dorkiest (OK Craig is there as well) he is without a real name,  Bless his heart.  So anyway, Gia and Jonathan get to go on dates with their 3 choices.  Jonathan saves Gwen (old lady) with his rose and Gia saves Wes.  Now here is where is gets interesting.  Gia had promised her rose to Craig but then Wes began his diatribe about his feelings for her and what a cool girl she is.  Here we go again people.  Gia, being an intellectual heavyweight, believes everything Wes has to say and decides to go against her peeps and save him.  My oh my this man must just be the shit. 

Back at he house, the second rose ceremony has the normal amount of drama.  Tears abound and many get stabbed in the back.  After the dust settles, Craig (damn that Gia) and 2-timing Jesse S. (some girl I don't know) are sent packing.  So the question is, who is winning thus far?  I am going to have to go with Wes.  He convinced some girl (albeit a stupid one) to give him a rose after she had already promised it to another and she has a boyfriend.  Yes he is that good people.  And next week he starts to sing that stupid ass song again (Oh you know the one from Jillian's season).  I cannot stop watching. 

*I read another review where the reviewer admitted to yelling at the television w hen she realized that Gia was eating up Wes lines.  I must admit, I too yelled at the television. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Worst TV Show endings ever

What happens when I don't sleep?  I watch stupid television and remember the shows that I once loved.  While watching the final two episodes of Will and Grace, it got me to thinking about sucky endings to otherwise stellar shows.  So here is my list for my favorite shows with the worst endings (in no particular order). 

Will and Grace - I loved this show for the majority of its run but the final episodes left me flat.  Are we supposed to honestly believe that Will and Grace stopped talking to each other for nearly 18 years.  It was hard to digest and even though the two found each other again, it still left me sad to think that they missed out on each other's children growing up.   

Angel - The spin-off of Buffy filled the gap for me when Buffy left the air.  I loved David Boreanaz and his band of misfit crime fighters but the final season left a lot to be desired.  Combined with the fact that the finale did not bring Buffy to Angel for one more scene, no questions were answered and nothing felt completed.  Then to throw Wesley's death and the stupid Illyria character into the whole mix it just felt unfinished.  
That 70's Show - Once Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace left the show, it floundered and it was most evident in the final season.  I was pleased that Eric and Donna ended up together but to match Jackie and Fez up left me feeling a little sick to my stomach.  Clearly Jackie needed to be with Hyde (although my friend and I fight about this because she thinks that Kelso was the one for Jackie).  Whether Hyde or Kelso, either one of them would have been better than Fez.

ER - I wanted more.  I wanted more closure, I wanted more flashbacks, shit I wanted more of everything.  I invested half my life into this show and the ho-hum finale was all I got in return.  Disappointing ending to an otherwise wonderful show.

The West Wing - This is another example of wanting more for me.  I was invested in these characters.  Where did they go, what did they become?  Did all of them just walk away and that was it?  After 8 years, it seemed as if we would have known what they were going to do next. 

Am I being too picky?  Did any of these endings bother you as well?  I know that if you go further back many will mention Seinfeld, Roseanne, Cheers etc.  These are mine that stand from the last few years.  What did I forget (and before you say it I did not watch the Sopranoes).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Congratulations to NPH

As most of you know I adore Neil Patrick Harris.  If I were to have a gay boyfriend, he would be it (after David Dust of course).  So I was pleased to get his tweet today (of course I follow him) about expecting twins in the fall. His tweet was as follows.... So, get this: David and I are expecting twins this fall. We're super excited/nervous/thrilled. Hoping the press can respect our privacy... So excited for he and his long time partner.  I love good news!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Sleeping Sucks

I cannot fall asleep and nighttime television leaves a lot to be desired.  I have been unable to turn my brain off lately and I cannot seem to relax enough to sleep.  oh what to do what to do....

This is all I want to do.  Fingers crossed it happens soon...

Monday, August 9, 2010

You know you are bored when...

Tonight a new show started and I must admit I watched.  This new show is called the Bachelor Pad.  The sad, repressed people on this show have all been on the bachelorette or bachelor at some point over the past seasons.   Let me reiterate, I watched the show.  However, it was like a huge orgy.  All of these people (19 total) had to stay in the same house and sleep in the same room.  Chris Harrison hosts once again; along with Melissa Rycroft.  Each week there is a competition and whoever wins gets a rose.  Once a rose is received the winner can elect to go on a "special" date with the person of their choice.  At the end of the week, the women will vote the men off and the men vote the women off.  Kind of like Big Brother with more hook-ups I guess.
  • Wes is back!  The country crooner from last year's bachelorette makes another attempt to receive his 15 minutes of fame.  He still seems a little skeezy to me.
  • The oldest person on the show is Gwen from SEASON 2 (do you know how long ago that was?).  She will not allow the network to post her age on the screen when she does her personal interviews.  Bless her heart. *this just in Gwen is 39 (everyone else is a lot younger but she looks good in her bikini)
  • I just have to wonder if this is going to become like the Real World/Road Rules challenges.  All we need is plenty of liquor, some fisticuffs, a hot tub and a dress up night.  
  • There is absolutely no loyalty between the girls and the guys.  Everyone talks smack about everyone else. 
  • Some girl named Michelle "locked" some girl named Tenley in the bathroom and "yelled at her.  My, my this is getting good.
  • I will admit that the bodies on these women makes me a little envious.  Oh to be 28 again!
    Twister is the first game of the competition, in bikinis no less.  Does this tell you anything about the show?  So the first people to go are Juan (I actually remember him) and that mean girl named Michelle.  I might actually might watch next week. 

    * I wonder which guy or girl will hook up with the most people (different people).  Hmmmm...

    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    This Season of Friday Night Lights

    My husband and I finished watching the last 4 episodes of Friday Night Lights: The Fourth Season last night and I have a few things to say about the best show on television. 
    • Watching Tim Riggins walking into the jail in the final scenes actually made me cry.  Taylor Kitsch had an excellent season and broke my heart every week (which is a good thing).  

    • I loved, loved, loved the fact that the season finale allowed Landry to come into his own.  He was always a source of comic relief and to actually stand up for himself and then to be the game hero was absolutely satisfying.  I also adored the final words that the coach had with Landry before he kicked his field goal and was it my imagination or did he call him Landry (instead of Lance) finally?
    • There is no way that Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton do not deserve Emmy awards.  The two of them had a phenomenal year.
    • Speaking of Ms. Britton, she really amazed me the last 3 or 4 episodes.  We are always supposed to identify more with the Coach (the show is called Friday Night Lights) but she too has a career that she adores and is exceptional at.  From the meetings with Becky to the press conference to the final scene when she steps down as the principal; my heart went out to her and it felt so real.  Thank you Connie Britton for keeping it real and giving us everything you have in this character.  Tami Taylor is beloved by us all.  
    • Moving in to the fifth and final season (why does this make me tear up) I look forward to watching Vince, Luke, Tess and Becky grow and I was not saying that when we began.  
    • So long and thank you to the wonderful characters of Matt, Landry, Julie and Tim Riggins.  Come back and visit (a lot).  We have enjoyed growing with you.  
    I know that I sound completely cheesy about this show.  If you watch you understand.  The characters get under your skin and you become invested in their lives (this is what makes a wonderful show).  If you don't watch, well then you are missing out.  Thank you Friday Night Lights for a terrific 4th season. Good luck to you all at the Emmy awards.

    Who's Got the Funk?

    I am in a funk.  I don't know why.  Next week school starts so summer is almost over.  I miss my friends in North Carolina.  My house is disgusting and needs to be cleaned and I hate cleaning.  No money equals no fun.  The weather is crappy and has been for the last 3 days.  I gained 5 pounds on vacation.  I assume I could go on and on.  I am just being a brat and feeling sorry for myself.  I would like to think that I will snap out of it in the next few hours, days or weeks.  Sorry for being so whiny but thanks for listening. 

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    I love the 80's

    My husband and I watched Hot Tub Time Machine last night and we actually really laughed (a lot).  It has been awhile since I watched a movie that was such a throwback to a decade.  Plus this movie was dumb but smart at the same time.  Sounds weird I know but think about John Cusack's movies.  The Sure Thing, Say Anything, High Fidelity etc are all those dumb movies that have a smart meaning backing them up.  If you watch the movie try to find all the 80's throwback actors as well.  Chevy Chase was there but so was the mean guy from Karate Kid and the weird one from Back to the Future.  I loved it and almost want to watch it again.  Let me know what you think...

    Hot Tub Time Machine

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    I used to love this show...

    I have always been a fan of the show, Entourage.  My husband and I started watching a few years ago when we went to the Cayman Islands (random but we were exhausted and the hotel had HBO).  Last night we caught up on the last 5 episodes of this season and I left feeling empty, disappointed and sad.  This used to be such a great show and now it has become so predictable (obviously Vinny is heading for rehab).  Does anyone else watch this show?  Am I being too picky?  I think with the new comedies that I have enjoyed this past year (Modern Family, Cougartown etc) my expectations are higher and Entourage is not living up to these other shows.  What do you think?

    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Finally I am home....

    I have returned from my North Carolina adventure and I must say, I am happy to be home.  I ate my Bojangles, saw my family, drank a little Sun-drop, and visited friends.  Now with 2 weeks to go before school starts, I am happy to be home and ready to gear up for the school year.  I have missed you all but have tried to keep up with your blogs in my free and quiet moments.  I will continue to play catch up these next few days and that includes catching up with my shows as well.  Let me know if I have missed anything exciting and I look forward to talking very soon. 

    PS I have been trying to read this book for 3 weeks.  I will keep you posted.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo