Thursday, January 29, 2009

Girls Weekend Only

I am heading to Savannah tomorrow for a Girls Weekend (no husband, no children) and I am ecstatic. Although I have ignored everyone this afternoon trying to get my stuff together I cannot wait to get there and have a drink with the ladies. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and I will check in next week.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Biggest Loser - Got To Get Them Young

After watching last nights episode of The Biggest Loser I started thinking about all of the junk food that my children eat and I really started with the "what ifs". What if my child was obese? What would I do to help them? This season on The Biggest Loser I have really seen what can happen to your children if you let eating and lack of exercise take over.

The episode began with Bob's team voicing how upset they were; and rightly so! Jillian's team used game play to keep someone that Bob's team wanted to get rid of (Joelle) and completely lied about what they were going to do. When Blaine and Dane (the Black team) tried to comfort Bob's team, I wanted someone to punch them in the lip. You made your choice, we now know that ya'll are in this for the game.

Moving on to a calorie challange, the contestants were presented with Super Bowl food and asked to calculate the calories in some of their favorites. The winner would get a 2 pound pass for their partner and the opportunity to send guest chef Curtis Stone home to help them learn to cook more healthy. Dan won the prize and Chef Stone headed to North Carolina to help Dave. Now I must say David (Orange) does not seem to be very in to the whol Biggest Loser phenomenon. Chef Stone tried to help but you could see that much more work needed to be done.

Keeping with the "Football" theme the challange was next to win the top player immunity and to ensure that whoever won would welcome their partner back on the Ranch. Kurt Warner showed up to cheer on the contestants and I know that NBC had no idea at the time what a coo this would be (who knew that Warner would be takig the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl?). Helen (of the Pink team) won the challange and guaranteed that her daughter would be returning.

During the "last chance workout" Joelle finally showed her teammates that she wanted to stay and she stepped up her game. I still don't like her and her fakeness but I do like Carla, so Silver can stick around for awhile. The weigh in was difficult. Before everyone weighed in their long-lost teammates returned and had to wait to see if they would be coming back. Brown and Orange fell below the yellow line in what most agreed was the worse case scenerio. Mike (of the Brown team) and Dan (from the Orange team) were the yougest players on the Ranch and both needed to stick around. But after Dave (Orange team) acted as if he could care less, the Orange team was sent home.

In the transformation moment at the end of the show Dan showed excellent improvement and had lost over 100 pounds. David, on the other hand, lost a little over 40 pounds and does not seem to be taking any of this very seriously. In fact his big announcement was that he had quit smoking, which is great but quiting fried chicken is important as well Dave.

So everyone is back next week and it will be fun to see how the pairs mesh after being apart for a month. I am looking forward to Carla and her mouth. Later taters.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There Might Be Hope...

Lipstick Jungle may not be dead...yet. This was posted in the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly...

Don't mourn the death of Lipstick Jungle yet. In one of her first decisions as NBC's new prime-time president, Angela Bromstad announced that the Brooke Shields drama (which completed its second season Jan. 9) has not, in fact, been canceled and remains in contention for fall 2009: ''We have to see what the [other] pilots are.'' — LR

So basically we all must hope that the 2009 pilots suck (wait Knight Rider is still on the air) so that Lipstick Jungle has a spot. Here's hoping!!!

Friday Night Lights

So I am finally caught up (only on television mind you) and I have watched the first two episodes of Friday Night Lights. Let me just does not disappoint. I am flabbergasted as to why this show does not get more recognition. The acting is superb, the camera work is unique and the storylines are heartfelt and realistic. Watch this show: its is so worth it! I will not recap a show that is not fluff (sorry Gossip Girl but you know what you are) but I will say this, the storyline between Tim Riggins (he is so hot!) and Lyla is a gem and should be very interesting.

Along with so many other avenues that the writers have chosen to pursue (Tami as the principal, Tyra as the class president etc). Thank you Friday Night Lights for keeping me interested after being gone for so long. I hope that this is your year.

Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things

The above link is going around Facebook right now where you have to write 25 random things about yourself and then send it to your friends. Here is my list. Don't judge (although I probably would but still). I could have kept going since I have so many random thoughts in my head.

1. I never had any doubts on my wedding day. Still don't.
2. I love being from a big family (most of the time) because there are three other people in this world that know exactly what I am going through.
3. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life besides being a wife and mother.
4. I will never (and I mean never) drive a minivan!
5. I wish I still had the body that I had in college.
6. I have so many great friends but sometimes I still get very lonely.
7. I love football and I have no clue what to do on Sunday afternoon without it.
8. I will not set foot in the pool unless the water temperature is over 88 degrees.
9. I hate exercise with a passion and have no idea if I will ever like doing it.
10. I love junk food (see above) and cannot stand what it does to my body.
11. I refuse to drink diet soft drinks.
12. I sometimes think that I faked my way through college and graduate school. I never feel like I am very smart.
13. I worry sometimes that my children are going to do all the things that I did. Then I worry that they won't.
14. I love cigarettes. I just do.
15. I have a very vivid imagination and cannot read books where bad things happen to children. I end up having nightmares.
16. I never talk about people to be mean; it is usually more to get a laugh. I often regret it later.
17. I love television!
18. I hate going to movies that are depressing or that make me think. What is the point?
19. I like to gamble whether in Vegas or on Football games. It stresses me out but it is like a drug.
20. I sometimes feel like I am screwing my children up on a daily basis.
21. My happy place is in a rocking chair, on the porch at the Yacht Club, drinking a cold beer, smoking a cigarette and surrounded by friends.
22. My other happy place is on the beach with my husband and my children.
23. I never read Catcher in the Rye. Never had to and never wanted to.
24. I think romance is cheesy and usually end up laughing at something before things get to intense.
25. In the grand scheme of things I have lived a fairly charmed life and I know this.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies Have Arrived!!!

I feel like I am announcing Satan!!! For anyone that has ever been on a diet the dreaded Girl Scout Cookie is like a blasphemous demon. The doorbell rings and a cute little Brownie Scout is waiting to ask you how many boxes you would like this year. How do you say no? Then once they have been purchased you put them in the freezer hoping that this might slow down the rush of consumption. But wait, is there anything in this world that is better than a frozen Thin Mint?

I can't take it; I hear the cookies calling me. And that my friends is my first Sunday without football in a very long time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

George Clooney Headed Back to ER

As seen on (here), ole George is going to pay tribute to the show that made him famous and return before the show's demise. I have watched ER from the beginning (how old am I?) and have hung on through the good, the bad and the just plain stupid. I am so happy to witness an actor who has not forgotten where he came from. Thank you George for the memories and I cannot wait for Doug Ross to come back to the ER.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser - Let The Games Begin...

Really? Really? It has started already and the season is only three weeks old. The Game Play has begin and poor Damien (red team) is the first be eliminated because of it. Damn that fake talking Joelle and damn Jillian's team for keeping her.

Last night the players had a temptation (in which Joelle won) which meant that she got to go home and have Bob train her and Carla. Well Carla let Joelle have it for her lack of effort and Joelle just kept spouting out superficial bullshit (I am strong, I am not weak, I will do what I can...ugh, shut up). I will say Carla did not believe a word of it and let Joelle know that she was going to be pissed if she did not get to return to the Ranch.

Back at the Ranch, the challenge was an oldie but a goodie with the players doing a form of jump rope. Of course Joelle was out on the first upswing (and she looked shocked). Tara (green team) won the challenge and won immunity...again!

Finally the weigh in; most players did well but Joelle only lost 6 pounds and Damien 4 which meant that the two of them fell below the yellow line. Now this should be easy, right? Damien wants to be on the Ranch, he has given his best effort and has made friends with the other team members (Joelle distances herself, she saves herself for television I think). Jillian's team even asks Bob's team what they want them to do. Of course it would never be this easy. Jillian's team lies and picks Damien to go home leaving Joelle around for another week. Talk about Game Play! So that's it, Damien goes home and Joelle gets to stay and I will not pull for one member of Jillian's team from here on out. They are dead to me. Harsh I know but don't lie. Shitty way to play the game if you ask me and Damien has to pay the price.
On another note, Dan's teammate Dave better get back to the Ranch quickly. I am not sure that buffets and fried chicken are on the diet (although it would be nice). See you next week. Oh and sorry about the cussing this week, just got a little riled up last night.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gossip Girl - The Family That Stays Together

Last night as many of our favorite characters had epiphanies, Nate and Vanessa still found time to do nothing, kiss a lot, and add nothing to the overall content of the show. Very impressive use of two actors, I must say.

I digress. Lets start with Serena's epiphany. Serena has decided that Yale is not for her and she has wants to pursue her original choice of college, Brown. Without telling Dan, Serena refused her acceptance to Yale and in doing so pretty much destroyed her relationship with Dan (again). Although walking in on your parents doing the "walk of shame" seemed to be taking care of ending their relationship already, Serena just sped things up a little. But no worries; there is a hot, young, seemingly intelligent (and not rich) teacher available for Dan to turn on the charm for.

Speaking of said teacher, she has now started a war with Queen Blair by simply giving her a B. When Blair retaliates, the teacher goes to the headmistress Blair and is placed on a wait list for Yale. The war is on!

I saved the best for last. Chuck tries to go head to head with Uncle Jack and comes up short. He finally asks Lily for help and after realizing what is needed Lily adopts Chuck and becomes his legal guardian. Thus meaning that Chuck can have his conglomerate back. Jack is not happy and tries to force himself on Lily until Chuck barges in and saves Lily. Maybe Chuck Bass loves after all.

Scenes for next week look all too familiar. Are we already in rerun territory? I need to do some checking. XOXO

One of those days....

I know that everyone else in the world is super excited today (and to some degree I am too, I mean what a momentous occasion) but I am down in the dumps. I don't know why I just am having one of those days where I feel as if everything is pressing down on my chest and I cannot breathe. I am not the only one that has these days right? I mean its not just me is it? Anyway, I will try to do my Gossip Girl recap later (because it was good last night) and hopefully will snap out of this at some point. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer...I just needed to whine for a little bit.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have not watched yet.....

As I posted Friday, Friday Night Lights began season three on Friday night. I have not watched yet! I am so disappointed with myself but the weekend has been crazy. We had people over Friday night, went to the South Florida Fair (now that was a sight) on Saturday and watched football yesterday and I (we because this is one show my husband watches with me) have not had a chance to sit down and focus. Everyone I meet keeps asking if I have seen it and I cover my ears in hopes that I hear nothing about the episode. So, with that said, I will watch and I will dish as soon as I can sit down and pay attention.

On another note, that Fair thing, totally not me. Plus I ate fried everything and threw my lost five pounds right out the window. Back to the diet today.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Season Three Tonight!

I am embarrassed to say that this has been on my mind all week. The best show on television (even better than Gossip Girl) begins its third season tonight on NBC. Friday Night Lights returns and I am weirdly excited and loving the fact that we have no plans. Watch, please watch. You will not be sorry.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gossip Girl Spin-Off

After speculation that the Gossip Girl spin-off was going to be centered around Little J (thank goodness they got that wrong) the CW has announced today that the spin-off is actually a prequel to Gossip Girl and will be about Lily's (Serena's mom) wild teenager days. Oh how a love a retro show. This one will have to be set in the 70's or 80's at least, right? Anyway no news yet on who will star and the show has not been ordered yet but still something to look forward to. See full story on (here). XOXO

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser - Joelle Shut Up!

I knew that someone was going to break apart from the pack and be the one that gets on my nerves; I just did not realize that this would happen so early in the show. But last night Joelle succeeded in making me want her gone and I realized that I was not alone.

The contestants started the week with a temptation and it was all about money. $25 thousand to leave the show now and Miss Joelle actually considered it. Not only did she announce that $25 thousand was more than she made in two years (what in the world does she do for a living?) she also let us know about living with her mama and her bad choices. This show is to fix your body it is not "extreme" makeover for your entire life. Most of the contestants seemed to realize how much everyone hated Vicky from last season because they announced (Dan in particular) that the show was not about the money, it was about the weight loss (how long will that attitude last?).

Next up was a challenge and boy was it? Everyone had to paddle a boat, and then hike up a mountain to reach their flag first. The winner received immunity and the loser received a one pound penalty. Tara (green team) won and Dan (orange, bless his heart) came in last. The contestants then had their last chance workout and this is where the show really got good. Bob finally lost it with Joelle and told her to "shut up and do what he said". It was great! Every time he told her to do something she was doing that passive aggressive bullshit where she agreed with him and kept repeating "no fear" over and over (you just knew that it was put on and fake) and Bob just started yelling at her. I loved it and it worked; she finally stopped talking.

Week two Weigh-In's are notoriously hard and this one was no exception. The bottom two were Daniel (orange) and Jerry (the old man from the white team). Joelle just missed being below the bottom line and I think many would agree had she fallen below she would have gone home. Everyone knew that both Jerry and Dan needed (and wanted) to be on the Ranch but in the end Jerry was sent home. I actually got a little teary when Jerry was sent home but after seeing his at home piece it looks as if he and his wife are doing well.

As for the rest of the at home contestants, all seem to be working out and trying to be good with food. Although it was a little scary to see David (orange) ordering hot dogs and french fries when he first arrived home. The show is keeping us posted on how everyone is doing and I will be interested to see how Carla (Joelle's teammate) reacts when she realizes how poorly Joelle is behaving. Right now Joelle is the one I want gone but that could change (very quickly). See you next week.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gossip Girl - Siblings or Not?

I always wondered what would happen if two step children fell in love. Is it incest or just weird? In the case of Serena and Dan do they stay together now that they share a sibling or break up over the ickiness? Only time will tell.

Last night's show was slightly boring (I know blasphemy right). Chuck gained control of Bass Industries only to lose it when Board members caught him with hookers (Blair was also a witness to this) set up by dear Uncle Jack. Blair and Chuck broke up again. Rufus and Lily finally found their son and then discovered that he was killed the previous summer; or was he? And there was one small glimpse of Nate and Vanessa and then...poof...they were gone again.

Next week introduces a new, young, hot teacher who proceeds to mess with Blair. Should be interesting (I hope). XOXO

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gisele B√ľndchen & Tom Brady Are Engaged!

See the full story on (click here). My only thought on this is would it not be better if beautiful people married ugly people so that the number of ugly people in the world would reduce? I am kidding but seriously could anyone feel good about themselves after spending a day with the two of them together? The rich get richer and the beautiful ones play amongst themselves.

My Biggest Loser Competition

So after a week of exercising, no regular Coke (cola), and trying not to snack (basically no fun at all) I have lost two pounds. This Friday is an official weigh in day so I will know how I am doing compared to the others but so far so good. First place is $500. I need it, I want it, I gotta have it!!!!

The Golden Globes

So I watched the whole thing and yes it is better if you have seen the movies. Although there were some that I now want to see (Slumdog Millionaire is at the top of my list) others I could care less about. I have absolutely no desire to see Mickey Rourke (could he wash his hair please) in the Wrestler and although I love Kate Winslet (and loved her speeches the most) I don't go to the movies to get depressed. The show moved quickly and was fairly interesting to watch. I actually felt a tear when Heath Ledger was announced a winner.

Most of the women looked great. A few of the standouts for me were Kate Winslet and Eva Mendes. In the bad category; I hated the gold lame' number that Jennifer Lopez wore and I thought that Drew Barrymore's hair was a little over the top. None of the men stood out too much in my eyes except for Mickey Rourke (yuck).

I will watch E's Fashion Police tonight to find out what they have to say about the best and the worst dressed. Also I wonder if anyone is going to acknowledge the diss that Brad and Angelina gave to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. Very interesting.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Golden Globes

Can you watch and enjoy the Golden Globes if you have seen none of the movies that are up for the awards? I like to see what people are wearing and I love the speeches (call me crazy). I will let you know tomorrow if I stayed up for the whole show and if I actually enjoyed it while not being able to really critique anyone on their actual performances (you know as well as I do that half those movies are too damn depressing).

I. Am. Devastated!

The Carolina Panthers received an ass whooping last night like none that I have ever seen! I was beside myself (I know, I know it is just a football game) and ended up going to bed before the game was over. I have always liked the underdog spot. I never liked being expected to win and I think that the Panthers are the same. Expectations were too high and they (especially Jake Delhomme) choked. I feel bad for a team that I love today and especially for Jake Delhomme. He led the team to the playoffs; he just could not cash in when he needed to. I hope that next year is another year and the people of North Carolina will not always remember just this game. As I watch football today I know that those of you who are Giants fans are feeling a bit of what I felt last night right now. You already have a Superbowl ring, the Panthers don't...but they will. Just not this year. Remove Formatting from selection

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Go Panthers!!!

I am not sure that any of you know how truly butch I am in that I love football!!! I love basketball too (ACC preferably) but I loooove football and I am a big (huge) Carolina Panthers fan. I know, I know you must all tell my husband how lucky he is but in the meantime, the Panthers play Arizona tonight in the playoffs and I just wanted make sure that anyone that knows me can pull for my team. So go Panthers! Beat the Cardinals by ten or more (oh I am in a football pool as well and there is money riding on the game)! I might become a "Woo Girl" (How I Met Your Mother reference) just for the weekend. Woo Panthers! Woo Jake Delhomme! Woo Julius Peppers! and so on. JUST WIN!!!!!!!!

Kindergarten Exam

I have an appointment at 10:00 am today to have my four year old tested to get into a new school. The test is to see if she is ready for Kindergarten next year. What if she fails? What if they ask her the color red and she points to blue, or for an "A" and she points to "B" (I mean what else would they ask right?). If she fails am I a failure? If she can't spell her name does this mean I should have been sitting down doing it with her every day until she got it right? And if I am this bad about Kindergarten how in the world will I handle college applications? Stress on a Saturday just sucks!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tom Cruise on The View

I just watched the episode of The View that aired today with Tom Cruise and I have a couple of observations. First, has Barbara gotten more work done on her face? She looks like she just got something lifted or smoothed and I must say that the outfit was a little too floozy for me (maybe trying to impress Tom, I don't know). Second, as much as the press (and others) say about Tom and his weird ways; he looks good and was extremely gracious to the ladies today on the show. Third, once again Barbara had to go there and ask Tom about Jett's death (John Travolta's son) and how Scientology could be involved. The child (he was 16) just died and I am sure that the family and friends are devastated, why do you have to bring it up? Tom was certainly nice about it but you could see he was struggling. It looked as if Whoopie was a little upset that Barbara broached the subject and the ole Whoopster stayed noticeably quiet during the whole uncomfortable exchange.

Overall I have to say...he looks good. Tom Cruise may have beliefs that I don't understand but he is aging well (really, really well) and seems to still be making money. I think I may go watch Top Gun, or Jerry Maguire, or Risky Business, or Mission Impossible (I own them all)!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Now What Do I Do?

As many of you know I gave up on the "new" 90210 right after I discovered the identity of the father of Kelly's child (old school just had to know). Now Michael Ausiello on is reporting that Tori Spelling is set to return to the show this spring (full story here). So what do I do? Do I watch to see if Donna is still with David or do I just leave well enough alone and realize that this 90210 is not for me? My life has such hard (and meaningful) decisions attached, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Biggest Loser- Couples But Not Really?

I don't know if I have ever felt so badly for a group of reality contestants as I did last night. Eleven couples (broad term used for friends, families and romantic relationships) large and ready to make a change showed up and only 9 individuals and two of the couples remained. I have to ask NBC; why even call the show "Biggest Loser Couples"? How about "Biggest Loser Singles" or "Biggest Loser People who are upset because they had to say goodbye too soon"? As you may have guessed a "twist" was added to the show last night and it pissed me off. Not enough to not watch but enough to bitch about it.

The eleven couples arrived at the ranch and each couple had some sort of relationship with their partner. Some were friends, some child/parent, sister/sister, cousin/cousin, and others were either married or engaged. All were set and ready to begin their own "transformation" (don't you just love how they throw that word around constantly?). One of the funniest moments on the show was when Alison told the contestants that they had to do their first workout on their own. Bob and Jillian watched from another room and it was obvious that most of these people had never set foot in a gym (that and the huge weight that they were carrying around).

The teams then picked their trainers and everyone moved on to the challenge. This weeks challenge was to run over a bridge (I am sure that there is some symbolism there but my brain is fried) and the team who finished first in the final round won immunity. The Black Team (Blaine and Dan cousins; I know I can't make this stuff up) won and they were granted immunity. The teams then had their last chance workout where some threw up and others just cried (all par for the course).

The weigh in began with Alison announcing that their would be no elimination...and then told everyone that the nine teams below the yellow line had to pick one team member to go home. Seriously, these people were psyched to be here and you are sending nine of them home? After the weigh in the Black Team (immunity) and the Brown Team (father/son combo Mike and Ron) were safe and everyone else had to send someone home. I felt bad for all of the teams but the Red team (what is it with me and red?) who are engaged really pulled at my heartstrings.

So that is the set up...9 individuals and 2 teams remain. What twist can they bring us next week?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gossip Girl - Bring Back Chuck

I have said this before and I will say it again; please bring back the old Chuck Bass. I know that he is going through a lot and he needs to mourn the death of his father but I miss the cocky, self assured asshole that epitomizes Chuck Bass. Last night we followed Chuck as he hit rock bottom only to be "saved" at the end of the episode by his love for Blair. Little does Chuck know that Blair and his Uncle Jack (Jack Bass just arrived last night) have a secret from New Years Eve that neither mentioned until the last 10 seconds of the show. How is that for keeping us hanging?

The Humphrey's and the van der Woodsen's are no different. We find out the the "love child" of Rufus and Lily is a boy (thank God it was not Georgina) and that Rufus must find him (?). So the two steal off in the middle of the night to track down this child leaving Dan with a secret that he cannot tell Serena (Dan figured out the secret with some help from Chuck). Plus Dan and Serena are back together; so what will this shared sibling mean for their relationship? My goodness it is getting good.

No sign of Nate or Vanessa last night (yawn) but Little J tried to overturn the hierarchy of bitchiness. It worked but when the girls realized that Jenny did not want back in the group they went back to their own little insignificant place on the show.

Next week it looks as if Chuck receives his inheritance and finds out about Uncle Jack's (and Blair) little secret (whatever it may be). Back with a vengeance is all I have to say. XOXO.

The Biggest Loser Couples Tonight!!!!

Don't forget that the new season of the The Biggest Loser starts tonight at 8:00 on NBC. Watch for my recap at some point tomorrow and hope that Bob actually has someone that I can pull for this season.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bitch is Coming Back

According to Michael Ausiello on (see full story here), Michelle Trachtenberg is reprising her role as Georgina on Gossip Girl. She is not set to show up until the end of the season; so if she ends up being Lily and Rufus's love child, God I don't even know how I will react to that because Dan almost had sex with her (gross). I can handle so many things but incest is not one of them.

2009 Biggest Loser - Doing it at Home

Over the Holidays I listened to quite a few of my family and friends bitching about their weight (including me). I decided that we all needed a little incentive. Maybe it was me missing the show or maybe I need the money or maybe just maybe we all need a jump start but for whatever the reason, myself and 11 others have put $50 in a pot (that's right it is up to $600) and we are all going to see who can lose the most weight by March 31. As with the show the final winner is judged by the total percentage of weight loss and we are trusting each other to not fudge on the scale (we live all over from New York to Florida and many states in between). I will keep you posted on how I am doing (by the way I love junk food...a lot). Over the Holidays I was able to go to my favorite place to eat (by the way there are none in South Florida and it kills me), Bojangles. If you have never had their chicken biscuit...oh wait never mind you can't have it; go eat a carrot stick!

Stay tuned for the new season of The Biggest Loser Couples on Tuesday night (tomorrow). Hopefully there will be no one that I Hate this time. Later taters!

Gossip Girl Tonight!!!

After being gone for about three weeks (or was it four it seems like forever); Gossip Girl returns tonight with a new episode. Is it sad that I am more excited about this than about any of my new books that I got for Christmas? Anyway the elusive Jack Bass (Chuck's uncle?) is arriving tonight to "save" Chuck and we will find out if Serena slept with the weasel over the Holidays. Also Rufus and Lily's baby; where is it and what happened to it? Can't wait...XOXO.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!!!!!

I know that I have been AWOL the last few weeks for the Holidays but I will start back up in earnest next week. Happy New Year to everyone and here is hoping that 2009 is much better than 2008. Also, here is hoping that my headache goes away and my children stop fighting immediately. Have a great weekend and I cannot wait for next week.