Tuesday, August 28, 2012


After two days at home because of flooding from Isaac, the kids are going back to school.  I must admit I am going a little crazy.  Remember that I love my children, but I have been with them 24/7 for the last 3 days cooped up in the house while it has poured down rain.  Yep I am done and I need a break.  Even if my break is going back to work. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Project Runway - Who to root for?

As always I am not recapping the latest episode of Project Runway, others do it better and funnier.  However, I have an opinion and a few observations about last night.  Now last night was the "real" women challenge where the designers had to dress women (not models) who were submitted by a friend for a makeover.  These women were like me, you, your mom, your sister etc.  Not stick skinny with no boobs and no hips.  You know the people that actually buy the clothes.  Anyway, some designers embraced the challenge, while others were absolute shits (no better word for it).  With that said here are my observations...

  • I no longer like Ven.  Last night he was an entitled ass who could not get over the fact that he had to dress a larger woman.  He made this woman cry and I wanted to kick him in the ding-ding.  
  • Gunnar, in all his flamboyant "I want to be on TV" attitude is starting to grow on me, just a little.  I hated him in the beginning and I retract what I said.  He is not all bad.
  • I actually like Dimitri but I did not think that his dress needed to be in the top 3.  Don't know who it should have been but not him.  He got in because his girl got a great haircut.
  • Loved Christopher's jacket, hated the dress.
  •  Tim Gunn looked like he wanted to punch Ven in the lip.
  • Nathan left with a lot of class!  He knew that his was the worst and he admitted it.
  • Fabio should have won.  He deserved the win.  The belt sucked but I really loved the dress. 
So what did you think about last night?  Am I completely wrong or was Ven really that bad?  Who in the world should I be rooting for?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of school....

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kiddos (and my first day back to work).  Everything went well and everyone was excited but we are all so damn tired.  When you get used to getting up at 7:30 or 8 and all of a sudden have to start the morning at 6:00 it is a shock to the system.  Anyway, school is back in session and now I am ready for Fall TV and Football!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

How sad is too sad?

I took the kiddos to see "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" this weekend and let me just warn you; I cried like a baby for about 45 minutes.  Not just sniffles, this was full on tears running down my chin, snot coming out of my nose and the lady next to me looking at my weird crying.  Now both my children said they did not cry, but their eyes were suspiciously red when we walked out of the theater.  Should I have taken them to this movie?  Was it too old for them?  I am still debating both of these questions.  As most of you probably assume (SPOILER ALERT) the child "dies" at the end.  But my kids wanted no discussion about it.  We came home and they went about their day as if nothing happened,  Do we, as parents, make too big of a deal about this stuff? The movie was good, I am just not sure if it was that kid friendly. 

Then I started thinking, when we were kids we all had those movies that made us cry, and I don't remember it ever being a big deal.  ET, Old Yeller, Pollyanna, and so on I remember fondly and never thought they were inappropriate.  I think sometimes we are so worried about protecting our children that we don't realize how well they can handle the big stuff, if only we would let them.

So what were your sad movies you remember as a kid?  Am I right about this stuff not staying with us as adults or are you ruined because of these sad movies?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Love So You Think You Can Dance but...

This new elimination concept is driving me crazy.  For those of you who do not watch So You Think You Can Dance, this year instead of having an entire hour on a different night to eliminate dancers, it is all done in one night.  I understand that the elimination night was brutal but this "all in one night" thing is even more so.  Not only that but last night consisted of dancers performing routines that had already been done?  As a tribute to Mia Michaels, the dancers danced her iconic pieces.  I don't like comparing dancers.  I don't like the fact that we have seen these routines before and for the really amazing ones it is hard to get the previous dancers out of our head.  Sorry I am just bitching a little.  I love this show and I don't like change.  Plus that cute little Matthew (who looks a little like Ryan Gosling) was eliminated last night and Cyrus is still around.  Sometimes talent is not enough. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why don't I pay more attention....

I watched a movie last night, What's Your Number, with Ana Faris and Chris Evans.  How is it that I have never noticed how cute Chris Evans is?  The movie was cute but dumb (hubby out of town so I get to watch crap like this) but a shirtless Chris Evans was something to gawk.  Keep in mind that I have seen The Fantastic Four, Captain America and The Avengers and I never really payed much attention to him.  Now I will!

Monday, August 13, 2012

As cheesy as this is...

I am really happy for Jennifer Aniston.  I read the blurb on People.com last night about her engagement to Justin Theroux and it made me smile.  OK, OK, I know that we are not really friends (but we could be) and I also know that her "heartache" over the whole Brad Pitt thing could have been a stupid concocted story to sell Tabloid magazines (which I read).  However (and this is a big but), it is nice to see someone who has had a lot of boyfriends (a lot) finally find the one.  And no I will not place bets on if the wedding will happen, or how long the marriage will last because Jenn and I could have been friends in another life and I would not do that to a friend (unless I really hated the groom to be).  So congrats Jennifer.  May it last and may you be happy!  See how mature I can be!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I have returned!  Not sure if anyone was wondering but I am finally back in my own home after being gone for 3 weeks.  2 weeks were spent in North Carolina with the family (and for those Democrats in the group Charlotte is looking good).  And then, I spent last week in Puerto Rico with my girls that I grew up with for our 40th birthday celebration (no husbands, no kids, just a casino and a swim up pool bar).  Trying to play catch up (as I always seem to be doing) and wanting to know how everyone is doing.  Let me know if anything exciting has happened while I have been away and I will try to catch up on the shows this week.  Missing you all....