Monday, January 30, 2012

Gossip Girl - The Wedding?

On this, the day of the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, it was supposed to be about a wedding.  Blair and Louis, to be exact.  So the question is, did it actually happen?  Did Blair go through with it?  Did Chuck protest?  Did Dan confess his love?  And oh wait, Georgina showed up too.  And let the craziness begin. 

The episode began with Serena dreaming about singing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend".  Dumb really.  A filler no doubt but whatevs, lets get to the good stuff. 

We all thought Chuck had joined forces with the evil preacher but the good Chuck reared his ugly head and gave the preacher a touch of Montazuma's revenge (water from the Bass resort in Mexico to be exact) so that Blair's wedding would come off without a hitch.  Enter Georgina.

As Blair starts to freak out and Serena's hair looks like she is housing a family of squirrels, we all realize that this wedding is not long for this world.  Eleanor shows up at Chuck's house to tell him to stop the wedding.  Now we really know this is not going to happen.  Oh wait, Rufus and Lilly to the rescue.  They catch Georgina trying to seduce Louis and try to have her thrown out.

And then Chuck arrives..."don't marry him" he says.  As Blair professes her love to Chuck she tries to keep her promise to God by telling Chuck that she cannot be with him.  And Georgina got it all on tape to send to Gossip Girl.  But wait Serena tells Chuck the truth about Blair's "pact" with God.  At this point I am sitting on the edge of my seat (OK not really but it helps the suspense).  But then a Gossip Girl blasts interrupts the wedding as Blair admits her love for Chuck.  Is this it?

So Georgina ruins the wedding but makes it worse by making everyone second guess who actually sent the blast in to Gossip Girl.  One must admit the girl is fun.  But wait, the wedding happens!  Blair is married to the Prince.  Chuck and Blair are over!  

And just when you think everything is done...Serena confesses her love to Dan.  Huh? (that's what Dan said).  Oh and on another note, Charlie Rhodes (the real Charlie Rhodes) just happens to be working the wedding as a caterer and starts talking to Nate.  How big is New York by the way?  Oh and one more thing, Louis drops the bombshell.  He and Blair are married in name only.  It will all be fake and she just has to smile for the cameras.  Blair calls Chuck at the end (or so we think) but no its Dan and Blair leaves with Dan?

And Georgina is Gossip Girl?

One crazy episode.  I do not even know what to think.  Let me process.  Jammed packed hour though.  Loved it....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Wednesday

Monday, January 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time

I am loving this show.  No, I mean, I am really loving this show.  Last night's episode just reinforces how great this show is.  I love how the writers take all that we know about a fairy tale (like Snow White) and really make it their own.  Last night, Snow met Grumpy in jail.  Yep, enter the 7 dwarfs. 

Here are my questions from last night...who is the stranger?  what is the evil bitch (I mean queen) going to do to Mary Margaret and James now that she spotted them kissing?  how will Snow remember the Prince now that she has taken the potion?  and I could keep going.. 
Anyone else watch?

Another one bites the dust....

There are some splits that surprise you and some that don't (Kardashian, Russel Brand and Katy Perry).  This one has surprised me....

I guess they could not "make it work", Seal is going to be Aufed...I could go on.  Very sad.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Modern Family last night

I was really looking forward to this episode.  I had read that Lily was going to drop the f-bomb and I could not wait to see how Mitchell and Cam reacted.  Admittedly that part was funny last night, but the debate (or the mock debate) definitely stole the show.  My favorite moments and lines from last night...
  • The mock debate with the kids helping Claire to become more likable was hilarious.  The buzzers alone (along with the brush and mop microphones) made me laugh.  Luke using the operation game, and Haley using the bike horn made me laugh every time they beeped in.  And once the family started in on Claire and her bad side, I wanted to once again applaud the forgotten children of Modern Family. 
  • Mitchell to Cam when discussing becoming political, "we leave town on Gay Pride weekend to avoid the traffic."
  • The entire conversation about Phil and Valentine's Day when he was arrested in the wrong hotel room.  It was like a runaway train that no one could take their eyes (or ears) off of.
  • Luke about Lily's dress, "somebody turn her off I think I am having a seizure."
  • In general the wedding...the light up bow ties, the light up dresses and Lily dropping many f-bombs.
  • Phil to Haley, "someday I will walk you down the isle" as Haley responds, "if you're not in perv jail" 
The entire episode was funny.  I was actually surprised that  there was so much controversy about THE word because it was bleeped so well.  Funny television people and for those of us that have children (or nieces and nephews) we have all been there with the bad words spoken in the most inopportune places.  Or at least I have. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So funny....

Kasey Kahl, of bachelorette infamy, was arrested for drunk and disorderly on Sunday (early morning).  This boy was happy in his mug shot.

I guess he knows that his shield tattoo will "guard and protect" him if he goes to jail. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Best/Worst Dresses from The Golden Globes

Here are my favorites and least favorites from last night's Golden Globes.  I actually had a lot more that I disliked than I liked.  Here are some of my least favorites of the night....

Zooey D...just because its Prada and its "one of a kind" does not mean that you have to be the one to wear it.

Michelle you are not that old.  Stop dressing as if you are.  You played Marilyn for God's sake....

No one looks good in this color.  Even you Paula.  Big Bird comes to mind...

So my JT proposed to you (supposedly there is no ring on your finger) and you wear a bedspread. 

Oh Lea do you not get enough attention?  Everyone make sure that you remember that Lea just plays a teenager on TV.  She is not one in real life...

I could go on and on....yes Angelina I mean you, and you Julianna Margulies, and you Julie Bowen (please dress your age) and you Sarah Michelle Gellar (Oh Buff y this one pains me)...

Now the ones that I did like...

I really, really like Mila Kunis.  I love this Dior and I kind of want to hang out with her...

Yes she just had a baby and I don't care if people say that Jessica Alba can't act.  She looks good!

She is smokin!  Sofia Vergara can do no wrong.  Ever...

Charlize was my favorite.  From the headband to the shoes, the whole look worked, even with her sexy, laryngitis voice.  I loved it!  

Now I will watch Joan Rivers tonight to find out what the "experts" have to say but here is my "expert" opinion.  My goodness I love awards season!

The Golden Globes - In Brief...

I watched all 3 hours of the Golden Globes last night (plus the arrival special and beyond) and I must say; I was a little underwhelmed.  Ricky Gervais was funny but a little safe.  I do not watch a bunch of shows on HBO, Showtime etc so when those shows win the awards, I don't know who they are or anything about the show.  Anyway, here are a few things I loved (and hated) about the show....
  • I loved seeing Christopher Plummer win (all hail to Captain Von Trapp).  His speech was heartfelt and sincere and he seemed genuinely happy to be at the Globes.
  • NBC had a little trouble with the sound and the monitors (as shown in the arrival special and on stage with Rob Lowe and Julianne Moore).  No wonder they are in 4th place in the network race (according to Gervais)
  • Someone wrote that when Kelsey Grammer won, they wondered if Camille was throwing things at the television.  No matter his personal life, he is an amazing actor and has had so much longevity.  He actually looked so very happy.
  • Does Adam Levine have absolutely no sense of humor?  How does one not laugh when Jimmy Fallon begins to dance?  He (Levine) just seems like such a jerk to me, you know that "too cool for school" attitude that means he is above it all.  
  • Seth Rogan had one of the funniest lines of the night.  
  •  I did appreciate the fact that Clooney and Pitt introduced each others movies.  Yes we all know that they are friends but this was a nice way for them to support each other this year since they are both up for so many awards.  
  • Channing Tatum is hot!!!!
  • Matt LeBlanc has gotten better with age.  He looks so much better with the gray hair.
  •  Octavia Spencer played my favorite character in the Help.  I have yet to see the movie but after hearing her speech, she embodies all that I loved about the character and I will see it.  
  • I really wish that Angelina Jolie would loosen up just a little bit.  She always looks above it all and one must wonder if she ever actually laughs.  
  • Loved Modern Family acceptance speech!
These were the small things that stood out to me.  Did I miss anything?  There were other funny bits I know (the Colin Firth is a racist thing was cute) but I did not want to list them all.  Thoughts, comments...etc.  I will post my favorite and least favorite dresses later today.  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes Tonight...

I do the same thing every year.  I watch the Golden Globes, I eat take out Chinese and I judge the celebrities and their outfits even though I am not qualified to do so.  It's a good night!  Right now still watching the New York, Green Bay game but I will be switching over to E Red Carpet festivities soon.  I might try to do some tweeting and blogging tonight as well but we will see what I feel like doing.  I will have my opinions tomorrow and I hope that Ricky Gervais is funny.  Later all...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I really love the playoffs....

It is actually chilly down here in sunny south Florida today.  And what better way to spend the day than to eat wings, drink beer and watch the NFL playoffs.  I have not done well in my NFL pool this year (I will not be walking away with any money) but I still love to watch.  I made my picks this morning and picked all of the underdogs, just for shits and giggles.  So today I am a San Francisco and Denver fan and tomorrow I will be a Houston and New York fan.  I will let you know how I do.  And if Denver beats the Patriots I may even make my children Tebow.  Happy Saturday everyone!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars last night....

Just a few observations from last night.  By the way, I love Glam challenges.  With the Golden Globes coming up, I enjoyed seeing gowns.  Plus how cool was it that Badgley and Mishka arrived as the judges? 

  • I actually liked Michael in this challenge and I really did appreciate his dress.  He was not as overbearing in his "trying to be humble" this episode.  
  • I wish that Mondo had made it to the top over Anthony.  There was something very vintagy about Mondo's look and I loved the back.
  • We all knew that Austin was going to shine in this one.  This is his thing.  As he tells us over and over again.  Like Austin, hate the stache. 
  • Kenley's dress was a big poof of pepto bismol.  Hated it and yes I still hate her.  I don't know why.  I cannot explain it.
  • April has a bad attitude.  She is one of those people that is too cool for school.  She will not conform and she hates people who do.  Its reverse snobbery.  
  • Loved Sweet P but she was out of her league in this challenge.  Actually she was out of her league on this show. 
Hope I did not miss too much.  Will check out the real recaps later today.  Happy Friday all!


first week back has been a bitch...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is nicer than my house

Obviously everyone in the world knows that Beyonce and Jay-z had their baby girl last weekend.  TMZ posted pictures of their "birthing suite" and the damn thing is nicer than my house.  I did not have a "suite" by the way.  I had a room, with a bed and a television that got like 5 channels.  This room had 4 flat-screen televisions (why in the world do you need 4?), a kitchenette (you cooking while you in labor B?) and a living room for visitors.  I feel a little cheated.  Just sayin....

where oh where is my money tree in the backyard?

Modern Family last night

I was really looking forward to Modern Family last night.  I needed a laugh.  And I got a few just not as many as I wanted.  I had a few lines/scenes that were my favorite...
  • I do love that Alex gets so competitive and she knows that she is smarter than the whole family.  Everyone else is just "playing for second place"
  • Cam and Mitchell singing, "Don't go breaking my heart my heart" and Mitchell actually getting into it.  Plus just the total dumbness of the pregnant teen who could have been their baby mama (East Dakota anyone)
  • Claire and Jay's competitiveness was funny (although I felt that it was a little overdone)
  • And Phil...his scenes were subtle in their humor although I do love it when he is a little more out there. 
All and all not my favorite episode but I am looking forward to next week when Lily drops the f-bomb.  Thoughts, comments.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Firm - The Book, The Movie, The Television Show?

I finally sat down and watched the 2 hour season premiere of the new show, The Firm.  Wait, back up for a minute. 

I read the book, The Firm, on a train in Europe when I went backpacking after my junior year of college.  This was my first Grisham book (and I would later declare another my favorite) and I loved it.  The intensity, the twists, the turns, it was enough to keep me up at night trying to finish the book and figure out what happened.  It was on this trip that we all discovered that Tom Cruise had been cast as the lead in the subsequent movie.  Wait, huh?  Tom Cruise.

I went to see the movie, The Firm, around the opening weekend.  I was, as most were, disappointed.  Gone was the excitement of the ending.  Gone was the never knowing what could happen and living on a boat.  And Tom Cruise as the lead was never who I pictured as the Mitch McDeere in my mind. 

Fast forward 14 years, and the age of remaking everything, NBC has decided to create a television show based on this same book and this same movie.  I was skeptical but I decided, because of my love for the book (and lets face it Josh Lucas) that I would check it out.  And I liked it.  Now its not without some problems and I assume that these problems can be ironed out but I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Although, I think that the basis of the show is the movie and not the book because Mitch and Abby McDeere have just gotten out of Witness Protection (never happened in the book).  I think I will continue to watch and see where the story goes.

Did anyone else watch?  What did you think?  Did anyone else actually picture someone like Josh Lucas back in the day when you read the book for the first time.  He seems to fit, in my opinion, and I have loved him since Sweet Home Alabama. 

Harry Potter and Awards

As we gear up for the Awards season (yes I am excited about the Golden Globes on Sunday night) I am left to wonder...will Harry Potter ever win anything.  I know, I know there are many other great movies this year (apparently) but I love this franchise so much and I so wanted some recognition before the movies slip off in to oblivion (yeah right).  I know that no nominations were given for the final movie by the Golden Globes but does this mean that Oscar will ignore this movie as well?  The final chapter of the movies was phenomenal and Alan Rickman (playing Professor Snape) was outstanding in his final scenes.  Of course Harry Potter will win awards for the effects but what about the overall scope of the story telling.  The acting, the directing, the adaptation of the books. 

After instilling a new love of reading in so many children (and adults), these movies brought our the images to life and really gave faces to the characters we loved (and hated).  I guess this is my plea that all of this will not be for naught.  Stepping down from my soapbox now....

Vacation is over...finally!

This is my children this morning...

and this is me....

Just kidding of course.   I have to go back to teaching today as well but I am so glad to send the children back to school. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

What the F**K Facts...

Thanks to my friends over at diatribes and ovations I decided to follow @WTFuckFacts on Twitter.  My brain reels from the amount of useless information that this gives me daily but....I like it.  Like today for example, the most recent tweet read "Our brain makes us see ourselves 5x more beautiful than we actually are".  Do I agree with this, I don't know but it stopped and made me think.  I always assumed that as humans and hopefully humble humans we never saw the positives in ourselves.  So to think that I am seeing myself 5x better than I am is a little scary.  I know that there are many out there that truly believe that they are beautiful but even on a good day I can find every one of my flaws.  I could list them all right now but man that would be depressing.  Later all....

Is anyone else watching?

Does anyone else watch "Once Upon a Time" on Sunday nights?  I have now watched last nights episode of the show twice and I think I may be missing something.  How did Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold walk right in the castle and get the all-powerful sword?  What happened to his son?  How did his skin become gold?  Just a little confusing last night and I needed more backstory on my my backstory.  Love the show but I feel like every Sunday night I go to bed confused.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Project Runway All Stars...

Others will do a much better recap.  Here are my thoughts from the show....
  • I miss Tim Gunn.  Its hard to wrap my head around the "Devil Wears Prada" when I am used to "Make it work".
  • Was Anthony always so annoying?  I think I used to like him but now I had a hard time listening to him talk.
  • Michael C...really?
  • I like the judges, hated the host.  Who is she?
  • I liked the pace of the show and hopes that this keeps up.  I felt that last season dragged a lot. 
  • Did anyone else think that Austin Scarlett's dress sucked.  It looked like a trash bag with a blue liner.
  • If Mondo does not win then all of this will have been in vain....
Did anyone else watch?  What did you think?

The Kids Don't Go Back to School Until Next Week....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I Read Over Christmas...

I said no.  I said I was not interested.  I said it was not my thing.  And then, I gave in.  I sat down, with my new Kindle (yep I got a Kindle, Momma has moved up in the world) and read all three books in The Hunger Games series.  I read The Hunger Games in a day, I read Catching Fire in a day and yes I read Mockingjay in a day.  I literally could not put the books down.  And I don't know why.  These books are futuristic, violent and children suffering is one of the themes.  Never my thing.  I have always said that I read for pleasure because my imagination is way worse than the words on a page but for some reason I absolutely devoured these books.  I cannot say that I loved them because this would be strange for so many reasons but they definitely fascinated me.  Except for the final book.  I will say the first 2 were superbly written and well thought out.  The last book in the series, Mockingjay, felt rushed and not as well developed.  Plus I hated the ending (and that is all I will say but I hated it). 

So this begs the question...will I see the movie?  I don't know.  The images in my head were disturbing so seeing those images on the big screen might be too much for me.  Then again, Lenny Kravitz is in the movie.  I do have until March to decide. 

Has anyone else read the books?  Thoughts? Comments?  Let me know.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Say it isn't so....


REPORT: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel engaged


Is it true?  Is it real?  I don't know but I am devastated.  OK not really but as most of you know I adore Justin Timberlake and always have.  Even back in his embarrassing N'Sync days.   I will keep reading the news (this was reported in US Weekly so who knows).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why do I care?

So I am trying to catch up on the week that was.  For me this means reading and, others I know read USA Today and the Wall Street Journal but there is nothing going on that People does not know.  Anyway, here is my question....why do I care?

Why do I care if Russel Brand and Katy Perry break up.  I actually like them both and think that they are genuinely talented people but do I care if they split?  Not sure about that.  I think they fit together.  I guess I wonder what happened.  So yes, on this one I care.

Why do I care if Kim Kardashian got bangs?  Yes this was a headline on and this is a no brainer.  I do not care if Kim Kardashian got bangs.  Have not even glanced at the picture.

Why do I care if Johnny Weir got married?  Actually I kind of like Johnny Weir.  I know some think he is a little diva-ish but I find him entertaining and if he found his one true love than good for him.

Aretha got engaged.  Yep I care.  Good for her for finding love again.  Handsome man too.

The moral of this is that I care about most celebrities except the Kardashians.  I don't know why I care but I do.  Maybe its an escape, maybe I like reading about glamorous things, maybe when someone entertains me I think of them as friends.  Who knows?  But for some reason I care, again except for the Kardashians.  Anything else I missed. 

Hello my friends!!!!!

Happy 2012 everyone!  I have missed you all and am looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things.  I returned yesterday from NC after seeing my entire family (including my new nephew).  I had a wonderful time and it was hard to come home but here we are back in Sunny South Florida.  As I catch up on the world and try to get through the Tivo lists I will be posting accordingly.  Let me know if I have missed anything exciting and I cannot wait to hear from everyone.  I will be checking the blogs today and tomorrow.  Oh and I need to lose 15 pounds.  Just saying!