Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maybe things will be alright

Most of the time when we deal with Hollywood very little surprises any of us. Women get plastic surgery, child stars have a hard time growing up, gay actors come out of the closet and men cheat. And then a story breaks this week that none of us saw coming. Sandra Bullock, who we all love and we have all been thinking about recently comes out and makes an announcement that shocks the hell out of me and makes me smile for her. With the adoption of a little boy in the works since January, Sandy (I feel like we could be friends and I would call her Sandy) has kept her secret through all of the Jesse James mess and gets to come out of this a mother. I am so pleased for her and I love the fact that this amazing, classy woman gets to share her gift with this special child. Congratulations Sandy and may God bless you and your new son. Also, can you give others in your line of work lessons on how to keep a secret because, damn girl you did it well.

On another note; Jesse James (the soon to be ex) came out with a statement this week and don't hate me for saying this, he came across as very sincere. Tiger Woods could take lessons from this man on humility and remorse. James was regretful, sad and humble. Not that he does not deserve it, but all I keep thinking about is bringing a baby home, falling in love with it and then realizing that now he will never be yours. My heart goes out to him just a little and I hope that someday he will grow up and become the man he should be.

Congrats again to Sandy for the new baby. Good for her!

American Idol - Goodbye To The Screamer

Siobhan went home last night and I have to say I am pleased. Was anyone else getting sick of her screaming and passing it off as singing? Good riddance and bring on Lee and Crystal in the final two..

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stop the insanity...

I just read an article about Justin Bieber (yeah I don't know who he is either) and his rabid fans. Apparently young Justin is so popular that he had to cancel a television appearance in Australia because of the mass hysteria. Unruly fans, paramedics who could have guessed.

The whole story got me to thinking about my crushes back in the day. I had a wide variety (and I do mean variety) of posters on my wall. And not one of these "idols" would have prompted mass hysteria by me but still I was in "love" with them all.

Who were your crushes? Are you impressed by my broad spectrum?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Very Scary (and sad)

My favorite song in 9th (or 10th) grade was none other than "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison. In fact two years ago, feeling nostalgic, I asked Santa (aka my husband) to put Poison's greatest hits in my stocking. It is now loaded on my Ipod and you should see how fast I can walk/run on the treadmill to "Something to Believe In". Anyway I saw the news yesterday about Bret Michaels being in critical condition after a brain hemorrhage. Not sure what his current status is but I hope that he will be OK. Now please understand that I am aware that in recent years Michaels is a bit of a has-been punchline but he is only 47 and you only have to listen to his old school music to realize that the age of the "hair band" was a fun one and Poison was a big part of that. Good luck Bret!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The One We Have All Been Waiting For.....

Tonight is the night. The Madonna episode on Glee. I feel as if we should all sing while the clouds part, the sun comes out and Madonna herself smiles down on us all. I! Am! So! Excited! Please do not disappoint.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kate Gosselin on the radio....

I happened upon Kate Gosselin on the Ryan Seacrest show today (I don't usually listen but that is a whole other story). Lets just say about Kate; I am not a fan. I never watched her show and I could care less about her dramatic divorce. But (always a but) she made a comment today that I had to mention. While talking on the radio today Kate told Ryan that she would give up the fame, money and drama to switch places with her babysitter in a "micro-millisecond". So here is my issue, you have to provide for your family (so you say, is there no money from TLC?) why Dancing with the Stars? You can get a job that is nondescript that still pays. In my mind the fame thing is yours to control. If you do not want it, walk away. I just hate to hear complaints about the paparazzi and the lack of time with the kids when this is all something that she seeks.

I am not a single mom (and have never been) but to hear this woman include herself in this group really bothers me. Kate Gosselin acts as if she has to "work" and be away from her children because she has to support her family. Not only do these children have a father, they also have plenty of money to last a long, long time if the lifestyle is managed responsible. Not everyone is this lucky. I just needed to get this off of my chest.

Fame-seekers drive me bananas. I am unashamedly a celebrity ho but when I think celebrity I think someone who possesses at least a little bit of talent. Not an egotistical mother who uses her children to her advantage and is stretching her 15 minutes further than anyone would ever have imagined.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Daddy/Daughter Dance

Friday night was the Daddy/Daughter dance at my children's school. Another excuse for little girls to get dressed up and spend the evening with their fathers. My daughter (who is in kindergarten by the way) was so excited. We got her nails done, her hair cut and a new dress. I also ordered a corsage and boutonniere for the occasion. On top of all of that my husband and his buddies were able to procure a limo for the evening, so the girls arrived in style. Now my question is; if we did all of this for her at age 5, where do we go from here? Will every other year be a disappointment because we made this one such a to do.

I could not help but think about a Cosby Show episode from way back when. Theo and his buddies wanted to top everyone at the Prom and pooled their money to get a 30 minute helicopter ride (which ended up being a disaster). All under the guise of the "one up" mentality.

I admit I fell into the trap. With our children we have a tendency to want the "big" occasions to be memorable. Does the Daddy/Daughter dance at age 5 fall under the "big" occasion umbrella? Who knows but I got some great pictures.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol - Straight Up!?

I am not sure how I feel about Andrew Garcia going home last night on Idol (Katie was booted too but honestly I could care less about that one). I really enjoyed Andrew during auditions (the footage with his family was great) but (and this is a big but) when he arrived on the show, none of his songs came close to his near perfect rendition of Paula Abdul's song, Straight Up. Plus his story was not played up in the way that Big Mike's was. As the judges constantly chastised Andrew for not having a personality (I thought his smile was great) Big Mike was crying, playing up his new baby or discussing his "guns". It was his time to go (I guess) I just wonder if others should have gone first. As for the final seven...I am not completely sure where I stand except to point out that Tim has surprised me and Siobhan is still screaming.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am GLEE-ful Tonight!

The countdown is over....Glee is returning tonight people. I am so excited and might actually stay up past 10 to watch the new episode. Yeah....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Amazing Race - You Tried Hard

My children and I watched the Race last night and were happy to see the Cowboys come back from the previous last place finish. From last to first and as Phil said, "first time in Amazing Race history." Sadly the team that finished last week in first was eliminated this week. Steve and Allie (the father, daughter team) have had to say farewell to the Race. I would like to give them a blog post worthy of the amount of screen time that they received on the Race but this post has already surpassed that. Goodbye Steve and Allie, not really sure that you will be missed but you tried real hard (that was what my Dad always said when I lost a basketball game).

Did you see this?

The headline on today is that Nicollette Sheridan is suing Marc Cherry for $20 million for wrongful termination and assault and battery. Ms. Sheridan is claiming that Cherry hit her and then fired her (OK she is claiming a little more than that but that is the nutshell). Now all of this happened last year (she left the show in 2009) so why is this lawsuit just being filed now? Plus are we to honestly believe that Nicollette Sheridan is easy-going and a joy to work with? I am just not buying it. My guess is that Ms. Sheridan is having trouble finding work (because she is difficult) and needs to pay the bills. What do you think?

*Please understand that if Marc Cherry did hit her I am not condoning it and he should be punished. But television sets are not private. There must be witnesses right?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a Good Day....

I have had such a good Easter. Easter baskets were a hit (with both children). A good breakfast, church, lunch on the grill and an 80 degree day by the pool with the fam. The children are now looking at the stars through the telescope (no school tomorrow) while I watch The Sound of Music. Besides the fact that I have eaten my way through the day. Diet starts back tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone!