Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farewell Olympics

I watched with bated breath today as the American hockey team took on the Canadians. I thought it was over and then a score! We all jumped and screamed. I thought we had it. But alas the Canadians pulled out a win in overtime and the Americans went home with a silver medal. I am proud of Team USA (from all of the sports). It was a great game for a non-hockey lover and an amazing ending to the 2010 winter Olympics. It never fails to amaze me the pure unadulterated passion these athletes have for their sport. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol - Really?

I am trying. I am really trying. I like talent shows. I am in awe of actual talent (because I have none). I adore Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, even Top Chef. I just cannot get all the way on board with this show. I used to watch the show back in the day (Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard). I gave it up and moved on to other shows. This season I came back (mainly because of Ellen Degeneres). After the girls performed last night and most of the guys tonight I am wondering whether it is a waste of my time. No one sounds great to me. I don't hear what others hear I guess. Minus Crystal Bowersox last night, everyone else seemed off-key and lackluster. I did like the deadlocked wonder and hope that she goes very far.

We'll see what happens. As for the boys...the judges loved Casey James (not sure if it was his voice or his looks). Even though his performance was not great tonight I am an Andrew Gracia fan.

Who are you liking? Are you having as much trouble as I am picking a singer to pull for?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Amazing Race - The Cowboy Way

I finally just watched the Amazing Race from Sunday night and I wanted to give a few thoughts and shout-outs to the show.

First, I love, love, love that the cowboys won this leg of the race. They look and sound a little slow but they surprised us all with their sneakiness and ability to thrive on their own. Good job Jet and Cord. Oh and by the way, how do you forget your hat cover? Its the Amazing Race, it will rain at some point. Kudos for making your own.

Dear Amazing Race, please make detours more challenging. Both "challenges" seemed easy and inconsequential to the race and the country the teams were in. I like to watch the teams sweat and learn about the local culture.

Next, the blurring of the cows pooping just makes me laugh. Not sure what CBS was protecting us, the viewers, from but I am still laughing. CBS there is a book out there called "Everybody Poops" read it.

I actually enjoy the little interviews with Jeff and Jordan. She is clueless and he just seems to enjoy tripping her up. Funny stuff and they actually seem like a real couple to me. Not at all sure about the lesbians. They are not very nice. I was hoping to like them but as of right now it is not happening.

Finally, not that sad to see Grandmother and granddaughter lose. The Grandmother (what was her name again) seemed rehearsed and wanted to be old and soft-spoken while the granddaughter had very little personality at all.

Looking forward to a few meltdowns next week. What did you think this week?

Check This off the List...

I made a mention back in January of a 5k that I was going to run. Drunken bet and I figured hell why not? To run a race and finish it has been on my list (list of things to do before I die) for ages. This past Saturday was the race. I did it. Not well but I finished. I was unable to run the entire time but I finished the damn thing in less than 45 minutes (sadly my goal). Just wanted ya'll to know. Normally if I say I am going to do something I do it. Now about that 10 pounds that I keep saying I want to lose....

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Cool is This?

Michelle Obama has invited the cast of Glee to perform for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the White House. Not only is it cool to be invited; but how great would it be to witness the performance. Apparently the Obama women are big fans of the show and really wanted to meet the cast. See the full story here ( Unsure about Obama but huge fan of Glee. Can all the worlds problems be solved with music? Just a thought.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Do we believe him?

I Tivoed Tiger Woods today because I had to work (yes I have no life). I just watched his press conference and I am not sure how to feel (and why I care). I agree that the press needs to leave his wife and children alone. I also agree that his marital status is a private matter between he and his wife. I guess what I question is how sincere he really his. He apologized many (many) times but he seemed so cold and direct. I think in this situation actions will speak louder than words. We will see....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

April 13th cannot come soon enough...

One last mention - Idol Top 24

This is the latest on the Idol Top 24 scandal. Apparently Michael Lynche is going to be allowed to stay (yeah!) but Chris Golightly will in fact have to leave due to his contract transgressions. Full story here .

Joe's Place additionally reports that Chris is now meeting with a high-powered attorney, and he just might have a good case here, in light of Idol's inconsistency regarding disqualifications. A couple weeks ago, it was rumored that Season 9 contestant Michael Lynche would be kicked off the show because his father violated Idol's confidentiality agreement by prematurely talking about his son's success to the press--but it appears Idol producers let that transgression slide, and actually allowed Michael to stay.

I feel bad for this kid and it seems as if he is being treated unfairly. Although now that he is doing interviews it must be for real. Not a great start to the season Idol.

American Idol - Top 24 drama continued...

Last night the remaining Top 24 for this season of American Idol was revealed. Chris Golightly made the list but then in the remaining moments was removed from the ads for next week. What happened? Here is some information that I found on

Chris Golightly was disqualified yesterday. “Hollywood Contestant” Samantha Musa called Chris shortly after the show and tweeted.

“Just got off the phone with Chris GoLightly. He was disqualified yesterday, after already being told he was in the top 24, over some bogus old contract. The contract expired, but they disqualified him for not telling them. He is talking to lawyers, but doubt they can do anything.”

So what happened? Right now there is no official word on why Chris is out and Tim is in. There was a rumor floating that Michael Lynche was disqualified when his father ran his mouth about his son making the Top 24. Is it possible that Michael was actually Chris and the Idol guru’s messed up? Maybe. We will keep track of any updates but I fear we will never get anything official.

The website continues the speculation that young Chris had a contract for a boy band and was never officially released. Anyway, does this mean that Michael Lynche (Big Mike) is OK and that it is this Chris fella that has been booted? Or will the contract mess work itself out and Chris will be back next week? Does anyone have any information?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Modern Family is On Tonight

I know the Olympics are on; and I have been trying to watch and support the Americans. But tonight is Wednesday and Modern Family is on. Both epsiodes are repeats but this show is worth a glance. At 9:00 (ABC) the episode is entitled En Garde and it is one of my favorites. Watch if you have not yet and let me know what you think.

This line is from last weeks gem of a show. Hilarious!!!!!

Alex: ''What's Jagermeister?'' Phil: ''Well, you know how in a fairy tale there's always a potion that makes the princess fall asleep and then the guys start kissing her? Well, this is like that, except you don't wake up in a castle; you wake up in a frat house with a bad reputation.'' — (episode 14)

American Idol - Top 24 no more

I heard a few weeks ago that one of the top 24 on American Idol was booted after his father broke the confidentiality agreement of the show. Apparently dear old Dad confirmed to a radio station that his son had made it to the show before the finalists were announced. I have been wondering who this particular contestant was but did not want to check until the top 24 had been revealed. Since part of this group was announced last night on the show, I started doing my research and discovered that who it was. If any of you are rooting for Michael Lynche (aka Big Mike) I hate to be the one to tell you that he is the one that is gone. "Big Mike" was the first contestant put through to the finals last night and as you know (if you have watched any of the show) his wife just gave birth to their first child while he has been auditioning. I am assuming that this is the correct information and am sad that we will not get to see Michael compete. How does a parent make up for this one?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Just Don't Understand....

Do you?

The Amazing Race is back...

I just got back last night from the Georgia mountains. We had so much fun (even with the snow). The trip was exactly what my husband and I needed but it has been difficult coming back to reality today. With that said, I have been very excited about The Amazing Race returning and watched Sunday's episode last night. Loved it, loved it, loved it and with so many fun couples the show seems to be back after the snoozefest of last season (who won that one anyway?). For a full recap check out (here). I just wanted to point out my top 5 stupid/funny thoughts from the first episode.
  1. Chile is not pronounced China ever. This is for Jordan and Jeff (of Big Brother fame). Jordan could not seem to recognize this fact as she kept mispronouncing where the first stop was going to be.
  2. Brazil and Chile are two different countries. Jet and Cord (cowboy hats)seemed unaware of this has they exchanged money for Chile and decided that Brazilian money made sense?
  3. Always, always follow the clues word for word. Even if you don't understand what a word means, ask! Have you learned nothing from seasons past Caite and Brent? Another missed clue, another 30 minute penalty. By the way Caite is the Teen Miss SC who did not know what geography was which leads me to #4.
  4. Make sure that you include a gay man when you have also included a former beauty queen that has been portrayed as a complete imbecile on national television. Gay men apparently do wicked impersonations of beauty queens. Very impressive Jordan (of the brothers team).
  5. Loved, loved, loved that the Dad and daughter team (Steve and Allie) painted the inside of a house before they figured out that they were in the wrong place. I would have loved to have hung out with those workers while this was happening. I bet they were laughing their asses off.
So the show is off to a great start as far as I can tell. Sad to see the high school sweethearts (Dana and Adrian) get booted first but someone has to go home on the first leg. Looks like a great season. Not sure who my team is yet but I will let you know. Any thoughts? Are you happy with the fact that the show continues to put "named" people in the race? Later all.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Georgia has Mountains?

I have never been to the Georgia mountains. In fact, I was unaware that GA even had peaks and valleys (geography not my strongest subject). But as weird as it might seem this is where I am headed for the weekend. Its our annual (14 years and counting) trip with the adults and no kids (yeah!). So off I go. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's weekend and great President's Day. Be back Monday or Tuesday (if we don't get snowed in). Later all!

By the way this is where we are excited!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday Night Lights ending?

This could be it. The latest on (story here) is that the 5th season of FNL will be its last. I am saddened but for a person that has not begun to watch the 4th season (no DirectTV) I feel like I have a little time to mourn the loss. My wish is that Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler both find wonderful shows in which they receive the respect that they so richly deserve. Wish #2, FNL gets some love from the awards before its untimely demise. The best show on television that no one watches. I will miss it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John Mayer; Please Shut Up!

I just don't get it. I have blogged about him before. I don't understand the attraction. John Mayer is an egotistical moron who does not know when to keep his mouth shut. The latest, of course, is the Playboy interview with Mr. Mayer as he once again throws all his ex-girlfriends under the bus and talks about them in detail. Didn't your mama teach you not to kiss and tell? If this was not enough, he also takes it upon himself to use the n word (along with other choice words). Who do you think you are? Shut up! Stop talking, stop tweeting, in general stop corresponding...

Full story here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I am getting there....

As you all know I am, in fact, a celebrity ho. I love the magazines, the shows and I covet the shoes, handbags and clothes worn by celebrities. Imagine my surprise, when I was watching Cougartown the other night and I noticed a handbag that looked vaguely like the one I just bought. It was a Michael Kors (hello Project Runway fans) bag that I got on sale at Nordstrom a few months ago. Anyway, Ellie (the best friend to Courtney Cox's character on Cougartown) was carrying the bag in the most recent episode. I looked it up. Its my bag! I have arrived people. I have the same bag that was on a hit show. It has a designer label. Next thing you know paparazzi will be at my door photographing me with my bag and telling everyone how much I paid. OK I am getting ahead of myself. Here is the scene from Cougartown.

And here is the bag.

How cool am I? Just saying...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Bowl - Best of the Rest...

As most of you know I love football (with a passion) and watch the big game with bated breath. Tonight I was pulling for the Saints...and to watch them pull out a win was amazing. Congrats to Drew Brees and Reggie Bush (my favorite) and the rest of the team from New Orleans. There are parties everywhere in New Orleans tonight (legendary ones).

With that said, here are my other favorite things that stood out tonight and made the game worth watching.

  • The Best Commercial - I will get plenty of flack for this because the Bud Light commercials were cute but the Google commercial (Paris, chocolates to crib) was by far my favorite. Simple, easy and a great representation of the product. Well done!
  • Best Play on the Field - The on-side kick by the Saints to start the 2nd half. No one expected it (especially the Colts) and it led to a score by the Saints. Its the Super Bowl, you gotta pull out all the stops; and they did.
  • Best Moment that made me Smile - You all know how I feel about How I Met your Mother. To see Barney Stinson (aka NPH) in the stands with a phone number (which was real) just made me laugh. Called the number. I now have a date with Barney.
  • Best Hoopla over Nothing - The Tim Tebow commercials were a non issue (in my opinion). It was short and no one paid any attention to it. Even those of us who are pro-choice blinked and missed it. Glad we fought over that one (sarcasm abounds). The only problem; did the hoopla make people want to know more?
  • Best National Anthem - Obviously Carrie Underwood (the only one to sing it) but I wanted to give her props. The anthem was sung well and the country star looked great. Even the over-the-top shoes seemed to fit. Well done!
  • Best Game-Changing moment - the late interception by Tracy Porter (Saints) to give the Saints the final score to put the game away. Exciting moment of course but also you (I) could only imagine what New Orleans was doing at that moment.
  • Best Quarterback who did not win - Of course Peyton Manning is phenomenal. I adore him and although I was pulling for the Saints, it was difficult to pull against Manning. I love a man that can be goofy and laugh at himself. Plus Peyton Manning is a true, dedicated player. Wonderful season Mr. Manning. No one comes close.
I am sure I missed aplenty. Let me know what you thought of the game (and the commercials). Was it all that you had hoped?

Friday, February 5, 2010

I Love Modern Family....

Below is a list of quotes from Wednesday night's episode of Modern Family (full story on I don't know if you are watching but this show is absolutely hilarious and has me laughing long after the show is over. I assume you know the premise...Dad with a new Colombian trophy wife, son and partner with a new baby, and daughter, husband and three kids. I don't know why the show works but it does and if you are not watching yet, you must. Last night when straight Dad and gay partner of son played racquetball hilarity ensued in the locker room. The picture above shows what Cam (the gay one) calls a "moon landing" (two naked man butts touching). I am still laughing (oh and by the way if you are wet it is called a "splashdown"). Does anyone else watch?

“Luke, that is very offensive to women. Your mom works very hard, just now she works for us.” -Phil to Luke

Best Mitchell and Cam exchange:

“My dream for him is that one day, he’ll be on the Supreme Court.” – Cam about Mitchell’s lawyering skills
“Why Cam?” -Mitchell (just waiting for the punchline)
“So at parties I can tell people my partner is one of the Supremes.” -Cam

Jay’s best (if slightly offensive) quip of the night: “Part of going to the gym is the locker room atmosphere, and if I’m there with a gay guy, it’s just not gonna be the same. I mean for me it’s a locker room, for him it’s a showroom.” -Jay on going to the gym with Cam

“Some people call me a salesman, I call myself a salesfriend, so obviously I need strangers to trust me. I don’t take it kindly when someone Tom Sellecks my bus bench.” -Phil after discovering that someone drew a mustache on his face on his bus bench ad. Love that he turned Tom Selleck into a verb!

“Just test driving my new soup strainer.” -Phil about his wannabe-Tom Selleck mustache

“Once an old lady yelled at her at a crosswalk—she honked so long the horn ran out.” -Manny about Gloria’s bad driving and her inability to take criticism. How fabulous is Manny by the way?

“Oh sure, when you’re gay you just walk around giving butt bumps to everybody. It’s like a high-five — it’s a low two.” –Cam after Jay says that their butt bump helped Cam’s racquetball game.

And finally, the always-critical parenting lesson of the evening:
“You know how in a fairy tale there’s always a potion that makes the princess fall asleep and then the guys start kissing her? Well, this is like that except you don’t wake up in a castle — you wake up in a frat house with a bad reputation.” Phil’s response to Alex when she asks what J├Ągermeister is. See, we’re all learning things!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

When will the 15 minutes end?

I was ironing tonight (I know I am a good wife) and had the television on to pass the time. While watching Entertainment Tonight I was outraged (OK maybe not outraged but miffed) by the story that the show was doing on Levi Johnston. The man/boy is trying so hard to be a good father and get more time with his son, so he has the ET cameras follow him around for the 6 hours a week that he has him. In fact, shock of all shocks, he shows ET how he changes his son's diapers and plays with him. Wow that is fascinating (are you detecting my sarcasm at all)! Please let this man/boy go away. Stop putting him on television, please. No doubt he is thankful that he has become a member of the "lucky sperm" club so that he can use his son to become famous. But if we stop catering to the bullshit maybe he will disappear. As I have stated in the past, I am not a Palin fan (never have been). You have to admit that at least she and her daughter have not used the child as a tool for publicity. Ranting finished. Thanks for listening.

Glee - The Soundtrack

For those of you (like myself) that are missing Glee and want the show to come back soon, go get the soundtracks (Volume 1 and 2). I sing along to every song (and my God I am a great singer in my own mind) and love the mixes of the songs. So much fun! You should see me exercise while rocking out. I am so cool!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oscar Nominations - Thoughts?

This morning the Oscar nominations were announced (full list here). I will not go into all of the nominations because I have not seen all the movies but here are my thoughts on some of the buzz...

  • Isn't it funny that Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air) was nominated when her other big role this year was Bella's best friend from Twilight?
  • How about Sandra Bullock? Some say that she does not deserve an award but for someone who has entertained us all for so many years, I believe that she is deserving of some recognition.
  • Many people are not fans of the animated movie Up (Best Picture nominee). I personally loved the movie. A little deep in the beginning for the kids; it made everyone's "bucket list" take on a whole new meaning.
  • I could not get through The Hurt Locker. Most loved the movie, and the critics think that it is phenomenal, just not for me.
  • Is it possible that Mo'Nique is going to be an Oscar winner? What a world we live in!
  • I am so not a James Cameron fan. Even in the height of Titanic (which I loved, don't lie you did too) I never liked the man himself.
These are just my initial thoughts. I am sure that in the next month I will have more (or maybe not you never know). Anyway, let me know what you think about the nominations. Are there any movies that I must see before the big night? And were there any great disappointments?