Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway - Recycle the Saturn

Another week; another innovation challenge. We left the designers last week rejoicing in their Drag Queen masterpieces except for Daniel (who went home) and Keith (who apparently has lost his confidence and his manners). It's a whole new day and the designers meet Tim on the top of a parking garage staring at a bunch of Saturn cars. This week an outfit must be created using parts of a car.

The whole idea is "whackadoodle" as Suede would say (and does say numerous times during the episode). Most of the designers go for seatbelts and seat covers while others try to use the rubber floor mats. Back to the workroom and the designers get to work. Keith is in a serious funk and we all know that this means he is going home. He wants to "change the way the world dresses" (so that we all look like birds) so he is "presenting the judges with a more refined look". Yep that is the kiss of death. Plus his outfit looks like a trashy skirt and a rag top that does not fit well (think Forever 21 for $5.99).

Suede apparently gets another vision from another dead family member (his father) and blows kisses to the air while saying "I love you Dad". How is he so sure that all of his family has gone "up there"? Both times he has been visited by his expired family he looks to the sky; does he know for sure that is where they went? If they are speaking to him from beyond can Grandpa or Dad (whichever one can get through) tell Suede to stop talking in third person altogether. It was annoying when he did it all the time and now it is just stupid because its every now and then.

Anyway, back to the workroom and the challenge. The day of the runway show dawns and Keith yells at his model for sitting down and splitting his trashy skirt. If you can't sit down in the skirt, might there be a slight issue? The guest judges this week are Laura Bennett from Season 3 (no Nina this week) and Rachel Zoe (who always looks like she just came from the beach).

Leanne, Jerrell and Korto are the favorites (and rightly so for once). It comes down to Korto and Leanne with Leanne winning for he fabulous leather dress with the seatbelt fringe (it looks so much cooler than it sounds I promise).

Now for the bottom; Blayne is safe (again) even though his dress gaps so much at the boobs that we almost got a little peep show, and Stella is safe even though she tries something pretty (for once) and it does not (does not!) work. This means that Keith (shock) is going home.

Now I have liked and hated Keith based on his moods every episode (the last few I've hated because he has been so cocky) but it was very heart wrenching when he said that he is "going home for presenting something that was not me." Now I am not sad to never see another chicken again; I am just sad because he was trying to please Michael and Nina and it did not work. Bless his heart and maybe Utah will become a hotbed of fashion activity. You never know.

Next week the always glamorous Diane von Furstenberg. Very cool! Later taters!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I kind of want a fight...

Does anyone else want a little bitch fight to happen between Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth. I know that both actresses are saying that all is fine on the set of the new 90210 (starts next Tuesday, yeah) but I kind of want a little drama. My money is on Jennie (just because she is my favorite) but I bet Shannon is a hair puller. Can't wait until next week!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dancing With the Stars

I have never actually watched this show but I love Lance Bass (I am not sure why) and I adore Ted McGinley (you know that we all stayed home on Saturday night and watched him on the Love Boat!). Full story on I am still trying to decide if Dancing will be added to my Tivo list. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Shear Genius and Gentleman

So long this past week to Daniel; the Texas boy with a great sense of humor. I just watched Wednesday's episode last night and I must say Daniel will be missed. He was sarcastic without being rude (Charlie), ladylike without being too prissy (Dee? OK not really) and talented without relying on dumb luck (Nicole). I am no longer sure who I will pull for in the finale but Daniel will be missed. Here's to the man that made Jaclyn cry. Good luck southern boy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I am still a little miffed....

Did I ever mention that I am a huge (huge) Harry Potter fan? I was the oldest person waiting in line for the last book and I stayed up all night reading just so that I could re-read it again the next day (yes I ignored my husband and children for a few days). Although some of the movies have not been done as well as I would have liked (I always love the book more) I still get excited to see the show.

So last week I received my most recent copy of Entertainment Weekly in the mail with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (the 6th book) on the cover as a fall movie. In anticipation of the movie coming out around Thanksgiving I began to re-read the 6th book just to get ready (I do this for all of the movies. I know, I know I am a nerd). Much to my chagrin, the next day I discovered that the release date for this most recent film has been pushed back to July 2009. Imagine my disappointment.

Now the studios are saying it is not about money (yeah right) that there was just an open date for the movie in the summer. Now what am I supposed to do? I have already begun to re-read the book; do I put it down and pick it back up in June? I was so looking forward to getting out of the house and away from the in-laws over Thanksgiving (and getting to see the move on my own). I am not sure that the studios ever really know how much they mess up our plans when they make these decisions. It is all about me right?

On a side note; how embarrassing for Entertainment Weekly to put the movie on the cover as a fall movie when they are owned by the same company as Warner Brothers (who is releasing the movie). Gotta work on our communication people.

Full story here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway - The Drag Queen Challenge

This is what we saw on the runway last night; I loved it!!!

Thank you to Chris March and all of the beautiful ladies for breathing a little life into Project Runway last night. I loved the challenge, I loved the attitudes and I loved who finally went home!

Let me back up a little. Obviously last night was the Drag Queen challenge and if ever there was a time to blow it all out and have fun, this was the time. Just a side note; David Dust in his recap last week talked about how hilarious some of these ladies were (including Hedda Lettuce, Sweetie, and Varla Jean) and they all delivered. Not only were they beautiful but I loved their personalities, especially Hedda when she back talked Suede and almost made him cry (a whole other story) but I digress.

So anyway, Chris March came out with his wonderful laugh and introduced the ladies to the designers. Each designer was paired with a "Queen" and had to design a look that fit her personality. Another note (I am doing a lot of that this morning) all of these costumes/outfits were going to be auctioned off to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, which I thought was a wonderful use of the beautiful clothes. Back to last night; everyone seemed excited about the challenge and really put a lot of thought and imagination into what they created. Except (you knew there was going to be an except) Keith and Daniel. Once again Keith created an outfit that looked like it had been through a shredder and Daniel (and his taste level) created a dress (granted the dress was in bright, ugly colors) not a costume.

During the course of the episode last night Suede was apparently visited by his dead grandfather (?) and was told to put lettuce heads on a pair of gloves. Hedda apparently did not like this "vision" and called Suede lazy (hilarious). They worked it out in the end with Suede telling her that she hurt his feelings but I still feel as if Hedda Lettuce looked like Dino the dinosaur from The Flintstones. Just a quick question; does everything out of Suede's mouth sound rehearsed, practiced and created for the greatest shock factor possible? He is really trying to cash in on his 15 minutes and it is turning me off completely.

The runway show was fabulous with RuPaul as the guest judge (does she look a little gaunt?) but I disagreed with the judges about Terrie's outfit (so did Tim apparently). It was way too much going on to suit me but what do I know? The top two were Korto and Joe (the straight man; isn't it ironic) with Joe winning for his pink sailor jumpsuit. By the way when Joe walked back after winning Terri looked like she was trying to restrain herself from getting into it with Joe. Now that would be interesting. Who would win Terrie or Joe? HMMMMMMM.....

Of course Daniel and Keith were the bottom two with Daniel finally going home. He still looked like a bratty child on the runway and he left reiterating his "good taste level".

Next week is a mystery on the top of a building with the echo of Stella musing about a "bika bar". Starting to get my mojo back for Project Runway. Later taters!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tyra Banks a Diva; Are We Surprised?

According to the NY Post, Tyra Banks kept her studio audience waiting over two hours today while she chatted with her model guests. When she was finally ready to come onstage she did not utter one word of apology to the audience and proceeded to start the show.

Now lets be honest; is anyone actually surprised that Tyra is a Diva? I am a fan of America's Next Top Model and I still cannot stand Ms. Banks. One of the reasons that I love Tivo so much is that I can fast forward through her constant self appreciative moments when she preaches to the girls about body image, the environment and her days as a model. I love the cattiness of the models, and the challenges that they must attempt on the show; however the minute the judging begins I tune out knowing that once again Tyra is going to attempt the "smile with her eyes" or the hunched over position that we see in her one high fashion pose.

The new cycle of America's Next Top Model starts on September 3 and I will be watching. I did stop watching the talk show last year. It is hard to fast forward the parts of the show that Tyra is in when it is actually her talk show. At that point I am just watching commercials. That just defeats the purpose of Tivo altogether.

Ellen and Portia Wed!!!

I am a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan! As conservative as I am I feel that this world just needs a little more love and laughter (is that a song) and she truly loves who she is, what she does, making people laugh and apparently Portia de Rossi. So congrats to the two of them on their nuptials this weekend. It looks as if it was a private and beautiful service. Good for both of them and Ellen get back to work. My mornings are a little boring these days with repeats.

More on

The Amazing Race Cast for Season 13

I know, I know I watch a tremendous amount of television and I get excited about stupid things that happen on said television but this is really something to be excited about. The Amazing Race has announced the 11 teams for its new season that starts September 28th.

One couple I am especially interested in are the self proclaimed hippies, Anita and Arthur.

They are Beekeepers and make and sell their own honey. I am not sure how long the two will stick around but they should be interesting to watch.

I also like the brother/sister team of Nick and Starr.

She is a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and he performs in an Off-Broadway show.

Overall I am excited about the show and hope that there are more surprises than last season. See the full story on

Monday, August 18, 2008

No Lying or Cheating?

Of course John Mayer is going to tell everyone that there was no "lying or cheating" in his presumed break up with Jennifer Aniston (bless her heart). He is not going to admit to doing anything wrong. Not when his livelihood is contingent upon people (like me) who buy his music because of the sweet, soulful and romantic songs he writes. Rumors are he did cheat (and lie) but I am still not sure that this will stop me from liking his music. I may not like him anymore (which will crush him I know) but I like his tunes. Full story on

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway

I think I am getting a little bored with Project Runway this season. Is that possible? I feel as if the drama is faked and the designers are trying a little too hard (Blayne, Daniel and Suede; Suede, Daniel and Blayne; that could totally be a song). Plus the attitudes of the designers make it hard to find one person to really rout for. I mean if Brooke Shields is calling you "bratty" then maybe an attitude adjustment is in order (I say that to my children all the time). How many times can Daniel get on stage, act like a spoiled child and insist that he has good taste (no "impeccable" taste).

It's like he is Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka stamping his foot and insisting that he get the "Golden Ticket". Obviously you are all on Project Runway for a reason people; you haven't made it yet. Try to get rid of some of your cockiness and maybe, just maybe you will learn something. OK I am done (I think).

So last night the basic recap (if you want more David Dust is your man? as always): The challenge was to design an outfit for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle (I totally called that in last week's recap). The designers were in teams of two. Keith's design (along with partner Kenley) won the challenge while Daniel and Kelli lose on a black and leopard tight suit number. Sadly Kelli was sent home (apparently because her taste is not as "impeccable as Daniels').

Blayne made an outfit of Bermuda shorts (for work?) and got to stick around for another week. I thought that Joe and Korto were going to throw down at one point when he sold her out to Tim but alas it did not happen. They "talked" things over. See what I mean...boring.

Next week my favorite person from last season is back; Chris March. Maybe designing for Drag Queens will put a little life back into Runway. Later taters.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What the hell else does she have to do?

According to Tori Spelling has pulled out of the 90210 remake because Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth will be making more per episode. OK, I get you are a little miffed that your old friends are going to make a little more than you but seriously what other "acting" gigs do you have? This is what you are known for and what you will always be known for. Accept that 90210 is as good as it gets. Unless of course your "reality" shows continue to remain a "force" in the creative world. Get over yourself Donna Martin and get back to the zip code that made you famous.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I too am saving the world....

I broke down today and bought the most recent People magazine with Brad and Angelina's baby story. I had to do it. Those kids are cute and aren't we all slightly fascinated by their day to day life. Anyway I have decided that the almost $5 that I spent on the magazine is going to help someone in the world right? Here is my justification...Brad and Angie (like we know each other) were paid $14 million for the pictures of Knox and Vivienne (again we go way back) and all of that money is going to their foundation. I bought the magazine so indirectly I too am helping the foundation. Do you see how that works? My goodness my humanitarianism is limitless. It feels so good to help the less fortunate.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Such a loss...

As most people know, I am obsessed with all things entertainment related. Today we have lost a great entertainer in Bernie Mac. I have seen the recent articles about him in the hospital but thought nothing of it because he seemed so young. Bernie Mac died today at the age of 50. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He was hilariously funny and a wonderful entertainer. I adored "The Bernie Mac Show" (was I the only white fan?) and subsequently loved him in the Ocean's 11 series and Guess Who? I hope that everyone realizes what a loss this is for the entertainment world. has the full story.

Friday, August 8, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance!

America picked their favorite dancer and it was......Joshua!

I kind of guessed that it would be Joshua or Twitch. The seemed to have the popular vote, although Katee seemed to have the judges vote. And poor little Courtney had no ones vote. Now I thought Courtney did well (as did all the dancers, I mean hell I can't do it) but if you had said at the start of the top twenty who was going to be the final four she would not have been a part of it. This made me think...who would have been in my top four.

So here are the four dancers that I truly believed would have been in the top four had the judges been able to vote and not America.

1. Will. Everyone loved him and he danced every dance terrific. Plus he is (or was) Debbi Allen's protegee, how can you go wrong with that?

2. Katee. She deserved to be there. She danced all dances well and even received standing ovations for a few (especially the Pas de Deux with Will).

3. Joshua. I am going to agree that he should have been in the final four as well. For an "untrained" (was he really?) dancer he took on many dances that were spectacular. Plus he had a humble personality that just spoke volumes about his gratefulness to be on the show.

4. Chelsie. Eliminated in the final six, Chelsie was the one dancer that embodied every character she was given. She worked well with all of her partners (although her dances with Mark were the most memorable) and she really met every challenge head on.

Now don't get me wrong, I loved Twitch and Kherington and thought that as a couple they too were fun to watch. And there were others who really blew me away on any given week but the above four were the ones that I feel really performed every dance above and beyond their own ability.

As it stands Joshua has won what will he do? Broadway? Music Videos? Movies? With $250,000 he can take a little time to figure it out. I am a new fan of the show and I must say I will be back. Later taters.

Project Runway

As I get back into the groove I realize that I can never explain with the detail of David Dust what goes on during a Project Runway episode. Therefore, here are a few of the choice quotes that struck my fancy on this weeks episode:

"life goes on, its a competition, and someone has to go home" states Korto when describing how "sad" she is that Emily has been sent home. Not looking for life long friends I guess.

"I just want to go tanning, please." Obviously poor Blayne is going to wilt away and die with no color on his skin. As he said, "some people go to the gym, I go to the tanning bed." Jarell called Blayne "tanorexic" during the episode, I just call him skin cancer.

If anyone saw the episode, Daniel's face at the end when he was in the bottom was so surprised. Once again we are to note that he is "into high end glamour" which is fine Daniel but you have to challenge yourself in the competition. Raise your hands if anyone can see the track and field girls wearing the cocktail dress that he created. High end glamour my ass!

This is my favorite quote by far this season..."a sista's gotta keep one eye open, that's all I'm sayin..." Terri seemed concerned about her fabric that Keith was "stealing" from her. Don't worry Terri I think you can take him.

As Stella created her all black ensemble for the Olympic games she defended in (in her mind) because "there are a lot of bikers in this country and they watch the Olympics." She wanted her outfit to "represent the country in a bad-ass way!" Now Stella and Terri that would be fun, hmmm...

And of course from the self proclaimed straight man Joe..there is "too much drama because there's too many queens." Maybe so Joe but these queens do have talent.

In the end Korto won with her all white look and mousy little Jennifer and her "surrealism" (what does that mean anyway) were sent home.

Next week Brooke Shields. Daniel V. from season 2 did some work on Lipstick Jungle...any connection you think? Just have to wait and see. Later taters.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Are we to believe that she knew nothing?

This story and picture have been on the last several days about Mary-Kate Olsen and her involvement with Heath Ledger's death. I have (as many people have as well) let a friend "borrow" prescription medicine as needed. Is that what happened? I don't believe that she had any direct involvement but why does she want immunity if she testifies? Her lawyer says that she knew nothing about how Ledger got the drugs. Again, why the immunity? Time will tell. Later taters!

Monday, August 4, 2008

So I am Back....

OK I watch too much television! I just got back from vacation and my Tivo list was completely full and...I lost a few shows (talk about sensory overload). Now finally after a weekend trying to catch up with my shows (which I finally have) I can dish a little on the shows that I left in limbo when I decided to take a break.

First up; The Search for the Next Elle Woods....Bailey totally won (as if I had any doubt) and she looked and acted the part. As for Autumn, she was a sweet girl but as the judges said she was not believable as a sorority girl (and I should know being a former one myself, go Sig Kap). Again, it will be interesting to see how long Bailey will last on Broadway but the show was entertaining and I got a laugh out of 19 (or 20) year old saying that being on Broadway was their "life long" dream. Having a dream like that makes total sense when you have struggled and worked for years like these girls (sarcasm at its best). Also, good luck to Haylie Duff in her next "Broadway" endeavor (OK maybe I am a little punchy today).

Next up was the final episodes of Design Star. I kind of had a feeling that it would come down to Matt and Jenn and I honestly can say that i would have been happy with either one. Both contestants were fun and giving. There was very little sniping amongst the two of them and they were both extremely talented. Most of you know that Jennifer did win last night and I think that she will be great on her own show. My heart went out to Matt but I still think he will be successful and I adore his smile (not that that has anything to do with design). Last night on the reunion special Mikey V was noticeably absent (but they were not scared to show him in the flashbacks) and I got a little tired of everyone saying how close they were and how nice Tracee really is in person. The camera catches something people; some of the time it has to be your true self. Overall the season was a little boring but full of talent. I do think that Vern Yipp is getting more critical in his advancing years. Does he just not like the competition?

Finally, finally Project Runway has returned. As I get to know the contestants and try to figure out who to root for I am astonished to know that three weeks have already passed. Blayne is annoying and trying so hard to be the personality of the season. The combination of his orange body, his gap teeth and his use of the word licious is enough to make me fast forward through some of his sections. Also, trying to get Tim Gunn to say "holla at ya boy" is like me trying to contort my body into Yoga positions. It's not going to happen and its just embarrassing to watch. As for Suede(dear Suede) please stop speaking of yourself in third person. You sound like an imbecile and combined with your look people might mistake you for someone who really does have a few screws missing (I was going to say retarded but that is not PC). I will do a full recap on Thursday but thus far the judges have been correct on the people they sent home (OK maybe not Emily but her dress was boring).

Two more weeks until school starts so I am still going to be sporadic on the computer but bear with me and I will start to become more consistent once my little demons are being watched by someone else all day.

Later taters.