Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

So I am off to my homeland (aka North Carolina) for 10 days. I will not be blogging, I will actually try to avoid the computer altogether. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday! Love to all my blog friends and I hope that Santa brings you everything that you want this year. Later taters!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jewel Heist at Paris Hilton's House

I just think that this is funny!! I know, I know so wrong but tell me you are not laughing. See full story on (here).

Friday, December 19, 2008

Update on Jeremy Piven

The newest story on (story here) is that Jeremy Piven's doctor advised him to leave the show and he finally had to because he passed out. Still not sure what to believe. Would the cast members have noticed something was wrong? The doctor is quoted as saying that this has been going on for several months. Really?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I used to be a fan...

I always loved Jeremy Piven. From Say Anything to Grosse Point Blank, he was my favorite of John Cusack's sidekicks. Then he was cast in Entourage (one of my favorite shows) and I thought that finally he was getting the respect he deserved. After winning multiple Emmy's he seemed to really be making a name for himself. Little did I know that this might (might?) go to his head. There have been rumors swirling the past few years that Piven and Cusack are no longer friends (some crap about Cusack being jealous of his friends success) and that he (Piven) had become a huge womanizer (he has been spotted with multiple models). Then (full story here) ran an article today about Jeremy Piven dropping out of a Broadway show because of high mercury levels (what?)? Is this true? Or did he just abandon his fellow cast members on a whim? I don't know but it sure does make me look at him differently if, in fact, he walked out. Here is what the David Mamet (playwright) had to say:

"I talked to Jeremy on the phone, and he told me that he discovered that he had a very high level of mercury," Mamet told Daily Variety. "So my understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer."

Kind of shitty (Piven not Mamet) if you ask me.

Gossip Girl Spoiler (more on the Baby)

So I read Ask Ausiello on all the time (see full post here) and his latest response to the existence (so she did have the baby) of Rufus and Lily's love child is below:

Question: Last Monday's episode of Gossip Girl was devastating! I don't know how I'll wait until January. Please give me some good news to hold me over! -- Alyssa
Lily and Rufus' love child is coming to town! Eventually! According to one of my anonymous Gossip gurus, Eric, Serena, Jenny and Dan's long lost half sib is not expected to show up until April or May at the earliest. Also, I'm told no final decision has been made about the little bastard's gender, but, c'mon, it's got to be a girl. For the catfight potential alone.

I cannot wait until January!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Biggest Loser’s Vicky Says She Was Misunderstood

Whatever!!! This is the title on (see story here). I hate it when reality stars say that the editing was not kind to them or that they were misunderstood. I am sorry but at no point did Vicky have to smirk, laugh or generally be mean to anyone and she was. As I always say they can't edit it unless it happened. I still don't like her and will not be "inspired" by her as a working mother. Take that Vicky. You have had your 15 minutes now go away!!!!


She did it! Michelle won and left Vicky and Brady empty handed in the finale last night on The Biggest Loser. My only ungleeful (is that a word?) moment last night was when Heba won the $100,000 at home prize. It was almost Amy (of the red team from SC) and I was pulling for her or Phil to win that prize but I assume that Heba (who thought she would be in the finale) worked her ass off to win something. I am so glad that once again Karma has worked its magic and the person who deserved the prize, won the prize. As for how everyone looked; I have to admit that Heba and Ed looked great, Stacy (green) looked absolutely phenomenal, and Phil and Amy (red) were unrecognizable. All and all it was nice to see that everyone did so well. I have watched in seasons past when people came back without losing a bunch of weight and you feel so bad for them. I almost forgot; didn't Colleen just look lighter and happier? I do love an uplifting show. Thank goodness I do not have to remove it from my Tivo list (would have had Vicky won) because the new season starts January 6. See you there!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser Finale Tonight!!!!!

Don't forget about The Biggest Loser Finale tonight at 8 on NBC! Please don't let it be Vicky, Please don't let it be Vicky, Please don't let it be Vicky, Please don't let it be Vicky......

My goofy daughter...

Just a few things that my daughter (4 years old) has done recently that might make you smile.

We went to brunch on Sunday after church and my son could not figure out what to order. When we asked him what he was having my daughter stated loud enough for the restaurant to hear, "he's having a knuckle sandwich isn't he Mom, if he can't make up his mind." Oh the joy of children.
Every time the song "Feed the World" (you know the tune...feed the world, let them know its Christmastime by Band Aid listen here) my children assume (and we have never corrected) that the song says "Vino world" (vino world, let them know its Christmastime, Vino world). Try this the next time you hear the song. First of all, it does sound like that's what it says, and secondly who does not need a little more Vino in this world?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Day...

So today was my last day of work (with the two year olds) until after the first of the year and it was a doozy. Not only did we have the Christmas party at school (with plenty of sugar) but Santa came to visit. Now I am not sure that many of you are aware that at this age (2) Santa is one scary dude. (picture from

I literally had three screaming children hanging on my legs while trying to walk, take pictures and speak coherently to the parents. One little girl was shaking so badly that I had to pick her up and hold her the entire time Santa was in our vicinity. But we made it through and all of the children made it home in one piece with visions of ....well you know the rest.

I now have the rest of the week to clean, finish shopping, and wrap presents before we leave for our two week jaunt back to our home state. By the way, for anyone needing to go to the Post Office...don't do it. I waited in line for 45 minutes today (after work) to mail my Christmas cards (yes they are finally done). The line was out the door and only two people were working. I know that this time of year has to be hard for them but can they not hire temporary people?

Now I get to go cook dinner and try to not fall asleep by 8pm (hello How I Met Your Mother is tonight). Later taters!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Have To, Not Want To...

So tonight is the annual Holiday party for my husband's office. Not only do I have to get dressed up and make small talk with a bunch of engineers, I also have do this sober. That's right people, the annual Holiday bash does not (and never has) serve alcoholic beverages. The good old boy network is so concerned about liability that they will not allow their employees to cut loose, have a little fun, and then find a responsible ride home. So think of me this evening (wanting to be in my pj's watching a movie) out on the town, paying a babysitter (what a waste of money) completely sober. Does that sound like super fun?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Shows

ABC Family airs all of the Classic Holiday shows just about every night this month. I tivoed "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (the one with the clock and the mice) the other night and watched it with my children tonight before they went to bed. This has always been one of my favorite shows for the season and I love watching my children sing along with the songs that I have know for at least 20 years. As for my other favorites; no one can forget Rudolph, Charlie Brown, the Grinch and of course "It's a Wonderful Life".

These shows always help me get into the Christmas spirit. Which ones do you have to watch every year?

The Biggest Loser - My Fears are Realized

I have been meaning to write this all day but alas I am sick again (wiping the noses of 7 two year olds will do this to you). So I have dragged myself to the computer and am ready to give everyone at NBC a piece of my mind about the outcome of The Biggest Loser on Tuesday night.

As most everyone knows, Vicky (the evil game player) has made it to the finals and is in contention to win the $250,000. Luckily my contestant, Michelle, also made it to the finals and I will be cheering hard for her to take home the money. In a twist, the public (that's me and you) had to vote on whether Ed or Heba would be the final one in the top three. After posting Tuesday night most of the response was for people to vote for Ed only because the married couple (or Heba really because Ed does what Heba says) wanted Heba in the finals.

Here is my beef with NBC: The smirking, evil, game playing, not taking weight loss seriously Vicky has taken something away from what was once an inspiring show. I know that evil makes for good television but in this show rarely have we viewed evil and when we did it was gone quickly. When Bob asked Vicky what she learned from the Ranch, she looked at him with her stupid smirk and said, "nothing". And we are supposed to root for this woman? Bob also referenced the first season winner (Ed I think) who was a huge game player and is now as big as he was when he started the show. Bob does not want this to happen to Vicky (and surprisingly neither do I if only for her children). I just want Vicky to realize how horribly she came across on television and hope that her children never (ever) think that this is OK to treat people like this. She will get hers eventually; I just hope that it is not in the form of $250,000.

As for Michelle...just win! Michelle is a beautiful woman and she looks so good. Please Michelle win for all of us who are rooting for you and rooting against Vicky!

Tuesday night should be fun and I can't wait to see who wins the losers prize (please not Brady). Oh and one more thing, raise your hand if you truly beleive that Heba has worked harder than anyone else. Yeah that's what I thought. Move on Heba and get your ass to the gym.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am not Blogging Today....

I am not blogging today out of respect for my Blogger Friends (aka David Dust and company). I will be posting my recap of The Biggest Loser (go Michelle) either tonight (at 12:01) or tomorrow. Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Who the hell do you vote for?

More on the fact that I cannot believe that Vicky is in the finale later (and yeah! Michelle). My question is who do we vote for to be in the finals? I mean I cannot stand Heba but I hate Ed too. What to do, what to do?

Gossip Girl - No Doubts Whatsoever

No one was very surprised that Bart died. Right? Now please tell me that none of you were shocked by the big reveal that Lily and Rufus were pregnant and she was sent away to either have the baby or get rid of the baby? Last night's episode was finally back to leaving me wanting more and then I find out that no one cares because the show does not come back until January.

Brief synopsis: Bart was buried. Chuck blames Lily (and Dan, and Serena, and himself, and so on). Chuck spent the entire episode looking like a snarling remake of the Hunchback of Notre Dame lurching around and yelling at people. Blair told Chuck she loves him. Chuck told her that she was too good for him. Chuck bought Lily's secret (the baby thing). Rufus and Lily almost got back together (again) and it did not happen (again) once Rufus found out about the baby. And Serena and Dan came close to reconciliation until she decided to go to Buenos Aires with the weasel (New York is cold for the Holidays, they will get back together in the Spring).

The producers/writers are hell bent on destroying Chuck Bass. As you all know I am a huge Chuck Bass fan and I want to keep him just the way he is; cocky, self assured, and not lurching around drunk all the time. I am not a fan of this tortured soul crap so if we can get that over with in the next episode (not until January, oh did I already bitch about that?) that would be great.

Great Holidays Gossip Girl and Serena do not have sex with the weasel in Buenos Aires; even if he is paying for the trip! XOXO

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Amazing Race Winners

Congrats to Nick and Starr for winning the Amazing Race 13! We all knew the race was going to be between Nick and Starr and Ken and Tina (famous eyebrows and all). Once again Dan and Andrew got lost and were not in the final leg at all. I wish that Toni and Dallas had been there (where were they by the way at the finale?) to make things a little more interesting. But congrats to the brother and sister team and hopefully the next round will be a little less yawn and a little more fun.

Side note...this morning on The Early Show Ken and Tina were holding hands and let everyone know that their marriage has taken a turn for the better. Good for them for hanging on and working things out. Even if she is funny to look at.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Playing Catch up....

Just a few notes on my favorite shows this week. Having visitors can mess up your whole schedule so this is all you get and I will resume real updates next week.

The Amazing Race - I was totally bummed that Toni and Dallas were sent packing after Dan and Andrew never seemed to get it right. I have no one to pull for in the finale (I guess maybe Starr and Nick but that seems too easy). Does anyone else think that Tina's eyebrows are getting worse. Anyway, good luck to Toni and Dallas (although Dallas never did seem real intelligent) I loved that her respected his mother so much and that they made such a terrific team.

Gossip Girl - Obviously I Knew(as did everyone else) that Bart was going to die. I am unsure how I feel about how they are going to handle his death and how Chuck Bass (I just love saying his whole name) will take the news. As for the Jenny/Nate/Vanessa thing...yawn and double yawn. I am just glad that it is over and now little Jenny is going back to school (where she belongs) and back to trying to be the Queen Bitch.

Top Chef - Just one comment about last night's episode. Never (ever) say that you are going to go "outside of the box" when creating a meal for the elimination round. As the past has proven this is a sure way to get eliminated. Poor Alex goes out on a dessert and he did not seem too upset about it. Did he sabotage himself? We may never know.

I think that is it for the week in shows. I have been cleaning and decorating and trying to get my house into some semblance of order. Now all I have to do is begin my Christmas shopping. Later taters.

Christmas Card Pictures

We always do Christmas Cards. No matter what we send out cards with the children's picture at Christmas to celebrate the season. Most of the time I assume that it is a way to "one up" everyone you know by showing them how cute your children are but I still subscribe to the idea that Christmas cards must be sent. This weekend I attempted to get my children to "pose" for pictures. Here are some of my favorites...

I remember hating this as a child but my children take it to a whole new level.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An Organized Tivo

I was listening to the radio this morning and the hosts were discussing the onslaught of shows that they Tivo and never watch. It got me to thinking about how my Recorded Listing in my Tivo has gotten a little out of hand lately. I have great intentions of watching many shows so I record many (many, many) but then when it comes time to watch I skip over all but a few. On my must watch list are The Amazing Race, Gossip Girl, The Biggest Loser, How I Met Your Mother, and Top Chef (currently). Anything else gets skipped over for these important shows until eventually when I clean (I Clean my house and I clean my Tivo) they get deleted. What shows are on your must watch list? And does an organized (or well maintained) Tivo mean that you are an organized and well maintained person? Something to ponder.

The Biggest Loser - Vicky has Feelings

Just a couple of things from last night's episode of The Biggest Loser. I think that the producers (or someone) was trying to make Vicky into a likable character. She cried a lot last night and tried to show her "human" side. For some reason this made me dislike her even more. Every time she cried I rolled my eyes and fast forwarded through her parts.

Last night was the makeover show and The Biggest Loser brought in the big guns for the guest spots. Project Runway winner (last season) Christian Siriano helped the remaining five find outfits, and then each makeover was revealed on the Tyra Banks Show. I read a quote (I think in Entertainment Weekly) that Tyra had everyone on her show because "they were all bigger than her", slightly mean I know but still funny. The makeovers went well and as we all knew Renee and Michelle looked phenomenal. Vicky became a redhead and still looked bad (I am sorry but her inner bitchiness wins out). Everyone had a family member arrive as a surprise and Vicky's sister was revealed on the Tyra show as Vicky's best friend (yeah we never heard a thing about her). Yes I am mean about this woman but I just cannot stand her.

Back to the Ranch and the challenge. Everyone had to wedge (?) into a box above the pool and hold on the longest. Vicky was out first but she could not jump down. Even after the challenge was over she still would not let go (oh please). Ed finally had to jump in the water and "rescue" her and it was revealed that Vicky had "trust" issues. My theory is that if you are a bitch to everyone than you will be unable to trust because eventually people are going to wake up and realize how horrible you are. No wonder there are trust issues.

The weigh in was next and everyone pulled small numbers (after being gone for a week). Renee fell below the yellow line with Ed and I knew that the end was near for her. The show tried to make you think that Vicky might actually vote off Ed but the alliance is/was too strong and Renee was sent packing. So now Michelle is the only remaining member of the Black team and she is the one I must pull for. She deserves it and I am hoping that it is not an all blue finale.

On a brighter note (for those of us who want some control over the finale), the previews last night showed Allison announcing that America got to decide who was the remaining contestant in the final three. Does this mean we get to vote? And if so would anyone vote for Vicky? Till next week.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Once again this is me......

My company left this morning and I started my new job yesterday. I need to catch up on my shows and try to get back into my blog schedule. Bear with me because I am amped to see the makeovers tonight on The Biggest Loser and I cannot wait to discuss. Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and I will try to write more later.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Vicky Gets Revenge

Once again, I reiterate, Karma will bite you in the ass and little Amy learned that the hard way this week on The Biggest Loser. Did anyone think that Vicky would vote any other way? As she smirked her way through the voting process, please, the woman relished getting rid of Amy and exacting her revenge for the loss of her husband on the show.

Sorry I am mad and I need to back up. It was NFL week on The Biggest Loser and the remaining six got to play a little football with two big names (Jerry Rice and Steve Young). Of course Vicky "knew" that the game was going to be played a certain way so she tricked everyone by pretending to be slow and ending up winning. Even when she said that the money was going to a cause close to her heart (NFL 360 to combat obesity in children) because her daughter is obese I still hated her and wanted her gone.

Moving on to the challenge, the football theme continued with the winner receiving a trip to the Pro Bowl. Vicky excitedly announced that no one loved football more than she did (I beg to differ lady) so she deserved to win the trip. Well her team gave in and she won it (yuck and double yuck). So Brady and Vicky get a nice fat (no pun intended) trip to the Pro Bowl. Wait a minute, did little Amy just say to the television that she was unaware of any alliances on the Blue Team. How is this girl so clueless? Heba, Vicky and Ed have been an alliance since the first week. Where the hell have you been?

On to the weigh in and the Blue team goes first. Not bad numbers for Amy and Heba but then Ed pulls a huge 11 and Vicky is also safe. Dammit; my girls are going home. Hold on, Renee needs a 5 and pulls an 8. She is safe and I cannot stop smiling. Next up is Michelle and I just know she is going home. She needs a 5 and she pulls a ......a 10! She is safe and the look on Amy's face says it all. Yes Amy, you should have sent Vicky home last week. But I made a deal with her, yes but you sent her husband home and she wants revenge.

The elimination goes as Vicky (in her sinister head) has planned and little Amy is sent packing. I applaud Amy's weight loss and her sweet smile but I shake my head at her stupidity. Never ever try to swim with the sharks because the biggest, meanest one (in this case Vicky) will bite your head off.

Couple of side notes this week: Bob is pissing me off with this "no one has worked harder than my team" and "all blue in the final". You know he hates Vicky too (he has to) and does not want to see her win, he just finally wants to beat Jillian. By the way (Vicky), I love football more than just about anything. College, NFL any game will do me. Although when I saw that Heba and Ed had on Carolina Panthers (my team, I love Steve Smith and I am from there) jerseys it almost made me change my favorite team.

Next week is makeover week. Wonder who will look the best (Michelle)? I have a theory about Vicky: you know how people always say to someone who is overweight, you would be so pretty if you lost a little weight. I think Vicky is mad because she knows that even losing weight is not going to help her mean smirking, ugly face. Man I am mad this week. Happy Thanksgiving and happy eating!!!!

How I Met Your Mother - The Naked Man

I just wanted to give a brief shout out (do people still do that?) to last night''s episode of How I Met Your Mother. I have not laughed that hard in a long time and I must say, if you missed it, go online and watch it.

Last night Robin went on a date with a dork of a man but she ended up sleeping with him because he pulled the "naked man" on her. The "naked man" basically meant that when Robin left the room, the guy stripped down and greeted her with nothing on. Robin laughed and then slept with him. Barney and Ted were fascinated and decided to try out the "naked man" to see if it worked the 2 out of 3 times that the guy promised. While both were on their repsective dates they had to discuss how to pose when greeting their date with the "naked man". Hilarity ensued as both Barney and Ted came up with a variety of poses to best display the "naked man".

Please, please, please watch this show. I adore it and I can find nothing as funny on television. I am still laughing at Ted doing the "Mr. Clean" preparing for his date.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Amazing Race - Soup, March, Soup, March, Soup...

Lats night on The Amazing Race the four remaining teams headed to Moscow. Everyone was on the same flight, so once again the airport equalizer was in effect. The one bright moment at the airport was when Dan and Andrew (aka Dandrew) showed up wearing hotel slippers. If you remember last week the two dunces left their shoes at the Detour and were unable to retrieve them. So of course the boys had to purchase expensive shoes to run the remaining legs of the race. Both Dan and Andrew lamented on spending the money and you just new that their lack of funds was going to come up again.

Once the teams landed in Moscow they headed to the Detour. The choices were either march with the Russian military or feed them soup. Toni and Dallas arrived first and decided to march. No problems for them and they headed out first. Finally Starr and Nick ran into a little bad luck. The language barrier with the cab drivers proved to be too much and the two ended up lost most of the day. Ken and Tina arrived and they too marched with no problems. Then Dan and Andrew showed up. I have never in my life seen anything like Dan attempting to march. Actually the two did not march the first time because they could not figure out how to wrap their feet. They then went over to the soup side, then back to marching (where Dan could not maintain a rhythm to save his life), then back to soup. At this point Nick and Starr passed them and all teams headed to the Roadblock.

The Roadblock was moving 50 bags of flour, which Dallas finished first and he and his mom were finally first on the mat to meet Phil at the Pit Stop. Ken and Tina were a close second and Nick and Starr showed up mad, frustrated and more than a little confused in third place. Dan and Andrew finally arrived in fourth place after not being able to pay their cab drive and were told that it was a non-elimination leg. So Dan and Andrew (somehow, someway) are still in the race. Next week they have to complete an extra task before they can finish the leg. These two cannot even finish a normal leg without screwing it up, I can only imagine what will happen if they have something extra to do.

Someone loses their money and passport next week. Should be interesting to see who is in the final three (please let Dallas and Toni be one of the three).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight - The Book vs The Movie

I am almost finished with Twilight, the first book in the Stephanie Meyer series, which I started on Tuesday (post here). I cannot put it down. I am just enthralled by her writing and though the story is unrealistic (its fiction people) something about it just rings believable.

The movie starts today and I have been searching cyber space for the reviews of the movie. How true does it stay to the books? How was the beautiful Robert Pattinson? How did they manage some of the effects that I can picture in my head but not in real life? The review on Entertainment Weekly (here) was not bad but some of the comments were harsh (when people love a book they get very pissed if the movie strays from the story at all).

So my question is, for someone new to the books, do I go to see the movie? Or will it ruin the rest of the series for me? I guess what I want to know is, is the movie worth it (time and money)?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Working Girl; That's Me!

And not in the standing on the street corner, selling my body for money way. I got a job today!!! It kind of fell in my lap (the best kind of job) and after careful consideration I decided to accept. Please understand I have not worked (at a real job) in 4 years (since my youngest was born) and I am a little overwhelmed. I am going to be working part-time, teaching preschool. Yes, I actually have my Masters in Teaching, I just never really got around to using it. So I start December 1st and I will be a nervous wreck until I get into the groove. Wish me luck because with eight 2 year olds in the class; I will need it. And in no way will this interrupt my television time; I made sure of that.

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Split Up

And we are shocked by this because? Did anyone ever really believe that this was a true romance or did you believe (as I did) that it was cooked up to give someone like Paris even more attention? See full story at here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Biggest Loser - 80's Revenge

Ah the 80's. The music, the clothes, the hairstyles. I love the 80's. The entire decade just puts a smile on my face. This week on The Biggest Loser ranch, it was 80's week and most of the remaining contestants were having fun. All except one. Vicky definitely did not find the theme of the week as much fun as everyone else. In fact, most of her television time was spent calling Amy a bitch and announcing that she betrayed the blue team (yes because Vicky has always been so concerned about the team).

Bob spent a good portion of the week trying to get the Blue team back together so that they would work together. As he begged Vicky to talk to the group (Amy especially), Vicky rolled her eyes and her attitude was displayed across her face. Side note: Bob is trying to be unbiased but it seems as if he favors anyone who is not Vicky. The sure sign that Vicky was not going to get over Amy voting off Brady was the sign that she posted on her door in her room. The sign had a picture of Brady and Vicky together and above the picture was the word "Revenge". Just a thought but are there Voodoo dolls in the drawer as well? How old is this woman? You know Slam Books were popular in the 80's; maybe writing down shit about every person in the house would make her feel better as well.

After the last chance workout the contestants move into the weigh in. Michelle won the challenge and was able to give a 1 pound penalty to any member of the other team. Shock of all shocks she picks Vicky; YEAH!!! Vicky was not surprised that Michelle picked her (maybe because she has been a bitch to every person at the Ranch). Finally Vicky falls below the yellow line but she is competing against Coleen. The big question is; how will Amy vote? Coleen and Vicky plead their case and basically Vicky says that she does not want to go home to her children (she did not really say that but she certainly did not say that she missed them).

Dammit Amy failed me! She has voted Coleen off and kept the bitch around. All the nice things that I said about her have just gone out the window. Vicky remains and the amazing Coleen goes home. How did this happen? Seriously can she win? Will she win? In her words I wanted the "game player to get played by the game". Maybe she still will. I am kind of pissed now. Off to bed. Oh and I hate Vicky!

Gossip Girl Spoiler - The same one!!

According to the recap on Entertainment Weekly (see post by Tim Stack here) in two weeks someone will die. Tim Stack says,

"So it appears that in two weeks we'll see the much-rumored death episode of GG. Looks like it occurs in some kind of "accident." Bye bye, Bart — I mean — I have no idea who's going to die. It could be anyone (Bart). Who do you think it will be (Bart), TV Watchers?"

Does everyone assume that it will be Bart? I don't think that I can wait two weeks.

Twilight - Peer Pressure?

I usually like to pick my own books to read. I go through stages where I read biographies, mysteries, chick lit etc. I know that everyone is shocked but I actually read every day. Anyway, I have a friend who is obsessed with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and she suggested I read it. I resisted only because the books (and the movie Friday) are everywhere. I figured that I would get to them eventually but I did not want to jump on the bandwagon. Well as of today I jumped on the bandwagon. I just started the first book (and I will let you know if I like it). Obviously I will not line up to see the movie as I am a huge proponent of seeing the movie only after you have finished the book. Has anyone else read the books? Good, bad, indifferent? I only ask because the last time I resisted a phenomenon was Harry Potter and once I jumped on that bandwagon I could not jump off. I still re-read all of those books and am still mad about the movie not coming out this month as planned. For those of you who are fans of both, please note that the boy (very cute but boy nonetheless) playing the lead in Twilight is none other than Robert Pattinson who played Cedric Diggory in the 4th Harry Potter movie. Interesting coincidence.

Gossip Girl - Families Suck (sometimes)

Since Gossip Girl will not air a new episode next week, the Thanksgiving special was on last night. Now most holidays with my family are drama filled but nothing compares to the drama that is Gossip Girl.

Nate's Dad came back in town to reunite with his family (so he said). The FBI tracked him down and Nate, with the help of Vanessa and Chuck (?), realized that his Dad was going to blackmail his Mom's parents for money by holding his mom and himself hostage. You have to love a Dad that will do anything for his family. Nate talked to his Dad and convinced him to turn himself in and then went for drinks with Chuck. Finally it looks as if things are getting back to normal on the Archibald front.

As for Little Jenny, she could not go through with the divorce from her family and returned home with the help of Blair's mother. Although she and Vanessa made up (Jenny did kiss Nate after all) Vanessa spotted a letter to Jenny from Nate and read that Nate , "had feelings for Jenny". Not another love triangle! One happy note, Jenny removed the eye makeup and tried to do something with her Joan Jett look for Thanksgiving so maybe there is still hope for her.

Serena tried to hide her past from her new weasel boyfriend but Dan ratted her out and she had to confess all. The weasel did not seem to mind that Serena had a past and told her that they would learn everything about each other by spending time together (barf). Just a note about the absurdly short dress that Serena was wearing for Thanksgiving, it certainly makes the Holidays interesting.

Finally, Eric found all of Bart's "files" on the family and Lily, Serena and Eric felt violated by Bart's spying on them. Lily and Eric left and headed to the Humphrey's for Thanksgiving. Serena hung out with the weasel.

I think that about covers the night. Blair was again the comic relief with the whole "my family does not love me" thing and Bart did find out that Lily had been in an institution and now wants to know why. Pregnant? Drugs? Suicide? Anything is possible. Now when and who is going to die. I can only assume that it will happen before Christmas, right? Later taters. XOXO.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"The editing was kind to Kenley"

Check out the video of Tim Gunn on Entertainment Weekly (here). The latest issue of the magazine was about the top entertainers of the year and the stars of Bravo made it to this list including mentor extraordinaire Tim Gunn from Project Runway. In the interview Tim stated that Kenley was "aggressively rude" and that the "editing was kind" to her. So for all those people that stuck up for Kenley the bitch when you thought people were being too hard on her; hah! I believe everything Tim Gunn says.

The Amazing Race - Who is the horse's ass?

Does anyone else scratch their head and wonder how Andrew and Dan are still in this race? In another hour of stupidity these two get lost, fight with each other about who walks faster, misread another clue, get lost again, and still (someway, somehow) check in with Phil next to last place. Obviously someone out there wants these guys in the race. I assume it is for comic relief but I question even that idea at times.

Anyway last night was another episode that reiterated how far ahead of the pack Nick and Starr truly are. After completed the Fast Forward (which was another one of those yucky eating challenges), the brother/sister team coasted into the finish line first (again). I am not sure that anyone can catch them at this point. Toni and Dallas were second and in one of the funniest moments in the race thus far, they had to put on a horse costume and roam the streets of Almaty, Kazakhstan looking for milk. Ken and Tina, after a few trip ups, arrived third and Andrew and Dan placed a distant fourth.

As for Terence and Sarah, they too attempted the Fast Forward, but when faced with meat (I think it was sheep's butt) Terence proclaimed that he was a vegetarian and had not had meat in 15 years. When the two arrived at the Pit Stop Phil asked Terence if not eating the meat was worth a million dollars. He had no response.

Next week, finally, Nick and Starr run into some drama. I just don't want to see them coast to the finish line and the money with no competition. Later taters.

Friday, November 14, 2008

NBC axes `Lipstick Jungle,' `My Own Worst Enemy'

See story here.

Just a brief note about this recent news. Last season I stuck with Lipstick Jungle because I loved the book (by Candace Bushnell). I was disappointed because I felt that the writers needed to find their way. This season I felt like they had. The storylines were fun, the characters were starting to sound real and the clothes were perfection. But once again NBC moved the series around and never really gave anyone a chance to find it and watch. I was (and am) disappointed that the show is leaving and I hope that maybe another network will realize that this could be the start of something great and pick it up.

As for My Own Worst Enemy, I have not watched but have heard that the show is good and getting better but there is no way that people will start following a show after only three episodes.

Shame on you NBC for not allowing people to find great shows. As we complain about the short attention spans of our children how about we take a look at the short attention spans of ourselves. Give us a chance to fall in love with a show. Contrary to popular belief (and The Bachelor) people do not fall in love and "make a connection" after only three weeks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Feel Like Crap!!!!

I cannot seem to get rid of this cold. I have a sore throat, stuffy nose and a slight fever. I am going to lay down and try to feel better (plus watch Top Chef from last night). Half day of school today and the kids are playing video games. I know, I know I am the worst mother ever but I cannot keep my head up right now. Later all!!

Oh and I went to tour a new school today. I am overwhelmed with too much information in my brain. I hate those days that I actually have to think.

America's Next Top Model - I am Done!!

I have tried and tried to continue watching this show. ANTM has been one of my favorites for many years and has become a staple on my Tivo list but (always a but) this year I think that I have hit my "brick wall" with the antics of Tyra Banks. I cannot (and will not) watch her in real time anymore. I have to be able to fast forward through her "fierce" speeches and her "smiling with her eyes" references. Last night as I attempted (one final time) to watch the show I realized that I was fast forwarding more than I was actually watching the episode.

No longer does Tyra seem inspiring or down to Earth. She is loud, obnoxious and over the top (not in a good way). The J's are no longer amusing and fun. And Nigel Barker has just become boring! The only judge that I still enjoy is Paulina and she has so little air time that her bits are few and far between. Plus every contestant looks and acts like someone we have already seen before. Keep in mind that most of these girls have grown up watching this show. I admire the reality shows that keep it new and interesting (The Amazing Race) after many seasons. ANTM is just not one of them.

I promise that I do not hate on all shows right now but I had to get my little rant off of my chest and move on.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear NBC

For those of you with the suggestion; I just posted this on Alison Sweeney's blog and on the contact email for NBC. Thought it would interest you...

I cannot get over how many people cannot stand Vicky (and Heba and Brady too). I wrote a blog post on about an "I hate Vicky" club (jokingly sort of) and I had over 175 comments. There are a lot of people out there who are mad at how certain people have turned this show into being about the money and not about getting healthy and losing weight. Yes in seasons past people wanted to win but the focus was on the weight loss; not about the game play. So disappointing to have such an inspiring show ruined by a few bad seeds. Read the comments if you get a chance. It will shock and amaze you.

Maybe someone will take notice. Thanks again for all of the feedback and keep it coming.

TOP CHEF Tonight!!!

Top Chef premieres tonight on Bravo at 10:00 pm! I am so excited that the show is back and have been watching marathons of seasons past in preparation. Last season was the first season I watched and I was hooked from the start. I would say head over to David Dust's blog (here) tomorrow to catch the recap but he is busy tonight with something important (see post here). Hopefully he will have time to recap after all of his protesting. No recaps on this one for me, just a few comments here and there. Later taters!!!

The Biggest Loser - I Love Karma

Remember how I said that "Karma was a Bitch" when referring to The Amazing Race (post here)? Well it seems that as I originally stated, Karma is ever present in all reality shows and Vicky and Brady got a nice taste of it last night.

The night did not start out well for me. The eliminated contestants came back for a weigh in to see who might rejoin the group. Vicky (bitch that she is) had some choice comments to make to Phil? I would really like to know what he did that was so wrong. All I have been able to see is that he loves his wife and tried to convince the team to keep her around and he snuck around in the dark on the challenge so that Heba would not control the game. Seriously what is so wrong with that? But every time he opens his mouth, Vicky (bitch), Brady and Heba roll their eyes and act like middle school students trying to be the cool kids. Sorry I digress, so all of the ousted people weigh in but then Alison says that this is not the way to get back in the game. They have to win a challenge. Of course Ed (Heba's husband) wins the challenge and he is back in the game.

Jillian seems seriously stressed about the hand dealt to her girls but she soldiers on and gives them a hell of a last chance work out. At the weigh in (with Vicky smirking the whole time) Michelle and Brady fall below the yellow line. Again Vicky with her all knowing grin just looks confident because she has put the people in place so that Brady will not go home. But has she? In the elimination room it all comes down to Amy (purple) and she, bless her heart, she votes Brady off the show. Hallelujah Brady is gone and the witch finally has chink in her armor. Who's smiling now Vicky?

Other notes from last night: I loved seeing the smile wiped off Vicky's face; finally! Do you think Bob likes having Vicky on his team or is he just putting up with her for the show. Did anyone else see how excited to see Amy (red) he was last night? I never pull for Jillian's teams but this season I am. I love Bob but I cannot pull for the Blue Team! I don't think that Allison likes Vicky much either. Did you see her grimace when Vicky was making her comments about Phil? After watching the previews for next week; should we all fear for little Amy's life (or her time on the show)? Will Vicky go ballistic on her? At the suggestion on one of the comments maybe we should start an "I love Amy" club. She is going to need it. See you next week. One down two to go!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How I Met Your Mother

As always the episode of HIMYM last night was hysterical. And once again Neil Patrick Harris is a genius. How much more of this can you hear from me. I adore this show. Everyone should watch this show. I know that it comes on at the same time as other beloved shows (ahem Gossip Girl) but I manage to keep up and so should you. The grand dame herself Ms. Joy (Babble On) asked me this morning (or late last night she stays up way later than me) if I had heard any more about this show being cancelled. Every year is the same. The show delivers great episodes that are new and fresh and there is never any respect. I just read an article on (see story here) that Spencer and Heidi (aka Speidi) from The Hills will be guesting on the show in January. I know, I know another lame attempt to pull viewers in (Britney Spears anyone) but if this is the only way anyone will watch the show than bring them on.