Monday, November 16, 2009

Did Anyone Watch?

Ok, I am not a Sarah Palin fan. Never have been. As a Republican, I was completely devastated last year when she was picked as the VP candidate. But of course I wanted to watch her Oprah interview just to see if I was right in my original dislike. And for the record, yes I was! She seemed fake, scripted and too gung ho about her "wonderful marriage". Here's the thing; I like people with imperfections. I want to know that you and your husband fight every once in awhile. I want to know that when your stupid-ass ex maybe son-in-law decides to reveal your secrets and pose for Playgirl that it pisses you off. The entire interview seemed tense and superficial. Oprah tried but there was no warmth at all. Just wanted to sound off. Did anyone else watch?


frogponder said...

Didn't watch. Her folksy way of talking always grates on me. Finish your words! There is a 'g' at the end of that word!

Jennie said...

I didn't watch because I didn't want to curse in front of my children. She climbs my spine.

But I really admire you for checking it out with an open mind. She makes me want to switch my political affiliation.

BTW, did you hear about Carrie Prejean's claim she was being "Palin-ized?" I laughed until I cried.

BethTruta said...

I did watch! It was interesting. I thought Oprah did a great job of tactfully asking the tough questions that everyone wanted to know. I am NOT a Palin fan either and this didn't change my mind. She is delusional if she thinks she is qualified for a national office. I think she is soo running for Prez in 2012. Oh my. Train wreck. I feel so bad for her kids.

PS. Hope you're well!

Tivo Mom said...

Thanks for the comments my friends. Jennie not sure that I had much of an open mind but I tried and Beth I am doing well. And you are so right froggy, the voice and accent grates on me too.