Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Amazing Race - Farewell

I needed to write a quick letter after watching Sunday's episode of The Amazing Race (bear with me)...

Dear Flight Time and Big Easy,

Thank you both for being the team with the best attitude on The Amazing Race ever (except maybe Jon and Kris from Season 6). You were both classy, classy guys with wonderful smiles. Maybe not the smartest when it came to puzzles but definitely the team that looked like they were having the most fun. You will be missed in a finale of which I have no team to pull for.

Thanks for remembering the joy of the game.

Tivo Mom

PS Please tell me that a little part of you wants to kick the brothers ass for screwing you in the Roadblock. Just a little part.


Tristachio said...

I've never really been interested in watching "The Amazing Race" after season 1. It's kind of like "Survivor" -- the first season was really, really awesome but then all the following seasons should have been taken out into the dark alley and shot.

Anonymous said...

I think Mike and Mel White are still my all time favorite team :)

Sadly the Globetrotters got on my nerves near the end and I was more upset with them for quitting by taking that penalty than I was sad. Yeah the brothers only gave him the first letter, but with that there were only like 24 possibilities. I am sure he could have figured it out under 4 hours.

I am pulling for Megan and Cheyenne(?) since I think they have run a pretty good race. I wish Zev and Justin were still in it, they were my favorite team this season. Stinkin' passports and stinkin' poker player girls for getting too many breaks :(

BTW, have you heard the news on some of the new cast for the next season? If this rumor is true, I may just have to boycott until she is off the show...