Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gossip Girl on a break...

OK I just have to say this.  I have been loving Gossip Girl lately.  Not the stupid Serena and the ex-con storyline.  Not the "will Lilly go to jail storyline".  And certainly not the "Bass industries must be saved" storyline.  Nope I am talking about the Dan and Blair storyline that is happening.  I love it!  The two of them together (just as friends of course) has been hilarious, funny and a return to the comically bitchy Blair that we all know and love.  So imagine my disdain when I watched the episode Monday night and just as Dan and Blair were going in for the kiss, we find out that the show will not return until April 18th.  A month and a half to find out what happens?  Now is that really fair? 

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