Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I have lost my Glee...

Ok I am really having a hard time with this.  I have loved Glee from the beginning. I watch episodes and re-watch performances because I admire true talent (I think it is because I have none).  With this said, this season has really disappointed me.  I know that many of you will landblast me for this opinion but I am bored and just not interested. 

Maybe the show has lost a little of the joy, maybe I hate the fact that the Glee club has split, maybe I think it is dumb that some kid from a reality show has a spot on the show but has no point to the storyline, maybe Santana has just gotten meaner and meaner with no sliver of decency, maybe Finn and Rachel are boring, maybe I miss Artie and Tina and Mercedes and all the other great characters that we never see anymore, and I could go on. 

Is it just me?  Is the show going through a natural progression and I am stuck in the first year?  I don't know but I am not rushing to watch the show in real time anymore and that tells me something.  Love to hear other thoughts on this.  Happy Hump Day!


Bob said...

I think last year was off, but this season has been better.

They're spending to much time with those kids that won the Glee Reality contest.

And I'm over the whole Sue running for office storyline.

Quinn being a bitch doesn't work for me either, though I love having Idina Menzel on the show.

And I am loving Santana, especially after last night. She's seeing how her actions have consequences.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you to an extent. But, as long as the music continues to be as fantastic as the Lady Gaga mash-up last night, I'll keep watching.

The story lines do seem a bit contrived and unrealistic but at least this season they're more about the students and not the teachers. While Santana is bitchier than ever, at least I don't have to listen to Sue Silvester's rants that would get a real teacher fired or jailed.

I'm not giving up just yet ... but I rarely watch anything in "real time" so "Glee" might soon move down the list on my DVR.