Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This has to be said about FNL

I was reading a comment from the wonderful Joy (Babble On)  in which she made a mention of the marriage of Eric and Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights  "Didn't you just love that conversation the Taylors had about the kiss and how they handled the whole thing?" and I have to say Joy yes I did.  For those of you unsure about what we are talking about, Friday's episode of the show had the Taylors discussing a drunken pass made by one of Tami's work colleagues.  The entire conversation that the Taylors had about the kiss was both poignant and mature.  While they both realized that their marriage was something they needed to work on, neither was insecure enough to think that this would be detrimental to their relationship.  Not only does this couple have the strongest marriage on television, their marriage is what I aspire to.

A few other observations about the show, I loved that Friday's episode had a few things that were happy.  I need that with my Friday Night Lights and I know others do as well.  I have a strong feeling that Vince is going to become my next Matt Serecen.  Nothing seems to go right for this kid and when it does you (or I) do not trust it because it is fleeting.  Oh and I love Landry (always have to get that in there).  The two of them and the pat on the chest was priceless.  My heart goes out to Becky and I was impressed with Luke and his reaction to her pregnancy news.  All kinds of things are happening in Dillon.

If you are not watching this show, you are missing out!

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