Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Maybe its a Spaceship" on The Bachelor Pad

OK, I know I laugh at this show every week, yet I continue to watch.  Deal with it!  The stupidity of the show takes me away from life's little realities.  The Bachelor Pad has become a joke and I cannot turn away.  So this week the group was narrowed down to the final 3 couples but before this happened, here are the high points.
  •  Chris Harrison walks in and says that 3 girls are going home immediately.  After a stupid game of spin the bottle, we say farewell to Nikki, Gwen and the other girl.  Did anyone actually think that Kiptyn or Kovacs had the balls to not pick Tenley or Elizabeth?  
  • Next up a super fun (so much sarcasm here) game of catch with water balloons.  The minute that Jesse and Peyton lost we all knew that they were going home.  They were not part of the cool kids and should have known that this was the end.  But, ABC had to fill another hour so...
  • Natalie and Dave won the balloon toss and got the date.  When the clue came and it said a "night under the stars" no lie one of the brilliant girls stated, "maybe you are going on a spaceship". Well sweetie with ABC anything is possible.  
  • No spaceship, just a Lamborghini and a night at a house with a hot tub for Natalie and Dave.  Wow that's different.  
  • To get some alone time Elizabeth and Kovacs snuck into the fantasy suite.  They did the deed, and then Elizabeth got the guilts.  So a fight ensued about how Kovacs made no effort with her.  Now I am just guessing but if the guy gets what he wants in the fantasy suite without much efforts, why is that going to change?  
  • Meanwhile Jesse and Peyton are trying to save themselves.  Talking with Natalie and Tenley we are led to believe that there might be a chance but no ABC is just filling space.  
  • After the rose ceremony we say so long to Jesse and Peyton.  Our final 3 couples are Elizabeth and Kovacs, Tenley and Kiptyn and Natalie and Dave.  Wow the cool kids win again.  
The sheer stupidity of the girls on this show is unbelievable.  Not only that but can someone please inform these girls that sex and hooking up does not equal a relationship.  Oh its fun but it is not going to be long-term.  Next week is the finale' and it will be interesting to see who wins the money.  We all know that no love connection has been made, right?

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