Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Biggest Loser

I have not watched this show in a few years (I gave it up for awhile just because it started to make me feel guilty).  For some reason I decided to watch last night and I am not sure if I will continue. 

First of all, they have 2 "secret" trainers that the fatestants (can I say this?) could choose to train with or they could train with Bob and Jillian.  And they still won't show us who the "secret" trainers are.  Slightly annoying...just saying.

Secondly, everyone has a depressing story to tell.  Remember how, back in the day, you could get on the Real World just as a normal college student (for the most part).  Well now everyone has to have a story and us normal (I know that this is subjective) people never stand a chance to be on a reality show (if we wanted to).  I know that morbid obesity is never normal but my goodness some of these stories are heart wrenching.

And finally, Jillian gets on my nerves.  I love it when she announces that she is not going to yell this season and then starts screaming at each fatestants individually.  I still love Bob though and would love for him to be my trainer (if I actually liked exercising). 

Did anyone else watch last night?  What did you think?  Are you pulling for anyone yet?  I think that I like the Blue team (father/son).  But it may be too early to tell..

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Joy said...

I watched and know what you mean about feeling guilty. I worry that they have them do too much without building up to that intense training. They are monitored, but it's scary since some of them are so huge. It's too early for me to pick the ones I'm pulling for. I hope they all do well. Do the ones sent home still get some help? They usually lose and become fitter after they leave. I wonder about the secret trainers. That group did better after the first week.