Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Regis Thing

I just sat down and checked in with David Dust (as I do most days) and was saddened and surprised to discover that Regis is retiring from Live.  Before I worked every day I made sure to check in with Regis and Kelly most mornings (I could not stomach Kathie Lee).  In fact (and be prepared for a downer) on September 11th, I was watching Regis and Kelly, feeding my new baby.  During the show was when the 2nd plane hit. 

Anyway, I have loved the show and it will be hard to get used to a new person in the Reeg seat.  I have been thinking about who I would want to take the seat and I do have a few suggestions for the producers...

Nick Lachey - I do love him.  Any time he has had to fill in, he has been personable, funny and very easy on the eyes.  I like his banter with Kelly and he has proven he has hosting abilities (hey I liked the Sing-Off).

Neil Patrick Harris - You knew I would suggest this one.  I can see it, but he is very busy.  He has the same easy personality that Reeg has and again...easy on the eyes. 

Mark Consuelos - This one will come up.  I don't think I could handle the husband/wife team though.  Too much about their home life and not enough fun.

Arsenio Hall - Whatever happened to him?

Carson Daly - Is he still on late night?  Maybe he wants a job during the day?  I wonder if he is too, "I'm to cool for this shit" though...

Anyone else have any suggestions?  Will you miss Regis?  I know more about Notre Dame now than I ever did thanks to Regis.  He will be missed...

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David Dust said...

It's a shame Anderson Cooper has too many gigs already - he and Kelly seem to have a good time together.

NPH would be awesome - but as you said, he's very busy.

I hope it's not the hubby. As hot as I think he is, I've always hated when he's on the show - just as I never liked when Joy was on with Reeg. BTW - the one show I saw in-person (the one that I won the prize on) it was Joy and not Kathy Lee - and they fought the entire time.

Hope all is well!


btw - the word verification right now is "fierse" - swear to God!