Thursday, October 13, 2011

Modern Family last night

Last night's episode was not my favorite on Modern Family.  But (large but) even when this show is having an "off" week, it is still the most hilarious 30 minutes of the week.  There were a few lines and situations that stuck out last night and made me smile (a lot). 

Gloria, "really Manny, you want me to learn you English."

Phil, "you're easy on the eyes when you put a little effort into it."

Cam running down the street in his pink shirt...just because.

Mitchell and his grass stains...

Luke, "Police!  Aren't they too busy winning the war on drugs?"

Cam, "shotgun"  Mitchell, "no, no weapons"

If you saw the show you would understand but the other thing I found funny was Alex, drugged out from medicine and Phil trying to keep her looking wide awake so Clair would not know.  When he nonchalantly sat on her arm so she would not fall over, I lost it.  Small moment but so funny.  Anyway, did anyone else think the show was a little off last night?  Was it still funny to you?

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Bob said...

The grass stains was high-larious.