Friday, August 24, 2012

Project Runway - Who to root for?

As always I am not recapping the latest episode of Project Runway, others do it better and funnier.  However, I have an opinion and a few observations about last night.  Now last night was the "real" women challenge where the designers had to dress women (not models) who were submitted by a friend for a makeover.  These women were like me, you, your mom, your sister etc.  Not stick skinny with no boobs and no hips.  You know the people that actually buy the clothes.  Anyway, some designers embraced the challenge, while others were absolute shits (no better word for it).  With that said here are my observations...

  • I no longer like Ven.  Last night he was an entitled ass who could not get over the fact that he had to dress a larger woman.  He made this woman cry and I wanted to kick him in the ding-ding.  
  • Gunnar, in all his flamboyant "I want to be on TV" attitude is starting to grow on me, just a little.  I hated him in the beginning and I retract what I said.  He is not all bad.
  • I actually like Dimitri but I did not think that his dress needed to be in the top 3.  Don't know who it should have been but not him.  He got in because his girl got a great haircut.
  • Loved Christopher's jacket, hated the dress.
  •  Tim Gunn looked like he wanted to punch Ven in the lip.
  • Nathan left with a lot of class!  He knew that his was the worst and he admitted it.
  • Fabio should have won.  He deserved the win.  The belt sucked but I really loved the dress. 
So what did you think about last night?  Am I completely wrong or was Ven really that bad?  Who in the world should I be rooting for?


David Dust said...

Ven was definitely that bad. What an asshole.

the dogs mother said...

We like most everyone except Ven.
This week....

Bob said...

Loathe loathe loathe Ven now.
Still on the fence about Gunnar though he was very nice.
I am loving Fabio.
I am missing cutie patootie Nathan.

Jacki said...

Ven was completely out of line. If I saw Ven in the public I would show him a picture of the back of his FAT neck.

(He angered me.)

Patty Brown-Gordon said...

Ven isn't the skinniest person in the world so why is he complaining about "fat" people? In his defense though, most design students are working on manequins who are clearly NOT normal or plus size so it probably is a little bit of a challenge to design for them... he definitely handled that situation all wrong don't tell your client that they are too big or too small for that matter. As a plus size woman myself I know that a lot of things just dont fit, but to point that out and put salt in the wound is cruel.

melissa green said...

Ven’s egotistical attitude has always left a bad taste in my mouth, but this last episode has definitely made me loath him beyond repair. There’s no need to question if Ven was really all that bad because the answer is an unequivocal YES! It broke my heart to watch this poor, hard-working woman get degraded like that. She reminded me of myself and every other woman I work with at Dish that is busy 24/7 and wanted to feel like a princess for once. It disgusts me to even look at Ven now, since he took that feeling away from her! In fact, I plan to record each episode from here on out just so I can skip through all his obnoxious monologues and just pretend he’s off the show. It might be asking a lot of my DVR, since these episodes are as hefty as Ven’s belly, but it’s not a problem with my Hopper DVR’s huge memory space on my side. I can’t wait till he’s eliminated from the show!