Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glee favorites last night...

I know that some in the blogosphere gave last night's Glee episode a less than stellar review but I must admit, I loved it.  From the clothes to the songs to the "drama", I thought the entire hour was a complete joy to watch.  It kind of made me want to go back and do prom all over again.  Although at my prom, my date was a friend (who I still think is gay) so the romance factor was not there for me.  Anyway, I digress, here are my favorite moments from last night...
  • Brittany's dress was awesome, including the tiny hat in her hair.  The entire ensemble rocked and has really established Brittany as one of my favorites.  
  • Loved when Kurt called Santana Satan...just a slip of the tongue.
  • Hate the song, loved the fun of it.  The boys singing Friday.  
  • Artie's hair.  Love or hate it, at least he was different.
  • Dancing Queen was fun and a wonderful way to end the episode.
  • On that note, I loved the prom pictures at the end as well.  Still smiling at Brittany and Artie.
I am still unsure about Kurt winning prom queen.  I understood why, but it was an emotional roller coaster during what should have been a lighthearted episode.  Also, on the fence about Jesse St. James returning.  But my goodness he has some pipes.

And things I hated....Finn/Rachel/Quinn thing.  I am over it already.  Sad that Finn missed the prom but lets move on.  Pick one or the other. 

So what did you think about last night?  Did I miss anything?  I really, really enjoyed it and I am relieved.  I was becoming a little less excited about Glee.  Now the excitement is back.

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