Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday Night Lights - The Final Season (so far)

I have been meaning to write about the best show on television since its "spring" debut, but as many of you teachers know, the end of the year is relentless.  I am finally finished and my children finish up this week so hopefully my free time is coming (hopefully).  Anyway, as most of you know, I deem Friday Night Lights the best show on television.  So many of you do not watch (which upsets me) but for those that do, here are my thoughts so far....
  • Does it bother anyone else that Julie has screwed up in college and it feels as if she is going to get away with it.  She slept with a teacher and her parents (who usually always get it right) seem to be allowing her to wallow in her own stupidity.  Side note:  does anyone else think that "Julie Taylor is a slut" will take off like "Donna Martin graduates!"
  •  Vince's Dad is a shithead!  Yep I said it.  I wanted to like him, I wanted him to do right by Vince and his mother but anyone who goes against Coach Taylor's wishes deserves whatever they get.  It seems to me that we are all waiting for the other shoe to drop and it will.  I love that Jess is so not impressed with Vince's Dad.  She is a very perceptive girl.
  • Love Luke and Becky.  I am ready for Luke to get some college love (and he will) but in the meantime I like that he is smiling a little.  
  • Billy Riggins is becoming one of my favorites.  Actually the entire Riggins family.  Mindy is hilarious and how much did you love it when she took Becky home with her after witnessing Becky's not so great living situation.  But Billy (and his attention to Luke) has become a nice respite from some of the more serious storylines.
  • Finally, I must mention the "thugness" of the East Dillon players.  I am worried that Coach Taylor has lost control of the team a little (damn that Julie) and is allowing players to act and react in ways that were never allowed before.  I understand that football is a game of passion but these players are getting way out of hand.  How will Coach Taylor handle it?
The show keeps getting better.  In fact last night, my husband and I wanted to just watch the entire season because we wanted to know what happens next.  But we committed to wait and wait we will as NBC gives us a new episode every week.  Oh, I almost forgot, good to have Jason Street (Scott Porter) back for a glimpse into his life after Dillon.  Hope to see more of the same from others that we have loved and have left Dillon.   Did I miss anything?


Joy said...

That bothers me about Julie, too. When she turned the car around after talking to the TA, I wondered where she was going. The previews let us know, so this should be another explosive incident when Eric and Tami find out she's with Matt instead of school without telling them! I was sorry that show he was on (Off the Map) got cancelled. I liked it.

Like you, I'm ready for Tim Riggins to come back. I'm on the fence about Billy. He's definitely trying to do better. Oh yes, that was great when Mindy took Becky back home with her. I'm afraid Becky is going to start stripping soon. Something is going to happen there with Luke.

This show keeps us on our toes. How I will miss it!

Joy said...

Oh and yes Vince's father is a scumbag. Hope he doesn't screw up Vince's chances to play in college. Jess and Coach might save Vince from himself, but he's being conned by his dad, which is understandable given their history. He wants to believe his dad has changed.