Thursday, July 14, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 10 will be who?

Last night on SYTYCD the top 12 danced for the last time with their respective partners.  Today I am having a few issues with what I saw last night and what I am reading on the recaps. 

OK, first of all Jesse Tyler Ferguson was the shit.  He was funny, educated and so obviously a fan of the show.  I loved his comments and his ability to laugh at himself (which always seemed to take the edge off of negative critique). Oh and Sonya sucked.  She can choreograph but don't make her talk in front of people please.

My issue with the show this season is that there are people that are going to be in the Top 10 that I just do not like.  Jess drives me crazy.  I hate his facial expressions and his cheesiness so much when he is dancing.  Now I know that he has a major fan base (apparently) but it blows my mind that he has never danced for his life.  Also, Sasha and Alexander are probably my least favorite couple up there.  She is fine I guess (I don't get the judges obsession with her) but he just does not play the manly part very well.  I am fully aware that many dancers are gay but when dancing (especially partnering) the man has to be the man and Alexander never seems to fulfill that role.  And Ryan, again another judges favorite, but I don't get it.  I was pleased when she did not make it last year and disappointed this year when she did.  She just never seems to hold my attention and I feel as if she is a little cocky (this could be the Mia Michaels thing and only in my head).  I just don't like her.

So what will happen tonight?  Who will go home and who will have a spot in the Top 10 that I do not think is deserved?   We will see.....

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