Saturday, July 30, 2011

SYTYCD - I am a little relieved

I know that this is mean but I am so glad that Jess is gone on SYTYCD.  I was so fearful that he was going to be in the final 4 and the judges loved him but I was tired of his mug-like expressions.  Jordan, I am sad about, but Jess I could do without.  As for Lady Gaga as a guest judge; I did not get it.  I had trouble understanding her and when she did speak I felt like she was high and not completely with it.  On another note, at the end of the results show did Tadd and Jess kiss?  I thought that Tadd was straight, maybe I was just seeing things.  Anyone?  I deleted the episode so I cannot re-watch. 

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Miss Sarah Speaks said...

I thought the exact same thing, and those how I ended up trolling the internet looking for answers. It was an odd angle and is therefore hard to tell. Also, Tadd wears a wedding ring but hasn't really mentioned his wife. I'll so some investigating and see what I can find.