Saturday, March 24, 2012

The ways of the world....

Here in Palm Beach County most of us (and by us I mean my husband and neighbors) have been following the trial of the Polo tycoon, John Goodman.  Refresher...this is the guy that slammed his Bentley into another car carrying a young man who ultimately drowned because his car went into a canal upside down and the stupid ass (Goodman) waited over an hour to call 911.  The man was drunk and could not be bothered to call the police.  Plus to make this guy (Goodman) even more likable he has adopted his 42 year old girlfriend so he can hide some of his money (yep there is class all over the place down here).  Anyway, the verdict came down yesterday and Goodman was found guilty.  He will be sentenced on April 30th and the maximum that he could serve is 30 years.  Now this trial will be appealed and my fear is that this man will be able to buy his way out of something.  He left this kid to die and did nothing.  He waited an hour to call 911.  How does one live with themselves after this happens?  Money apparently does not buy common decency or any kind of moral code.  I hope this man is in prison for a very long time. 

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Bob said...

Justice has been served.
Money doesn't always buy a 'Not Guilty' verdict.