Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Once Upon A Time - So Great!!!

I have always said that I admire true talent.  I have no talent (not in the artistic sense) and I enjoy watching and admiring people who do.  So after finally catching up on my back episodes of Once Upon a Time I must give a shout out to the writers of this amazing show.  The back stories that have been created in the past few weeks for the Story Brook characters take a wonderful imagination and have been handled so well.  Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast especially.

I am not sure where the murder storyline is taking me but I am along for the ride for sure.  Really, really enjoy this hour of television and again kudos to the writers and creators.  Yes the actors are good but the ideas and stories are true artistry!

*UPDATE Once Upon a Time cocreator Adam Horowitz revealed on Twitter that the title of the season finale, airing May 13, “A Land Without Magic.” What does this mean??????

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Bob said...

I'm loving it, too.
I love every single fairytale story and how they weave it into resent day.