Monday, March 5, 2012

From Dreamy to Grumpy...

Last night on Once Upon a Time we learned the origination of the Dwarf, Grumpy and how he went from Dreamy to Grumpy.  Also, Charming's (David) wife is missing and everyone in town thinks Snow (I mean Mary Margaret) is the town harlot.  To be honest it is difficult for my brain to go back and forth between Fairyland and the real world but I adore this show.

In brief, for those of you that did not know, dwarfs are hatched from eggs and immediately put to work in the mines.  In the mines the dwarfs mine diamonds for fairy dust.  As dreamy was born, he was placed in his pack of 7 friends (aha) and off they went whistling a little tune to work in the mines.  All would have been well had Dreamy not met Nova (the Fairy) and fallen in love.  But alas Nova and Dreamy could not be together and inevitably this is what turned our Dreamy into the better known Grouchy.

In the real world, Dreamy/Grouchy (aka Leroy) is the town drunk who is in love with Astrid, a nun.  Now that would be a match not made in heaven.  Leroy helps Astrid and they have a few nice moments but obviously their love is forbidden.

Meanwhile Kathryn, David's wife, has disappeared after her car went off the side of the road.  No one knows where she is and the phone records (provided by the evil queen) show that the last call that Kathryn made was to her husband.  So David (aka Charming) is arrested and heading downtown (actually not sure that Storybrook has a downtown but it sounded good) to defend himself against the indisputable (phone records) against him.

Next week, the tale of Little Red Riding Hood.  And yes people this is the one I have been looking forward to for some reason.  Did I miss anything important?  I really love this show but it is so hard to explain it to people and explain why I like it so much...

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