Friday, April 20, 2012

Modern Family - Daddy/Daughter

Wednesday night's episode of Modern Family was not one of my favorites.  There were still some laugh out loud funny moments but overall the entire episode fell a little flat.  Except for the storyline surrounding Phil Dunphy and his middle child Alex.  Now I have a soft spot for father/daughter relationships.  Being one of 3 girls (with the 4th my parents finally got their boy) my sisters and I all had good (and great depending on the day or month) relationships with my Dad.  And I adore watching my 7 year old daughter develop a special bond with my husband now.  But back to Modern Family...

So Phil realizes that he does not have any "special" moments with Alex like he does with Haley and Luke.  I believe that it is true that parents have a tendency to gravitate to the children that they have the most in common with.  And Alex always seems to regard her Dad as something of an idiot.  Anyway, Phil decides to make some memories with Alex that eventually lead them to a diner with a pregnant waitress.  The entire story about the astronaut who carved his daughter's initials on the moon and how he ruined Daddy/Daughter relationships for everyone was just great.  Phil wanted to make something special happen (as he tried to get the waitress to go into labor) because he wanted Alex to realize how much he loved her too. 

Modern Family does not usually get me teared up but when Phil Dunphy carved Alex's initials in the diner sign at the end of the 30 minutes it was a moment for sure.  So for this week's episode, if nothing else, we once again realize how great of a dad Phil Dunphy is and how much he loves his children.  Plus it kind of made me miss my own dad.  I would say that was a good 30 minutes of television. 

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