Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finally watched....

We had company this past weekend and we have more coming for Easter (this is the season for it in South Florida) so I finally got to sit down last night and watch Once Upon a Time.  And I have a few questions...
  • Was Barbara Hershey just awesome as the evil Queen's even more evil mother?  I thought she was scary good and want to see her more and more.
  • Are you telling me that the only reason Regina is evil is because she lost her 1 true love?
  • and to tie into that, Regina hates Snow because when Snow was a child she told a secret (OK I know that this secret ultimately led to Daniel's death but still Snow was manipulated by a master)?  Shouldn't Regina just hate her mother?
  • How did what's her face come back from the dead?  Did they reinsert her heart?
  • How cool was it that Midas was the D.A.?
I know I say this all the time but I love (LOVE) this show!  Last night the husband was watching with me and I kept having to pause it to answer his questions (annoying) but he got really into it which was funny.  Catch up with everyone later....

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Bob said...

I didn't remember Midas, so when i saw the DA I didn't know who he was in the fairy tale.
Lovelovelove Barbara Hershey. Brazilliant.
As for Regina becoming evil because Snow told a secret, I can see that. Regina is a spoiled child and takes her anger out on whomever she thinks wronged her, even if it is a little girl.