Thursday, June 2, 2011

When the husband is away...

My husband does not travel a lot for his job.  He has occasional trips but for the most part, he is in town.  This week has been the exception.  He has been gone all week and I must say, I am a baby about staying in the house by myself.  I don't sleep well, every little noise makes my stomach jump and then I fear that I will oversleep so I wake up before the alarm and try to will myself back to sleep.  So the week has been bad for my temperment but great for my movie watching.  Especially movies that I know the husband will not like.

Last night, I watched a movie from last year called "The Switch" starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.  I liked it.  I really did.  I am on the "Jason Bateman just gets better with age" bandwagon and this movie just reiterated that fact.  The basic premise of the movie...2 best friends, she wants a baby, she does not ask him, she gets sperm from a donor, he gets jealous, he replaces the donor sperm with his own, she has kid and so on.  The movie was really well done and even with the ridiculous idea, it all made sense.  If any of you ever saw the movie "About a Boy" with Hugh Grant, this movie has that same feel.  Some parts make you smile but for the most part it is poignant and interesting.  I have read some reviews and they were not great for "The Switch" but I stand by my opinion.  It was enteratining without being overworked, stupid or preachy. 

Just a suggestion for your next movie night.

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Joy said...

Trailers for it looked cute. I plan to watch it asap.