Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Embarrassed to say I am watching but...

So yes, I watched The Bachelorette last night.  I wanted to see what the hoopla was about and why Chris Harrison stated that it was "the most shocking event ever".  In all fairness to Chris, whose job must just suck sometimes, the whole show left me a little flat.

 Of course, Ashley (the bachelorette) had a one-on-one date which went well.  And then she had a group date.  Now who, in their right mind, would think that it would be fun to have a Roast about yourself.  Especially when you are as insecure as this particular bachelorette.  Stupid, stupid, stupid...word of the night I think.  Anyway, Ashley did not take it too well when the boys started "Roasting" her (one in particular) and she left the stage crying.

Now that the date is over, we cut to Bentley, the bad news bachelor this season (there is always one).  This guy has made no secret of the fact that he thinks Ashley is unattractive, not his type and he is just in it for the game.  Its finally time for Bentley to go.  He says goodbye to the boys (who he also snowed) and heads over to say goodbye to Ashley.  "I am going to make her cry" he says, "but I hope my hair looks good".  So he makes up some story about how his daughter is missing him (bless his daughter's heart) and Ashley eats it up....stupid, stupid, stupid.  Bentley is finally gone and Ashley is devastated.  She really liked him, she felt a "connection" with him, she is such a good judge of character...stupid, stupid, stupid.

After Bentley leaves, Ashley has to put on a happy face and have another date.  Poor JP.  He did not deserve what he got (plus he was precious) but he made the best of the date (or hanging with Ashley in her glasses).

So that was what Chris Harrison called, the most shocking episode ever.  It did not go down like I thought it would.  I wanted Ashley to discover what a scumbag Bentley was.  I wanted her to slap Will for being so mean at the Roast.  I wanted something besides the stupidity and the gullibility.  But I got neither.  Stupid, Stupid, Stupid is what I am for watching I know but yet I cannot walk away now.  Oh and by the way, who wants to bet that Bentley shows up on the Bachelor Pad this summer....

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dquinnmiller said...

Ashley has to be one of the dumbest bachlorettes yet. the show just lost me with this boxing match. we work so hard to instill civility in our culture and then we have some very insecure moran decide she wants men to fight over her! really is this what we have to watch on tv