Friday, June 24, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance - Really?

Last week we had to accept the fact that no one was going home.  So now, not only are Jess and Clarice are still in the competition, but Wadi has been sent home.  I am getting a little frustrated with the judges.  Ricky's solo was good but I thought Wadi's was better.  Plus, Ricky and Ryan together drive me bananas for some reason.  I was disappointed with the results last night (obviously) but I will say this.  The routines have been good.  I really loved Jordan and Tadd, Robert and Miranda, Sasha and Alexander and Ashley and Chris.  Just note SYTYCD...if Jess stays and other dancers go in the next few weeks, I will stop watching.  He is annoying, fake and not very good.  Which sucks because I like Clarice.  Does anyone else have an opinion?


Leslie said...

Can't stand Jess. Why do the judges love him? Nigel made a comment about his arrogance before Vegas, I think, and now seems to love him. I don't understand.

Tivo Mom said...

I agree completely and with everything I read he will be in the Top 10....yuck