Monday, June 14, 2010

The Last 2 Weeks of Friday Night Lights

With everyone puking I have been remiss about discussing the best show on television. I just wanted to say a few things about Friday Night Lights and the amazing last two episodes.

2 weeks ago we discovered that Matt's father died and we experienced the mourning process for Matt. Zach Gilford was amazing (and everyone has said this). I found most moving the last scene when Matt's (Zach's) hands are bloody as he fills in the grave.

As for this week; I loved seeing Lyla with Riggins again but we knew it was short lived. Also did anyone else think that the football game was one of the quickest in history. I was sad to see Matt go but it had to happen sooner rather than later. The boy needed to leave Dillon and it was time. As always, I heart Landry and love to watch his face when he finds himself in an uncomfortable situation (when being grilled by Tami Taylor especially). Oh and one other thing that made me smile, Luke and Vince watching the game tapes in Sears. The picture was worth...well you know.

Speaking of which as much as I adore the show I am ready for a few uplifting episodes. It was too soon for the Lions to win a game I know but I do need a little joy in Dillon.

Later all.....


BethTruta said...

This show is completely amazing. I really hope the Emmy people get their act together and nominate the show or its actors.

On a side note is Riggins not as cute this season or is it me? Zach Gilford is getting much more handsome, more grown-up.

Hope everyone is feeling better!

Jennie said...

AMEN! I need a little happy on Friday Nights! But if Zach Gilford isn't at least nominated for an Emmy, there is no justice in Hollywood.

Joy said...

These were powerful episodes for sure! Wow! Zach did an amazing acting performance. Blew me away. I thought about you when I was watching and how happy we are it's back and so good!

Joy said...

Oh, and Minka (Lila) said so much with her face when Tim said what he wanted was "you" and realized then for sure that they were doomed. This show was all about good-byes. Yes, it was time for Matt to go. He doesn't need to stay in Dillon. Riggins was sexy with Lila but should look more dissipated. I'm ready for some uplifting, too.