Monday, June 28, 2010

Tom Cruise's Career is Over? Really?

I just read this article on (here) about how Tom Cruise will never recover from his 3rd place finish of his movie opening this weekend.  Apparently the movie only opened with $20 million and came in behind Toy Story 3 and The Grownups. 

OK I have made mention of this before.  Tom Cruise is a strange bird.  There is no doubt.  I certainly do not agree with his beliefs and he seems to get overly passionate about things (or he does not think before he speaks maybe).  But (always a but) he seems to love his family (all of them) and is always out doing things with his children.  Also as an actor, there are very few of his movies that I have not enjoyed.  I read one of the comments related to the AOL article where someone stated that he had not made a good movie since Top Gun.  Jerry Maguire, Mission Impossible 1 and 3 (I hated 2), and so on.  He is a Movie Star!  Completely and totally and whether you agree or disagree with his politics or religious beliefs he is here to entertain us and he still does.

As for the mention of the lackluster opening of his movie this weekend; those of us that would normally attend one of his flicks cannot afford a night out right now.  Babysitter = $40 or $50, Movie tickets $30 (at least) and dinner too, it is just not happening right now.  We take the children to see a movie because it is summer and we need an activity during the day (hello Toy Story 3).  Adult movies get postponed until they come out on Netflix (hell I never even saw Sex and the City 2).  Except for Twilight and that is a whole other story (Girls Night does not count).

I just think Tom Cruise has a lot more to do and an abundance of entertainment left in him.  Don't count him out just yet.  Oh and by the way, as much as I love Cameron Diaz, why does no one question her career and her ability to carry a movie?


froggy said...

One of my girlfriends is going to the midnight showing of the new Twilight movie - the rest of us are bad girlfriends.

Jennie said...

I don't really think you can ever say an actor's career is over. So many have made great comebacks. Besides your argument about the economy (VERY valid, btw), the entire film business is changing because of developments in technology and marketing.

I'm looking forward to watching Knight and Day. On Netflix.