Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I just wanted to say a few quick things about Glee last night (I have to go to work); Awesome, awesome and awesome! The fact that our Gleek kids went back to what made us love them in the first place and sang a collection of Journey songs made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I loved the whole performance (a little disappointed that we had less Mercedes and Kurt but beggars cannot be choosers) and really thought that they were going to win. Vocal Adrenaline was good (OK the performance was great) but it seemed a showcase for Jesse St. James and no one else (just saying). The Sue factor was expected (I thought she would vote for them eventually) but the Emma thing was a little out of the blue (we will have to see what happens with that one). I really enjoyed the whole thing and liked the nice twist of Shelby adopting Quinn's baby girl (everyone deserves a second chance). Is anyone else sad to see the show go for the summer? I am actually excited about the reruns this summer. What did you think of last night?

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Anonymous said...

I was distracted by my teenager's hysterical laughter and even more hysterical sobs, but I really liked that they didn't win. WAIT! DON'T HIT ME!

I thought it was true to the spirit of the show. You may be a loser, but if you can stick together, nothing is out of reach. And yeah, what was up with Miss Emma?!? She must have eaten her Wheaties!