Thursday, June 24, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - Last Night

Just a quick word about the show last night. 

Billy Bell krumping may have been the single funniest moment of the show last night.  I like Billy and I think that he is an excellent dancer but he is not going to win any awards for being "buck" any time soon.  Bless his heart...

I enjoyed watching Lauren come in to her own last night.  Her lyrical hip-hop number was well danced and I thought that she really showed the judges that she can dance without being too cheerleadery.   Once again I loved Kent and his smile.  He was having fun with his jazz number and he and Courtney seemed to work well together.  I was also impressed with Jose' last night.  His Bollywood number was not great but he gave it his all. 

So who goes home?  I voted but will it help my favorites?

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