Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best and Worst at the Oscars...

 I know that sometimes my opinion differs from others but I like what I like.  One small omission (actually 2) I did think that Gwenyth looked good last night but I dislike her so much I could not add her to my best dressed.  I also want to mention Angelina; loved the dress, hated the stance and for that reason I did not include her.

Lets start with the bad and work our way 5 worst of the night were

Shailene Woodley - This girl needs to dress like a girl.  She is 20 years old and has a wonderful figure.  Was this really age appropriate?  With so many options, I just don't get it...

Natalie Portman - This red polka dot number just looked to casual.  I thought that the dress was cute but I felt that it was not grand enough for the Oscars.  I know that last year was her year but still, respect the awards.

Viola Davis - I love this woman.  There is something so regal and beautiful and well spoken about her but (and this was a hard one for me) the green dress was not her best look.  She looked like the dress was going to fall off at any minute and the bottom half of the dress looked like an afterthought.  Just hard to see such a dress on such a beautiful woman.

Rooney Mara - Is it just me or does this girl look sick?  I just hated the dress on her.  I did not hate the dress.  She looked sickly skinny and the hair was too much of a sharp contrast to the white dress.

Jennifer Lopez - She looked like a hoochie mama!!!  Nipple slip or not this was just to trampy for me.

And now for the good news...MY 4 FAVORITE DRESSES OF THE NIGHT!!!!!!

Rose Byrne - She looked exquisite.  The dress, the hair, the whole look was fun and flirty with a slight edge.  I loved it and I love a beautiful woman that can laugh at herself.

Michelle Williams -  I railed her for looking too old at the Golden Globes and she definitely improved for the Oscars.  This coral colored dress looked great on the red carpet and the dress was different without being weird.  This was a definite win for Michelle.

Octavia Spencer - She looked happy, timely and the dress itself was extremely flattering for her fuller figure.  The color was great against her dark skin and I loved the nip at the waist.  Winner and winner!

And finally for my best dressed of the night....Stacy Keibler.  I don't know if it was the dress or the date but the woman looked spectacular.  The gold color was perfect with her hair and I loved the rose draping on the hip.  Overall a beautiful couple!

What do you think of my best and worst list?  Did I forget anyone?  Was I completely wrong about someone?  I have to admit, I love judging from my sofa and acting like I know what I am talking about.  Just sayin.....


froggy said...

Stacy Keibler - just how high were her heels. Her height varies when matched up with George. Since you can't see her heels anyway why not have a lower heel. I find these women who tower over their men look like the guy has captured and tamed an Amazon and is showing her off.
(Realize this is from a former teenager who dragged her poor mother thru every shoe store in Portland Oregon looking for a prom shoe that would not make her taller than her boyfriend...)

Bob said...

I heard today that Angelina's stance might have been a dare from one of her kids to show off her legs.
That makes it okay in my book.